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Brand New Content

for November 2019 

has been posted!!

November 11, 2019

Since we are not showcasing any more new videos on YouTube, we will showcase new videos every day (except Sunday) here on this website.  Many of these new videos will be in some of the topics that we will showcase on the website.  As we always say, and we will repeat here - don't take our word for anything.  ALWAYS confirm what you read and/or hear with the Lord Jesus Christ and do what He tells you to do.

Kingdom Quickies #455

Why was being naked such a big deal for Adam and Eve?

Kingdom Quickies #286

Looking to be raptured out?

STOP wasting your time

Kingdom Quickies #56

Ask Jesus to show you what YOU need to do to make it into the Kingdom of God

Kingdom Quickies #27

Ask Jesus to explain to you the purpose of the Book of Households

*  *  *  *  Bonus Videos  *  *  *  *

Kingdom Quickies #1543

Kingdom Quickies Special:

What happened with Kingdom Quickies and YouTube

Kingdom Quickies #1544

Kingdom Quickies Special:

What's Next for Kingdom Quickies after YouTube?

Here is Our Challenge

to you, Christian

OK, so you have seen the new videos and now we challenge you to go to Jesus directly RIGHT NOW and ask Him if what is shown here is true.  Use this as a means to start a conversation with The Lord Jesus Christ and sit with Him and ask Him questions.  Start with (asking out loud):

“Jesus, is what I have just seen true?”

He will answer you, Christian, and NOW you will be on the true road to salvation, knowing for SURE if you are going to make it or not, as Jesus would have told you.  Keep talking with Him.  Get to know Him and He will start to reveal Himself to you.  You need to find out for yourself and work out YOUR salvation for YOU, as the scriptures tell us to.

As a part of your salvation, it is recommended that you  FORGIVE the pastors and the churches that were sending you to hell.  For many pastors, this is what they were taught in the seminary.  Many 'pastors' that pastor a church don't even know Jesus and are not authorized to be a pastor, as Jesus did not send them.  Forgive them and pray for them so they may escape damnation by repenting of their sin of misleading many people.    Find out more on how you can talk to the Lord directly, find out here.

In closing, we want to give you an EXACT QUOTE we got from Jesus Himself:

"Disciples of mine will make it into my Kingdom; Christians will NOT."

Take heed, Christian, and don't just blow this off.  What is being presented here is IMPORTANT!!  Read and understand what the Lord Jesus Christ is saying  to all of us.  As we always say, do not take anything we say as the gospel; ALWAYS confirm what you are reading or hearing by running it by the Lord Jesus Christ yourself.  Keep talking to Jesus and He will respond to you.  Have Him explain WHY what is being said is true.  Talk with the Lord Jesus Christ and get to know Him personally.

We will say this again:

We do not care what you believe, Christian, because it is YOUR salvation that is at stake.  All we are saying is that you should go to Jesus Christ directly and ask HIM what He thinks and go with that truth.  As we always say on this site - don't take our word for anything. Go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and personally ask Him if what is being posted is true or not, and go with that.

Halloween is Evil article has been added

Shows that Halloween has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ

Are you a Sodomite? article has been added

Being a sodomite is NOT what you think

We are moving on leaving YouTube Behind article has been added

What happened with YouTube and what we are going to do next

Book of Households article has been added

What the Book of Households is and how it can save your household

The devil's Assassins article has been updated

Video on how multiple assassins take down a household has been added

The devil's Prisons article has been updated

We have added more prisons that you didn't know about

The Rapture article has been added

The Rapture is NOT what you think it is

The Ask Jesus article has been added

You can ask Jesus about ANYTHING

The Holy Ghost article has been updated

There is a LOT of new content, so take your time with this

You CANNOT be a Christian if... article has been added

People attribute the word "Christian" to anything these days

From the Admin -

This month, we are going to explain the outcome of the YouTube issues we have and explain to you why getting your household in the Book or Households is VERY important

Last month, we went through some real drama as YouTube decided to close our account because they did not like the content we were posting.  We went through a difficult time changing all of the links from You Tube to what you see on the website today.  We explain what happened and why we had our “problems” with You Tube in an article that you can see here.

Understand that we had already planned to transition off of YouTube as we were not happy with the determinations that they made about some of our content.  However, we do acknowledge that we did push the envelope – a LOT – and we are not surprised by YouTube’s actions.  You can get more information from the article and the two videos I made explaining the situation.

This month, we are going to concentrate on the Book of Households, which is a book of the households that the Lord of Hosts maintains that He governs. 

So why is this book so important?

As many of you know and many of you are finding out right now, the devil likes to destroy households because he can then enslave the people he gets from those households.  You can see this all around you - there are many people who are going through some things right now where they are losing their houses because they lost their jobs or something invaded their household and is causing the household to implode from within.

This is why the Book of Households is important.

In the article I have provided this month, we show you a very real scenario that many of you will be experiencing very soon, and that scenario is when the devil, who does control the money supply, has decided to contract the supply causing what is called a “correction”.  This is when companies cut back to save money in their budgets and they start laying off people.  If a person is not ready for this, they will find themselves bound and imprisoned by debt.  This is when people are scrambling to find a job – ANY job – to make ends meet.

The devil does this periodically to enslave people so they are bound to him, but if you are in the Book of Households, you can protect yourself from the “corrections” of the devil.  This is how it works:

  • You are eligible to get help from the Lord of Hosts by being a Disciple of Christ or a follower of Christ.  If you are Once Saved, Always Saved, you are NOT eligible.  You have the be known by Jesus PERSONALLY, and if you are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost, you are NOT eligible for this assistance.

  • You need to be in order with Jesus, and if you are, the Lord of Hosts will entertain your request(s) of Him.  If you are NOT a Disciple or a Follower of Jesus who is filled with the Holy Ghost, this does NOT apply to you.

  • You can ask the Lord of Hosts to govern your finances and resources of your household.  That means you give ALL of your money and resources to the Lord of Hosts and He tells you whast you are to pay for.  You will also need to be obedient to Jesus and the Lord of Hosts and follow what the Lord is telling you to do.

  • The benefit of this arrangement is that your household is protected from any intrusions from the devil.  If the devil wants to take your resources from your household, he cannot because the Lord of Hosts blocks him from doing so.

  • If the devil tries to get around the Lord of Hosts by getting you to lose your job, for example, the Lord of Hosts will step in and restore what the devil has taken away.  You can also file complaints against the devil and get YOUR recompense from the devil taking your job in the first place.

  • As long as you are obedient and you are in good standing with Jesus, the Lord of Hosts will govern all financial situations that affect your household.  I can tell you from personal experience that this works, as the devil has been trying to destroy my household for YEARS.  Every time that fool comes sniffing around to try and destroy my household, the Lord of Hosts steps in and sends the devil packing, which pisses the devil off that he cannot get to my household.

  • I am posting this article this month because I have been warned that there is a HUGE “Correction” coming and now is the time to prepare for it.  I would suggest that you get with Jesus and ask Him about this book that you CAN be a part of if you just ask, or go to the Lord of Hosts directly and ask Him to explain how all of this works. 

  • Know that the Lord of Hosts will NOT entertain your request if you are NOT a Disciple of Christ or a follower of Christ that is filled with the Holy Ghost.  This excludes every single person who is Once Saved, Always Saved, every person who is in the denominational church who is following Church Doctrine as a Calvinist, a Dispensationalist or a Amenianist as they are NOT of Christ.

I give a scenario of how this will work when the devil decides to rip the household resources out from under you when you least expect it and how the Lord of Hosts steps in and kicks that fool devil in the behind every time.  I personally have been through a household resource “correction” 3 times within the past 10 years.  The first time I went through this, I was NOT prepared and the devil left me broke with NO MONEY to pay my mortgage. We had a little food, and that was enough to get us through and it was NOT easy.  This is when the Lord of Hosts sat me down and explained all of this.

I added as a recompense to my prayers that people who are in trouble because the devil pulls the money out of their households be restored ten-fold and written in the book of Households while the devil was kicking my behind (I was ignorant of what the devil does, like many of you are out there).  The devil suddenly stopped bothering me and left me alone.  I found out later from the Lord of Hosts personally that His book of Households was now Books of Households because of my prayers and He actually showed me the books that had been added. The Lord of Hosts was VERY pleased with the results of my prayers.  Needless to say, the devil left me alone for a season because he knows that if a household is protected by the Lord of Hosts, he has NO CHANCE to destroy that household.

The devil is a dirty dog, and it pleases me to be able to kick the devil’s behind once in a while.

The last offering we are making this month will be about the rapture, and we are going to show that ONLY those who are Disciples of Christ or followers of Christ who are filled with the Holy Ghost are eligible for ANY sort of Rapture.  Many people think that just because they “believe” that they will be raptured out of here when Jesus makes the call, and many people are going to be left behind to deal with the devil without the Holy Ghost helping them.

You see, the rapture is the recalling of the Holy Ghost from the earth, and it is the Holy Ghost that is holding back the devil from doing what he wants to do, and that is to destroy all that he can.  Many people in the denominational churches will find out VERY quickly that they are NOT following Jesus and by NOT following Jesus, they are going to be left to deal with the devil without Jesus.

Many people have no idea that they cannot overtake the devil because they do not have the authority to do so.  The Lord Jesus Christ will give you His authority to counter the devil ONLY IF you are a Disciple of Christ or a follower of Christ.  Again – Once Saved, Always Saved will NOT cut it.  What are you going to say to those pastors who are promoting and pushing Once Saved Always Saved when you are left behind – with them – as Jesus is proving that the doctrine(s) they are pushing is a lie?

These are the things you can think about as you read and listen to the videos in our article on the Rapture.

As always don’t take our word for anything.  Go DIRECTLY to Jesus and get your confirmation from Him and then do as Jesus tells you.  It is YOUR salvation that is on the line, and it is up to YOU to get as close to Jesus as you can and stay close to Him.  I am doing what the Lord has asked me to do - Proclaim the Gospel and point people  to Jesus.  What you do after that is your business. Get with the Lord Jesus Christ directly, Christian, and get those questions answered as soon as you can.  Get more tips on how to talk to the Lord directly here.

e-mail me at:  admin@get youranswersonline.com

We can Introduce you to

The Lord Jesus Christ.

Right here.  Right Now.

You can start your journey by clicking here, as we show you what you are in for and what Jesus will expect from you.  Your life will be transformed  and you are on your way to being Born Again, and you do get an inheritance for being born again when you complete the process.

Are you NOT SURE

of this Jesus 'stuff'?

No problem!

Read about what you are in for when you give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ here.  Always know that your decision is an exercise of your free will, and you should make your choices wisely and make an informed decision.  Feel free to call out to Jesus and ask questions, as we show you how call out to Him  here.

You Haven't Been Filled with

The Holy Spirit yet?

You may petition The Lord Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit right here!  No, you did NOT get the Holy Spirit when you were saved, and YES, the Holy Spirit IS for today!!  The Lord Jesus Christ is the one who sends the Holy Spirit to those who ask for Him.  Find out more about the Holy Spirit and what you need to do to receive Him.

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Content Sections with updates

We have put all of your favourite monthly content sections below.  Some of the sections will have new content, and the picture will have a notation on it telling you that there is something new to look at.     We will post  updates as they become available.

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Content Sections with updates

We have put all of your favourite  content sections below.  Some of the sections will have new content, and the picture will have a notation on it telling you that there is something new to look at.     We will post updates as they become available.

Quick Links to our Posts on Popular

Holidays and Celebrations

In this section, we have posted our take on the holidays that people are celebrating, and many peopel are celebrating the holidays THINKING it is of Christ when it is not.  We will post updates as they become available.

Quick Links to our Jesus and the Holy Ghost

Content Section with updates

IN this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that are all about Jesus and nothing but Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  Use this section to find ourt more about who Jesus is and how you can interact with Him.  Get to know Jesus, as Jesus is the one who is going to let you into His Kingdom.

Quick Links to Church doctrines and other lies

churches are telling people to damn them 

IN this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that we have of church doctrines and practices that are currently damning people and are not mincing any wors when it comes to dealing with this sdubject.  Many churches out there are run by the devil, so are we surprised that the people going to church are going to be sodomites?  If what we have presented is YOU, get with the Lord Jesus CHrist  DIRECTLY and get right with Him while you still can.

Quick Links on how to use the Lord's legal system

to kick the devil's behind

IN this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that are all about the Lord's Legal system and the components that YOU can use to combat the devil.  The devil is using this legal system to LEGALLY infuse demonic spirits in people, and the people are unaware of the legalities involved with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts and the Holy Ghost.  TYhey have no idea of how the Lord process prayers, or what prayers really do.  You have to understand that Jesus is a JUDGE, so everything He does has legal precedence.  This sectio nwill introduce you to the legalities of being a Disciple or a follower of Christ and how you can use the Lord's legal system to kick the devil in his nibbly-bits and make him leave you alone.

Quick Links on Prayer and how to take

advantage of Power Prayers the devil HATES

IN this section, we are going to show you how you can learn to pray to keep the devil at bay, and how you can get your recompense for the devil bothering you.  The recompense, when you go through the Lord's legal system, will be awarded to you if you know how to file complaints or petitions, whihc are initriated through prayer.  You will also learn about prayers and the different types of prayer that you can use to keep the devil away from you.  If the prayers are automatic or event driven, you have an arsenal of prayers available to you at all times.  You will also learn how to Pray ALWAYS, as we are commanded to do in Ephesians 6.

Quick Links on Your armour and how to effectively 

use your armour and prayers to kick the devil's behind

IN this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that will show you how to use your armour.  Your armour is not something that you put on and clank around in, as most people do.  These same people who may be following a church or denopminational doctrine have NO IDEA that the armour of God is ONLY for Disciples and followers of Christ.  If you are NOT a Disciple or a follower of Christ, your armour DOES NOT WORK and you are not protected from ANYTHING.  Learn about the special armour that Jesus MAY give to you and learn how to use your armour to keep the devil at bay using the Lord's legal system as you get your recompense from the devil for him bothering you.  This is a VERY important section that you will want to sit with Jesus and discuss at length.


We will warn you that what we are presenting is going against the doctrinal teachings of many denominations.  Many are going to excoriate this site because we are not following their doctrine.  Many times, the people who are going to say we are teaching ' a false gospel' would be the ones that say that they have read the bible from cover to cover multiple times and will claim to be the 'authority' on the bible because they did that.

So, If you think we are full of it, that's fine.  That is expected. 

All we are asking for you to do is to read the content, then  go directly to the Lord Jesus Christ and confirm with HIM what we have been posting.   Confirm with HIM that the things that have been posted are true.   Confirm with HIM that the conclusions are correct.

After you do that, ask Jesus directly what YOU should do, and ask Him to lay out His plan for YOU.  We do not care what you  think about us, Christian, nor do we care what you say about us.  In the grander scheme of  things, it does not matter.  What matters is that we are presenting the gospel  UNFILTERED and not coloured by church doctrine.  What we are presenting affects YOUR salvation, and if you want to gamble with YOUR salvation, that is on you.  You can blow us off if you want to, but like those people who got killed in Texas at a church, you never know when your time will be up.  Hopefully, those people were on the road to salvation, working to get their sin off of their ledger and not just believing that they were saved.

As we always say, and we will repeat here - don't take our word for anything.  ALWAYS confirm what you read and/or hear with the Lord Jesus Christ and do what He tells you to do.

 Discussion Topics 

Some of these topics are new.  You will find these topics interesting and engaging.  This is dense reading material, so take your time and go through the topics.  Mull over the information, and then take what has been presented and run it by the Lord Jesus Christ and see what He says about it. Follow His instruction(s) and then do exactly as He asks of you.

New Discussion Topic #1

We are NOT  'Politically Correct' on this site

One of the  things that people will do will be to 'soften' their words so they will not offend others.  While this is admirable, and courteous,  the extent of 'not hurting anyone's feelings' has gone too far.   Now we should 'tolerate' or we should 'be nice'.  No, Christian, when we are proclaiming the Gospel, we are to be blunt and let it ALL hang out;  Let the chips fall where they may.  If the hearer is offended, that is NOT our problem, as it is the hearer's responsibility to check out everything they have heard proclaimed with the Lord Jesus Christ personally to see if it is true or not.

From the admin - 

The YouTube saga and drama is OVER!!

We have recovered from the YouTube situation and we are moving on, leaving YouTube behind

Last month, we had a LOT of issues with YouTube, and if you did not know, YouTube closed our account.  We had a lot of videos that were linked to You Tube, so for a few days, we had no videos available on this website.  We did get through that and got most of our articles redone with new links from our Kingdom Quickies video warehouse so that people could enjoy the content that we had been putting up on YouTube.

Frankly, the YouTube platform was not for us and we were not for them, as we had some warnings about our content. 

  • Did we push the envelope?   YES.
  • Was our content controversial?  YES
  • Did our content make people uncomfortable?   YES!

In the 24 minute video below, I go through all of the things that we did experience with YouTube and why we did what we did.  Take a moment to view this video and get the whole picture.

New Discussion Topic #2

This site presents very dense reading material

We offer a lot of information on this site.  This is very dense reading material, meaning that you have to ingest and then mull and ponder over what is being presented.  You will not get all of it in one pass.  You have to THINK, Christian, and then you will be able to go directly to The Lord Jesus Christ to ask intelligent questions on what you have read.  Have HIM confirm what you are reading; start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.

The Book of Households

In this article, we introduce to you what the Book of Households is and how the Lord of Hosts uses this book to determine which households of the world are under His governance.  We explain that the Book of Households is a good thing becausew the devil is after all households and the devil wants to destroy each and every one.

It is important for the household(s) that are in this book be in order, and we discuss in this article what an orderly household is any why it is important for every Disciple of Christ or follower of Christ to be IN ORDER.

New Discussion Topic #3

Things that make you say 'Hmmm...'

A lot of the topics covered on this website are things that are not normally covered in church.  Sometimes, you have to just say 'hmmm...' to some of the topics that we are visiting.  As with anything you see on this site, you should take it to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and confer with Him about all that you are reading.  Some of the the solutions that you will see are unorthodox, but they are effective.

The Rapture

In this article, we are going to talk about the rapture and why it is important for Christians who are truly Christians.  We will show that there are many pastors out there that are working people up into a frenzy using the rapture to control the people in their congregations and how this is actually the devil speaking through those pastors and NOT the Lord Jesus Christ.   Many people are idolizing the rapture, hoping and wishing that they will be "Rapture out of here" before the tribulation.  Many people are ignorant of the fact that you MUST be a Disciple of Christ or a Follower of Christ AND filled with the Holy Ghost before they are even eligible to be raptured!!  We will handle these issues and questions in this article.

Many of you who are reading this article will vehemently disagree with what we have posted.  That is good, Christian, because that means you will take the time to go to the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and ask Him to confirm what we are saying.

Always Remember...

Whatever you have ingested from this site (or any site), be sure to  ALWAYS run what you have learned by the Lord Jesus Christ and have HIM confirm what you are reading. Start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.    Learn how YOU can talk to the Lord directly by clicking here.

It is up to the hearer of the Word to study to show himself or herself approved, rightly dividing the Word.  Don't take our word or anyone's word for anything.  Always check it out and make sure what you are ingesting is truth.  If there is an issue,  ask Jesus to sort it out for you so you will KNOW you are  right.  Go here to see our article on getting Jesus to settle differences,  and use this tact to  stop all of the endless arguments about scripture and Bible doctrine.  ASK JESUS  to tell you if what you are arguing about is true or not.

As always, take NOTHING that you have seen here on this site as the truth.  It is YOUR responsibility to study and check out everything that you see and hear, and you have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ who will help you if you would just ask Him. 

Take this upon yourself, Christian, as YOU need to get YOUR Bible, YOUR concordance, YOUR dictionary, YOUR pens/pencils,YOUR notepad and then YOU need to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to help YOU so YOU can make it into His Kingdom, since it will be YOU standing alone in front of Jesus when YOU are being judged. 

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure YOU are in the faith and that YOU have completed YOUR sanctification during the sanctification process and YOU have gotten YOUR forgiveness and YOU have repented of all of YOUR sins before YOU are judged by Jesus. 

Scripture tells us that hell will enlarge itself to accommodate all of the people who will be sent there because they refuse to seek out Jesus, as you can see in scripture here:

Isaiah 5:14 - Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

Take this as a warning, Christian, as the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT desperate for people, as there were only 8 people who got on the ark before the flood, and only 2 people from the Hebrews from Egypt made it into the Promised Land.  Be wise, and stay IN Jesus so you are not lost.

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