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Accuser of the Bretheren - how the devil accuses you all day every day

Agents of the devil

Your Female Pastor is an agent of the devil

Your Homosexual Pastor is an agent of the devil

Your lesbian Pastor is an agent of the devil

Your Once Saved, Always Saved Pastor is an agent of the devil

Ash Wednesday

Why are you celebrating Ash Wednesday, Christian?

You are a lukewarm Christian if you celebrate Ash Wednesday

You CANNOT be a follower of Christ if you participate in Ash Wednesday

You offend Jesus when you participate in Ash Wednesday as a 'Christian'

Ask Jesus to...

confirm your salvation in Him

explain to you the purpose of the Book of Households

explain to you the purpose of the Book of Martyrs

guide you as to whom you are to give money/contributions to

help you so you are not broke all of the time

All beings in the universe are filtered through evil

All of us down here are in a WAR ZONE

All of you church scaredy cats are looking for a rapture to escape

Are there pastors in hell?

Are you a 'Christian' or are you a 'Disciple'?

Are you a churchgoer or are you a Christian?

Are you bossy?  STOP IT!


What is an assassin?

Beware of the devil's assassins, Christian men

Beware of the devil's assassins, Christian women

Christians, the enemy of the devil, are the targets of the assassins

Deliliah was an assassin sent by the devil

How does the devil groom potential assassins to do his dirty work?

How does the devil recruit his assassins?

How to recognize the devil's assassin(s)

Lesbians are the perfect assassins

The assassin will be PERFECT-teeth, body, hands, feet-but they are EVIL

The devil can use ANYONE as an assassin

The devil's assassin appears out of nowhere

The devil's Assassin is a hoe and a killer

The devil's Assassin is a hoe with a very special skillset

The devil's assassin is PERFECT 

The devil's assassins are NEVER whom you expect them to be

The devil's assassins ALWAYS pull you out into the flesh

What kind of woman becomes the devil's assassin?

Why does the Lord allow the devil to send assassins to destroy Christians?




















Did you know that Jesus is the door to the Kingdom of God?

Know you are saved for real when you can see your earnest

Salvation is a process, not just a confession

Saul lost his salvation, and so can you

Solomon lost his salvation and so can you

Sodomite Spirit

Kingdom Quickies: Why we are so concentrated upon the Sodomite Spirit

Sodomite Spirit Series

What is the Sodomite Spirit?

part 1 - What the Sodomite Spirit Does

part 2 - Components of the Sodomite Spirit

part 3 - How the Sodomite Spirit Enslaves using porn

part 4 - Heterosexuals can be sodomites too

part 5 - The enslavement process

part 6 - How fetishes are used by this spirit

part 7 - Why the slaves of the Sodomite Spirit LIKE their enslavement

part 8 - Enslavement by this spirit will damn you

part 9 - Why 92% of the WORLD is enslaved by the sodomite spirit

part 10 - Suppressing the porn and sodomite spirit does NOT work

part 11 - The Devil's Assassin corps are sodomites

part 12 - Many people embody the sodomite spirit and they don't even know it

part 13 - The sodomite Spirit is in the church

part 14 - The devil's Assassins come from the church

part 15 - The sodomite spirit invites demons into the those who are enslaved

part 16 - The symbiotic relationship of the Sodomite spirit and demons

part 17 - The witchcraft of the sodomite spirit

part 18 - This spirit defiles everything it touches

part 19 - This spirit influences the world's societies

part 20 - This spirit induces lust in people to ensnare them like porn does

part 21 - With this spirit, sex is Everywhere

part 22 - This spirit hangs out at Universities to ensnare college students

part 23 - This spirit is hindered by intercession

part 24 - Combatting the Sodomite Spirit

part 25 - Conclusion - how to get rid of this spirit

Spiritual Warfare you can do at home

Get into the fight by asking Jesus what He wants you to do

Get into the fight by filing complaints daily against the devil

Get into the fight by providing intercessory prayers for people






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