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The Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit, also known as the Holy Ghost, is GOD. So, who is He? Why is He important for all Christians? Why is He not received in Churches today? The Holy Spirit is God's Spirit, and no one will enter Heaven without Him!! That's right, Christian, you need to have the Holy Ghost. If you do not have Him within you, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to send Him so you can be taught properly. Read about the Holy Ghost and how vitally important He is to ALL Christians in this series.


Holy Ghost



Why are churches NOT teaching about the Holy Ghost?



You did NOT get filled with the Holy Ghost when you got saved



the Holy Ghost reveals the Bible

to you

The Path of the Holy Ghost



The 'new' teaching on the Holy Ghost

is NOT true



Ask Jesus

to send you

the Holy Ghost so you can be filled



Ask the Holy Ghost to lead your Bible Studies

No Holy Ghost,

No Heaven



The Holy Ghost is Grieved by the state of today's Churches



You MUST be filled with the Holy Ghost to enter the Kingdom of God



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