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The Holy Ghost:

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Holy Ghost and what He does, so these articles will clear up any issues

As many of you know already, the Holy Ghost is an integral part of the Godhead that many churches today are downplaying for their own  gain.  Many of you have heard of the Holy Ghost, but you think that the Holy Ghost is something that knocks you off of your feet and makes you writhe on the floor like a snake.  Many so-called 'Pentecostals' are praying and working in the spirit of the devil because even they do not know  the Holy Ghost and  what He does.

Much of what people call 'the Holy Ghost' is emotionalism and foolishness.  Those of us who are truly filled with the Holy Ghost know that the Holy Ghost does not do 'parlour tricks' or cause people to lose control of themselves; that is the devil's Kundalini spirit that is masquerading as the Holy Ghost, and if you have been in church services where you see this foolishness, get with Jesus and repent of your sin.  The Holy Ghost is NOTHING like that, and this is presented by the devil himself to scare you away from the REAL Holy Ghost who is a gentleman and will NOT force you to do anything.

These articles that we have posted below will help you clear up any misconception about the Holy Ghost and will let you know how important that the Holy Ghost is for the true follower of Christ.  It is recommended that you read the articles and then get with the Lord Jesus Christ personally and have Him confirm what you have read and then follow what Jesus says from there.


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