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Hot Button Issues

This section looks at those issues that everyone knows about but don't want to acknowledge or talk about.  We'll talk about it!!  You may not agree with the conclusions  we come up with, but what we think is irrelevant; what does Jesus thnk about the issue(s)?  This is a golden opportunity to get with the Lord Jesus Christ and deal with the issues once and for all.

Once Saved, Always Saved

This is an oldie but goodie.  There is a teacing out there about 'eternal security' that has been coined  'once saved, always saved' that many of the Baptist churches are teaching.  This book will tell you and show you why this doctrine is not true, and how it is sending millions to hell every year.  Find out what Jesus thinks about this and then repent and change!!

No Holy Ghost, No Heaven

Looks like Jesus is dropping the gauntlet down on this one!  This book describes the new directives we have gotten from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  He is telling  Christians that they MUST have the Holy  Ghost or else they  will never make it into Heaven.  the only way to get the Holy Ghost is through the Lord Jesus Christ, so learn what you need to do to get the Holy Ghost so you can make it.

STOP going to Church

This does sound strange, doesn't it?  Why would the Lord Jesus Christ tell  people to stop going to church?  It is because the church has been taken over by Jezebel and people who are leading the church who have not been authorized to.  Homosexuals, lesbians and women have taken over, and the Lord Jesus Christ is going to destroy it.  See why else this is the case in this book.

If you support the LGBTQ Agenda,

you will want to read this

This is a new one as well.  It seems that there are many 'Christians' that support the LGBTQ agenda, and are very vocal about it.  Well, Christians, did you run what you are doing by Jesus  first?   I can tell you that He is not very happy with Christians  who support this, and He has said that eternal seperation from Him would be result if you do not stop and repent.  See what else He has to say in this new book.

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