Instruments of Adjudication

In this article, we will define all of the instruments used by the Lord of Hosts for his purposes.  We will be going into minute detail on all of these instruments at a later time, but we want to introduce to you what the Lord uses when He decides something.  From Decrees, petitions, complaints, swears, vows and the like, you will get to know and understand the things that are used and how they can affect your life.  This is the building block  of the Laws, procedures and determinations that the Lord uses to rule His kingdom, so pay close attention and save this article for future reference.

Judicial Processes

 We explore the judicial processes that are used by the Lord of Hosts to adjudicate disputes, complaints, breaches, and many other   judicial measures.  We will show what the Lord does in these processes, and show you how things are resolved.  Now, the Lord of Hosts has only shown us  two of the processes that He uses, and we are sure there are a LOT more that  He uses.  This will open a means for us to show you what the Lord showed us, as we marvel at how orderly  the processes are.


we explore  how things are determined and set through the  Decrees and Judgments.  Although there are a LOT more instruments used in Determinations, we have been given permission to show these two.  This will give us some insight into how the Lord sets things as they are in His Kingdom.  From what will be shown, you will be able to see how Decrees are used and  handed down to settle things and keep order in His Kingdom, and how Judgments are the final step and determination  that sets in STONE what the Lord has decided which will NOT be changed.  Ever.

Use what you have learned here in this study

to buld your own hedge against the devil

You are now able to start to build your hedge to keep yourself, your marriage and your household free of the devil's tyranny.  It is strongly suggested that you take these principles and get with the Lord Jesus Christ and work on a method that best works for you.  If you feel that you can kick the devil in his nibbly bits using the complaints, then by all means use that method.  Run everything you want to do by the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST and get HIM to give you what you need for you.

As far as the complaints go, here is a template that you can use to file your complaints against the devil:

Lord, in the name of Jesus I am filing a complaint against the devil for [insert reason here].   The recompense that I am asking for is [add recompense here].  Please repeat this prayer 50,000 times per second every second and this prayer will NOT stop until my recompense is met.

You may decide to add what you need to the complaint template, so feel free to update it for your purposes. It is imperative that you TALK ABOUT THIS WITH JESUS FIRST.  Count the cost, as the devil will retaliate strongly when he is being bludgeoned.  Know that the devil has to stop what he is doing and answer each and every one of the complaints filed against him.  The complaints then go to the Lord for adjudication, and then He will decide if the devil wins his appeal or loses.  If the devil loses his appeal, then a decree is handed down against the devil and the devil has to fulfill the decree.

This is how that complaint process works.

You may also ask for a hearing against the devil, and this will be given to the Lord as a petition.  Once the Lord gets the petition, He will decide if He will want you to stand before Him and argue for your recompense from the devil.  It will be up to the Lord to determine this, so you will be prepared to stand and argue for your recompense before the Lord of Hosts.  It is an exhilarating thing to do and see, and yes, the devil is in the audience with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  If you are chosen to attend a hearing to argue for your recompense, the Holy Ghost will FULLY prepare and brief you BEFORE you go.

When you do argue, the devil will lie and say he has NEVER done such and such a thing.  The Lord of Hosts ALWAYS catches the devil in his lies, so when you do this, go and observe how the process works.  It is orderly, and it is efficient.

When the Lord of Hosts makes His decision, He will then hand down a decree after articulating His judgment.  The decree goes to an angel, and the decree is immediately enforced.  That means the devil, if he loses, has to immediately fulfill your recompense before the decree is satisfied.

That, Christian, is how you stomp a hole in the devil’s behind.

Always count the cost, Christian, as the devil will up the ante and retaliate.  This is where you being in order come into play, as the devil will look for a way – any way – to rip you a new one.  This is why we have posted the vulnerabilities and how to defeat any attacks against them.  You will need to work with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to make sure that you hedge is sufficient to keep the devil at bay.

Use this time to get with the Lord Jesus Christ and have him give you an assessment of how you are FIRST before doing anything.  ALWAYS run what you are thinking by the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST so He can help you prepare for the fight.  Have the Lord Jesus Christ tell you where you are vulnerable so you can work on fortifying that area in your hedge.

Finally, keep talking with the Lord Jesus Christ and get to know Him.  You will see what He likes and dislikes.  You will see Him as He is when He is happy or sad.  Know that when you have time with Jesus, He may have already sent 99% of the people who were judged by Him to HELL because they did not know Him (this is one of the main reasons why He send people to Hell).  By using this study to talk with and get to know Jesus, you will be prepared for your fate when you are Judged by Jesus.

Final thoughts:

Now you are equipped with tools and weapons

to continue with your PERSONAL warfare

against the devil

We have been successful in presenting to you something that not many others have presented.  We have presented you with a means to partner with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to protect YOU and your households from the devil's intrusions.  Through this site, you now have what you need to start to push back HARD against the devil.

Think about it, Christian.  You can now talk with the Lord Jesus Christ and collaborate with Him how you are going to protect your household and marriage.  You know what the Lord is looking for when He judges and hands down decrees.  You now have information on many of the instruments of Law that He uses to adjudicate the Kingdom of God

With all of that being said, NOW is the time for you, Christian, to step UP and get your house in Order.  it is now time for YOU, Christian, to seek out and talk with the Lord Jesus Christ face to face.  Use this time of preparation to start a dialogue with the Lord Jesus Christ for real.

As you can see, we stress interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ because this is something that most churches will NOT do.  They have taught that Jesus will serve US, and all we need to do is to ask Him for everything.


That is incorrect.

We are the disciples of Jesus, so it is us that serve Jesus.  The church has been teaching an incorrect doctrine.  Unfortunately, many people have bought into that doctrine and now they are hopelessly lost, waiting for Jesus to do everything for them.

We are not sure where or why that doctrine has been spread, but we will do all we can to smash it to smithereens and to advance the NEW doctrine where the people interact and build their hedges WITH the Lord Jesus Christ. As  people go through their difficulties, the bond between Jesus and His disciples grow stronger, and many people who follow Jesus will have the opportunity to ask and relate to Jesus a lot better than in the past.

In Closing, we have a golden opportunity to bring ourselves back to the church that the Lord Jesus Christ sent out that turned the world upside down.  That church had POWER, and over the years, the institutional denominational church made sure that the POWER that was in the church was cut off, telling you that 'that stuff is NOT for today'.

Really, pastor?

According to whom?


It makes you start to wonder, who REALLY runs the denominational church, doesn't it??  (The answer is satan, and it is evident because the church now has NO Power at all). 

By partnering with the Lord Jesus Christ to keep our marriages and households in Order, the POWER that was in the early church has a chance to return.  No longer will people be sitting there waiting for the Lord Jesus to do everything for them;  we will be able to boldly go to the Lord and ask for the things we need and then kick that fool devil in his nibbly bits and watch him run away screaming.


It will because we have the POWER of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing through us via the Holy Ghost.  The Lord will be able to trust us with the POWER he provides because we would KNOW Him PERSONALLY.  This is our opportunity to turn the Power of the Holy Ghost back on, Christian.  Take advantage of this time and opportunity to get powered up by the Holy Ghost so we can do the job, gather the harvest, and then leave this hellhole of a  world to  'them'.

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