The Lord Jesus Christ:

Jesus wants to know YOU Personally, Christian

Although the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, He wants to know all of His creation PERSONALLY.  This means that He desires to have an intimate relationship with ALL of His followers and Disciples and not just a cursory relationship.

So what does this mean?

It means that the Lord Jesus CHrist is looking for YOU to seek Him out and then get with Him so He can sit with you and help you work out your salvation so you can be with Him for Eternity.  This is not a situation where  you pray once and then wait for Jesus to do all of the rest.


This is an INTERACTIVE relationship, where you seek Jesus out and He responds.  He will then seek you out and you will respond to Him.  Church Doctrine and church in general has isolated Jesus from people because of church doctrine, and NOW is the time to get with Jesus as He is going to destroy the church world as we know it.  He wants YOU to come to Him so YOU can get the authority you need to kick the devil in his nibbly bits and send him running away.

Consider this, Christian:

The Lord Jesus Christ has to KNOW YOU PERSONALLY when you are Judged so you have a chance of making into the Kingdom of God.  You will NOT make it if you do not know Jesus PERSONALLY.  Also,  your judgment is the final test that you have to pass to make it in.  The Lord Jesus Christ will give you the answers to the test if you would just ASK HIM for the answers!!

How hard is it to ask?

These articles that we have posted will  help you clear up any issues you may have concerning contacting and working with Jesus DIRECTLY.  You cannot rely on your pastor anymore; it is now up to YOU to  make sure you have what you need to make it into the Kingdom of God.  If nothing else, ASK HIM for help if you need it - Jesus will respond.


We will warn you that what we are presenting is going against the doctrinal teachings of many denominations.  Many are going to excoriate this site because we are not following their doctrine.  Many times, the people who are going to say we are teaching ' a false gospel' would be the ones that say that they have read the bible from cover to cover multiple times and will claim to be the 'authority' on the bible because they did that.

So, If you think we are full of it, that's fine.  That is expected. 

All we are asking for you to do is to read the content, then  go directly to the Lord Jesus Christ and confirm with HIM what we have been posting.   Confirm with HIM that the things that have been posted are true.   Confirm with HIM that the conclusions are correct.

After you do that, ask Jesus directly what YOU should do, and ask Him to lay out His plan for YOU.  We do not care what you  think about us, Christian, nor do we care what you say about us.  In the grander scheme of  things, it does not matter.  What matters is that we are presenting the gospel  UNFILTERED and not coloured by church doctrine.  What we are presenting affects YOUR salvation, and if you want to gamble with YOUR salvation, that is on you.  You can blow us off if you want to, but like those people who got killed in Texas at a church, you never know when your time will be up.  Hopefully, those people were on the road to salvation, working to get their sin off of their ledger and not just believing that they were saved.

As we always say, and we will repeat here - don't take our word for anything.  ALWAYS confirm what you read and/or hear with the Lord Jesus Christ and do what He tells you to do.

We can Introduce you to The Lord Jesus Christ. Right here. Right Now.

You can start your journey by clicking on the button below, as we show you what you are in for and what Jesus will expect from you. Your life will be transformed and you are on your way to being Born Again, and you do get an inheritance for being born again when you complete the process.

You believed in Jesus, but you did NOT obey Jesus


In this article, we show you that anyone can believe in Jesus, but obeying Jesus is where the love of the person is shown.  Many people believe in Jesus, but ignore Him and what He is telling them to do, all the while thinking that they are 'saved'.  This article will show you that you have to  not only follow but OBEY Him to make it into the Kingdom of God.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are judged by Jesus?


In this article, we show you a small snippets of things that Jesus is going to look at when you are Judged by Him.  This is an unprecedented look into what Jesus will do given to us by Jesus personally.  Take a look, and ask Jesus the questions that concern your salvation.

You cut a covenant with Jesus when you became

‘Born Again’


In this article, we take a look at what people REALLY do when they ask the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts.  Many people  are unaware that when you do this, you are entering into a covenant with the Lord.  Covenants are conditional, and if you do NOT  hold up your end of the covenant,  the whol agreement can be annulled.  Find out  in this carticle what you have done and then ask Jesus to confirm what you have read.

You need to know Jesus Personally to make it in


In this article, we show you that if you want to make it into the Kingdom of God, it is WHO you know and not what you know  that will get you in.  Jesus desires a PERSONAL relationship with everyone who follows Him, and ONLY those whom Jesus knows will make it in.  Find out IF YOU know Jesus PERSONALLY or not and  make the changes you need to make.

Why is it so hard for people to ASK Jesus to settle doctrinal disputes?


Many of you have seen this in many forums - people arguing over doctrinal issues.  This is especially prevalent with the Once  Saved, Always Saved crowd.  Here is a novel thought - why not ask JESUS to settle the dispute?   We take a look at why people will NOT Ask Jesus in this article.

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