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Have you ever wondered

... What Happens when you are Judged by Jesus?


Every single one of us has a judgment day coming, and that Judge will be none other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. In the world, everyone plays Jesus short, and they call Him everything from a 'wimp' to a 'girly man'. They have no idea of who they are messing with, as that same 'girly man' will be judging them!


In fact, the 'girly-man' is the devil, as he has a feminine spirit, and he cannot deal with Patriarchy, which is what the Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and the Lord of Hosts rule under.


With all of that being said, we all will bow down and face the Lord Jesus Christ as He judges us. He will judge our works, our life, and then He and He alone will decide if we are worthy and prepared to enter into our rest in His Kingdom.


Since the theme for this month's website is salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ was kind enough to give us an outline of what to expect when you are judged. Now, Jesus did NOT have to do this, but He insisted, as He wants all who can be saved to be saved. We think that this is unprecedented, as the Lord is basically telling you what He will be looking at and for when you are judged. We think that this is one of the most visible signs of love for us that the Lord Jesus Christ has shown so far.


When it is time for your judgment by Jesus, these are the things He is going to do:


  • He is going to see if you have any sin on your ledger.
  • He is going to see if have repented of your sins and if you did not, He will ask you why you did not.
  • He is going to see if you have His Holy Spirit, who guides & teaches you as you walk the path Jesus put you on.
  • He is going to see if you were obedient to the Holy Spirit or not (this is heavily weighed).
  • He is going to see if He knows you personally (this is heavily weighed) .
  • He is going to see how obedient you were to Him when you were alive (this is heavily weighed) .
  • He is going to see how much fruit you have produced.
  • He is going to see your works and evaluate and weigh your works.
  • He is going to bring up some things that are germaine to you personally.


If you are NOT found lacking, you will be able to enter into your rest. If you are found lacking, you will be seperated from Jesus forever, with no chance of parole.


That's how it goes.


Know that the Bible says that those who are in the faith BARELY make it, so this salvation is something you have to work out for YOURSELF with Jesus with fear and trembling NOW before you die and are judged. It will be up to you to do what you need to do so YOU will be saved after you endure to the end. To see where you stand, you can ask Jesus this question RIGHT NOW (out loud):


"Jesus, if you were to gather all of your people RIGHT NOW - this moment -

would I make it?"


Many of you will be surprised by His evaluation. We can tell you that Jesus is evaluating the saints RIGHT NOW and He is visiting each and every one of His children, numbering them to see if they will make it or not. We encourage you to call on Jesus TODAY to see how you fared. We believe this is why we have been directed to talk about salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.


You are witnessing the LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ has for His people on full display right here, right now, as He is allowing us to tell you HOW you are going to be judged and what He is going to judge you upon. As with anything you read, especially this, don't take our word for anything. Go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and personally ask Him if what is being posted is true or not. When He answers you, do exactly as He says. Work out any difficulties He sees and stay in touch with Him and keep talking to Him throught this process to the end. Always remember that Jesus is the gatekeeper of Heaven, and what He says goes. Don't play with Jesus, thinking that He is going to let you slide; He won't. It is YOUR salvation that is on the line, so do what you have to do to make it in for YOU.


This site is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and it is designed to talk about what the churches will NOT talk about. It is also a means for you to get information you will need to talk to Jesus about what you have read or heard. Take the opportunity to learn about Jesus today by talking to Him directly, even if you disagree with what is posted.


If you get nothing else from this site, even if you think we are full of it or if you think we are 'false prophets', at least learn how to talk to Jesus directly. Challenge what is being posted. Challenge everything you 'hear' is the truth. Ask Jesus directly if what you 'heard' or read is true. Get into the habit of asking Jesus about everything you are doing or experiencing in your life. Have Him tell you what you need to do.


You will be the better for it.


As we always say on this site - don't take our word for anything. Go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and personally ask Him if what is being posted is true or not, and go with what He tells you.

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