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Jesus allows His Disciples and Followers to Use His Authority when He deems it necessary

When you make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, you are afforded the opportunity to use Jesus’ authority, as His NAME is His authority.  Now, many people do not know that this is why the name of Jesus is above all names, and that is because he has more authority than others.

When you give your life to Christ, you must give Him EVERYTHING.  This is where a lot of Christians fall short and succumb to the devil.  The devil is going to recognize only one thing – POWER.  If you do not have more power than him, he is going to walk all over you and bother you until you make him stop.

What most Christians do is they give their lives to Christ, but they do not turn over the governance of their lives to Jesus.  They try and hold on to what they are doing, and they keep doing things their way.  I have provided an example of what happens when you do this in the scenario below.

For example, if a demon wants to take over your body, he comes in and takes it over your body without your permission.  The demon knows that he needs your permission to take over your body, but he also knows you don’t know any better.  So, he comes in, sets himself up, and starts using your body to express himself through, doing all sorts of vile things by using your right and left hands to masturbate every 30 minutes for 20 hours.

Since you did not exercise your authority to cast him out, he takes that as a tacit invitation from YOU to let him stay.  Since you did not oppose him, that is also a tacit invitation that you WANT him there, so he stays.  You are miserable because this thing is using your body as his personal masturbation toy.

So, let’s say you argue this in front of the Lord of Hosts (which you can, by the way, if you ask the Lord for a hearing). Here is the conversation that you would hear:

  • The Lord: I have a complaint here from you here that masturbation, a demon, is unlawfully occupying your body. Is that true, Christian?

  • YOU: yes, Lord, that is true.

  • Demon: Not true, Lord, I am in this body lawfully.

  • You: I never gave you permission!!

  • Demon: yes you did.

  • You: No I didn’t.

  • Demon: you never told me to leave.

  • The Lord: is that true, Christian?

  • You: well…

  • Demon: It’s my house now. I do not have to leave.

  • The Lord: Did you use the authority given you to make him leave?

  • You: Lord, what authority are you talking about?

  • The Lord: demon, by what authority do you have to take over this body?

  • Demon: by the authority given me by my lord, Satan, who told me I can have this house since he owns it. He got this body from Adam, and now he is giving it to me to live in.

  • The Lord: I see you are a Christian. Did you give your body to my Son, Jesus Christ?

    • You: No Lord, I did not.

    • The Lord: Why not?  Didn’t you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour?

    • You: Yes Lord, but…

    • The Lord: I am sorry, Christian. Since you did not lawfully transfer governance of yourself to Jesus Christ, and have decided to govern yourself, the demon is right – you do not have the authority to make him leave.  The demon can stay.

    • Demon: YES!!! (fist-bumps the other nasty demons around him)

    • The Lord: As it is so decreed this day. I’m sorry, Christian, get with your Lord and get this straightened out.

    This is what happens every day to Christians because they do not know the Lord’s legal process nor the authority they have IN Christ. As you see in the scenario above, the demon won the case because he has the legal authority to be in the body.  The Christian erred when they did not secure their body with the Lord Jesus Christ, so the demon walked in and took it over.  The Christian, on their own authority, cannot dislodge the demon, so they lost the case and is now stuck with a demon they cannot get rid of, and that demon is taking advantage of his victory by masturbating 40 times a day using that body they won.  

    Here are some other things that you should know:

    • The Lord of Hosts is a Judge.

      • In this case, the Lord of Hosts is hearing your case, as ANY Disciple/Follower of Christ can ask for a hearing if the devil is vexing them.

        • The Lord of Hosts, in this case, heard the complainant (the Christian), and He made a judgment in the case where the Christian lost because the Christian did NOT exercise their authority against the demon correctly.

        • The demon won the case and was granted access to the body to be used to masturbate. 

        • The Christian LOST the case and has to put up with the masturbation demon until the Christian learns how to use their authority correctly.  The Judge admonished the Christian to go back to their Lord and find out how to use the authority that was afforded to them that they did NOT use.

        • The Judgment of the Lord of Hosts was handed down via a Decree.

        • Even though the Christian went against the demon, the demon WON the case, and the Lord of Host is a righteous Judge as He pointed out what the errors were to the Christian.  The Lord of Hosts was NOT in the office of the Heavenly Father; He was in the office of a Judge.  Now, if the penalty was too severe, the Lord of Host MAY temper the judgment at His discretion.

        What we are presenting to you here is NOT what they taught you in Church because that church is run by the devil who doesn't want you to know that you have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He also doesn't want you to know that any Disciple/follower of Christ CAN ask for a hearing against the devil at any time. 

        You can also learn about filing complaints and petitions against the devil and you are due a recompense for your trouble if the devil is  found guilty, but that will require you to seek out The Lord Jesus Christ or Jesus' Father, the Lord of Hosts to find out what you need to do and how that procedure works.

        So why hasn't the church been showing you how to use the legal instruments in the courts of the Universe that the Lord of Hosts, The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost preside over to kick the devil's behind?  The devil uses these same courts to file complaints against YOU so you are his property if you sin, as YOU are the recompense that the devil is looking to collect for his troubles.

        So what did the Christian do wrong?  A few things:

        • This "Christian" is Once Saved, Always Saved, and they thought that all they needed to do is go to an altar at that Baptist Church and "confess" Christ via a "sinner's Prayer".  What they learned - the hard way - is that when you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour, you are entering into a contract with Jesus which means that the "Christian" is legally bound to Jesus if He accepts that person making the request.

        • In this case, we can clearly see that the Pastor of that Baptist Church declared that person saved (even though he has NO AUTHORITY to do so), and that Christian THINKS they are a "Christian" when they are NOT EVEN SAVED.  

        • That Christian did NOT complete the transaction with Jesus, as Jesus has NOT accepted the person as a Disciple or a Follower of Christ.  Without being a Disciple or a Follower of Christ, that Christian is NOT SAVED, and therefore the authority that Christian has is THEIR authority, which is NO Authority.

        There's more:

        • When the Christian gave their heart to the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Saviour, they thought that was the END of the process, when in fact it is the beginning. By confessing the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, that just transfers the ownership of you from the devil to Jesus Christ.  


        • The Christian did not give EVERYTHING to the Lord Jesus Christ, and for Jesus to be your Lord, He wants EVERYTHING – body, mind, soul – EVERYTHING.  This is a willful act that every Christian has to do.  This was not done.

        • When you give your life to Jesus, and He accepts you as a disciple or a follower, Jesus is your Lord and He will send the Holy Ghost to you who will clean you up and get your to repent of the sins you have committed.

        • When you get filled with the Holy Ghost, Jesus has confirmed you are "saved", and you will go through the process of being "Born Again", as the Holy Ghost will take the time to clean you up, making you a suitable vessel for the Lord Jesus Christ.

        • Once the Holy Ghost cleans up the person, that Christian is now a Disciple or a follower of Christ as Jesus deems them to be, as this depends on the covenant that Christian has cut with Jesus.  A person who is deemed to be a Disciple will be given more training by the Holy Ghost, as this depends on how Jesus decides to use that Christian He is in covenant with.


        • Since the Christian did not give over EVERYTHNG to the Lord Jesus Christ initially, the things that the Christian has that are NOT covered by Jesus’ authority.  This is fair game for the devil, and the devil WILL exploit all openings you give him.  The devil is a legalist, and he is legally controlling people because they are not under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ, even if they just say the "sinner's prayer", and legally, if Jesus doesn NOT accept you as a Disciple or a follower of Christ, you are still under the dominion of the devil.

        This is the main reason why many "Christians" today are carnal.  They are not taught or shown that there are legalities involved when they are being "saved".  Can’t you see, Christian, that when we are desperate and cannot get out of a situation, we THEN give Jesus the reins – full governance - and ask Him to help us?  Jesus is under NO OBLIGATION to help people, but He does anyway through His compassion for people, knowing that they are ignorant.


        Usually, when things get better, we grab the reins back from Jesus and say, ‘OK, Jesus, thanks for helping, me, I got it from here.”  Jesus then relinquishes the reins over your life, and lets the devil bust you upside your head again because YOU want to do things YOUR way.  You can, butthe price that you pay is you get your behind kicked on a regular basis by the devil.  Why do you think that young girl that sang in the choir is now a hoe, giving up the booty to every Tom, Dick and Larry that rolls around?


        By staying IN Jesus, and that means giving Him TOTAL governance ALL the time, we will start to realize the power and authority He has, as He will give us His authority if we are OBEDIENT as Disciples/followers of Christ, adhering to the Holy Ghost who is walking with us and not only nurturing us,  but teaching us how to deal with that fool devil and showing us his traps and snares that he uses.

        With the authority that has been given to us by Jesus Christ, which is given at the discretion of Jesus PERSONALLY, we have the authority in the name of Jesus (which is best understood as ‘under the AUTHORITY’ of Jesus Christ) as you can see in scripture here:

        Matthew 10:1 - And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

        Mark 6:7 - And he called unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits;

        Mark 6:13And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.

        Luke 9:1 - 2 - Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.  And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.

        Yes, Jesus has given His Disciples/Followers His authority to use against the devil that doesn’t have as much authority as Jesus.  Now, the devil does have power and authority, as he is a Cherub angel, but he does not have more authority than the Lord Jesus Christ, which means the devil MUST bow and do what Jesus says.

        I am sure the devil is happy about that (sarcasm off).

        Can you see what Jesus did?

        By Jesus giving His Disciples/Followers who are the redeemed, born-again Christians under His authority, those disciples/followers have Jesus' authority over all beings, including the devil as long as Jesus authorizes that authority.  Stated differently, as long as we are Disciples/Followers of Christ, we have the same Authority as Jesus Christ has that He will authorize His disciples/followers to use.  This is the power behind healing the sick, and casting out demons, as they MUST leave when Jesus’ authority is exercised.

        So, why are so many Christians oppressed by the devil?

        It is because, Christians allow the devil to oppress them, as they are ignorant of what is really going on in the world around them.

        Those who are oppressed and enslaved (They are NOT "Born Again") are NOT walking in the power or authority of The Lord Jesus Christ; they are walking in their OWN authority by not letting Jesus govern them FULLY, which we have already shown is NO power/authority.

        Here are more things to consider:

        • The devil will kill, steal and destroy everyone who does not know Jesus Christ because he can and the Lord Lets the devil have his way because the devil has more authority than the person he wants to destroy.  When a person exercises the authority of Christ, and Jesus PERSONALLY authorizes that exercise of power, then the devil flees, as he is no match for Jesus Christ’s authority.  This then unlocks the POWER that Jesus has, as the Holy Ghost will then exert His power against the devil, who will turn tail and run away. 

        • When any disciple/follower of Christ is facing off aganist the devil, Jesus will tell you PERSONALLY to use His authority, and this is His approval of you using His authority.  When that authority is used, you see the devil run away in his high heels as fast as those hoofed feet can take him.  Also know that if you are NOT a Disciple/follower of Christ, you are NOT afforded any protection, and the devil will kick your behind.

        • The only way to be protected down here is to always have more POWER than the devil, and that is through Jesus Christ if you are his disciple or follower.  Now the devil knows this, so he does all he can to get you to give up, renounce or keep you ignorant of any authority you have over him so he can enslave you.

        You will see that the devil will try and steal your claim to Jesus’ authority from you as he did Adam.  He will trick you into confessing your allegiance (that you had with Jesus) to a country that he controls, or to an entity or to him personally.  Once you give your allegiance to the devil, he has authority over you and can do what he pleases.  What the professing Christian will want to do, in this case, is to get in Jesus Christ and stay there.  With the authority of Jesus, you can command the devil to get lost and he will go.

        What the Christian did wrong

        Power and Authority

        Man has NO authority without Jesus

        Power and Authority

        You have NO authority in anything without Jesus 

        Power and authority

        You have NO authority unless Jesus gives you HIS authority

        Power and Authority

        If you are OUT OF ORDER, you have NO power or authority in Christ 

        Power and Authority

        you are a Lukewarm Christian If you deny the power of the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost

        Born Again Christian


        Masturbation Demon

        The rematch

        Let’s use the same example. That demon, who has taken over your body, is using your body to express himself through, doing all sorts of vile things.  You have just gotten right with Jesus, reaffirming your relationship with Him, and giving ALL to him to govern.  Jesus has given you His authority to dislodge and cast out that demon.

        Jesus then tells you to ‘go and take back what the devil has taken from you’.

        Whenever Jesus tells you this, it is ON like Donkey Kong.  This means that the devil and those deomons that are vexing you are going to go DOWN and Jesus is going to help you defeat the devil and his minions.

        So, you go back and argue this in front of the Lord of Hosts at your new hearing. Here is the conversation that you would hear:

        • The Lord: I have another complaint here from you here that masturbation, a demon, is unlawfully occupying your body. Is that true, Christian?

        • YOU: yes, Lord, that is true.

        • Demon: Not true, Lord, I am in this body lawfully.

        • You: I never gave you permission!!

        • Demon: yes you did.

        • You: No I didn’t.

        • Demon: you never told me to leave.

        • The Lord: is that true, Christian?

        • You: Yes, Lord, that is true.

        • Demon: It’s my house now. I do not have to leave.

        • The Lord: Did you use the authority given you to make him leave?

        • You: No, Lord, but I am going to use that authority right here and right now to evict this demon.

        • The Lord: demon, by what authority do you have to take over this body?

        • Demon: by the authority given me by my lord, Satan, who told me I can have this house since he owns it. He got this body from Adam, and now he is giving it to me to live in.

        • The Lord: I see you are a Christian. Did you give your body to my Son, Jesus Christ?

        • You: Yes, Lord, I did. This body belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority given to me by Jesus Christ, I am COMMANDING this demon to GET OUT NOW as he is not here lawfully.

        • The Lord: demon, is this true?

        • Demon: yes, Lord, but…

        • The Lord: demon, did you get permission to stay in this body from the rightful owner, who is Jesus Christ?

        • Demon: No, Lord, but…

        • The Lord: demon, you are cast out right now this moment as you are not lawfully in this body.

        • Demon: But… But…

        • The Lord: As it is so decreed this day. Demon, move, and do it now!!  Well Done, Christian.


        THAT is how you stomp the devil's guts out. 

        The battle was decisive and quick, and with Jesus' authority, the devil was overwhelmed and he HAD to leave.

        Ignorance of the authority that is given to the Christian by the Lord is the cause of many to get caught up in the devil’s traps and snares. 

        You must STAY IN CHRIST – meaning that HE governs you – for this to happen to you on a regular basis.  If you walk away from Christ, you walk away from any authority that you need to battle the devil.

        We also want to point out that Jesus is going to send you when He has equipped you, so do not try to do anything with your own intellect or power.  WAIT for Jesus to send you and the Holy Ghost will be there with you as you go through your trial.

        Here are some things to notice:

        • Notice how Jesus PREPARED this Christian for the fight with the devil.  You will see that Jesus ALWAYS PREPARES you for any fight you are going to face.  In this case, Jesus taught the Christian about His authority, and showed the Christian that His authority would overtake and overwhelm the authority of the demon.

        • You can see that any victory against the devil is a PERSONAL victory - not only for the Christian, but for Jesus as well.  When this Christian is judged, this encounter with the devil will be discussed, and the victory of the Chrtistian will bode well for the Christian because he was obedient.

        • You can see how quick the battle was, as the demon had NO CHANCE of overwhelming the Christian.

        • You can also see that obedience to Jesus and the application of His authority is what is needed to make the devil run like the little girl he is.

        Although this is not shown in this scenario, if you win your battle, you are due a recompense for your troubles.  In the complaint against the demon, you MAY ask for a recompense, and that recompense that the devil MUST give up can be anything.  Also, that recompense may be 1 item or 100 million items and the Judge will make sure the devil gives up that recompense.

        This scenario as presented should be what you are learning at church, as the devil is stealing from EVERYONE RIGHT NOW asnd he is getting away with what he is doing because the church is dumbed down and they don't know that they can fight back.

        So how did we learn about these techniques?

        You learn them from the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost through revelation as you encounter demons who are looking to make YOU their home.  This is how strongholds of lust, fornication, adultery, fetishes, and sexual perversion are formed, and 92% of the people in the world today - and that includes professing "Christians" - are bound by the devil and under the dominion of the devil because of the unclean things they are doing.  Many married "Christians" are having oral and anal sex in their marriage beds, thinking that this is OK with Jesus when these acts are an abomination to Him.  Jesus has warned those who SAY thatthey are "Christian" who perform anal/oral sex that they are in danger of becoming reprobate, and this is when Jesus turns away from the people who SAY that they are His because of their sin that they will NOT give up, and they are then turned over to the devil as a reprobate.

        For those who are dealing with addictions, getting with Jesus and being honest with Him about your addiction(s) will possibly compel Jesus to help you, and you will need His authority to cast out the demons of addiction that are deeply rooted within you and protected by a stronghold.  This is the sanctification portion of salvation, as this is where you look deep into yourself to find the defiling elements that the Holy Ghost will point out to you so you can get rid of them before you die and are judged.

        Can you now see how the "Once Saved, Always Saved" doctrine is demonic?

        What if you NEVER confronted the defiling elements within you and you die and go in front of Jesus for Judgment?  You will NEVER make it into the Kingdom of God because Jesus will NOT let, for example,  anyone who loves anal sex or oral sex into His Kingdom.  You will be damned and sent to where the god of oral and/or anal sex is, and it is NOT a comfortable existance.

        The devil always tries to usurp Authority

        The devil is on the earth doing what he does best – kill, steal and destroy.  The devil will steal all that we let him steal and it takes POWER to drive him off.  The devil knows that most people walking around today do not have ANY power, so the devil does what he wants when he wants and no one will stand up to him.  The Lord Jesus Christ is sitting there looking at this and He is waiting for someone to stand up to this fool and send him running.  There are precious few who will stand up to the devil.

        Why is that?

        Professing Christians now are not interested in Jesus and what He has for them.  They SAY they are a Christian, but they are not.  They do not use the authority that the Lord Jesus Christ has given them; they let the devil dictate his world to them as a reality.

        • Casting out devils?
        • Speaking in other tongues?
        • Healing the sick?


        They are too busy worrying about what is on television, or watching their favourite show (that the devil is providing).  These are Christians- in-name-only, and they LIKE living by the devil’s dictates. They are more concerned about this world than the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is unfortunate that many die after living here for all their years, and die NEVER really knowing Christ.

        This is the motivation for this book to be written so you can get the information you need to get close to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He wants a lot better for you than what the devil is dishing up.

        So, as the professing Christian turns away from Jesus Christ, the devil is their god and they will do as the devil says when he says and how he says.  The professing Christian walks away from his birthright because he/she is ignorant that they even have a birthright.

        Prayer to give Jesus Governance

        With all of this talk about governance, many of you are wondering what you can do to get right with the Lord.  I’ll provide you with a sample prayer that you can use right now so you can start on the road back with the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you have never done this before, a few things to note:


        • This prayer will have you give everything to the Lord Jesus Christ to govern.   If you do not want to do this, stop here.


        • When you give Him governance over ALL - that means just that. You will need to ask Jesus what you are to do next.  He will talk to you and get you to understand what He wants you to do.


        • The best place to practice this is with your finances, as the devil attacks that first. List all of your bills and then ask Jesus what He wants you to pay and WAIT for his answer.  The big problem many Christians have is that they are being stolen from by the devil (taxes, fees, finance charges) and they don’t even know it.  If it always seems like something comes up at the wrong time when you are short of money, that’s the devil stealing.


        • Once you have given everything over, talk to Jesus and ask for a hearing to get what the devil stole from you back. If Jesus grants you a hearing, you can stand on (Numbers 5:7, Exodus 22:3, Exodus 22:4, Exodus 22:7), which outlines what a thief has to repay you when he is caught in the act.

        As promised, here is the prayer:

        Lord, in the name of Jesus, I repent of usurping your authority, as I did not know I was doing that, and I humbly ask for you to please govern me fully.  I am giving you everything I am and everything I own – my car, my home, my family, my checkbook – everything - so you can govern my life starting from this moment.  Please let me know what I am to do next as I await your commands. 

        I would also like to request a hearing Lord, so I may be able to argue for the recovery of all of the money that the devil has been stealing from me since I have started working based on the authority of your Word in (Numbers 5:7, Exodus 22:3, Exodus 22:4, Exodus 22:7), getting the recompense due me for being stolen from.  When that money is recovered, Lord, I give all of that back to you so you will govern all of it for me as well.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

        Once you pray this prayer, ask Jesus to lay out what He expects you to do.  Don’t do anything on your own volition just yet; let Jesus tell you what He wants for you to do.  Try and do exactly what He says and do not frustrate His grace by taking back the reins of your life.  As you go through this process, you will be given some latitude to do some things on your own without having to ask.  Understand that this is a process, so you will not see results instantly.  This will get you to sit and talk to the Lord Jesus Christ daily so you can get what He wants you to do.

        Thank you, Jesus, for helping us kick the devil's behind

        The bottom line is this – you will start to grow close to Jesus and you will start to see how He is.  The biggest problem that He has with the Body of Christ is that they do not consult Him for anything until they are in a deep trouble.  By consulting with the Lord on ALL things, He will guide you and keep you out of trouble.

        If you owe money, rest assured you will repay every cent you owe, and the Lord will make sure of it.  However, He will not have you pay all of the bills so you will have no money and no food in the house, as that would be foolish.  If you have a lot of debt, let the Lord step you through what HE wants you to do and follow his guidelines to the letter.

        You WILL be tempted to sneak a little bit of money here and there; don’t do that.  Have the Lord give you some pocket money and some mad money to get what you want.  If the money is for smokes or liquor, He is going to tell you to stop spending money on those things.  He will also stop you from getting junk food that is killing you, and have you eat healthier and smarter.  You will NOT be hungry when the Lord tells you what you should be eating.

        Power and Authority

        Repentance removes the Legal authority of the devil 

        Power and Authority

        How are you going to fight the devil with NO Authority?

        Power and Authority

        The devil files complaints against you all the time

        Pay attention and make sure you are well-versed in understanding Authority as this knowledge will save your life one day

        The devil and demons are well known to roll up on people who do NOT know about their authority to subjugate that person and make them into sodomites, putting them under the dominion of the devil.  Many demons will also know what dominion you are under as well as if you are under someone's authority.

        These days, 98% of the people - and that includes those who go to church - are walking around down here on earth naked and unprotected, thinking that they will walk over the devil because they SAY they are a "Christian".  If you are following some doctrine - like Once Saved, Always Saved - you are unprotected and you are STILL under the dominion of the devil -THINKING you are a "Christian".  The devil will play along, and he will keep you ignorant of what you need to know (your church is NOT going to teach you this) and you will waste the rest of your life in church under the dominion of the devil and when you die, Jesus will dismiss you because HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU.

        Use these videos and the scriptures to sit down with Jesus and ask Him about when He will let you use His authority to beat the fool out of the devil and LEARN what weapons and options you have at your disposal as you walk the walk as a TRUE Christian.