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Christian Idolatry:

You are surrounded by idols and many of you 'Christians' are becoming idolators and don't even know it

This month, we are going to look at idols and idolatry, and in this study, we are going to see that idolatry has everything to do with worship.  A person who is an idolater is a person who is worshipping another entity other than the Lord Jesus Christ.  Idolaters typically worship idols, and an idol is an item, image or thing given worship that is NOT the Lord Jesus Christ.

"So what?", you say.

In this study, we are going to look at what the Lord says about those who worship idols and why this is one of the most visceral things that the Lord HATES.  We can also see from scripture that the Lord  has the death penalty of anyone who worships idols.

So why is the Lord so ANAL about worship?

The root of this goes back to when Lucifer, who is now known as satan, fell from his office as the praise leader in Heaven.  As everyone knows, Lucifer was kicked out of being a part of the Heavenly Host because he decided that he wanted to be like God.  We will explore that iniquity that was found in Lucifer and explain why there was iniquity in a perfect beings.

We fast forward to when man was formed in the garden of Eden, and when satan deceived Eve into taking a bite out of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil.  What did satan do?  He caused Eve to get her husband, Adam, to change whom He worshipped from God to the devil, and we can see the damage that has done.  What was the devil's ploy with Ever?  He told her that she could be 'a god' herself, knowing full well that if  he could get Eve to listen and worship him (satan) that Adam wound follow.  This is why the devil tells Jesus during His time in the wilderness that all of the kingdoms of the world were 'given' unto him.  We will explore why what happened in the garden of Eden was so important.

We see from the time of Moses to today that mankind is always turning to and worshipping some sort of idol, be it a statue to a live person on a pole, as we see in strip clubs today.  We are surrounded by idols, and as we take an interest in these idols, mankind is pulled into worshipping that idol he sees.  We can see this is the devil's plan, as we will look in the Bible how satan contended with Michael the Archangel for Moses' body.  Why was there a contention?  The devil, who knows that mankind will worship ANYTHING, wanted the body of Moses so he could prop it up and have the Israelites worship Moses body.

We will show how mankind has been built for worship, and why worship of any idol gets such a visceral reaction from the Lord of Hosts and the Lord Jesus Christ.  We will also show the end game that the  devil has for all humans, as he sets up these idols for people to worship knowing that all worship from these idols come to him.

We will then show you some of the more prolific idols that many are worshipping.  Many are unknowingly worshipping idols giving their worship to the devil; when these people die, they are shocked that they cannot make it into the Kingdom of God because they have yoked themselves to the devil through ties built by worshipping his idols.  We will point out where these ties are and how you can get free of them.

Finally, in our study, we will explain why worship is so important to the devil and to God Himself.  You have to understand that worship is behind ALL of these idols and we are inundated with, and we have idols for a reason.  We will explore this and give you examples of how you can reaffirm your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This study will be contentious, Christian, as we are going to step on lots of toes and smash some misconceptions that you have had about things you see every day.  We will show you that the devil does NOTHING new; what he did in the times of the Israelites, he does the same exact thing now to bind and enslave those who will follow him.  You can then use what we will provide to get yourself free from the devil so you can  worship Jesus in spirit and truth.

Take the time to get yourself free, Christian, as NOW would be the time to get yourself right with the Lord Jesus Christ.  You are to give the Lord Jesus Christ His due, especially since it was Jesus who created the world, man and the things in it. 

We bet you did not know that.

Now you do.

Take what you have learned in this study and go to the Lord Jesus Christ and confirm what you have read.  Do NOT take our word for anything; take what you have read here and run it by the Lord Jesus Christ yourself and  CONFIRM what you see here with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY so you will NOT be deceived.

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We will warn you that what we are presenting is going against the doctrinal teachings of many denominations.  Many are going to excoriate this site because we are not following their doctrine.  Many times, the people who are going to say we are teaching ' a false gospel' would be the ones that say that they have read the bible from cover to cover multiple times and will claim to be the 'authority' on the bible because they did that.

So, If you think we are full of it, that's fine.  That is expected. 

All we are asking for you to do is to read the content, then  go directly to the Lord Jesus Christ and confirm with HIM what we have been posting.   Confirm with HIM that the things that have been posted are true.   Confirm with HIM that the conclusions are correct.

After you do that, ask Jesus directly what YOU should do, and ask Him to lay out His plan for YOU.  We do not care what you  think about us, Christian, nor do we care what you say about us.  In the grander scheme of  things, it does not matter.  What matters is that we are presenting the gospel  UNFILTERED and not coloured by church doctrine.  What we are presenting affects YOUR salvation, and if you want to gamble with YOUR salvation, that is on you.  You can blow us off if you want to, but like those people who got killed in Texas at a church, you never know when your time will be up.  Hopefully, those people were on the road to salvation, working to get their sin off of their ledger and not just believing that they were saved.

As we always say, and we will repeat here - don't take our word for anything.  ALWAYS confirm what you read and/or hear with the Lord Jesus Christ and do what He tells you to do.

Christian Idolatry:

What is an idol and what does it do?

An Idol is defined as: "anything that is given worship that is NOT the Lord Jesus Christ'.  As you already know, an idol can be ANYTHING.  Find out why people will worship anything - a shoe, a  pole, a tree - anything - and how you can stop worshipping things  and start giving the worship to  the one that is worthy of our worship.

Christian Idolatry

What is an idol?

Christian Idolatry:

What is worship and why is this important?

Worship is more than just a word, Christian, and in this article, we look at worship and why it is so important in the life of all people.  Unbeknowst to many who do not follow Christ, they  also  worship an entity, and find out how people are worshipping the devil in the many ways that  the devil has thought up.

Christian Idolatry

What is worship and why is worship important?

Christian Idolatry:

Idols are used by the devil to control you


Idols are propped up by the devil to control people so they will do what he wants them to do.  Since the devil cannot seem to get worship by tricking people into giving their worship to him, he has decided to  make you worship him by surrounding you with idols.  In this article we show how the statue that Nebuchadnezzar built was used for worship.

Christian Idolatry

Idols are used by the devil to control you

Christian Idolatry:

Christians have NOT learned the lesson of Cain and Abel

In this article, we explore the situation with Cain and Abel and  show you  that to this day,  many professing 'Christians' are walking in the same way of Cain thinking that they are serving Jesus when in fact they are not.  We show Cain's error and why we must worship in spirit and in truth before our offerings are accepted by God.

Christian Idolatry

The lesson of Cain and Abel

Christian Idolatry:

Christians who worship idols will NOT make it in

In this article, we confront those professing 'Christians' that tell you that they do NOT worship idols, but they are in serious ERROR. Many of the idols are all around them - money, that nice house, that nice car, football, baseball, hockey, nice clothes, red-bottomed shoes, rings, neck chains - the list is endless.  Find out how you can stop worshiping idols.

Christian Idolatry

Worshipping idols will damn you

There are many more idols that Christians worship and we identify them here

In the box below, we have outlined the top things you need to know about Christmas.  As you can see, Christmas is steeped in pagan rituals and in idol worship, and all of that is explained to you in detail.  Many people have been deceived by Christmas, and the Catholic Church is the main culprit in this deception.  How many celebrations do you know of where you lie to your children - on purpose - to get them to be good by getting them to "believe" a mystical person who does not exist?  The Lord Jesus Christ is not mocked - liars, no matter how well intentioned they may be, are NOT going to make it into the Kingdom of God.  We have taken a lot of time and bandwith to explain the deception so you can get with Jesus DIRECTLY and clear your ledger to get rid of the lies and the defiling elements within you.  The devil is stealing, killing and destroying marvellously using Christmas and ignorant parents to accomplish his goals.