Devil is a legalist

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The devil is a legalist:

Ways you can STOP giving the devil permission to cave in your skull and make him leave you alone

For this article, we show you that the devil cannot do anything to you unless you give him permission to do so.  We have outlined ways the devil can vex and bother you legally. We show you how you can cut off the devil and stop him from bothering you legally. We show you how you can stop being ignorant of the devil and his devices by not only pointing out the obvious, but to show you how to get more help from the Lord Jesus Christ as you continue walk YOUR walk with Him. 

The Devil is a legalist

In this article, we will review all of the multiple methods that the devil uses to enslave and  bind people and we will show you how you can get OUT of the traps and snares that the devil has laid  for you and your family.  Please keep in mind that you should have a good relationship with the Lord Jesus  Christ, as it will be Him and His power that will help you be free and stay free of the devil's devices.

Before you do anything, ALWAYS consult the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST.  In some case, the Lord Jesus Christ MAY give you some authority that you have never had before to be able to extracate yourself from the devil's snares.  The Lord Jesus Christ MAY give you a totally different approach to get out of the trap you are in, so it would be wise to heed what HE says and follow His lead.

The whole point of this  article and series is to make you aware of the traps that the devil sets to bind and enslave.  The devil doesn't even work hard at enslaving and  binding people anymore because he has been able to cut off and choke off the teaching of the Word in the churches.  This is probably why you are reading this article right now, as the Lord Jesus Christ has sent you here to learn of the devil's devices.

So, we will look at the traps that the devil has set, and then we will add a paragraph as to how you can avoid the trap, and if you are in the trap, get yourself out.  Before you do ANYTHING, consult with the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST and have HIM give you the approval  that is right for you.  If you do not know how  to consult with  Jesus, you can find out here, here and here.

The devil enslaves 95% of all Christians


That title looks like a typo, doesn't it?

Actually, that number may be a little low.  Unfortunately, many Christians are going to be caught up in this trap and will NOT make it into the Kingdom of God.  This is because many would have given their lives to Jesus at the altar, but took their life back and did not even consult with Jesus at all during the time they were alive.  They do not know Jesus at all personally; they will be in shock when they are in front of Jesus and do not make it.  This is one of the most frightening things about the Christian walk, and many Christians are playing Jesus short by not thinking that they can fall short of what Jesus expects.  Many Christians are yearning to be 'raptured' so that they will not have to suffer as Jesus suffered.

That ain't gonna happen.

Christian, you are going to have to show you are worthy and prepared to go into the Kingdom of God, and you will NOT make it in unless Jesus lets you in.  It would make sense to talk to Jesus NOW and find out what He wants from you, isn't that true?  Many Christians will NOT make it because they are IGNORANT of what the Lord is looking for from them.  It is through study and interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ personally where you will find out what you need to repent of and fix BEFORE you die, and that is the point of this article.  Don't ASSUME that you are going to make it in on a sinner's prayer;  get with Jesus PERSONALLY and talk with Him about what you need to do.  Your very salvation depends on that.

Now, Let's get some ANSWERS

to how we can thwart the devil's devices

Now it is time for us to take another look at how the devil is trying to bind us and how you can stop him.  In the following paragraphs, you will see the original post, and under that original post, you will see the steps you must take to neutralize the devil's plans.  As with all of these things we will post, it is up to YOU to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ and verify what we have posted.  In some cases, some ofthe things that the Lord Jesus Christ will have you do will be slightly different from what we have posted; this is because not everyone's situation is the same.

Take the time to sit with Jesus and ASK HIM about things that are in YOUR life that mirror the things that have been posted.  You will be very surprised at how approachable Jesus is when you  just ASK Him what He thinks.  Over time, many of you will start to build a relationship with your Lord and Saviour and you will see that Jesus is NO JOKE.  Jesus is the real deal, and He is faithful to be there if you are having issues; Jesus has been there for many of us when it looked like we would be going under.  In some cases we have heard about, Jesus stepped in to save households and family members because His people came to Him correctly and He responded.

Forget what you have learned in 'church', and discard all of that; use this article as a means of being able to talk DIRECTLY with the Lord Jesus Christ, and get to know Him for REAL.  We cannot stress enough that it is very important to get the TRUTH, and right now, the devil is loading up the world with fabrications, half-truths, innuendoes, gossip, heresay, weird and strange 'truths', and outright lies.  The devil is slowly changing reality to be fantasy, and he is trying to keep EVERYONE in a fantasy world.


It is so people will NOT stand against him and fight him.  It is so people will remain in his matrix and do what he wants them to do while he sucks their lifeforce out of them, since he is a dead spirit.

So, with all of that said, let's take a peek at  what we need to do.