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Run all of your giving by the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST

As with most 'ministries', there is always a Donations Page, and this repository is not unlike the others.  On this website, we stress that if you want to donate, you should go to the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST and ask Him to guide you to the site(s) or church(es) that He wants you to donoate to.

Now it does seem a little strange  that we haven't given you a Paypal account or our Visa/Mastercard processor to take  your money.  We are NOT interested in taking your money, Christian.  What we are interested in is getting YOU to talk with the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST about what you want to give. 

Many people give money to a 'cause' thinking that they are doing the Lord's work, but they neglected to ask the Lord Jesus Christ what He wanted them to do.  We are going to change that on  this website.  We do not want you to give a DIME of your money unless the Lord Jesus Christ approves of you giving, even if it is to us.  Ask Jesus to guide you to the places/sites/channels that he wants you to give to.

This is a tithe

This is a free-will offering

There IS a difference between

a Free will offering and a tithe

Many of you are giving to worldly 'charities' right now, thinking that you are doing the Lord Jesus Christ a favour giving to the people YOU have picked out to give.  Have you ever considered asking the Lord Jesus Christ whom HE wants you to give to?

Above, we have highlighted  the difference between a tithe and a free-will offering.  A tithe is NOT money; a tithe was 10% of the crops that the people grew that they put in the storehouse for the Levitical Priests who did not have any land or livestock because their job required them to be in the temple 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The 10% is there so that the Levitical Priests would have something to eat!  You can see in Malachi 3:8-11 where the Lord describes what the tithe was.

If you are giving 10% of your income or salary to some church, STOP.  Get with the Lord Jesus Christ and have Him guide you  so you are not taken advantage of by a pastor who has been taught to mess with your mind so you will open your wallet to HIM.

So what does this have to do with donations?

We are stressing, Christian, that you should ASK JESUS  to tell you whom to give your hard-earned money to, and not just 'guess'.  Many of you reading this right now are paying 'tithes' to your church, not knowing that  you are being fleeced by your pastor.  Many of you are proudly displaying placards or have a licence  plate that says 'I tithe', not knowing that you have just made a fool out of yourself.

If you want to contribute to this repository, then ask Jesus to  give you the information that you will need to contribute to us.  This way, you will know that Jesus approves of us.  This is also a good opportunity to  be guided by Jesus  to do the things He wants you to do.   The Lord Jesus Christ will then guide you and tell you what you need to know, and that includes  how to get the  donation to us or any other group(s) that are followers of Jesus.

What kind of funky scheme is this?

This is NOT a scheme, Christian, and we do NOT want ANY of your money if it has NOT been blessed by the Lord Jesus Himself.  This is why we are asking you to go to Jesus DIRECTLY and ask Him for the information you need to donate to this site.

We are SERIOUS about this, Christian.  Would you trust Jesus if He told you to donate to this site or any other site(s) that He has deemed worthy?

Pray over what you have just heard, Christian, and incorporate your giving to those entities that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself tells you to donate to.  This way, you KNOW for sure that your money is being used by those who need the money or resources and that money is NOT being used to pad some  charity's CEO's bank account so they can buy another house (they already have 4) or do something stupid, like buy a Gulfstream jet.

Give this some serious thought. Christian.  If you think that we are NUTS, then so be it.  The Lord Jesus Christ is our head, and we are going to follow Him no matter what.   We talk about this in many of our articles, and now we are putting ourselves on the line practicing what we preach. 

If you want more clarification on what we are talking about, please go ahead and click on the video above and you will see that we are serious about this concept.  No longer should you give money whom YOU think will advance the cause of Christ, but ask Jesus DIRECTLY to guide you and show you whom you should give to.

If you want to help us, share these videos

We are purposely not asking for donations because we see it as a trap that many people fall into.  We are serious about you asking the Lord Jesus Christ about donating ANYTHING.  So, what you CAN do is share these videos or share the link of this website ( with those who have questions that we may be able to answer.  All of the videos that we produce are downloadable (see how to download the videos here) so download and share.  The videos are not copyrighted, so you can feel free to use them as you wish.

If you do not like what we are posting, then go elsewhere and be well.  We are not forcing you to like us or even agree with us; we are asking that you take the time to get with the Lord Jesus Christ and discuss what we have presented and incorporate the things that pertain to you with your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.