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Fetishes: the devil's secret weapon

he uses to keep you enslaved

By now, you know that the devil is the one that will assign you a fetish after you have been turned into a sodomite by porn or any other device used by the sodomite spirit.  In this section, we will take an indepth look at some onf the more popular fetishes that the devil will assign.  If time permits, we will get into some of the other fetishes that are just plain nasty and disgusting that the devil does assign to those whom he is trusting with great riches or whom the devil is keeping a close eye on.


Why we bothered to talk about porn and fetishes

Some of the pictures and videos you will see will be graphic; these videos and pictures are necessary to show you the REAL deal, and not some watered-down whitewashed presentation that your churches are giving you, as they don't want to offend anyone.


We INTEND to offend EVERYONE with these presentations so you will go to Jesus and get HELP to get out of the trap that the devil lured you into through lust and watching porn.  This web page is NOT going to mince words, as many people are enslaved by the devil and they are giving up hope because they think that there is no way out.  Many people are just living with this fetish, and they think that they will be able to shed this fetish once they die.


What most people do NOT know is that if you have a fetish, you will NOT make it into the Kingdom of God, no matter if you are Once Saved, Always Saved or not.  The Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to allow fetishes into His Kingdom, so NOW is the time to get with Jesus and deal with this fetish BEFORE you die so when you are Judged, you are NOT turned away because you have the wrong spirit.

What is a fetish, anyway?

A fetish is defined as follows:


  1. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or ashaving magical potency.
  2. any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
  3. any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.
  4. Something, such as an object or nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

In the videos that we have attached to this page, we describe a fetish as items 3 & 4 in the definition above.  However, take a look at items 1 & 2, and you can see why a fetish is something that the devil will be able to control.  So, as you can see just from the definition, this is something that th devil has control of and it will elicit a response from the flesh of any person who has been infused with a fetish by the devil.

Yes, Fetishes are assigned to people who are sodomites, as the devil rules over sodomites.

What is the point of this?

The devil does NOT want people worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, and the devil knows that humans will worship ANYTHING, so th devil has given you something to worship that HE controls.  This is the purpose of having fetishes, and when you have been enslaved by the devil as a sodomite, you are given a fetish by the devil so he can continue to enslave you.



The Sodomite Spirit will engender Fetishes


You are a sodomite if you have a fetish

How do fetishes work?

As you already know, a fetish is assigned by the devil to those who have been turned into sodomites. A person can be turned in the following ways:

  • Through Porn (the #1 way to be turned into a sodomite), as porn will hook a person watching it and then porn will turn the persons into sodomites much like a vampire turns a person into a vampire;

  • Through Lust, as a person who is lusting after a person will act upon that lust, which opens the door for the sodomite spirit to infuse that person so they are a sodomite;

  • Through Fornication and/or Adultery, as the person is in sin, and sin will open the door for the sodomite spirit to infuse itself in a person;

  • Through sodomite behaviours like oral sex and anal sex, as this is sin, and sin opens the door for the sodomite spirit to infuse itself in the person who is giving OR receiving the oral/anal sex.

Once a person is turned into a sodomite, then they are brought to the devil who will then decide what kind of fetish he is going to put in them. Once the devil puts that fetish inside of a person, then that person is given Porn to feed that fetish until it is strong enough to be able to control the person who has been given the fetish.


Fetishes are a component of the sodomite spirit


How Fetishes are used by the sodomite spirit

Porn is used to feed the fetish the devil just gave the person who has been turned into a sodomite

In this case, porn has a double purpose:

  • Porn is used to turn a person into a sodomite by getting them to watch porn and emulate the sodomite behaviours that they see on the porn;

  • Porn is also used to feed the fetish that the person got from the devil, as they will be fed porn that is germain to their fetish;

  • Porn will also bind that person to the fetish that the devil assigned to them so that they are enslaved by the devil through the sodomite spirit.

Porn is a very important part of this equation because it is the means to strengthen the ties that porn will have on a person, and that person may be male or female.  Can you now see why porn is EVERYWHERE?  Nobody can escape porn because porn, like the sodomite spirit itself, is blanketing the earth, and everyone on earth is exposed to and defiled by porn and the sodomite spirit.

So you now know that every person down here on hearth is defiled by these spirits, and you have to be cleaned up by the Lord Jesus CHrist before you can even approach Him to get into His Kingdom.  Without the cleasing done by the Holy Ghost, you CANNOT get into the Kingdom of God, and this is where the Once Saved, Always Saved crowd is in serious error. 

There is NO WAY that the Lord Jesus Christ will allow ANYONE to get into His Kingdom if they are full of Fetishes or the Sodomite spirit, and if you are Once Saved, Always Saved, you are NEVER cleaned up, as that doctrine tells you that on a confession you have eternal security and you cannot lose it.  You are:

  • Nasty, and not cleaned up;
  • full of the sodomite spirit;
  • full of demons invited in by the sodomite spirit;
  • and have fetishes, which is a gift from the devil for being a sodomite.

Who are you going to believe now?


What is the relationship between

Porn and Fetishes?


The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to feed your fetish


The Purpose of Porn

Fetishes are used to yoke people

to the devil when he feels like it

Once a person has been turned into a sodomite and their fetish is able to control them, the devil has the option of using that fetish to yoke a person to him whenever he feels like it.  

What do I mean by this?

Once a fetish has control of a person, then that fetish will be able to yoke that person to what it wants at will.  For example, if a person has a breast fetish, that sodomite spirit will put as many big busted women in front of that guy with the breast fetish to control him.  That guy will turn into a bowl of jello when he sees his 'dream' in front of him in the flesh.  Remember - fetishes make people idolators by getting them to be attracted to the body part or object that the devil has instilled in them as a fetish.

  • It is NOT an accident if you see women in sandals and heels at work if you have a foot fetish. 
  • It is NOT an accodent if you see women in bustiers and low-cut tops at work if you have a breast fetish. 
  • It is NOT an accident if you see women in tight skirts or tight jeans if you have a butt fetish.

All day long, that fetish will be enticing you and baiting you to act upon the objects that you are enamoured with, and when you get home after a days work, you are going straight to the porn to get you some relief from all of the pent-up sexual energy that the objects of your fetish have put upon you.

This is TORTURE for those with a strong fetish, and the devil is doing this on purpose to keep you enslaved to him.


The sodomite Spirit uses Fetishes

to yoke you to itself

People worship their fetish

through masturbation

Once a person has been turned into a sodomite and their fetish is able to control them, the people will worship through that fetish by masturbating whenever possible.

What do I mean by this?

As a means of worship, a person with a fetish will masturbate to show their worship for the object or body part that the devil has put in them.  Usually, a person with a fetish will go to porn to feed that fetish and they will masturbate to complete the worship of that fetish item.  When the person climaxes (women) or ejaculates (Men), that is the sacrifice that is given to the fetish by the person infused with the fetish.

What this does is it turns the allegiance of the person masturbating to the object (which in turn is given to the god of that object, who is ultimately the devil) and it turns people away from the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thios is the devil's master stroke of genius to get people to worship HIM and NOT the Lord Jesus Christ.  By using a little witchcraft as well, the devil will have you masturbating and giving homage to HIM through the object he has put in you to adore sexually.


Masturbation is a component if this spirit


Masturbation will turn Christians who watch porn over to the devil


Masturbation is the controlling element of this spirit


Masturbation makes you a slave to the devil and your flesh

Fetishes are an open air prison

that you CANNOT get out of

using your own authority or power

What we are going to share with you next is going to not make sense at first, but if you really think about this topic, you will then realize that there are not only traps and snares set by the devil ti enslave you, but full prisons that are FULL of people that have no bars and are out in the open.

Yes, we are taking about YOUR fetish being a prison.

A Prison with no bars, out in the open for all to see, and hidden so nobody sees.

So how can you have a prison that binds and enslaves a person that nobody can see?

A person bound with a fetish is enslaved and imprisoned by the devil, as the devil is the one who has not only constructed the prison, but puts you in that prison when he turnes you into a sodomite.  Once you are a sodomite, the devil decides what fetish he is going to put in you and then he feeds that fetish with more porn.  At some point, that fetish will have you so tightly bound that you are not able to get free of it, no matter what you do.

Fetishes are no joke, and almost EVERYONE in the WORLD has a fetish of some sort.  Many of the people get their fetishes from Porn, as porn has turned many into sodomites, and that gives the devil legal authority to do what he wants to you.  While you  are out there  doing what you do as a 'playa', or if you are out there 'slayin', the devil has you bound and he will yoke you back to him whenever he feels like it.

The videos below will go into a little more detail as to how people are imprisoned by fetishes, but know thatthe Lord Jesus Christ will help you overcome that fetish and free you from that prison and the demons who are the wardens of that prison if you would just ask Him to help you.


Fetishes are a Prison that you CANNOT escape from on your own


A look at the open air prisons the devil has constructed

Now that we have defined what fetishes are and where they come from, you have something to work with

Now that you have some background on fetishes, know that every single person on earth is dealing with a fetish of some sort or fashion, and that includes people who are Christians.  Those who are followers of Christ or Disciples of Christ have an advantage because Jesus will help them get rid of that sodomite spirit and the Fetishes that go along with that spirit if they would Just ask Jesus to help them.  Getting rid of a fetish takes a LOT of time and a LOT of fighting, and that is because the demons in the people do NOT want to give up their source of feeling that a person will give them through masturbation if they are worshipping their fetish.  Remember - the fetish you have was given to you by the devil himself to bind you, to enslave you, and then to damn you.  Talk to Jesus today about getting rid of that fetish you are keeping secret and get free of that thing once and for all.


Why are churches mad at us for telling the truth?

You CANNOT get free of your fetish(es)

without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ

You have taken the time to find out about your fetish(es) that are binding you, and now you can be free of this sodomite spirit and get those fetishes off of you so you CAN make it into the Kingdom of God.  Know that you will NEVER get into the Kingdom of God if you have a fetish, as a fetish is from the devil.  

You have to get rid ofthe sodomite spirit and all of the bonds and ties that the devil has put on you, and only the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the Lord of Hosts have the power to be able to break the bonds and the ties of these spirits the devil has put on you.

Take some time to day and get with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and ask Him to help you break the ties the devil has put on you and to cast out the demons that the sodomite spirit has put on you.  It will take you some time to do this, so NOW is the time to get with Jesus and get yourself cleaned up of all of these spirits the devil has put in you to bind you and control you.

TODAY would be the time to get with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and save YOURSELF and not listen to that drivel that your church is telling you. 

Talk with Jesus.  Be honest with him about what fetishes you have and ask Him to help you get rid of these things.  Many people who profess to be Christian have NO IDEA of the traps and tricks the devil has set for humanity, and they do NOTHING and are damned when they are being judged.  There are BILLIONS of people in hell TODAY because they NEVER reached out to Jesus to get this sodomite spirit off of them or to get the fetishes removed from them.

Don't be one of them.

Get with Jesus today and do an assessment of your salvation and start work on the things that Jesus is telling you to get taken care of.

Your salvation is YOUR responsibility, Christian, and know you will NEVER make it into the kingdom of God if you have the sodomite spirit or fetishes on you when you are judged.

There are MANY fetishes the devil uses to enslave, and here are a few of the more effective ones

In the box below, we have outlined the top fetishes that the devil uses to enslave the people he has just turned into sodomites.  Know that Porn will feed and strengthen these fetishes, and  once the fetishes are strong enough, they will be able to bind and control a person who has been infused with these fetishes with little interaction from the devil.  Now, the devil WILL use these fetishes to yoke a person to himself if needed, as the fetish will have a very strong bond that is enslaving the person with the fetish.

Know also that these fetishes are there to feed the demons that are in the people who have been enslaved by the devil, and these demons are insatiable, and they will drive a person insane if they are left to their own devices.  To find out more about getting rid of these demonic influences in you, go to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to help you get free.