Get Holy Ghost - 2

What happens when you receive the Holy Spirit?

When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be speaking in other tongues, in languages that you cannot understand.  The Holy Spirit will then talk to you.

When the Holy Spirit does talk to you, He will sit you down and He will tell you that you are to obey His commands.  The Holy Spirit will teach you all that you will need to know; He will guide you and show you things as long as you stay obedient to Him.

The Holy Spirit is God, and He is sent by Jesus to train and help His disciples.  The Holy Spirit will help you discern if something is a lie or not.  There is a lot of deception down here that is shown as ‘truth’ when it is not.

If you are not serious, and you blow the Holy Spirit off like He is some kind of clown, or lie to Him, this will grieve Him and He will leave you.  You will then be turned over to Jesus and He will deal with you harshly.    This is nothing to play with, so if you are not willing to go through the process of knowing and being with The Holy Spirit, you need to stop right here.  Close this page and go on your way.  If you want to continue, the read on. 

The Holy Spirit leads you

into the Wilderness

When you receive the Holy Spirit, the first thing He does is lead you into the wilderness.

Why does He do that?

It is so you can be in a place unencumbered where you can sit and learn from the Holy Spirit of Jesus and what Jesus wants for you.   You will be totally dependent on Jesus for your sustenance while you are in the wilderness.  You will be with GOD; He will show you and teach you  what  He wants to show you.  You will start to learn about being a disciple of Christ.  The Holy Spirit did the same thing to Jesus when Jesus received Him (Matthew 4:1 and  Luke 4:1) where Jesus fasted for 40 days.  You know the story - Jesus was tempted by the devil,  Jesus resisted the devil, and then the devil fled.

Why did the devil flee?

Jesus had the Holy Spirit, and the devil does not have more power than the Holy Spirit.   When the devil see the Holy Spirit in a person, He will flee.

When Jesus was on the earth, He was ALWAYS led by the  Holy Spirit.  This is the lesson you will learn when you are filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit will guide you into ALL truth.  You will find, after you are filled with the Holy Spirit, that He will guide you to places that you would have never gone before.  He will guide you to the correct teaching that you will need as a new Disciple of Christ.