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Are you celebrating Halloween?

What is wrong with you, Christian?

Here we are again, another year, and we see many Christians celebrating halloween.  WHY is it that Christians are spitting in the face of our Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ, by celebrating the devil? Why are Christians NOT going to the Lord Jesus Christ to ask Him how they are to deal with this holiday?

O foolish Christians,

who has bewitched you?

This month, in time for halloween, we have posted a few articles that show those who do not know that following or celebrating Halloween is serious error.  By celebrating halloween, you are turning away from the Lord Jesus Christ and you are yoking yourself to the devil.  Take a look and then make a choice Christian - you are either going to be a part of the Body of Christ or  you are going to stand AGAINST Jesus.

You choose.

Didn't scripture tell you  that you cannot serve two masters - you are going to love one and hate the other?

  • Who do YOU Love, Christian? 
  • Do you love Jesus or do you love the devil?

Which one is it going to be?

While you are deciding, always remember this:

Our Lord and Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ, bled & died for you and I so we can be free, and you have the unmitigated gall to spit in the Lord Jesus Christ's face by diminishing His work on the cross by celebrating Halloween, which is a celebration of divination, necromancy & dead people brought to you by the devil himself.

  • Do you really think that Jesus doesn't know what you are doing or what you did? 
  • Do you really think that Jesus will give you a pass when you turn and walk away from Him?
  • Do you think that the Lord of Hosts, Jesus'  Father, is going to be pleased with YOU when you turn your back upon Jesus?
  • Do you really think that Jesus is going to welcome you with  open arms when you are judged when you spit on Him?
  • Do you really think you can make it into the Kingdom of God disrespecting the ONLY person who will let you in?

Why do you insist on playing fruitless & foolish games with the Lord Jesus Christ when it is Jesus who can cast you into hell?

This posting is very harshly worded, Christian, because you do NOT have time to play around.  Things are going to get serious down here, and you will be FORCED to make a choice to gather WITH Jesus or scatter AGAINST Jesus very soon.  You already know that you  will NOT like where you will be when you stand  AGAINST Jesus, and your actions concerning this holiday, halloween, will  determine where you are going to be.

'Oh, halloween is just harmless  fun', you say.

Is it?

If you didn't know, 'fun' is what damns 95% of the people who go in front of Jesus to hell, and that is because they would not listen to the commandments that Jesus has given them.  These are the same people who would NOT pick up their cross DAILY and follow Him.

Is this how you want to end up, Christian?

We do not have time for foolishness, Christian.  We are OUT OF TIME, as Jesus is about to move mightily.

Will you be ready?

Take a moment to read the articles which will  let you know the reality of this  celebration.  You make the call, Christian.  As with everything,  do NOT take our word for anything.  Take what you have learned and verify  what you have read and seen by Him and then do exactly what Jesus says.


The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to follow Halloween


You offend Jesus when you celebrate Halloween as a 'Christian'


Trick or treating as a Christian?

You will want to see this


The Other Jesus, The other gospel, The other spirit of Halloween


I am a Christian and I don't celebrate Halloween anymore

The word 'follow' is a word that has a LOT of meaning to it.  When you 'follow' your pastor, your church, you denomination, you are actually giving your allegiance to those things, and when you give your allegiance to something, that means you are bound to that thing or person. 

Check out what 'follow' REALLY means here.

This is why you need to be VERY CAREFUL of whom youy follow, as 'following' something or someone will bind you to that person or entity, and when you are judged by Jesus, He is going to send you to the entity or person whom you have given your allegiance to.  This is why the devil has this 'fun' time, Christian, so you can 'follow' the devil and be damned.

Why are you shocked, Christian?

We know you have never seen or heard the things we have posted before because your church will NOT teach you or show you these things. So, just to shake things up, here is another thing that will shock you:

Don't believe a word of what has been posted. 

Not one word of it.

Use this as an opportunity to take what you have seen and ask Jesus Directly:

"Is what I have just seen true?"

Verify everything for yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and check out every word you hear or read to see if what we have said is true.  Ask Jesus YOURSELF to explain things to you that you do not understand.  It is YOUR responsibility to do this so you can be counted worthy by Jesus.