How Do I talk to Jesus Directly

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How Do I

talk to Jesus Directly?

This section looks at how you can communicate directly with Jesus.  On this site, we always tell you to CONFIRM what you are reading with Jesus directly , so many are asking  'How do we do that?".  This You Tube clip will show you how, and we will go over some of the tips given in the clip so you can work on this on your own.

In this YouTube presentation, the author gives you 15 tips you can use to learn how to talk to Jesus Directly.  She correctly tells you that Jesus is a PERSON, just as the Holy Ghost is a PERSON and the Lord of Hosts, Jesus' Father, is a PERSON.  This exhortation is approximately 9 minutes Long.

Now it is up to you, Christian,

to put into practice what you have heard

Use these tips to start a relationship with Jesus.  Reach out to Him and talk to Him about everything.  You will be surprised at the responses you will get.  You have to understand that Jesus knew you before you were born, so reconnect with Him and start talking with Him again in earnest.  If you don't kinow how to talk to the Lord directly, find out here.

You will be glad you did.

As  always - don't take our word for anything. Go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and personally ask Him if what is being posted is true or not, and go with that.    Ask Jesus to show you what other things you can do to when you are being corrected.  A lot of this sounds far fetched and incredible, but as you start on your walk with Jesus as His Disciple for real,  you will find out very quickly that it is all about the relationship you hav with Jesus, The Holy Ghost and the Lord of Hosts.