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An in-depth Study on what is going on

about Israel and how it affects you

In this study, we are going to take a good hard look at ISRAEL, as this topic is NOT what you think it is. I have been given this topic because many of you have idolized Israel, not knowing what you are idolizing. Many of you think that if you do not toe the line with Israel, you will be cursed by the Lord Himself.  In this study, there is a LOT of pretty STRANGE things that go on, and this study is done so you will take the time and find out for yourself what is going on. 

  • Are the Jews in Israel 'God's Chosen'
  • Are the Jews in Israel under a land covenant by the Lord of Hosts? 

Find out for yourself what this is all about.  As always - do NOT believe anything that you have read here, heard here or see posted here; it is up to YOU to take what you have read here and go to the Lord Jesus Christ and and verify everything with Him.  Set yourself down at Jesus' feet and ask questions about Israel and then make up your own mind about what is going on.  This subject is steeped is witchcraft and deception, Christian, so study this for yourself.


From the admin - opening Editorial

This is the opening editorial that sets the tone for the topic - Israel.  Are the Jews the 'chosen people'?  Is that land that Israel on REALLY theirs?  We ask the questions, but  will we find the answers?  Read this editorial which introduces our study on Israel.


How many who call themselves 'Jews'


In this article, we take a look at the curse that those who hate Jesus who call themselves 'Jews' are under and why it is important to know.  We will show you in the Bible where the curse started (Hint:  right before Jesus was crucified) and how this curse is  still on these people TO THIS DAY and how they can clear this curse.


Who or what

is 'Israel'?

In this article, we take a look at all entities that identify as 'ISRAEL'.  Look at this article closely, Christian, and find out who  and what the Lord of Hosts says about who 'ISRAEL' really is.


Who exactly is a 'Jew' and where does this mean?

In this article, we  look at and define what a 'Jew' is, according to the Bible.  We will also show that those who 'hate' the Jews are in SERIOUS ERROR in The Lord of Hosts' economy.  We put our finger on  this issue concerning 'Jews' and what the Lord Himself  says about them.


Americans give BILLIONS of dollars to Israel YEARLY

In this article, we take a look at the American political and financial support of Israel to the tune of 7-9 BILLION dollars PER YEAR, and what this is doing to the American people.  We also look at how many people in the American  Congress are dual Israeli citizens and why this is being allowed.  We take a final look at why  those who support  Israel are RESPONSIBLE for what happens  in Israel.


What does the symbol on the Flag stand for?

In this article, we take a look at the flag and government of Israel and what that symbol on the flag stands for.  This is a very important article, as this  should tell every person who follows Christ that there is something VERY wrong.


Is 'supporting' Israel by Christians a good idea?

You have heard the  pastors in the pulpit tell you that we  MUST support Israel, and this has been told to people for many years.  Has anyone ever asked  WHY we are supporting Israel?  We take a look at this  in detail and what comes from the pulpit is NOT necessarily correct or true.  Our conclusions may surprise you.


Israelites and Jews are NOT ‘God’s Chosen’


In this article, we show Biblically that  any person in Israel that is NOT born again and the Jews are NOT ‘God’s Chosen’.  In fact, the Born Again person who follows the Lord Jesus Christ or who are Disciples of Christ are the ‘chosen of God’, a peculiar people and a royal priesthood.


Christians who support Israel unequivocally are in ERROR

In this article, we are going to take a slight detour showing how  Christians who support Israel unequivocably are in ERROR.  We intend to show that the interpretation of the Bible by these groups are incorrect, but the main issue and their ERROR is that these 'Christians' do NOT follow the Lord Jesus Christ as He commanded them.  In effect - these are churchgoers who do not know The Lord Jesus Christ at all!! 


If you have any Israeli Flag talismans, get rid of them !!

This article will  warn those that have any pendants, jewelry, rings, or items in your home that have the Israeli Flag hexagram on it to get rid of these things immediately, as these things bind you to an evil entity.  Many are wearing these things in ignorance, as they think that the Lord of Hosts is blessing them if they wear these things.  The hexagram is very evil and no Christian should be wearing anything with witchcraft symbols on it.


The Body of Christ is idolizing Israel

In this article, we outline the things that the Body of Christ is doing that is angering the Lord.  In this case, the State of Israel is being used to derail the Body of Christ because  the Body of Christ is making an idol of the State of Israel.  We will take a look at that and attempt to point everyone back to the Lord Jesus Christ so they will be in order.


Israel is killing Palestinian Christians

In this article, take a very sober look at what the State of Israel is  doing as they deal with their 'Palestinian Problem'.  Let is be known that  there are many palestinian Christian - brothers in Christ - that the Israel First Doctrine 'Christian' people are killing with their  unequivocal support of Israel.  Know this, Israel First Doctrine people, the Lord Jesus Christ will come and see you PERSONALLY for killing His people.  Count on it.


Why are people clamouring

for the 'blessings' of Israel?

In this article, we going to take a look at why people are always chasing blessings from the State of Israel.  We wil lshow how this is all about self and that this is NOT of the Lord Jesus Christ, but of the devil who is using 'blessings' to deceive and damn people.


We take a look at the witchcraft of Israel

In this article, we take a look at the witchcraft of Israel and how that witchcraft is being used to control the masses.  We can see that witchraft in the  fact that if anyone has a dissenting opinion about Israel, we see that there are legal and ecumenical means to shut them down and then shut them up so they will not say anything.  We will have some examples of this, and then you can decide how YOU will deal with it.


The 'Pimp Juice' of those who support Israel are making the world a living hell

In this article, we look at the witchcraft that those who support Israel in the media, the music industry, the movie industry and the schools are using to not only make your child  an animal, but they are preparing you for the antichrist by  using their 'pimp juice' to destroy everything there is that is patriarchal and godly.    This  article is graphic, so you are warned.  Get past the graphic depictions and see exactly what is going on spiritually to you and everyone else around you.


Our Conclusions based on what we have uncovered and what the Lord Jesus Christ has shown us

In this article, based on the information that we have posted, we draw our conclusions and look at those conclusions through the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Since we are all His people if we are born again,  this will be the CORRECT method of looking at the things we have found out.  We will also check the Bible and see if our conclusions are scriptually sound, and we  will challenge all who are reading out conclusions to  take what we have  posted and sit down with the Lord Jesus Christ and have Him  confirm what we have posted.


The summation of the articles and this study

In this article, we provide a summation of all of the articles that we have posted.  In this summation, we have provided the story (as we see it) that leads us up to where we are now.  You do NOT have to agree;  however, we are asking those who have gone through our summation to take what you have learned from this study and go DIRECTLY to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and ask Him to verify what we have produced.  As we always say - don't believe ANYTHING that we have posted; go to the source - the Lord Jesus Christ - and verify everything that you have read with HIm.


The Religion of the AntiChrist

In this YouTube presentation by John Torrell, you will learn that the current state of Israel is going to be where the anti-Christ will make his abode.  Already, we are seeing the new temple being planned, and this is the place where the antichrist will declare himself to be god.  Take good notes on what is being presented, and take what  you have learned to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and have HIM verify  all that you have heard.


What Every Christian

needs to know

In this YouTube presentation, John Torrell goes through the whole history of the Jewish people using sources that are not readily available to the general public.  Listen carefully to what this man is saying, as this is the most comprehensive compilation that we have ever heard.  Again, take NOTHING as the gospel; take what you have heard and then get with the Lord Jesus Christ and  verify everything with Him.


Symbols Explained: Pentagram & Star of David

In this YouTube presentation,  you see a very well documented study on the pentagram and the hexagram, as these are two of the most powerful symbols of witchcraft.  You can see that anything that uses these  symbols is wicked and of the devil, so you can make up your own mind about why there is a hexagram on the Israeli flag.


From the admin - closing Editorial

In this closing editorial, the admin describes the trouble  he had when he was researching this topic.  The topic of Israel and why it seems to be the focus of all of the world's troubles  has been researched with a lot of very interesting conclusions.  As always - do NOT take what has been posted as the gospel; get  with the Lord Jesus Christ yourself and verify everything with HIM.  This is so you will NOT be deceived , as there is a LOT of deception down here right now.

Israel Bonus:

If you 'hate those Jews', you need to read this

 Many of you who have read this site did so not with an open mind, but with hatred in your heart against the 'Jews' because of the iniquities that have been pointed out.

You need to STOP doing that.

If you are a Disciple of Christ, or just a 'Christian', know that even though you may be justified in your ire against 'Jews' for what they have done to you or others,  you do NOT have the RIGHT to hate on these people.  It will be the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who will judge these people, and His judgment is a LOT WORSE than your ire and hatred towards these people.

That's right. 

STOP hating on these people who are the children of the devil.   


It is NOT YOUR JOB to 'make things right' by spewing your venom from your blackened heart against ANYONE.   Only the Lord Jesus Christ is worthy to deal with these people, no matter what they have done.  If you do not like Jesus, then  go your way, because you will NOT like where you are headed.

The Lord of Hosts will PERSONALLY deal with you if He even sees  any hatred towards 'Jews' or ANYONE ELSE, especially if you are a 'Christian' or a Disciple of Christ.  Disciples of  Christ should KNOW BETTER than to allow the spirit of the devil  to get into them.  Christians, especially the ones in church today, have not been taught this and do not know any better, so take this as a  STERN warning.

You see, the Lord Jesus Christ will JUDGE YOU for YOUR actions when you are in front of Him.  Jewish people are just like everyone else - PEOPLE - and hatred is the spirit of the devil and NOT of the Lord Jesus Christ or His Father, the Lord of Hosts.  If you want to curse yourself and be judged for that, go ahead and hate against ANY person and see what the Lord will do to you.      Know that NO person with hatred or unforgiveness in their hearts will EVER get into the Kingdom of God.

As we have shown in our articles, there are Jewish people who HATE the Lord Jesus Christ, and they WILL have to answer for their deeds to the ONE THEY HATED - The Lord Jesus Christ - as He judges them and sends them away from Him for ETERNITY.

Do you want to go with them?

If you have hatred in your heart against ANYONE, get with the Lord Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW and confess your hatred for whatever people group(s) you hate.    Be honest with Jesus; He will already know this about you.  Put on the table what is bothering you and give it to Jesus so He can deal with that foul spirit and free you.