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Law and Order:

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You have always heard people say to you 'Get right with God' or 'Get yourself in Order'.  So what does that REALLY mean?  in this series, which we have named 'Law and Order", you will see the Laws that the Lord of Hosts uses to adjudicate His Kingdom, and you will also see the Order that the Lord of Hosts has set up for all of us to be in.  Know that you will start to walk in the POWER of the Lord IF you are in Order.  This series will be an intense look behind the scenes that the Lord of Hosts is allowing for those who want to know.

Law and Order:

The Law and Order Series

Below, you can look at the whole 5-part series for Law (on the left) and Order (on the right) in parts.  You can take your time and go through the whole series step by step.  This is serious spiritual MEAT, Christian, so take some in, chew on it and get all of the nutrients out of what has been posted, and then ask Jesus about what you have read.  This is how you can do a serious Bible Study, Christian, and be taught by the Lord Jesus Christ personally.

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