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Law and Order:

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You have always heard people say to you 'Get right with God' or 'Get yourself in Order'.  So what does that REALLY mean?  in this series,which we have named 'Law and Order", you will see the Laws that the Lord of Hosts uses to adjudicate His Kingdom, and you will also see the Order that the Lord of Hosts has set up for all of us to be in.  Know that you will start to walk in the POWER of the Lord IF you are in Order.  This series will be an intense look behind the scenes that the Lord of Hosts is allowing for those who want to know.


This month, we are starting a 5-month series on Law and Order.  It is blatantly obvious that many people have no idea about what the Lord of Hosts does and what He expects of us.  Look around, Christian, and you can see that almost 99% of all households are destroyed and at least 90% of all marriages are in shambles.  We have done many articles on female pastors, co pastors and the usurpation of authority in the home, in the church and in households.  As you can see, the world is going to hell in a handbasket!!

Since the churches are NOT teaching as they should be, the Lord of Hosts has commissioned us to write about what He does expect from those who call themselves 'Christians'.  Many of you are ignorant of what the Lord wants because you have never been taught.  If you would follow what the  Lord has set aside for you, then you would not be in as much trouble as you are in right now.

What you see is NOT

always the truth

Like the pictures above of Katy Perry,  you can see the facade (better stated, a false front or face) that she puts on.  On the left, that is her private face, and she looks frightened and unhappy.  On the right, you see the public face, that looks strong, determined and pleasing to the eyes.

the same is true about a lot of households and marriages that you see around you.  As you look around, you will see many households and marriages that LOOK LIKE they are solid and stable.  However, behind the scenes, you will see rampant filth and degredation behind the veneer of an idyllic existence.  Just because you see one household down the block from you look nice, it does NOT mean that they are NOT being attacked and destroyed from within.

The biggest issue is that if a household or marriage is struggling, they always put on the 'facade' that everything is all right.  The other thing is that the head of the marriage may not know how to battle that Jezebel spirit that has embodied his wife;  That head of the household may not know how to stop the attacks against the household.  So, they go on the internet to find out what they need to do.

Many people suffer because they

leave Jesus out of their decisions

Since the teaching on HOW to stay in Order is non-existant, many try to save themselves through their own acumen and power.  They use techniques given by the world to solve their problems, and those 'solutions' will work for a short time, but ultimately fail.  Like the fat person who is on the next 'fad' diet to lose weight, people flock to 'the next best thing' for a quick fix. 

  • Aren't you tired of always being broke?
  • Do you really think that the loan you took out for your car is wise?
  • Are you sure that the stock market will stay solvent, as you are betting on a windfall?
  • Is your 401K really as stable as you think it is?

As you can see, many people look to the world to fix their problems; they ignore Jesus.  They miss out on wisdom, as  they have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ who will help them if they would just ask!!  The worst offenders are the 'Christians', who say that they are 'A King's kid' but ignore the King when they are in a jam.  They go back to what they are familiar with to try and save themselves.

So, if you have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Father, the Lord of Hosts,  why in the WORLD would you go to the devil's courts to get redress?  Many Christians do this, and they neglect or ignore Jesus and expect the devil to give them what is just, right and fair.

This is insanity, Christian, but many people go to the devil  every day expecting to get 'justice'.  The devil gives them his justice, and they just sit there and take it.

What is wrong with people? 

Who has bewitched you, Christian?

Many 'Christians' reject Jesus

when they are in a jam

Many of you are walking away from Jesus when you need to stop, talk with him, and sit with Him to help you when you are in  trouble.  Now, many of you do not know HOW to sit and ask Jesus for help because you have never been taught.  So, in this series, you will learn what you have to do to prepare and get with Jesus so He can show you what He wants you to do so you will not be jammed up by the devil who is stealing from you left and right.  You will then know how to combat the devil and make him (yes, you read that correctly) return all that he stole plus give you a recompense.  You will learn what laws govern what the devil can and cannot do to you so you can kick that fool to the curb when he comes sniffing around your household or marriage.

This is going to take some study, Christian, and you will need to put in the time so you will know what to do when the time comes.

Through President Trump, The Lord has given you

a little more time to learn what you need to learn

If you really look at what President Trump did on Christmas to kick the Deep State in their nibbly bits, you can see that there is a fight brewing between Trump and the Deep State.  Can't you see that with this fight, the Deep State will have to regroup, and in that regrouping, there will be TIME for everyone to stave off the oppression that the Deep State has tried to put on everyone?  This is yet another reprieve that you need to take advantage of, Christian.  At some point, the Deep State is going to retaliate, and to stop and destroy President Trump, they are going to hurt YOU so you will not support what Trump is doing.

This is a time of learning, Christian, so you will know how to push back against the devil who is using the Deep State to promote his agenda.   The Deep State is going to do whatever they can get away with to defeat President Trump, and they will use all means - carnal AND spiritual - to regain what they have lost.  We want you to pay specific attention to the SPIRITUAL attacks, Christian.  It is here where you CAN prevail IF you know what to do, and the Lord of Hosts has provided you with a 6 to 8 month window of time to find out.

The devil does NOT play fair, Christian, and he has always used spiritual weapons against you to prevail.  How about you return the favour and push back as Jesus will tell you to?

The Fight against the devil

starts at YOUR doorstep, Christian

There are many of you that are wanting to fight the devil, but you will not because he seems to be too powerful.  The Lord Jesus Christ, along with His Father, the Lord of Hosts, is opening up a means for you to get understanding so you will be able to fight the devil.  This is not theory, Christian;  it is LIFE and DEATH. This is not play-time, Christian, and what you do now will affect you, your loved ones, your family, your household and even your salvation.  Will you 'fall away' with the  ones on the broad road because you were ignorant?  Will you be able to get to the narrow path and find out what you need to do to make it into the narrow gate?

You will have to decide, Christian, and this decision is GOING to cost you.  Many in your household and your family will think you have lost your mind when you start to do what Jesus will ask you to do.  Many of you will cut short the procedures Jesus gives you to follow   because of the opposition from the devil.  Many of you will reject altogether what we will be posting until it is too late, and then you will see what Jesus told you was right and true.  You will need to make up your mind to seek Jesus with all of your heart and to do exactly what He will tell you to be able to survive what is coming.


This study is full of information that you will need to incorporate into your life so that you will not be steamrolled by the devil.  The articles that will be presented will REQUIRE the following:

  • You will need to know The Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY.  You will need to be actively talking with Him because He will be the one you will be asking for the things that will be revealed in this study.  If you do NOT know Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, take the time to go and get to know Him personally, and ask Him to help you with this study.

  • If you are a Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalean, Catholic or belong to ANY denomination, you will be excluded.  You will need to go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him if He will allow you to learn and participate in this study.   NONE of this will make any sense to you without the Lord Jesus Christ  opening your eyes under His guidance and tutelage.

  • If you deny the Holy Ghost through your denomination (and almost all denominations do), you will be excluded until you go to The Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him to help you with this study.  This study will go against ALL of the denominational teachings that you are under, and it is THIS DAY that you will choose whom you will serve - The Lord Jesus Christ or your denomination.  Choose wisely, because  if you blow this off, Jesus will NOT help you when you need it most.

  • You will need to be baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost.  These teachings we are presenting are written in a way  that will require you to get revelation from the Holy Ghost so you can apply what you have learned.  If you are not baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost, these teachings will NOT make any sense to you.

Now, many of you who are reading this are quite offended by what was just posted,  correct?

The Lord has made it clear to us that this is the time of seperation, Christian, and the wheat is being seperated from the tares RIGHT NOW.  Although it looks like we are inferring that those who go to 'church' are the tares, we have been authorized to tell you that you who go to 'church' are DEFINITELY the tares, because the denominational churches you go to are NOT teaching you  what you need to know so you will be able to stand against the devil.  We have shown this on this website many times, and the worst offender is the Baptist church.  The 2nd worst offender is the Catholic Church, and the offshoots of the Catholic Church (Methodist, Protestant, Episcopalean, Reformed, Lutheran, etc).  Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the 7th Day Adventists will need to get with Jesus PERSONALLY so they can shed the doctrinal shackles that they have been walking under and get right with Jesus.

All we can do is exhort that you GET OUT OF THOSE CHURCHES and seek out Jesus Christ for yourself (see articles we have published here, here and here).  Have The Lord Jesus Christ  guide you in this study so you will be able to learn how to stand in austere situations.    We have been authorized to start naming names so you will get rightly offended and go to Jesus Christ directly and ask Him  if what we are posting is correct or not.  You who are under denominations are being strangled by the doctrines of devils in those churches, and the Lord Jesus Christ WANTS YOU TO COME OUT FROM AMONGST THEM AND BE SEPERATE so you can be taught correctly under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

If you do not know Jesus Personally, click here and we will introduce you to Jesus correctly.

If you are  NOT baptised with the Holy Ghost, then click here, and we  will help you petition Jesus for the Holy Ghost.

Without revelation by the Holy Ghost,

none of these articles we will post

will make any sense

This study of Law and Order has been written in a way that will automatically exclude all those who are not baptised with the Holy Ghost.  Just as Jesus spoke to the masses in parables, this study will seem incredible and incredulous without the revelation by the Holy Ghost.  As He reveals this study to you, you will begin to see how the Lord Jesus Christ wants YOU, Christian, to walk with Him.  You will learn how to pick up your cross and follow daily as He tells you to Follow Him.  You will see that without The Lord Jesus Christ, you can do nothing.  You will see how you absolutely need the Lord Jesus Christ to keep the devill off of you in all aspects of your life.

Those of you who think that you are eternally secure, you have a rude awakening coming to you.  Without Jesus, you cannot even get into the Kingdom of God.  Without Jesus, you will not have the authority to keep the devil off of you.  Without Jesus, you will not be able to send the devil running like the girl he is.

It is because many of you do NOT know the ways of Jesus Christ, and this is why we see  trouble  all around us.  Know that what is happening in the spiritual realm will spill over into the natural realm at some point.  All of the attacks against you are spiritual now, but what will you do when you have spiritual attacks against you in the natural?

  • Will you have what it takes or know how to respond to and fight spiritual weapons (like fear, initmidation) when they appear in the natural?
  • Will you just curl up in a ball and cry for Jesus, hoping He will save you when you have never talked to Him personally before - ever?
  • When the devil sends his agents to spoil your home, rape your wife, kids, the family dog,  the gerbil in its cage, and finally YOU, what are you going to do?

If you are not prepared to fight with carnal weapons as well as spiritual weapons, you will perish.

And your dog too, after it has been raped by the devil's agents.

You are down here unarmed, Christian, while a war is raging on all around you.  You can thank your denomination for disempowering you and leaving you defenseless against an insane Cherub angel who is stealing, killing and destroying everything in his path.

This study will save

your life, Christian

What you will learn from this study, Christian, will literally save your life, your family's life, and the life of your household.  By knowing the Law, and keeping yourself and your household in Order, you will be able to block out the devil from doing any of his mischief around you.  You will need to have the authority  that the Lord Jesus Christ will provide you  IF you are  His disciple.    If you are just a 'churchgoer', know that you have NO Power to resist the devil and the devil will rip you limb from limb  if you do not make him stop.  You can thank your denomination for that, as they have been disempowering you while you have been giving them 10% of your income faithfully over the years.  (We have a book on authority that you may want to download, and in that book it shows  you how you can keep the devil off of you IF you have more power than he has.  Download the book here, and this will get you started on what you have been missing.)

You will know when the devil is bluffing or not; you will know when to kick him in his nibbly bits so he will run screaming from you.  You will know how to set traps for the devil so he will be forced to leave you alone.  You will find that the devil will ALWAYS do as the Lord of Hosts tells him, so it would be wise to get with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and Jesus' Father now so when the devil comes around, you can keep him off of you. You will be able to see the traps and the snares ahead of time, as long as you stay IN Jesus and continue to follow Him.

This study will take some commitment from you, the reader, to do as Jesus is telling you.  This whole series is available by .PDF, and it is free of charge.  All you need to do is download the PDFs if you so desire and use these to study and talk to Jesus directly about how you can apply this to your life.  This is information that you are NOT getting from 'church', so take the time and learn all you can.  The Holy Ghost will revelate to you things that you cannot see on the surface that apply to you.

This is very dense reading material

We offer a lot of information on this site.  This is very dense reading material, meaning that you have to ingest and then mull and ponder over what is being presented.  You will not get all of it in one pass.  You have to THINK, Christian, and then you will be able to go directly to The Lord Jesus Christ to ask intelligent questions on what you have read.  Have HIM confirm what you are reading; start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.

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