Law and Order - Order - Vulnerabilities

You need to learn how to protect your flank

from the devil by walking with and following

The Lord Jesus Christ

This study that has been presented is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dealing with the devil, Christian.  We are taking the time to point this out because very soon, it is going to be very important that you have ALL of your ducks in a row, and you will have ALL of your vulnerable spots in your household checked and dealt with while you have time.  Let's go through a few vulnerable spots that EVERY household has and give you suggestions on what you can do.

Note: this is NOT an exhaustive list, but these are some of the more common vulnerabilities that the devil will exploit.


This study is full of information that you will need to incorporate into your life so that you will not be steamrolled by the devil.  The articles that will be presented will REQUIRE the following:

  • You will need to know The Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY.  You will need to be actively talking with Him because He will be the one you will be asking for the things that will be revealed in this study.  If you do NOT know Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, take the time to go and get to know Him personally, and ask Him to help you with this study.

  • If you are a Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalean, Catholic or belong to ANY denomination, you will be excluded.  You will need to go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him if He will allow you to learn and participate in this study.   NONE of this will make any sense to you without the Lord Jesus Christ  opening your eyes under His guidance and tutelage.

  • If you deny the Holy Ghost through your denomination (and almost all denominations do), you will be excluded until you go to The Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him to help you with this study.  This study will go against ALL of the denominational teachings that you are under, and it is THIS DAY that you will choose whom you will serve - The Lord Jesus Christ or your denomination.  Choose wisely, because  if you blow this off, Jesus will NOT help you when you need it most.

  • You will need to be baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost.  These teachings are the surface that the Holy Ghost will revelate to you directly so you can apply what you have learned.  If you are not baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost, these teachings will NOT make any sense to you.

Now, many of you who are reading this are quite offended by what was just posted,  correct?

The Lord has made it clear to us that this is the time of seperation, Christian, and the wheat is being seperated from the tares RIGHT NOW.  Although it looks like we are inferring that those who go to 'church' are the tares, we have been authorized to tell you that you who go to 'church' are DEFINITELY the tares, because the denominational churches you go to are NOT teaching you  what you need to know so you will be able to stand against the devil.  We have shown this on this website many times, and the worst offender is the Baptist church.  The 2nd worst offender is the Catholic Church, and the offshoots of the Catholic Church (Methodist, Protestant, Episcopalean, Reformed, Lutheran, etc).  Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the 7th Day Adventists will need to get with Jesus PERSONALLY so they can shed the doctrinal shackles that they have been walking under and get right with Jesus.

This site presents very dense reading material

We offer a lot of information on this site.  This is very dense reading material, meaning that you have to ingest and then mull and ponder over what is being presented.  You will not get all of it in one pass.  You have to THINK, Christian, and then you will be able to go directly to The Lord Jesus Christ to ask intelligent questions on what you have read.  Have HIM confirm what you are reading; start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.

Vulnerability #1:

The devil will try and Steal

Your Household Resources

Let's be straight, Christian - the first thing the devil will go after is YOUR MONEY.  He has many ways that he steals from everyone all day long.  The issue that the Lord Jesus Christ has with this is that not many of you 'Christians' will confront the devil and MAKE HIM GIVE BACK WHAT HE HAS STOLEN.  You sit there, crying out to the Lord to help you, and then you just sit there.  The Lord Jesus Christ has given us weapons that we can use to kick the devil in the teeth and send him packing!!  Let's look at a few of these weapons:

  1. You will need to give governance of your finances over to the Lord Jesus Christ so the devil cannot have access to them.  The devil steals from you all day long, Christian, because you have no defenses against him!!  This is why you are always broke; This is why you are always getting hit with a 'finance change' or a 'late fee'. 

  • How many of you out there have credit cards that you have been paying on for YEARS and you cannot even buy anything with that card? 
  • How many of you have a revolving store charge card that charges you a late fee on the 25th day that of the billing cycle? 
  • How many of you out there have paid on time but a late charge is still being assessed? 
  • How many of you have bounced a check at the grocery store for $5.00 and have to pay $30.00 in bounced check fees?

All of these are methods the devil uses to steal from you.  The Lord is waiting patiently for you, Christian,  to come to Him so He can help you.  Below, you can look at a few articles that we have written that deal with these issues.  Give governance of your household resources to the Lord, Christian, and make sure you get your household written in the Lord's book of Households. 

  1. The next thing that the devil will do is to pull the financial rug out from under you, Christian, and he does this through 'recessions' or currency 'resets'.  In other words, the devil can cause you to lose your job so you have NOT resources coming into your household.  He will make you think that all is well, and then unexpectedly, he will rip the job out from under you and then throw you out on the street.  If your household is governed by the Lord of Hosts, for example, then the Lord will NOT allow the devil to do that, as the Lord controls all of your resources and the devil would have to talk to the Lord of Hosts about taking your money.

  1. The other thing that the devil will do is to 'give' you money through a windfall, like the lottery, and then  claw it back through fraud (your accountants stealing from you), and his all-time favourite - INCOME TAXES.  If you think that is not used, how many of your favourite movie stars are in jail RIGHT NOW because of income tax evasion?  Lauren Hill (of the FUGEES fame) is in jail right now because she refused to pay her money.  Wesley Snipes did at least a nickel (5 years) for his tax issues and STILL had to pony up over 2 million dollars that he owed.  You can see Cardi B moaning about how she is supposedly making all of this money, and the tax man had taken his cut before they even knew what is going on.  This is how those movie stars, rappers, sports figures and everyone else whom the devil gave money to are BROKE and destitute after a few years.


It is because the devil will dole out the money, get you caught up and enslaved, and then demand his money back.  The worst part is that many people fall for this time and time again.  Many of you out there RIGHT NOW are wanting to win the Lottery so you can 'do something good with the money'.  NOTHING good comes from the lottery, Christian, and the person who wins ends up having to pay accountants to keep from losing what they have won.

  1. Another method the devil uses to enslave you is to get you in deep debt, usually through credit cards and the interest that they charge.  He also have his people tax your mind by having collectors call your house/home and threaten you if you do not pay.  They do not care how you have to come up with the money, but they want THEIR money NOW.  Never mind about your bills, or the things that you need to take care of.  Many people are so brainwashed that they will do without food or heat for the winter to satisfy those collectors.

We have provided 4 financial methods that the devil uses to steal from you, Christian.   There are a LOT more methods that the devil employs.  By going to the Lord Jesus Christ, you can ask Jesus to govern your resources so you will have what you need when you need it.  Rest assured that if you owe money, the Lord will make SURE you pay what you owe; by not paying what you owe makes you a thief, and no thieves make it into the Kingdom of God.

So how does the Lord get YOU to take back from the devil what He has stolen from you?

You MAY use the laws that you have learned about in this study, Christian.  You will find out that in the Old Testament, that if you catch a thief stealing from you, that thief has to repay you what he stole PLUS a 7-fold recompense.

Well, doesn’t the devil STEAL, kill and destroy?

Why aren’t you stomping the devil's guts out when you catch him stealing from you?

You may pray for a recompense by petitioning the Lord of Hosts, who is the judge, and ask for a hearing so you can go and get what is due you.  You will be able to argue for your recompense, and of your argument is sound, the Lord of Hosts MAY rule in your favour.  He will then hand down a decree that will make the devil pay back what he stole.

Another method would be to file a complaint, and with that complaint, you can give a legal basis why the devil has wronged you and then the Lord of Hosts will judge that complaint.  If your complaint and petition is granted, the Lord of Hosts will hand down a decree and make the devil give back what he stole plus a 7-ford recompense.

So, Christian, why are you NOT making the devil STOP stealing from you? 

This is what the Lord is waiting for from his people, Christian.  He is looking for his people to seek Him out so he can equip YOU to fight the devil and make him flee.  This is why it is important to BE IN ORDER, and it is also important to partner with the Lord Jesus Christ so He can teach you how to resist the devil and to stop walking around as a victim.

Below, we have put the associated documents that you can read that pertain to this topic.  Get with the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him about how you can start stomping the devil’s guts out every time he comes around your household.  The devil will not be so bold and he will walk circumspectly around you because he does not want you to start to go off on him again like you did the last time.

So how do you fix this, Christian??

First and foremost, to fix this vulnerability, you have to make sure your money CANNOT be touched by the devil.  Since the devil has more authority that YOU, Christian, you need to find someone you can trust that will give you more authority that the devil so the devil will NOT be ABLE to touch your resources.  That person:  The Lord Jesus Christ. 

You will need to give the Lord Jesus Christ FULL GOVERNANCE over ALL of your spending and resources.  That means:

  • you will let Him govern your pay when you get it, and spend what He tells you to spend and when;
  • you will dedicate ALL of your finances to the Lord Jesus Christ and stay obedient to what He tells you to do;
  • You will ask Jesus to write your household in the Lord of Hosts' Book of Households.  This will keep the devil away from your household resources and prevent Him from stealing any of it.

If you look at it, Christian, with the Lord of Hosts getting governamce of your household, the devil CANNOT legally take anything from you because you don't own it.  So if the devil steals money from you, for instance, and you see it, you go to the one who is governing your household and let them know.  You will file a complaint with them and then you will let the Lord of Hosts judge.  The devil knows he cannot overpower the Lord of Hosts, so the devil WILL do what the Lord of Hosts tells him to do.

That, Christian is one way how you  can keep the devil off of you and your finances.

This is an OUTLINE of what you can do, Christian.  You will need to sit with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to fashion a defence for YOU  that will fit your situation.  Sit with Jesus today and use this outline that we have just given you as a template to work on how you can keep the devil out of your pocket.

Vulnerability #2:

The devil will try and implode your marriage

(if you are married)

The devil will do all he can to keep your marriage OUT OF ORDER so the provisions and the protection of the Lord of Hosts will NOT be on you.  Here is the tactic:

  1. The devil is not able to touch your resources because you have blocked him.  So, what he is going to do is to send in his team to implode your marriage by making SURE you are out of order.  He will try:

  • Introducing oral and anal sex to the marriage bed, defiling it;
  • Introducing 'swinging' and orgies, defiling the marriage bed;
  • Introducing porn and sex toys to the marriage, defiling the marriage bed;
  • Introducing 'Feminism' into the household to upset the structure of the marriage, putting the woman in charge;
  • Introducing Jezebel in the household, making the wife bossy and unyielding to her husband;
  • Introducing anger, strife and discord into the marriage, making it out of order;
  • Introducing matriarchy into the household, making that household & marriage OUT OF ORDER to the Lord of Hosts;
  • Introducing his agents to pull the man and/or the woman into adultery, defiling the marriage.

  1. The next tactic is the 'baby mama drama', as many men would have had children outside of the marriage, and cause strife and discord with the wife when the 'baby mama' struts in wanting money or time with her ex because she is lonely, and then:

  • She will then drain the household resources with endless custody battles;
  • She will cause the man to go to jail and lose his job and visitation with his children;
  • Implode the new marriage because the new wife is SICK of the drama;
  • cause the guy to be stripped of everything to support his child by the courts;
  • have him watch the 'baby mama' use his child support payments for clothes, cars, and expensive trips for herself.

  1. Cause the woman in the marriage to 'have it all' and be a high-powered executive, and she then brings all of that bossing around to the household, causing a rift with her husband, which will bring:

  • strife because the woman is never home;
  • discord because she will NOT be taking care of her home, but worrying about 'corporate matters';
  • Spend less time with her husband because she is 'too busy' to deal with him;
  • neglect to  the children because she is always on 'business trips';
  • adultery as she is drawn out into having sex with  clients to seal the deal, in the name of getting a 'sale';
  • perversion as she is sent all over the world because of her 'persuasive' skills by her boss (the girl is a hoe);
  • fatigue as the woman ends up being burnt out and miss her children's growth because she was always working.

  1. Cause the Man to want a new woman because the woman he married has let herself go and has become a big, fat slob and not the nice, trim, FINE woman she was when they got married, which brings:

  • strife because the woman does not want to have sex anymore with him;
  • disgust so the man starts to look at the young women he works out with at the gym;
  • up the situation where the man decides to get his sex elsewhere because he cannot stand his wife now as she is;
  • resentment  & causes the woman to harden her heart and say the man has to 'accept her' as she is;
  • disgust as the woman refuses to do ANYTHING to look good to her husband;
  • strife and discord because the wife feels unloved and unwanted.

  1. Cause the woman to look at her man who has let himself go and become 450lbs because he will NOT work out and just sits and eats all day long, and not be the nice muscular man he was when they got married, which brings:

  • strife because the man has become a fat, stinking slob and the woman hates that in her husband;
  • discord because the man is ordering his wife to do things for him because he is too fat to do the things himself;
  • disgust because the man smells terrible and will NOT make himself presentable to his wife;
  • disgust because he just 'rolls over' after he has dumped a semen load in her in 2 minutes or less, not caring about her at all;
  • dissatisfaction, as this causes the woman to go out and seek out a new partner to have sex with to get her freak on;
  • adultery, as she will not want to be married anymore to that 'thing' she calls a husband.

  1. Cause the man to be a dictatorial clown, as he yells and hollers at everyone because he is having a bad day.  He ends up bossing his wife and children around, not caring if he hurts them or not, which brings:

  • fear, as the wife is always yelled at about the smallest thing he does not like;
  • emotional distress, as the man uses his words to hurt his wife;
  • hatred, as his children hate it when he yells at them for the dumbest things;
  • physical abuse, as this man will not have a problem slapping around his wife and/or his kids when they displease him;
  • police drama, as the man is dangerous as he goes on his tirades;
  • restraining orders, as women will try and protect themselves and the children from that man she married;
  • resentment, as the household HATES the man, who is WAAAY OUT OF ORDER;
  • separation, as the man will eventually hurt someone and be arrested and put away for battery.

  1.  Causes one or both spouses to be selfish, worrying about what is in it for them and not being selfless, which is the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ, working together to help one another, which brings:

  • strife, as each one is looking out for themselves;
  • discord, as they do not even like each other anymore, andwill do their own thing;
  • adultery, as each will 'get off' the way they want and forget about their spouse;
  • envy, as one will always try and outdo the other.

This is a short list of the things that the devil will put on a household, Christian, and it will take BOTH spouses walking with the Lord Jesus Christ to right the order.  You see, if all of this is going on, the marriage is NOT in order, and the household is not in order.  The devil can waltz in and implode the household and enslave everyone it, including the cat and the goldfish.

So how do you fix this, Christian??

To fix this, Christian, you will need:

  • the help of the Lord of Hosts, as He will need to sanction your marriage when it is in Order;
  • the Lord Jesus Christ, as He will help you rebalance your marriage if one of you are OUT OF ORDER;
  • and the Holy Ghost, as He will not only point out what you are doing wrong in your marriage, but He will help you rebalance it, depending on the situation. 

This fix is going to depend on how bad things are in your marriage.  First and foremost, you have to WANT to work through the difficulties in your marriage.  It will be at this point when the Lord of Hosts and the Lord Jesus Christ will step in to help you.

If the husband abdicates his role or office, this is what the wife should do:

  • the wife SHOULD IMMEDIATELY petition the Lord Jesus Christ directly and have Him (Jesus) step in as her head, since the husband is not in his rightful office.  From this point, Jesus will work with the wife to fix the issues.  It is important to note that when Jesus steps into the husband's role, the MARRIAGE and the HOUSEHOLD ARE IN ORDER, and the provision and protection from the Lord of Hosts then rests upon the mariage AND the household.  Many people make the mistake of going to 'marriage counseling' with some boob who has a psychology degree instead of going to their LORD AND SAVIOUR for advice on what to do.  You will then follow what the Lord Jesus Christ will tell you to do.

  • Women also make the grave mistake of trying to 'do it all by themselves',  stepping into the role of the husband;  this is ERROR.  The first thing that the wife will need to do is to secure the marriage and household and make sure SHE is in ORDER.  If she is not, the devil wil know, and he will slide in and then implode the household and enslave the wife and everyone in that household.  You see this happen a lot when the husband goes off with a floozy he is boinking (having sex with) and takes the house from the wife, leaving her destitute.  If the wife knew better, she would be with Jesus first and Jesus WOULD block that from happening.

  • Once the Lord Jesus Christ settles everything, THEN the wife will do as Jesus asks of her.  This may be to pray for her husband, as he is temporarily blinded by the devil, and he will need to repent.  With the Lord Jesus Christ, she will then work through all of the difficulties and traps the devil has set for her.  Notice that the wife is IN ORDER and the provisions of the Lord are resting on HER and her household.

If the wife abdicates her role/office, this is what the husband should do:

  • The husband SHOULD IMMEDIATELY ask the Holy Ghost to step in as his helpmeet.  The Holy Ghost will ONLY do this if the husband is in order with the Lord Jesus Christ.  What this does is to rebalance the MARRIAGE and the HOUSEHOLD, so the provision and protection from the Lord of Hosts then rests upon the marriage AND the household. From this point, Jesus will work with the husband to fix the issues.  It is important to note that when the Holy Ghost steps into the wife's role, the MARRIAGE and the HOUSEHOLD ARE IN ORDER, and the provision and protection from the Lord of Hosts then rests upon the mariage AND the household. It is from here where the husband gets the information and guidance he needs to save his marriage.

  • In a lot of cases, Jezebel has stepped in and usurped the wife and has caused her to err in what she does.  The husband will need to step up and take his wife BACK from that Jezebel spirit.  Jesus will be watching what he does, and if a husband does go toe to toe with Jezebel and wins, that husband will be of interest to the Lord of Hosts AND the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many men will NOT step up and kick that crackled-face hag in her balls to leave his household alone.

Be aware, Christian, that this fix MAY take years or even decades to correct a marriage that has gone awry.  However, no matter how long it takes,  you can be sure that at least  ONE spouse is IN ORDER so that the help and provision of the Lord will be on that remaining spoise and their household.

This, Christian, is how you keep the devil off of your marriage .

This is an OUTLINE of what you can do, Christian.  You will need to sit with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to fashion a defence for YOU  that will fit your situation.  Sit with Jesus today and use this outline that we have just given you as a template to work on how you can keep the devil out of your pocket.

Vulnerability #3:

The devil will make you sick

and try to keep you sick

Yes, the devil DOES have the power to put sickness upon people, and many will people die because of this.  We see this in the Bible in the book of Job, where the devil afflicted Job with sickness and emerods that he had to scrape to get relief.    Just think, Christian, why there is a 'flu' season?  Do you really think that this is an accident?  The devil is using his supernatural abilities to make people sick so they will spend money to get the latest and greatest drug that will 'help' them.  However, people will just 'accept' what the world tells them and just 'go along' with the program, even if it kills them.

What we are bringing up here is what we call a 'time bomb' that has been put into every human being when they were infants or adolescents.  For many of you, when you get to a certain age, you will start to have blood pressure issues; many others will become diabetic.  Some others will have respiratory problems, and these problems will plague the years of most people from the age of 47 to 65.  Have you ever asked the question WHY this is the case?  We believe that the devil has put things in us when we were very young that sat dormant for years until that 'thing' has been triggered.  You see, the devil knows that  some of us will become born again, and this is his 'insurance policy' that he will still be able to rule over us.  By convincing us that 'medicine is the answer', he can continue his dominion over the human race by planting this time bomb in them, letting that time bomb go off, and then re-engaging the slavery by 'encouraging' people to take his drugs.

As you already know, drugs, as described in the Bible as Pharmakeia, is SORCERY.  We would agree because the effects of the drugs wear off after a day and then you are forced to buy more drugs to stay 'normal'.  Many of you would have serious issues if you could NOT get your drugs, and many WILL die because they are dependent upon the drugs.  Now, we are NOT telling you to stop taking your medicine; We want to make that abundantly clear.  However, we are saying to you  is why NOT go  to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask HIM what you should do about your medicines that you are taking.

So what is causing much of these sicknesses?

All you need to do is look around you, Christian.  How many 'fast food' joints are there around you?  Do you really think that all of that is an accident?  No, Christian, the devil has methodically done his homework, and he now feeds us poison and tells us that it 'tastes good'.  Why is it that all of the junk food - that is NOT real food, as it has NO nutritional value - tastes SOOO GOOD?  That is the devil manipulating your 5 senses so you will eat and drink poison.

Case in point:

Many of you drink sodas, correct?  it is cool, refreshing, and it is addictive, as many will like the caffeine that is put in it to keep you coming back for more.  But did you know that many of the sodas out there are POISON?  If you put a tooth in a glass of coke, that tooth will dissolve.  Tooth enamel is a very hard substance, and yet we have people drinking a formaldehyde-like substance down like it is water.  Other sodas, like Mountain Dew, are so sweet they are toxic.  We have seen reports of people passing out and having heart problems with the 'energy drinks' that many are drinking.

Why is it that we are drinking poison and don't even care?

Another case in point:

These days, we have Monsanto, a corporation that produces toxic poisons and insecticides, producing genetically modified foods at the base level.  We have GMO corn, soybeans, and a host of other foods that have insecticide compounds grown in them, as the thought was to kill the insects that eat the crops.  What about the HUMANS that eat the crops?  These compounds are causing many to rot from the inside out.  We call that rot 'cancer', unknown growths, and unnamed 'syndromes', but it all stems from the foods we eat and from that time bomb the devil has put in us.  it has gotten to the point where the devil has polluted much of the fresh water that we need for drinking and for crops, so if the devil succeeds in his plan, how are humans going to live?

Humans are NOT going to live or survive.

We have said all of that to say this - sickness is NOT of the Lord, but if the devil.  It is there to break us down so we are unwilling and unable to do things that we would normally do.  The devil uses sickness to break us down so we will not have enough strength to fight him and all of the foolish stuff he does.  Unfortunately, we all just sit here and 'just accept' the sicknesses that the devil brings and we say nary a word.  Let’s take a look at one sickness that everyone has had to deal with at one point or another.

For people with Hypertension, this one is for you:  Can anyone ever think of a good reason why people, when they reach their mid-40's, seem to have issues with their blood pressure?  All throughout their life, their blood pressure was fine, and then all of a sudden - like someone flipped a switch - people start to have problems with their blood pressure.  Could blood pressure issues be one of the 'time bombs' that the devil has imbedded in us when we were younger?

Conventional medicine will have you take a bunch of pills to 'normalize' the blood pressure. but what DAMAGE does blood pressure medicine do to your vascular system?  The elasticity in your blood vessels are taxed by these pills, and  the constant relaxing and constricting of the blood vessels CANNOT be doing people any good.  Has anyone ever asked the questions?

Everywhere you go, there are many pills that you can take to 'normalize' the blood pressure.  You will see medical professionals freak out if a person's blood pressure is over 190/80, and many will threaten to put a person in the hospital if their blood pressure is that high.

OK, fair enough.  But has anyone looked at the CAUSE of the blood pressure going that high?

Speculation has this that there may be blockages or an enzyme that causes the elasticity of the blood vessels that is not being produced by the body.  Again, that is all well and good, but is there any CURE for this?  Can we eradicate hypertension once and for all?  Sadly, we do not have the answer to that question, but we see people taking the pills, which the side effect are more weight, and then we see a fit, trim person at 45 balloon into a big, fat blob at 50 because of blood pressure issues.  But don't worry - we have more pills that will help with the  excess weight, and the failures of our digestive system, and the diabetes that accurs when the weight we put on messes up our insulin production. can go on about many maladies - diabetes, cancer, COPD, etc. - but the point we are making is WHY is there NOT a cure for all of this?

The bad news is that the devil is controlling the 'Health' care industry, when it is in fact a 'Death' care industry.  We have no issues of you have a broken limb, or some sort of issue with your gall bladder or such that needs surgery, but why is there NOT training or emphasis put on Preventative care?

So how do you fix this, Christian??

To fix this issue, Christian, this is going to require:

  • the help of the Lord of Hosts, Jesus' Father;
  • and the help of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

You will need to be in Order and in good standing with Jesus before the Lord of Hosts will even speak to you.  In this article, we have talked about cronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.  There are others that you can include in your request, but this is what we would suggest:

  • Take it to the Lord and ask Him to heal you of what ever issue(s) you may have.  Talk to Him and ask Him to remove the issue(s) so you will be whole again.

  • Now the Lord may or may not do this, Christian, as it is up to Him to determine.  He MAY ask you to exercise, or He may ask you to learn how to eat better and to stop eating all of that fried food that is NOT good for you at all.  It all depends on the malady and how the Lord wants to deal with it.

  • If He is willing to work with you on this, enter into a covenant with the Lord of Hosts and/or the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes, a covenant, as this is one of the Legal instruments you have learned about in this study.    This is where YOU do something that the Lord wants, and the Lord will keep you alive.  Talk to the Lord and see where He is coming from.

  • A covenant with the Lord blocks the devil from coming in and afflicting you with this malady more.  For example, if you are suffering from hypertension, and the devil wants to kill you, he is going to use that hypertension to get you to have an embolism or an anyurism so you will die.  Being in a covenant with the Lord of Hosts and/or the Lord Jesus Christ will stop that, as the devil CANNOT do anything to you about that malady or any OTHER malady IF you are in a covenant with the Lord to deal with that malady.  In other words, the devil cannot raise your blood pressure if you are in covenant with the Lord where He is keeping you alive, for example.

  • Know that the devil needs to get PERMISSION from the Lord of Hosts to vex you in the first place, so the Lord of Hosts will BLOCK the devil IF you have been keeping your covenant with Him.

That, Christian is one way how you  can keep the devil off of you and keep him from killing you with a sickness that he put on you in the first place. 


This is an OUTLINE of what you can do, Christian.  You will need to sit with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to fashion a defence for YOU  that will fit your situation.  Sit with Jesus today and use this outline that we have just given you as a template to work on how you can keep the devil out of your pocket.

Vulnerability #4:

The devil will try to turn your allegiance away from

the Lord Jesus Christ to HIM

Since the devil thinks he is smarter than you, he has set up many traps and snares that will get people trapped and stuck.  The biggest and most insidious trap he uses is to get people who are born again to turn away from the Lord Jesus Christ by tricking them into pledging their allegiance to him.  Now, before you look at this and say "No, the devil is not tricking me into that', let's look at some of the things we need to know.

As with anything, there are methods that are employed to fight.  In our case, the Lord has decided to use WORDS to be how we fight.  As you have learned in the Law and Order Study, you fight the devil with your WORDS.  This is why it is important for people to realize that what they say CAN and WILL affect what happens around them.  This is also why the Lord of Hosts has pit a very high premium on your words, as there are angels all around your RIGHT NOW recording every word that you have ever spoken, and you will be judged on what you SAID when you were alive.  Many of you should be very concerned, especially if you are from New York, as the streams of profanities that come out of your mouths will make a dog vomit.

Now with that being said, you saw in the Gospel of Mark where the devil battled with the Lord Jesus Christ when He fasted for 40 days.  At the point when the Lord was weakest, the devil appears, and commands Jesus to make the stones into bread, as the devil knew Jesus was VERY hungry.  Why didn't the devil just bop Jesus in the head and take Him away? 

There are two reasons:

  1. the devil is a girlish or girly man, so he doesn't have the nerve to do that to a real man;
  2. the battle was fought with WORDS.

Your WORDS are VERY important, Christian.

  • It is by the WORD of God that the earth and the Firmament were formed, if you remember from Genesis 1; 
  • It is by the WORDS of Jesus that caused the fig tree to wither and die;
  • It is by their words that the Jews who killed Jesus cursed their children by their deed, which goes on to this very day;
  • It is by using WORDS - the raima word  from Jesus - that things are made or destroyed.

If we are given the power of the Lord Jesus Christ as disciples, it is by our WORDS that we can cast out devils and heal the sick WITH the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ riding on our WORDS.  Now, since the devil knows this, as he was kicked out of his Heavenly office because of what he said in his heart, he is using this principle on all of us, and many of us humans have fallen for the okie-doke and are being railroaded to hell because of how the devil set up things on earth.

Case in point:

  • How many of you have said the pledge of allegiance in school or at a ballgame? 
  • Did you know that the devil instituted this so ALL of the people who say this would have pledged themselves to him?

Now you know.  Here is how it works:

Let's say that you are a disciple of Christ, and your allegiance is with the Lord Jesus Christ, as you have used your WORDS to pledge yourself to Him when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour.  Now know that your WORDS have entered you into a covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ if you have given yourself to Him.  The Lord Jesus Christ will, as a part of your covenant, write your name in the Lambs Book of Life and He will expect you to obey Him and follow Him, picking up your cross and following Him daily, until the end.  You agree to obey and you follow Jesus.

So far so good.

Two days later, you are at a baseball game, and the announcer has you stand and state the pledge of allegiance.  Most people would just do that, because they THOUGHT that they are just at a baseball game, and that they are patriotic, and they stand with America.

Wait a minute.

  • Didn't you just give your allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ a couple of days ago?
  • Didn't you confess The Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord a couple of days ago?

Let us explain what you just did, Christian.

You intentionally turned away from the Lord Jesus Christ and you pledged your allegiance to a flag, which represents an evil country that is controlled by....

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Isn't Satan the 'God of this world'??

You have inadvertently breached your covenant, Christian, and now you belong to the person you pledged your allegiance to.  Oh yes, this is REAL, Christian, and many of you  have done this at a ballgame, not knowing that you have yoked yourself with the devil.  What is worse, you still THINK that you are born again when you are NOT.  You have just TURNED AWAY from Jesus.    Now what happens to you if you die in a car crash when you leave the stadium?

You see, Christian, this is SERIOUS, and this is why all of your words are recorded.  When you are judged, the Lord is going to see that you have given yourself to the devil, and He is going to question you about this.  The Heavenly laws will be applied, Christian, and if you did NOT repent of what you said and make things right BEFORE you die, you will be sent to whom you have allegiance with.

The devil is a DIRTY dog. 

And it gets worse, Christian.

In a lot of cases, many have had to swear an OATH to a country, or a police department, or to a secret society.  many people who profess to be a Christian have done this and they will be in for a rude awakening when they are judged.  You see, those Oaths, swears and allegiances are punishable by death if you break them.  Now you know why the devil makes the Fraternity/Sorority/Secret Society member take an OATH, and this is because the devil knows that most people are IGNORANT about any oaths, swears or allegiances that they make.  They think that this is just a 'rite of passage', and it is - yoking you to the devil to be his slave.

The Lord is having us bring this up in this article, Christian so you can get this fixed.  Very soon, anyone who is yoked to an entity OTHER than the Lord Jesus Christ will SUFFER THE PLAGUES of that entity.  You see, Christian, the Lord is NOT playing with YOU or anyone, and He will send you to whom you have been allied with or to.  This is why the Lord Jesus Christ tells you to pick up your cross and follow Him DAILY, because He knows that we are ignorant of the devil’s devices and we have denied him inadvertently.  By reaffirming our allegiance to Jesus DAILY, He does help shield us from that error.

Many of you who are once saved, Always Saved do NOT do this because you think you are eternally saved.  What you have done, once saved, Always Saved person, is yoked yourself to the devil and you don't even know it.  When you do get judged, you will be found lacking (mostly because you do not know Jesus personally) and now your allegiance is to some stupid flag or lodge because you swore an oath.  You are NOT going to make it on a variety of fronts, Once Saved Always Saved person, and the door of the Kingdom of God will be slammed in your face. 

You learned about all of these Legal instruments in our study, Christian, and now you can see why they have been put into this study.

So how do you fix this, Christian??

To fix this issue, Christian, this is going to require the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You will need to be in Order and in good standing with Jesus.

In this article, we have talked about allegiances, alliances, Oaths, Swears, and the importance of words.  Here is what we would suggest you do:

  • First, sit with Jesus and let Him know that you have just learned about allegiances, alliances, swears and oaths.  Be frank and honest with Him, Christian, and let Him know that you have made such utterances in ignorance.

  • Second, recant and renounce ALL other alliances, bonds, ties, allegiances, Oaths and swears with Jesus.  Reaffirm your allegiance to Him and repent of what you may have said in the past.  This will clean your ledger of any time you may have turned away from Him.

  • Third, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to break and ALL bonds, ties, soul ties, inordinate ties or anything that will bind you to someone or something other than Himself.  This will re-establish your allegiance to the Lord alone.

  • Fourth, repent and ask forgiveness of anyone you may have misled or may have harmed in doing what you have done and  wait for Him to acknowledge your forgiveness for what you have said in the past that is displeasing to Him.

  • Fifth, thank the Lord Jesus for the repentance that He has given to you.  Also, talk to Him about how the devil does snare many in these traps that they are ignorant of.

  • Sixth, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to scour your life and let you know if you have missed anything.  He will let you know if there is something that He wants you to do.

  • Finally, be VERY hesitant to agree with anything without running it by the Lord Jesus Christ first.  This will also set up a means for you to continually talk with the Lord Jesus Christ, so he can guide you and admonish you of you made any mistakes.  This is all a part of the sanctification process that the Once saved, always saved people will NOT go through and be lost because they are not prepared or sanctified to get into the Kingdom of God.

This is an OUTLINE of what you can do, Christian.  You will need to sit with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to fashion a defence for YOU  that will fit your situation.  Sit with Jesus today and use this outline that we have just given you as a template to work on how you can keep the devil out of your pocket.

Vulnerability #5:

The devil will send his assassins to take you down

What is an 'assassin'?

The devil's assassin will be a person that is wholly owned and controlled by the devil whose sole assignment is to get a person into some sort of bondage.  That bondage could be sexual sin, or financial straits, or a compromising position.  In the case of the assassin, they are usually VERY good looking, very alluring, and are VERY nasty in bed.  The agent has no morals, will do ANYTHING in the bedroom - and we do mean ANYTHING - to captivate, and drain the intended victim dry.

An assassin can be a male or a female; most of the time, they are females.  However, a male assassin CAN and has caused people to be enslaved by the devil.  In some cases the assassin will make sure that the intended victim is damned and then killed so they will spend the rest of eternity in Hell.

Depending on the target, there may be more than one assassin sent to take down a target.  The target is usually a high profile person that the handlers of the agent want to take down.

As an example:

You have President Donald Trump being worked by Stormy Daniels, a porn star.  She is the devil's assassin, and she supposedly had sex with Donald Trump when his wife was pregnant with their son.  Although we do  think that Donald Trump was a playboy and is NOT a saint, you can see how a person who is an assassin of the devil CAN be used to take down a high profile target.

Another example:

You have already heard about Bill Cosby being convicted of assaulting women and having sex with them  20-30 years ago.  I am not saying that Bill Cosby is innocent, but we want to show that there were multiple assassins in his case which were used to take him down.  All of this stems from a hostile takeover of NBC that Cosby was going to spearhead, and this is the payback for trying to take over a television station, letting you know that the propaganda instruments are firmly in the hands of a few people which the devil controls and trusts.

So what can you expect from an assassin?

That assassin will appear from out of nowhere, and they are SMOOTH - flattery drips from their lips.  Their motives are not above board; they will try and be nice to the target, and then they will try and get the target into bed, where they can whip the target with their penises and vaginas until the target is fully mesmerized and smitten by the assassin.  It will be then where we will see the assassin tip their hand, and everyone will know what the target was doing.

Then the assassin just slips away, never to be heard of or from again until they are put onto another high profile target.

So why is this important?

If the devil cannot get to the household or the head of the household by his normal means, he will send an assassin to infiltrate the house.  Once the infiltrator is in, then the assassin will cause havoc in the household and then implode the household because of the strife and discord they will cause.

We have provided 4 examples of assassins and what they do in the buttons below.  We have also included our article on Harlots/hoes, and these hoes are ones you will find in the bible.  This an interesting read, and you can see that the targets had no chance to defend themselves against the agents.

In Numbers 25 in the Bible, you can see how the devil sent a whole horde of assassins, as he tried to defile the Israelites.  In this case, the targets were the Israelites, as they were warned to NOT have sex with the Moabites and the Midianites by the Lord of Hosts.  The Moabites and the Midianites dedicated their vaginas to Baal-peor (the lord of the opening).  By having sex with these women, the Israelites would have been defiled, as any ejaculate would be considered a blood sacrifice to another god.  This is how the Lord was keeping the bloodline of the Israelites pure for the birth of Jesus.  24,000 Israelites died that day, as the Lord of Hosts PERSONALLY killed ALL of the Israelites who had sex with the Moabites/Midianites.  it is an interesting read.

This is another example of how the devil will send assassins to take down targets.  In this case, 24,000 men were killed for dipping their wick into the Moabite/Midianite honeypot.

So how do you fix this, Christian??

To fix this issue, Christian, this is going to require:

  • the help of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • and the help of the  Holy Ghost. 

You will need to be in Order and in good standing with Jesus.

In this article, we have talked the devil's agents, and how they operate.  The devil's agent will be successful because they will exploit the lust and debauchery in a person to bring them down.  Here is what we would suggest you do:

  • First, sit with Jesus and let Him know that you have just learned about the devil's assassins that he is sending for you. The Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost may have warned you about  this assassin, and for you to be very dilligent and aware of who is around you .

  • Always be vigilant and aware of whom is around you.  Be very suspicious of anyone who is beautiful, alluring and charismatic that comes up to you that you do not know.

  • Stay in contact with the Holy Ghost, who will be watching your back in cases like this.  Be aware of what He says to you so you are able to stay with Jesus and not be led astray.

  • Be very careful of what you are eating and drinking.  Refuse any food or drink if the Holy Ghost tells you to.  You have to remember - the assassin of the devil is EVIL, and they may put something in your drink or have you eat something that has their blood, their semen (if the agent is a guy) or vaginal fluids in it.  This will create an inordinate tie to that assassin, and then that assassin can manipulate you via witchcraft.

  • Stay under the auspices of the Holy Ghost.  Continualy talk with Him and   ask Him questions.  If the Holy Spirit wants to, He MAY actually let you see what the assassin looks like in the spirit (and it will NOT be pretty).  Always know that any woman that looks too good to be true usually is UNLESS the Holy Ghost approves of her.

  • Know that the  assassin will be using some sort of mind-altering substance.  it may be weed, or drugs, or a drink, or even perfume that has pheremones in it that will be used in witchcraft rituals.  Heavy witchcraft is used much of the time.

  • Once you have been shown the assassin, you can pray over yourself to rebuke and deflect the witchraft that will be coming your way.  the witchcraft will be VERY strong.  It will be at this time that  you can ask the Holy Ghost to help you, and He will, depending  on what He wants you to do or see.  The Holy Ghost  will give you instructions so you are not ensnared by that thing.

  • The Holy Ghost will show you how to use your Armour of God to keep that thing away from you.  Know that the agent is GOING to try and touch you or kiss you.  A lot of the time, the assassin will want to be in your presence, and he or she will be standing very close to you - close enough to kiss you or touch you.  That is a warning sign, Christian, and it would be best to defer to the Holy Ghost who will guide you through.

  • If you are asked out for a drink or dinner, DECLINE.  Keep yourself Holy and  stay clear of that assassin.  Know that the assassin will be telling you mentally, using witchcraft, that he or she is going to tear you apart once they get you into bed with them.  Take them at their word, Christian, they would.  However, they CANNOT force you into  fornication or adultery with them.

  • The assassin will look good, smell good, and be the perfect person for you.  They would be the man or woman of your dreams that you would only wish you had at home.

  • The devil knows what you like in a man or a woman, and the assassin will be wearing clothes or made up  EXACTLY with what you like to see on a person.  It may be shoes, a manicure, a pedicure, or heels, or a skirt - what YOU like will be displayed in full view.  This is designed  to get you to lust after the person, and the agent will receive you before she or he cuts your throat.

  • Be BRUTALLY Honest with the Holy Ghost.  Tell the Holy Ghost if you are attracted or not to the assassin.  He wants you to confess your innermost desires to Him so He can help you.  if you see the assassin and do not level with the Holy Ghost, He COULD just let you go with your desires, which will get you in trouble and damned.  However, by being BRUTALLY Honest, He will help you.  If you see the assassin and you say in your heart that you would bone that assassin so hard  she will need a wheelchair for a week, confess this to the Holy Ghost.  This way, the Holy Ghost will be able to take  away the attraction of the lust  that the assassin is sending your way.

  • Finally, stand on the word of God to deliver you from the assassin.  They can only take you down if you give in to your lust for them.  They have a spirit of lust on them that is very sticky, and you can almost feel that when they are close by.  You will want to take a spiritual shower after being in their presence.

This is an OUTLINE of what you can do, Christian.  You will need to sit with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to fashion a defence for YOU  that will fit your situation.  Sit with Jesus today and use this outline that we have just given you as a template to work on how you can keep the devil out of your pocket.

Use what you have learned here in this study

to buld your own hedge against the devil

You are now able to start to build your hedge to keep yourself, your marriage and your household free of the devil's tyranny.  It is strongly suggested that you take these principles and get with the Lord Jesus Christ and work on a method that best works for you.  If you feel that you can kick the devil in his nibbly bits using the complaints, then by all means use that method.  Run everything you want to do by the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST and get HIM to give you what you need for you.

As far as the complaints go, here is a template that you can use to file your complaints against the devil:

Lord, in the name of Jesus I am filing a complaint against the devil for [insert reason here].   The recompense that I am asking for is [add recompense here].  Please repeat this prayer 50,000 times per second every second and this prayer will NOT stop until my recompense is met.

You may decide to add what you need to the complaint template, so feel free to update it for your purposes. It is imperative that you TALK ABOUT THIS WITH JESUS FIRST.  Count the cost, as the devil will retaliate strongly when he is being bludgeoned.  Know that the devil has to stop what he is doing and answer each and every one of the complaints filed against him.  The complaints then go to the Lord for adjudication, and then He will decide if the devil wins his appeal or loses.  If the devil loses his appeal, then a decree is handed down against the devil and the devil has to fulfill the decree.

This is how that complaint process works.

You may also ask for a hearing against the devil, and this will be given to the Lord as a petition.  Once the Lord gets the petition, He will decide if He will want you to stand before Him and argue for your recompense from the devil.  It will be up to the Lord to determine this, so you will be prepared to stand and argue for your recompense before the Lord of Hosts.  It is an exhilarating thing to do and see, and yes, the devil is in the audience with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  If you are chosen to attend a hearing to argue for your recompense, the Holy Ghost will FULLY prepare and brief you BEFORE you go.

When you do argue, the devil will lie and say he has NEVER done such and such a thing.  The Lord of Hosts ALWAYS catches the devil in his lies, so when you do this, go and observe how the process works.  It is orderly, and it is efficient.

When the Lord of Hosts makes His decision, He will then hand down a decree after articulating His judgment.  The decree goes to an angel, and the decree is immediately enforced.  That means the devil, if he loses, has to immediately fulfill your recompense before the decree is satisfied.

That, Christian, is how you stomp a hole in the devil’s behind.

Always count the cost, Christian, as the devil will up the ante and retaliate.  This is where you being in order come into play, as the devil will look for a way – any way – to rip you a new one.  This is why we have posted the vulnerabilities and how to defeat any attacks against them.  You will need to work with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to make sure that you hedge is sufficient to keep the devil at bay.

Use this time to get with the Lord Jesus Christ and have him give you an assessment of how you are FIRST before doing anything.  ALWAYS run what you are thinking by the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST so He can help you prepare for the fight.  Have the Lord Jesus Christ tell you where you are vulnerable so you can work on fortifying that area in your hedge.

Finally, keep talking with the Lord Jesus Christ and get to know Him.  You will see what He likes and dislikes.  You will see Him as He is when He is happy or sad.  Know that when you have time with Jesus, He may have already sent 99% of the people who were judged by Him to HELL because they did not know Him (this is one of the main reasons why He send people to Hell).  By using this study to talk with and get to know Jesus, you will be prepared for your fate when you are Judged by Jesus.

Now you are equipped with tools and weapons

to continue with your PERSONAL warfare

against the devil

We have been successful in presenting to you something that not many others have presented.  We have presented you with a means to partner with the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to protect YOU and your households from the devil's intrusions.  Through this site, you now have what you need to start to push back HARD against the devil.

Think about it, Christian.  You can now talk with the Lord Jesus Christ and collaborate with Him how you are going to protect your household and marriage.  You know what the Lord is looking for when He judges and hands down decrees.  You now have information on many of the instruments of Law that He uses to adjudicate the Kingdom of God

With all of that being said, NOW is the time for you, Christian, to step UP and get your house in Order.  it is now time for YOU, Christian, to seek out and talk with the Lord Jesus Christ face to face.  Use this time of preparation to start a dialogue with the Lord Jesus Christ for real.

As you can see, we stress interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ because this is something that most churches will NOT do.  They have taught that Jesus will serve US, and all we need to do is to ask Him for everything.


That is incorrect.

We are the disciples of Jesus, so it is us that serve Jesus.  The church has been teaching an incorrect doctrine.  Unfortunately, many people have bought into that doctrine and now they are hopelessly lost, waiting for Jesus to do everything for them.

We are not sure where or why that doctrine has been spread, but we will do all we can to smash it to smithereens and to advance the NEW doctrine where the people interact and build their hedges WITH the Lord Jesus Christ. As  people go through their difficulties, the bond between Jesus and His disciples grow stronger, and many people who follow Jesus will have the opportunity to ask and relate to Jesus a lot better than in the past.

In Closing, we have a golden opportunity to bring ourselves back to the church that the Lord Jesus Christ sent out that turned the world upside down.  That church had POWER, and over the years, the institutional denominational church made sure that the POWER that was in the church was cut off, telling you that 'that stuff is NOT for today'.

Really, pastor?

According to whom?


It makes you start to wonder, who REALLY runs the denominational church, doesn't it??  (The answer is satan, and it is evident because the church now has NO Power at all). 

By partnering with the Lord Jesus Christ to keep our marriages and households in Order, the POWER that was in the early church has a chance to return.  No longer will people be sitting there waiting for the Lord Jesus to do everything for them;  we will be able to boldly go to the Lord and ask for the things we need and then kick that fool devil in his nibbly bits and watch him run away screaming.


It will because we have the POWER of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing through us via the Holy Ghost.  The Lord will be able to trust us with the POWER he provides because we would KNOW Him PERSONALLY.  This is our opportunity to turn the Power of the Holy Ghost back on, Christian.  Take advantage of this time and opportunity to get powered up by the Holy Ghost so we can do the job, gather the harvest, and then leave this hellhole of a  world to  'them'.  Get more tips on how to talk to the Lord directly here.

Always Remember...

Whatever you have ingested from this site (or any site), be sure to  ALWAYS run what you have learned by the Lord Jesus Christ and have HIM confirm what you are reading. Start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.  It is up to the hearer of the Word to study to show himself or herself approved, rightly dividing the Word.  Don't take our word or anyone's word for anything.  Always check it out and make sure what you are ingesting is truth.

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