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Law and Order Series

Part 2 of 5

This site presents very dense reading material

We offer a lot of information on this site.  This is very dense reading material, meaning that you have to ingest and then mull and ponder over what is being presented.  You will not get all of it in one pass.  You have to THINK, Christian, and then you will be able to go directly to The Lord Jesus Christ to ask intelligent questions on what you have read.  Have HIM confirm what you are reading; start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.

Roles, Responsibilities, Order,

Authority and POWER

through The Lord Jesus Christ

This is Part 2 of the 5-part series on ORDER that we are presenting.   Why is being in Order so important?  It is because if you are in ORDER, then the Lord of Hosts will recognize you and your marriage and household, and He will interact with you.  Consider being in order like plugging into the power source.  As yo ucan see the devil has been working overtime to keep you from plugging into the power source, and this is because he knows he cannot prevail or overcome that power you will be exhibiting.  The first step is to know your role, then your responsibility in that role, then get in and stay in that role.  You will see that once you arein your role, you will then get favour from the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will give you HIS authority to stand against the devil.

Once you have that authority, you  then have  the POWER to  resist the devil.    Once you have started there, you will be able to bjuild on that and  put your marriages in order,  or if you are not married, make Jesus your head so you can be in Order, then you can put your households in order, and the Lord of Hosts personally will have His hand on your Household.     You will then be able to receive the power frm the Lord of Hosts as He will personally help you with keeping the devil off of you and away from your household IF you do as He says to do.

This is an exciting series, and it is our  sincerest hope that you will follow through and get closer to Jesus and His Father as you go through keeping your marriages, households and  yourselves in Order.  As we always say on this site - Don't take our word for anything.  Get with the Lord Jesus Christ directly and confirm what we have posted and then do as He tells you to do.


This study is full of information that you will need to incorporate into your life so that you will not be steamrolled by the devil.  The articles that will be presented will REQUIRE the following:

  • You will need to know The Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY.  You will need to be actively talking with Him because He will be the one you will be asking for the things that will be revealed in this study.  If you do NOT know Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, take the time to go and get to know Him personally, and ask Him to help you with this study.

  • If you are a Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalean, Catholic or belong to ANY denomination, you will be excluded.  You will need to go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him if He will allow you to learn and participate in this study.   NONE of this will make any sense to you without the Lord Jesus Christ  opening your eyes under His guidance and tutelage.

  • If you deny the Holy Ghost through your denomination (and almost all denominations do), you will be excluded until you go to The Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him to help you with this study.  This study will go against ALL of the denominational teachings that you are under, and it is THIS DAY that you will choose whom you will serve - The Lord Jesus Christ or your denomination.  Choose wisely, because  if you blow this off, Jesus will NOT help you when you need it most.

  • You will need to be baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost.  These teachings are the surface that the Holy Ghost will revelate to you directly so you can apply what you have learned.  If you are not baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost, these teachings will NOT make any sense to you.

Now, many of you who are reading this are quite offended by what was just posted,  correct?

The Lord has made it clear to us that this is the time of seperation, Christian, and the wheat is being seperated from the tares RIGHT NOW.  Although it looks like we are inferring that those who go to 'church' are the tares, we have been authorized to tell you that you who go to 'church' are DEFINITELY the tares, because the denominational churches you go to are NOT teaching you  what you need to know so you will be able to stand against the devil.  We have shown this on this website many times, and the worst offender is the Baptist church.  The 2nd worst offender is the Catholic Church, and the offshoots of the Catholic Church (Methodist, Protestant, Episcopalean, Reformed, Lutheran, etc).  Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the 7th Day Adventists will need to get with Jesus PERSONALLY so they can shed the doctrinal shackles that they have been walking under and get right with Jesus.

Item 1 -

God Ordained Offices,

Roles and Responsibilities

In this section,   We will also talk about the roles that men and women have and the offices that they hold as a part of the Lord of Hosts' divine order.  Each office that is held has authority built into it, and with that authority, there is POWER given to the person that holds that office. 

Item 2 -

Understanding Authority

In this section,   We explain what authority is and how is is used in the Kingdom of God.  You will learn that every being in the universe is assigned a certain amount of authority by the Lord of Hosts Himself.  You will see that Satan has a high level of authority in God's Kingdom because he  is a Cherub angel, whici is the highest order of angels.  You will see that Man has NO authority, ever since the devil stole Adam's authority  in the Garden of Eden by beguiling Eve.  This is the main reason why women are under the dominion of men today.  Many women are rebelling agsinst that order, but that does not change a thing.  In this book, learn about  order, and the authority that comes with the role(s) that people have.

Item 3 -

God's Order for Boys and Unmarried Young Men

In this section,   we describe the Order that the Lord has ordained for all boys and young unmarried men to be in.  As you can clearly see, many boys and young men are NOT following the dictates of the Lord when it comes to being in order, and this is why so many boys and young men are lost to drugs, sexual addictions, STDs, violence, prison, and death.  The mere fact of the matter is that many young men do not know anything about how to be in order with the Lord, so the devil is picking them off and killing them as his whim.  We intend to stop the devil from destroying young men with this study.

Item 4 -

God's Order for Girls and Unmarried Young Women

In this section,   We show young Girls and young women the order they are supposed to be in  as the Lord has ordained it.  It is very obvious that many young women are turned into whores because they are NOT in the proper order in their home with their fathers.  We will also look at some of the  snares and traps that the devil has laid for young women utilizing feminism and lesbianism.  We intend to let the young girls know that it is honourable to be a wife and a mother and it is NOT honourable to be a whore, or a  slut, or "Big booty Judy'.

Item 5 -

God's Order for Marriages

In this section,   We explain what the Lord is expecting from those who are married.  Being married is NOT an easy thing, and most work their way through the issues to be at peace with their spouse that they have selected.  We will show you what you need to do to get in order and stay there in your marriage.    Know that the favour of the Lord rests upon those marriages that are IN ORDER and those husbands and wives that work to stay in order as The Lord has ordained it.

Item 6 -

God's Order for Households

In this section,   We explain what a household is, and why  it is important to fiercely defend your household from all intruders, internal and external, and why the Lord has His hand on ONLY those households that are in Order.  We will show what happens when there are abdications and how that household is torn to pieces by the devil so he can enslave all of the people in that household.

Item 7 -

God's Order for Single Parent Families

In this section,   We show that even if you are  a single mother or a single father, you TOO can be in Order with the Lord and  have Himrest His hand on your family.  Many people discount single families, and think that because a person  is a single parent they cannot be saved.  Oh No, Christian, that family is actually very PRECIOUS to the Lord and He will help that parent because the Lord loves the people in that family.

Item 8 -

God's Order for Single Parent Households

In this section,   We explain how a single parent household can be in order and stay in order with the Lord's blessing.  This is an important concept for you to know, Christian, because there is coming a time when people will lose  people in their household due to war, famine and civil unrest.  You have to know how to be in Order at all times, even as a Single Parent, so this  information will help you.

Item 9 -

Out of Order Households

In this section,   We identify households that are out of order.  Take a good look at this  section, Christian, and look at your household.  Does your household mirror any one of the households that are identified here?  If so, your household is NOT being  considered by the Lord and it has been given over to the devil to do what he wants  with it.  We will show you what you need to do to get back in order next month, but you can start the conversation with the Lord Jesus Christ and get Him to help you get backl in order.

Item 10 -

How does the Lord know

your marriage is Out of Order?

In this section,   We will show a very simplified  model of how the Lord can tell if your marriage is out of order, as this  will all depend on any rebellion or neglect you have in your marriage (yes, neglect).  You can use this to be able to gauge your marriage and if the Lord will deem it in order.  Use this section to get with the Lord Jesus Christ and have Him do a quick assessment for you (He will do it if you ask Him, and it is free!!).  He will then help you, if you ask him, how you can make sure your marriage stays in order.

Item 11 -

How does the Lord know

your household is Out of Order?

In this section,   We will show a very simplified  model of how the Lord can tell if your household is out of order.  The devil LOVES to attack households and marriages because that is the easiest way he can enslave the people he is coming up against.  Think about it - by making the household out of order, he controls the WHOLE HOUSEHOLD.  Learn what the Lord is looking for and how you can build strategies  to kick the devil in his nibbly bits and make him leave you alone.

Coming  in Part 3

Item 12 - Out of order marriages - In this section,   We identify marriages that are out of order.  We are NOT going to be 'Politically Correct' here, so  many may not like what we have posted.  We do NOT care if you like this or not; this is what the Lord of Hosts has ordained.  If you are in a 'marriage' as described in this article, then get out of it while you still can. 

Item 13 - Maintaing marital Order - we will explore the challenges of marital order, and how you are to fight to maintain itr.  We will show you how to keep your marriage in order even if your spouse leaves, commits adultery, or abdicates their role. We will explore this and much more next month.

Item 14 - Defending your Marriage against Spiritual Attacks - we will  identify 5  popular spiritual attacks against marriages and show you how the Lord of Hosts will  help you overcome each and every one of them.

Item 15 - Classic Attacks Against marital Order - we will explore the top spiritual marital attack and analyze where it comes form and how you can ve vigilant agast this attack so you will not fall prey to the devil's intrusion.  Always know that any attack wilhave an objective, even if it looks like it is frivilous.

Item 16 - Addressing Marital Vulnerabilities - we will point out a few things that you can look at in your own marriages to see if that issue is a problem that you will need to deal with later on.  The marriage attacks are usually  done to collapse not only the marriage, but the household from within so it is out of order.

Item 17 - Maintaining Household order - we will show you how you can rebalance your household if there is an injury, abdication or death in the household structure.  We will show you how someone in the household can open the door to attacks against the housdehold and how to staunch the breach.  We will show you that what people consider a 'household' these days is not necessarily what the Lord of Hosts considrs a housdehold.  We will explore all of this next month.

Item 18 - Defending your Household Against Spiritual Attacks - we will show the top 5 spiritual attacks against your household that you should look out for.  You will surprised to know that some of the attacks are brought on by YOU!!  Use this article to clean your household up and stop bringing the devil into your household.. 

Item 19 - Classic Attacks Against Household Order - we will show you the #1 spiritual attack against your household and how it can cause your household to implode.  The attack is so simple and so effective, you can see who the devil likes to use it.  We wil lalso show you how you can defend against this attack, and this attack is vicious.

Item 20 - Addressing Household Vulnerabilities - we will show you how to evaluate your household and how to  identify potential problems that you may have to deal with later.  This article is more aout vigilance than anythng else, but if you can see the problem coming , you can  take steps to  deal with the problems before they mushroom into incidents that would put the household in jeopardy.

We are NOT

'Politically Correct' on this site

One of the  things that people will do will be to 'soften' their words so they will not offend others.  While this is admirable, and courteous,  the extent of 'not hurting anyone's feelings' has gone too far.   Now we should 'tolerate' or we should 'be nice'.        No, Christian, when we are proclaiming the Gospel, we are to be blunt and let it ALL hang out;  Let the chips fall where they may.  If the hearer is offended, that is NOT our problem, as it is the hearer's responsibility to check out everything they have heard proclaimed with the Lord Jesus Christ personally to see if it is true or not.

Always Remember...

Whatever you have ingested from this site (or any site), be sure to  ALWAYS run what you have learned by the Lord Jesus Christ and have HIM confirm what you are reading. Start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.  It is up to the hearer of the Word to study to show himself or herself approved, rightly dividing the Word.  Don't take our word or anyone's word for anything.  Always check it out and make sure what you are ingesting is truth.

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