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Law and Order Series

Part 4 of 5

This site presents very dense reading material

We offer a lot of information on this site.  This is very dense reading material, meaning that you have to ingest and then mull and ponder over what is being presented.  You will not get all of it in one pass.  You have to THINK, Christian, and then you will be able to go directly to The Lord Jesus Christ to ask intelligent questions on what you have read.  Have HIM confirm what you are reading; start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.

Roles, Responsibilities, Order,

Authority and POWER

through The Lord Jesus Christ

This is Part 4 of the 5-part series on ORDER that we are presenting.   Why is being in Order so important?  It is because if you are in ORDER, then the Lord of Hosts will recognize you and your marriage and household, and He will interact with you.  Consider being in order like plugging into the power source.  As you can see the devil has been working overtime to keep you from plugging into the power source, and this is because he knows he cannot prevail or overcome that power you will be exhibiting.  The first step is to know your role, then your responsibility in that role, then get in and stay in that role.  You will see that once you arein your role, you will then get favour from the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will give you HIS authority to stand against the devil.

Once you have that authority, you  then have  the POWER to  resist the devil.    Once you have started there, you will be able to build on that and  put your marriages in order,  or if you are not married, make Jesus your head so you can be in Order, then you can put your households in order, and the Lord of Hosts personally will have His hand on your Household.     You will then be able to receive the power from the Lord of Hosts as He will personally help you with keeping the devil off of you and away from your household IF you do as He says to do.

This is an exciting series, and it is our  sincerest hope that you will follow through and get closer to Jesus and His Father as you go through keeping your marriages, households and  yourselves in Order.  As we always say on this site - Don't take our word for anything.  Get with the Lord Jesus Christ directly and confirm what we have posted and then do as He tells you to do.


This study is full of information that you will need to incorporate into your life so that you will not be steamrolled by the devil.  The articles that will be presented will REQUIRE the following:

  • You will need to know The Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY.  You will need to be actively talking with Him because He will be the one you will be asking for the things that will be revealed in this study.  If you do NOT know Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, take the time to go and get to know Him personally, and ask Him to help you with this study.

  • If you are a Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalean, Catholic or belong to ANY denomination, you will be excluded.  You will need to go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him if He will allow you to learn and participate in this study.   NONE of this will make any sense to you without the Lord Jesus Christ  opening your eyes under His guidance and tutelage.

  • If you deny the Holy Ghost through your denomination (and almost all denominations do), you will be excluded until you go to The Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask Him to help you with this study.  This study will go against ALL of the denominational teachings that you are under, and it is THIS DAY that you will choose whom you will serve - The Lord Jesus Christ or your denomination.  Choose wisely, because  if you blow this off, Jesus will NOT help you when you need it most.

  • You will need to be baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost.  These teachings are the surface that the Holy Ghost will revelate to you directly so you can apply what you have learned.  If you are not baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost, these teachings will NOT make any sense to you.

Now, many of you who are reading this are quite offended by what was just posted,  correct?

The Lord has made it clear to us that this is the time of seperation, Christian, and the wheat is being seperated from the tares RIGHT NOW.  Although it looks like we are inferring that those who go to 'church' are the tares, we have been authorized to tell you that you who go to 'church' are DEFINITELY the tares, because the denominational churches you go to are NOT teaching you  what you need to know so you will be able to stand against the devil.  We have shown this on this website many times, and the worst offender is the Baptist church.  The 2nd worst offender is the Catholic Church, and the offshoots of the Catholic Church (Methodist, Protestant, Episcopalean, Reformed, Lutheran, etc).  Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the 7th Day Adventists will need to get with Jesus PERSONALLY so they can shed the doctrinal shackles that they have been walking under and get right with Jesus.

Things you should know about  and prepare for

before you start trying to put your house in Order

In this section, we are going to start to look at how the devil implodes a household and/or a marriage, but first we want to point out a few things that are going to happen to you when you start to stand up against the devil.  As with anything, Jesus will ALWAYS tell you to count the cost before you do anything for Him, as He will expect you to complete the missions that He sends you upon.  Know that you are going to deal with fierce opposition when you are trying to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and get in the divine order that His Father, the Lord of Hosts, has set up.

So why is this fight so fierce?

If you are able to get in Order, as we will show you, not only will you be able to repel the devil, you will be empowered by the Holy Ghost to stand against the devil.  As you may already know, the devil is a killer, a pimp, a thief and a liar.  Know that when you enlist the techniques that will outline, you will need to be staid and steadfast in all that you do.  We have put up a lot of warnings in this section, and this is the reason why.

What you get from church is NOT going to help you, Christian, unless you are shown what the Lord is expecting of us.  Many households have been imploded and many young girls now want to be strippers and many young men are being turned out to become homosexuals.  This is one of the ways that the devil 'recruits' for his army of hoes, robbers and thieves.  We are bringing this up  so you can prepare and stand against the devil and resist him.

For many of you, your household has never been a threat to the devil; with what you are going to learn, you will become a grave threat to the devil and you will be able to overcome him with the authority given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ.  So, let's go through the things you need to consider in detail.

Step 1:

You will need to know The Lord Jesus Christ personally

and become His Disciple

If you are already a Disciple of Christ, then you are a step ahead of everyone.  You will need the authority that the Lord Jesus Christ will give you when you are His disciple.  Many people are under the illusion that all they have to do is to 'believe' in Christ and that is all that is necessary.


You would be in ERROR.


The Lord Jesus Christ ONLY gives His authority to those whom He trusts.  Always remember that, as this is the mistake that many Christians make.  They assume that they will 'tread on the head of the serpent' because they are a Christian.  These people make a grave mistake, as that authority you need to make the devil flee from you is ONLY given to Disciples.  If you are NOT a disciple of Christ, you will NOT have any authority that Jesus Christ has to offer you.  Through being a Disciple, you are bound to the Lord Jesus Christ, and as you are bound to Him, you obey Him.  He then comes and makes His abode IN you along with His Father, the Lord of Hosts.  You can see that in scripture:

John 14:21 - He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

John 14:23 - Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

As discussed in our book, Understanding Authority (which you can download for free here), you will see that a human being has NO authority in the economy of God, and this is why the devil is able to 'enter' into and influence a person.  The devil will only respond to POWER, and if your authority is more than his, he will run from you like the girl he is.  If he sees that you have no authority, he will play with you for a while and then destroy you, after he takes your children and pimps them out, making your young daughter a hoe/whore/slut/harlot and your young boy a homosexual.  Always remember that the devil operates under Matriarchal Authority, and he can only rule over those who are like him - girly.  Whoremongers, sluts, hoes, whores, homosexuals, lesbians, atheists, and those who do not like or hate Christ will be under that 'matriarchal' authority.

All of these 'rappers' you see out there are ALL Matriarchal, as they HATE women and prefer to hang out with their 'boys'.  If they are inclined, these hip-hop guys are more apt to have sex within their own group amongst themselves.  This rap music is incantation, and these incantations are turning young men into sodomites and as sodomites, they are under Matriarchal authority.  What real man would walk around with their nasty stank underwear hanging out of their pants that are sagging to their knees?

Many in the church world are NOT EVEN Born Again, and that includes the pastor.  They do not know JESUS at ALL!!  Anyone under these 'pastors' are going to be lost, as the pastors will not lead people to Christ, but they WILL lead people to their church.  The worse offenders:

  • All Baptist Churches (including the  Independent Fundamental Baptist ones)
  • All Episcopalian Churches
  • All Methodist Churches
  • All Presbyeterian Churches
  • All Catholic Churches
  • All Churches with a homosexual Pastor
  • All Churches that have a lesbian pastor
  • All Churches with self-described Apostles and Bishops
  • All Churches who do not teach about the Holy Ghost
  • All Churches that do not lead you to a relationship with Christ
  • All Churches with doctrinal teachings
  • Any church with a female pastor
  • Any Hebrew Israelite sect
  • Any sect that teaches that the Black Man is God
  • Any sect that denies the Deity of Christ

If you are in a church that teaches 'Once Saved, Always Saved', get out of there.  It will be up to you, Christian, to seek Jesus out these days, Christian, because the current church world is going to be destroyed very soon.

If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, let us introduce you to Him by clicking here.

Step 2:

You will need to know the Lord of Hosts personally

and that is ONLY possible through His Son, Jesus Christ

Many of you out there are not aware that the ONLY way you can be a child of the Living God is to be a part of the Family of God, which is through the Lord Jesus Christ.  As we can see in scripture below, you have to be born again to be in the family of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Once you are accepted into the beloved by Jesus, the Lord of Hosts, Jesus Father, will make His abode IN you with Jesus.  See Scripture:

John 14:23 - Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Now, you will have access to the Lord of Hosts, and you can call upon Him and ask Him questions that you may want to ask.

Since the Lord of Hosts is the Lord of the Universe, He does a lot of the adjudication in the Kingdom of God.  Through Decrees, complaints and judgments, the Lord makes policy and ALL beings follow that policy.  When you are IN Christ, the Lord of the Universe will open up to you and you can ask for ANYTHING and He will give it to you if it is within His will.  Always remember that the Lord is going to correct you, and that correction may be in the form of a beating, but you will always know where the Lord sits with you and you can learn a LOT from Him if you just ask Him.

Now, many of the other religions try to bypass Jesus and go directly to the Lord of the Universe for worship and what they want or need.  This is ILLEGAL in the new dispensation, as the Lord of the Universe has mandated that ALL people coming to Him MUST go through His Son Jesus first, as shown in scripture here:

John 14:6 - Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

This lets you know that anyone saying that there is no Jesus is NOT talking to God at all, as these people are enemies of God, as shown in scripture here:

James 4:4 -  Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

You CANNOT get to the Father without being accepted by the Son FIRST.  So all of you Hebrew Israelites are EXCLUDED because you don't want to go through Jesus, you want to go directly to the Lord of the Universe by trying to keep the commandments, all 613 of them.  It will come to a shock to the Hebrew Israelites that the Lord is NOT EVEN HEARING THEM.  The New covenant is basically saying that if you do NOT accept Jesus, you CANNOT get to the Father and He is not hearing you at all.  Many Hebrew Israelites are praying to demons and they don't even know it.

Step 3:

You need to be filled by the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit)

To be filled by the Holy Spirit, you MUST be a Disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus will send the Holy Ghost to you if you are serious about obeying a Disciple.  The Holy Ghost ALWAYS points to Jesus, so if you are in a Hebrew Israelite camp that says they have the Holy Ghost, they are mistaken.  Hebrew Israelites do not believe that Jesus Christ is God, so what are they pointing to?  What Holy Ghost do they have?  They have another Jesus, another gospel, and another spirit as shown in scripture here:

2 Corinthians 11:4 - For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

Without the Holy Ghost, you CANNOT make it into the Kingdom of God.  many in the once Saved, Always Saved camp will disagree with you, but without the anointing of the Holy Ghost, you will NOT make it.  We show in our article about Once Saved, Always Saved, that this doctrine is demonic (you can access the article here).    When Jesus judges you, He is going to see if you have been filled with the Holy Ghost.  You can see what else Jesus is going to ask you in our article Judged by Jesus, which you can see here

The Holy Ghost is the POWER of God, and without the POWER, you have nothing.  If you are born again, ask Jesus to send the Holy Ghost to you.  You can make a petition to Jesus for the Holy Ghost by clicking here.

Be Warned - when you try to put your house in order,

ALL HELL is going to break loose all around you

This is the truth, Christian, as the devil has come and gone as he pleases in your household and your marriage, and you now want to upset the nice stable environment that the devils is comfortable in.  Know that the devil is like an old boyfriend or girlfriend that will stalk you and whine and cry to get you back with him.  If you ever do take his bait and get back with the devil, he is like a pimp that will slap you around because you dared to leave him.

This is why you need the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, Christian.  When Jesus gives you His authority, the devil is going to run away as fast as he can from you.  Now, as a result of that, the devil is going to make sure that your wife gives you hell, your children will act crazier than normal, and things will happen to you that are odd and strange.  Expect that you will have financial problems; you will have debt that you cannot service, and expect that the devil will resist YOU.

Having all HELL break out in your household when you are trying to follow the Lord is NORMAL.  Just like casting out demons, they do not want to leave - you have to MAKE THEM LEAVE.  The things we are going to talk about in the next few sections will help you 'clean house' and prepare it for dedication to the Lord.

Step 4:

Clean house and get rid of

all of the stuff that the devil likes

When you prepare to get your household in order, you will need to get rid of the following things:

  • All  Vampire, horror, spooky, slasher and monster movies where fear is promoted;
  • All Harry Potter Books, tapes and DVDs, as this is demonic;
  • Any books, tapes, DVDs, CDs of ANY witchcraft, no matter how innocuous;
  • All Disney tapes, books, movies, DVDs, CDs because they have witchcraft imbeded in their products;
  • All CDs and DVDs of any rap, pop, heavy metal, soul, rock, country or contemporary music, as they have spells put  on them;
  • All DVDs, CDs of porn, scantily clad women, twerking and foul language;
  • All porn and national Geographic magazines hidden in your bed mattress or under the bed;
  • All playboy, Hustler,  or any hard core porn magazines or CDs;
  • All sex toys, stimulators, butt plugs, strapons, or any other man-made sex toy;
  • All Television and any television show CDs and DVDs;
  • All illicit drugs and alcohol;
  • All music videos, CD, DVDs that re NOT psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs;
  • Anything to do with homosexuality or lesbianism, no matter what it is;
  • Anything with horoscopes on them;
  • Any and all DVDs and CDs with foul language on them.

There are many other things, and you can ask The Lord Jesus Christ what else you may need to get rid of.  These items may be statues, amulets, clothing, heirlooms, pictures of Jesus (that is not Him, and those pictures are demonic) and books that you unknowingly have which gives a foothold to the devil.  When you are cleaning house, the Lord will help you with this.

  • You will also need to throw out your Lottery ticket stubs and STOP BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS, as this is sin. 
  • Burn the things that the Lord tells you to burn, so the evil is totally destroyed.
  • If you have any sex games, ouija boards, horoscope pictures, idols, statues, dolls and naked posters, get rid of all of that as well.

You will be given instructions on how to pray over your household, and to make the environment suitable for the Holy Ghost to reside there with you.  You will literally drive out all of the demonic forces that have been residing in your home that you did not know about.

Step 5:

Invite the Holy Spirit to reside

with you in your household

The Holy Spirit is HOLY, and He will not reside in any person or place that is defiled.  Once you have cleared your household, and the Lord Jesus Christ is OK with your work, He will allow you to invite the Holy Spirit into your home.  The Holy Ghost will come in as a mighty rushing wind, and you will KNOW the Holy Ghost when He is there.  When He does reside in your household, He may tell you if there are any defiling elements or things that are lingering that He wants you to get rid of.  You will do EXACTLY what He says and get rid of those defiling elements.

So why is this done?

The devil and His minions will NOT want to be around the Holy Ghost, as the Holy Ghost illuminates the places He is in.  The devil and his demons like to work in the dark, so to cleanse your house  of demons, all you need to do is shine a light in the dark places where they are.

There are Benefits to having the Holy Ghost in your household.  They are:

  • Those who are of the devil will NOT want to be around you or your home
  • If a devil worshipping person comes into your hose, they will leave almost immediately
  • Your house will be peaceful and tranquil
  • The fruit of the spirit are enhanced and heightened in your home
  • The Holy Ghost will be there to protect you and your family if a demonic intruder is sent to defile your home

Now if you are married, and you are performing oral or anal sex in your marriage bed, the Holy Ghost is GOING to point that out.  He will leave your household and you if you insist on sinning in this manner,  those demons whom cast out of your home will return with demons 7x worse than them, and your house will be worse off, as shown in scripture:

Matthew 12:43-45 - When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.    Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

When the Holy Ghost is in your household, you will follow His commands and do EXACTLY what He tells you to do. 

  • You will also not allow into your household any defiling elements, which would be, for example, lust filled boyfriends for your daughter(s) or lust filled girlfriends if you have sons. 

  • You will NOT allow them to be having sex in your home, as this will defile your home, so that means NO sleepovers in the same room or bed if the people are NOT married. 

  • It will be up to YOU, Christian, to fiercely defend the Holiness of your Home, especially if the Holy Ghost is there. The Holy Ghost will identify and alert you if you need to get rid of any defiling influences.

Step 6:

Deal with Jezebel and stomp her guts out

This is more for the guys, as this thing will try and invade your home.  As you try and put your household in order, Jezebel is going to rise up in your wife. 

Why would she do that?

Jezebel will be one of the most formidable opponents that you will ever face, men.  She is stiff-necked, haughty, and dangerous.  Jezebel HATES men with a passion,  and that hatred will surprise you.  Many men are unable to stand against Jezebel, and she is one of the most despised spirits by the Godhead.  Out of all of the spirits that in the Bible, Jezebel is the one that Jesus talked about by name, as seen in Revelations:

Revelation 2:20 - Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

This thing will make your life a living hell, gentlemen, as it will try and get your wife to usurp authority in your household, making the household out of order.  For those of you that are trying to get your household in order, you must stay firm and NOT let this thing take over your household.  You will need the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to beat this thing off of you.  If you relent and give in to this thing, you will LOSE your household.


Dealing with this thing is going to take a LOT of fortitude and testosterone, gentlemen.  Your wife is going to turn on you and become a wild animal when you start to stand up to her and enforce the order that the Lord expects in the household.  Jezebel (in your wife)  is going to slyly try and take the checkbook and take over YOUR role in the household; Jezebel is then going to 'convince' your wife that she doesn't need you.

Expect to eat alone, go places alone, and not get any sex for extended periods of time, as Jezebel DOES use sex as a weapon.  Whenever you do have sex with your wife, you cannot be sure it IS your wife, as Jezebel will control your wife,  as your wife will be cold, calculating, and unloving.  Sure, she will take you into her, but she will be barking orders and getting in your face, calling you everything but a child of God.  Jezebel uses sex as a weapon, where she will withhold sex from you to break YOU down, gentlemen, and if she can break you, she will own your household.

We have articles on Jezebel that you can access here.  We also have a book on how you can defeat Jezebel which you can download here.

Know, gentlemen, when you stand up to this thing, she is NOT going to like you.  Take a lesson from some of us that have had to deal with that old, stank, nasty, crackled-face hag.  She hates us to the point where she says she wants to rip off our balls and stuff them down our throats  (we are quoting Jezebel, as those are HER words).  We have dared her to go ahead and try.  As you can see, we are still here posting articles,  with our balls intact where they are supposed to be.

Getting your household and marriage in order

is going to take some time

You will need to work through this, Christian, as you get your household in order and it is going to take time.  You will have extended battles with your wife and children if they are demonized because you did not recognize that your household has been invaded by the devil.  Don't sweat this, Christian, as you will have the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost who will help you all along the trail.  You will learn how to deal with conflict, and the Lord Jesus Christ WILL help you along the way, giving you the authority to bind and cast out the devil's minions as you take control of you household. 

Know that the Lord of Hosts will rest His hand on those households that are in Order and that are yielded to Him.  He will help you keep the household resources from being stolen or taken away when you give governance of your household resources to Him to govern (see our article on the Book of Households, which you can see here).  Now the devil will not be able to take your resources and money as he will need to deal with the Lord of Hosts to get those resources.  What he will do is run away, because the devil is NO MATCH for the Lord of Hosts.

No matter what is going on, consult with the Lord Jesus Christ and He will step you through what you need to do.  Take your time and solve the problems as they present themselves.  At some point, the Lord will give you what you need for your household if you stand firm and do not faint.

Know that your household will not be in order overnight.  It may take years to deal with some of the problems in the household, and as long as you are IN Jesus, you have all of the time in the world.  Note that a man who puts his household in Order is noticed by the Lord of Hosts and the Lord of Hosts will put His hand upon that household.  We have heard of situations where the devil was going to implode a household, but the Lord Jesus Christ steps in and DENIES the devil.  When you put your household in order, you can bet that the devil will try and find some way to implode your household again.

We are NOT

'Politically Correct' on this site

One of the  things that people will do will be to 'soften' their words so they will not offend others.  While this is admirable, and courteous,  the extent of 'not hurting anyone's feelings' has gone too far.   Now we should 'tolerate' or we should 'be nice'.        No, Christian, when we are proclaiming the Gospel, we are to be blunt and let it ALL hang out;  Let the chips fall where they may.  If the hearer is offended, that is NOT our problem, as it is the hearer's responsibility to check out everything they have heard proclaimed with the Lord Jesus Christ personally to see if it is true or not.

Classic Attacks the devil will try on YOU

to destroy your household

In this section, we will show some classic attacks the devil will try against your household.  There may be variations to these attacks, so take your time and study how the devil will attack you if you dare try to get your marriage and household in order.  Always remember that you WILL need the Lord Jesus Christ AND the The Holy Ghost to be able to keep the devil off of your marriage and household.

The main goal in all of this, Christian, is to implode the household so the protection of the Lord is NOT on the household.  Always remember that when your household is IN ORDER, the protection of the Lord rests on the Household, as He will recognize that household as His.  The devil will do everything possible to get you OUT of Order so your household is vulnerable and he can take it over.

The Financial Attack

This is the most used attack against a household that the devil employs, since he controls all of the money in the world.  The Financial attack is done to starve the household of resources, and once that is done, the household will implode.  The whole trick to imploding households is to get the Head of the household, the man, to NOT be on ONE Accord with His wife (the helpmeet).  This will cause a chain reaction and the household will implode.

In the scenario that you will see,  the devil doesn't even have to work hard to implode that household.  Study this carefully, Christian, as this is the first and foremost way that the devil will attack you.

The Internal Attack

This attack is also known as the 'Trojan Horse Attack', as the devil will try and plant discord in a household through one of the members of the household, and then explode that discord to collapse the household.  The most common person who is the perpetrator of the internal attack is a teenager.  They are already rebellious, ignorant of the devil and his devices, and they are a danger to the household if you are not careful.  They will bring into the household things that they 'obtained', learned, or decided to try.  Usually, this is typical teenage things, but these days, the devil has stepped up his attacks against ALL households. 

Although we did not mention it here, be careful of what MUSIC that your teen is listening to.  That 'gangsta rap' and that weird 'heavy metal' stuff being pumped into your teen's ears day and night WILL turn them into animals who are walking around on the street with their nasty underwear hanging out. 

Yes, the MUSIC does that.

That is a heads up for you, and you are welcome.

Pay close attention to the attack, Christian, and then you will need to talk to the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost as to how you can staunch the beleeding when there is an internal attack.

The External Attack

This attack is one that you will see Jezebel use a lot.  What Jezebel does is to come upon a person outside of that household and then convince that person to bring HER into the household.  Remember - Jezebel cannot just enter into the household without permission.  So what Jezebel does is attack a hapless woman (or a man of he is weak) and convices her that her man cannot run the household properly, and that she (the woman) needs to take control.  That will cause the household to be OUT OF ORDER because the man is supposed to be in charge of the household.

Study this attack closely, Christian, because what you are seeing is this happening all over the world right now.  With the advent of Feminism, the Jezebel spirit is taking over, and woe to that man who doesn't have the backbone and fortitude to stand up against her.

This is the predominent attack against the God ordained patriarchal household right now.  The devil CANNOT rule unless he has Matriarchal authority in charge of that household, which would be a woman or a homosexual, who would have a Matriarchal spirit.

This is why the #metoo movement is so dangerous, where men are destroyed just because of an accusation that may or may not be true.  As the devil, using Jezebel, promotes this 'Girl Power', and the men are unwilling or unable to  stand up against it, the women will foolishly  implode the household and find themselves  bound and enslaved along with her weak husband, turned out as a whore (or a hoe if you are from New York), and her weak husband made into a homosexual.

The Spiritual attack

This attack is most insidious, and this is where you will need to have the Holy Ghost help you.  This is the situation when one of the household members has a different spirit that is NOT of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This attack affects young men and women the most.  This is because they are to the point where they are making a decision on if they are going to follow the Lord or follow the devil.

The household may be a Godly household, but one of the members in the household is NOT godly, and as you know, bad company corrupts good manners.  The person with the wrong spirit will corrupt the whole household and implode it if action is not taken to stop the  hemmoraging.  This is where you see parents kicking their childen out of the house because they will not listen or heed the rules of the household.

The scenario we present is an extreme one, but we think that the point will be made very clearly.  It is suggested that the head of the household talk with the Lord Jesus Christ to prevent a stealth invitation of this unclean spirit using a member of their household.

The Physical attack

This attack  is when the attackers are physical, and you can use both  physical and spiritual weapons as the Lord leads you to.  This is the attack that you will see when there is a breakdown of society, and only the households that are IN ORDER will be afforded the protection and the the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ that they will need to repel ANY attack.

In this scenario, we portray a household that is IN ORDER and a Godly household that is attacked by a biker gang.   The attackers could be anyone, most of the time demonized,  who have carnal weapons that they will use.  In the case of most households, they will be either police or soldiers that will storm houses and try to overcome them.  In these cases, the household will be overrun by these military types who will rape and pillage everyone - including the men and the animals - and then destroy the household.  The people who are killed, if they do not know the Lord Jesus Christ personally, will be lost forever.  The rest will be sent to a FEMA camp.

This is the most extreme case, as those households that are NOT prepared will be enslaved.  Many wives and daughters will be forced to have sex with people for a can of food or for a place to sleep.  Expect that sex will be the new currency when the devil implodes the economy and changes the money to be all electronic that he ALONE controls..

The Lord Jesus Christ is all about preparation, Christian. 

Are you prepared as He has asked you to prepare?? 

Do you have sufficient food, water and ordinance for your family in case things go sour? 

Are you trained to use your firearms if needed?

Do NOT listen to the 'gun grabbers', Christian, as they will be the ones who will be trying to get into your house to get your food when there is no food available.  Christians CAN own firearms, as many do, but as a Christian, you have a HUGE responsibility to only use them when the Lord tells you to, as this will keep the blood off of your hands.

Examples of Out of Order Households that

WILL Implode and be enslaved by the devil

In the next few slides, we will show typical households that are out of order and why.  You will probably recognize some of these households, as they will resemble the households of friends or relatives.  The Lord of Hosts is very adamant about how the households are supposed to be set up.  All households should have the Familial Order in them; in other words, the family should be in order as the Lord of Hosts ordained it to be:

  • The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the father/husband;
  • The husband is the head of the woman/wife;
  • The children are in subjection.

Any deviation from that structure will cause the family to be out of order.

For household order, the Lord of Hosts has ordained it to be:

  • The man/husband/father is the head of the household;
  • The wife/mother/woman is the Helpmeet;
  • The children and any guests or family members are in subjection;
  • The familial Order must be maintained;
  • The man and the woman MUST be on one accord (in agreement).

Any deviation from the ordained structure will cause the Lord of Hosts to deem that household out of order.  Christian, the Lord of Hosts will NOT accept any deviation from the structures He has put in place, no matter if it ‘sounds good’ or if ‘that’s what YOU think it should be’.  By changing the Order from what has been ordained, the household loses the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the head of the head of the household. 

What happens in that case is that the authority of the Lord of Hosts is removed, especially if the household is out of order.  The Lord will work with the household to get it back in order, but if the head of the household does not know or does not fiercely defend the household order, that household is easy pickings for the devil who will come in and destroy it. We have gone over why the authority of the Lord is important, Christian.  We, as Disciples of Christ, are to walk in His power at ALL TIMES and not rely on our own power to do anything.  As soon as the devil sees you do not have the Lord’s power because he tricked you into walking away from it, the household will be attacked and the entire household enslaved.

Below, we have provided examples of what households that are out of order look like.  Study the slides, Christian, and make the necessary changes to your household.  You MUST maintain the Familial Order to ensure that the household order is maintained.  You must continue to walk in the Power of the Lord Jesus Christ or the devil will overtake you and enslave you.

Household #1:

The head of the household who does NOT

know the Lord Jesus Christ Personally

This is what happens to the household of a man that does NOT know the Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY.  Already, that household is OUT OF ORDER, and this is typical of 95% of ALL households worldwide.  Since the head of the household does NOT know the Lord Jesus Christ, the household will be doomed.  The children of that household will be enslaved, as well as the wife and the husband.

Households like this are usually households that are NOT Godly.  They do NOT read their bibles, nor do they have any relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are usually well to do, as the husband works.  For the majority of the time, that house is left alone by the devil, as that household is NOT a threat to him.  however, that household is always on the list of households that the devil will destroy because if he feels like it.  The people are clueless as to how to defend their household, and they usually don't havea care in the world until calamity strikes.

Households like this are also those who THINK they know Jesus, like the Once Saved, Always Saved crowd.  They just 'believe' thsat they know Jesus, but they do NOT know Him personally.  Are we surprised when we see these 'Church people' whose children are the spawn of ol' Beelzubub himself?  Are we surprised when they have issues with their children doing all kinds of crazy and debase things?  Are we surprised that these are the people who state that 'There is NO JESUS'?

These 'Church people' have NEVER known Jesus, and are missing out on all of the protections and guidance that Jesus will willfully give them if they would just come to Him!!

Household #2:

Married woman who has usurped authority

and has taken over the household

This type of household is ripe for the pickings for the devil to take it over.  The woman is NOT in Order and she tells her husband what to do.  She makes the decisions of the household and she decides what happens there.  In this partcular case, the head of the household and helpmeet roles have been switched.

This sort of houshold is  apparently one that Jezebel runs, as she is the dictatorial head of the household.  The Lord of Hosts is NOT going to recognize that household, and He will turn it overto the devil.  What the devil will do is let the household flourish for a while, making this an example of what a woman can do to run her household, but when the time comes for the devil to destroy that household, that woman will not be able to stop him.

The devil is like that; he will turn on those  who are loyal to him and then he will pimp that person out or kill them, just because he feels like it.

Household #3:

Married woman who insists

on sharing household authority

The Lord of Hosts actually detests this type of household, as the woman wants to 'share' the head of household responsibilities. 

What wrong with that, you may say.

The household is out of order, and the woman is in rebellion.  As you already know, the  Lord does not tolerate rebellions and He puts down rebellion swiftly and harshly.  This is an example that we hope will wake up some of the households out there, as the Lord will see to it that a  household sharing authority is destroyed.

Household #4:

Same Sex Households

The Lord of Hosts actually detests this type of household, as this is an abomination to Him.  What wrong with same sex marriages?  We see that all the time, you may say.

The household is out of order, and the people running that household are in rebellion.  Those who participate in that rebellion will be destroyed, no matter if they are 'nice people' or not.  Anything that is abhorrent to the Lord of Hosts, He is NOT going to accept.  You can see this demonstrated in scripture (Genesis 4:1-5) when Cain and Abel made their offerings to the Lord, and the Lord accepted Abel's offering and rejected Cain's.


Cain gave the Lord what he thought the Lord would want and NOT what the Lord asked for.  The Lord is NOT going to accept what He did not ordain; the Lord did NOT ordain same sex marriage (the devil did that), so any household offered up to the Lord with same-sex marriage is not going to be accepted.  Offering this as a 'valid' household is rebellion.

As you already know, the  Lord does not tolerate rebellions and He puts down rebellion swiftly and harshly.  This is an example that we hope will wake up some of the households out there, as the Lord will see to it that a  household sharing authority is destroyed.

Household #5:

Abdication of the Head of the household role by the man

Any household that does not have the roles filled in them will fail, and in this case, we are specifically talking about the head of the household.  This abdication may be because of an affair, a divorce, a person walking away from their families because of financial pressures, or a husband and a wife who just do not get along.  This is the work of the devil, as he will do anything to get into a household and destroy it. 

Now you know HOW the devil steals, kills, and destroys.

We will outline this in detail, and show how this household will implode and collapse, leaving the household vulnerable for enslavement.

Household #6:

Abdication of the Helpmeet role by the woman

Any household that does not have the roles filled in them will fail, and in this case, we are specifically talking about the helpmeet, a VERY important role that MUST be fulfilled.  This abdication may be because of an affair, a divorce, a person walking away from their families because of financial pressures, or two people who just do not get along.  This is the work of the devil, as he will do anything to get into a household and destroy it. 

Now you know HOW the devil steals, kills, and destroys.

We will outline this in detail, and show how this household will implode and collapse, leaving the household vulnerable for enslavement.

Household #7:

The Goulag - A Household ruled

by a Cruel Dictator

This household is run by the head of the  household that is cruel, dictatorial, and nasty to his family.  This sort of person THINKS he is doing what the Lord wants, but the Lord has always wanted ORDER, but ORDER with the Fruit of the Spirit (kindness, peace, Love, longsuffering, meekness, temperance, and faith), not the order of a Prison camp.    This would include mental cruelty, as the Lord HATES when the head of the Household does that to his wife and family.

If the head of the household is doing this, then they are OUT OF ORDER and the Lord will NOT accept that household until that head of the household has changed to what the Lord expects.

Yes, the Lord DOES expect the head of the household to rule well WITH Christ and have his household in order, but that does NOT mean that the head of the household berates and belittles his wife or children.  A household in this state is ruled by FEAR, and FEAR is NOT the spirit of the Lord.

Always Remember...

Whatever you have ingested from this site (or any site), be sure to  ALWAYS run what you have learned by the Lord Jesus Christ and have HIM confirm what you are reading. Start a dialogue with The Lord Jesus Christ and continue to learn from Him what He wants for you to learn.  It is up to the hearer of the Word to study to show himself or herself approved, rightly dividing the Word.  Don't take our word or anyone's word for anything.  Always check it out and make sure what you are ingesting is truth.

Household #8:

A household filled with discord, strife,

hatred and anger

This type of household is running rampant in the world today, and this type of household is one that the devil has already tried to implode.  The spirit of that household is one of anger, discord, and strife.  It  does not matter if that household professes to be a 'Christian' household or not; you can tell the household by it's fruit.

This type of household need the direct intervention from the Lord Jesus Christ, as He will put things in order provided that the aerring parties in that household will seek Him to mediate the struggles they face.  In most cases, the discord can be settled IF the warring parties will stop and LISTEN to the Lord Jesus Christ and get them to focus on HIM and NOT on the 'stuff' they are fighting over.

Household #10:

Head of the Household who is

Once Saved, Always Saved

This household is of a person who ascribes to the doctrine of Once saved, Always saved.  The main reason why we are posting this is because those who ascribe to this doctrine will NOT be prepared for what is coming to implode their households.  Although  we have written extensively about this doctrine, as you can see here, many of these people will PERISH because they have not taken the time to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY and they will NOT have the protection and provision of the Lord.

You have seen the YouTube preachers who espouse this doctrine.  We have shown that this doctrine is demonic, and it will create Lukewarm Christians (see our article here) and the POWER of the Lord Jesus Christ has been stifled by the preachers in the pulpit.  You are going to need POWER to keep your household in order and you are going to need to learn how to fight to fiercely defend your household.

That once Saved, Always Saved doctrine makes you docile, and you will sit and wait for the Lord Jesus Christ to do something as He waits for you to do something.  In the meantime, the devil is bashing in your skull, destroying your household and enslaving your family.

Wake UP, Christian, and do something to help yourself.  You can at least ASK JESUS if what we are posting is true (as we explored in an article here) so you are not surprised later on.  Do this for yourself, Christian, if nothing else.

Household #9:

A household where oral and anal sex are practiced

as well as other deviant sex practices

This type of household is running rampant in the world today, and this type of household is one that the devil has primed to destroy when he feels like it.  You see., Christian, this type of household has an UNCLEAN SPIRIT, and until that unclean spirit is removed, the Lord of Hosts is NOT going to accept it.  In fact, this household will have ICABOD written on it if the people in that household do not STOP what they are doing and ask the Lord for forgiveness and turn away from their ways.

Since the Spirit in the household is unclean, the Holy Ghost will NOT go anywhere near this household.  This woud be a household that has swinging parties, where the husband and/or the wife has multiple sex partners.  This household will always have some sort of porn playing as well as experimentations with sex toys and  animals, if it goes that far.

These people will have sex and debauchery on their minds ALL THE TIME, and at some point the Lord of Hosts will give these people OVER to their desires, as stated in Romans 1:28-32.  The Lord, once He gives you OVER to your lusts, He walks away and you CANNOT be redeemed.

For those of you 'Christians' that are having your sex parties - be aware of becoming reprobate, and you can become one even as a 'Christian'.  Ask Jesus to get that lust spirit off of you so you are NOT lost.  Having oral and anal sex in your household will cause your household to be defiled and the Lord will NOT accept your household.

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Coming  in Part 5

This will be the end of the 5-part series on Law and  Order.  In the last part of this series, we will be conentrating on the following things:

  • We will be showing everyone how to REBALANCE their marriages and households  so that they will remain in order in the case of a death in the family, an abdication, a split of the household, and  if someone becomes incapacitated through war or an accident.  This will be how you can always be SURE you are in order, no matter what happens to the household.  Always know, once we show you how to rebalance your household, that you will not just be thrust  out and given to the devil, but you will have some assistance IF you know what you need to do.

  • We will be showing how households that have been 'wounded' can be combined so they are in order.  This will be the case during the American civil war, where many of the heads of  households may be killed, leaving the household vulnerable and without a head.  There is a way to consolidate the household so that the power and protection of the Lord remains on the household.  We will explore all of these ways next month.

  • We will show you how Single-Parent households can be in  order and STAY in Order.  You have to know that the Lord is NOT going to discard those single parents who want to be in Order and be governed by Him to the wolves because of a divorce, a mistake that was made in the past, or  something done in ignorance.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Second Chance, and many of us  are here today  BECAUSE of that 2nd chance Jesus has given us.

As with all of our postings, take what you have seen and go directly to the Lord Jesus Christ and have Him step you through what we have  shown that best fits YOUR situation.   Never take what we say or post for ANYTHING; YOU need to check out what we post and see for yourself if what was posted is true or not.

  As we put in the warnings above - much of what we have posted will REQUIRE the  Holy Ghost to revelate this to you.  You will need to sit with Jesus and talk with Him about what you have seen posted.  Ask questions; ask Him how these things are possible and relevant to YOUR situation and YOUR household.   What we have presented here WILL save your life, your marriage and your household, as the devil is making his move to enslave all of us in his open air prison  called EARTH.