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From the admin - 

The YouTube saga and drama is OVER!!

We have recovered from the YouTube situation and we are moving on, leaving YouTube behind

Last month, we had a LOT of issues with YouTube, and if you did not know, YouTube closed our account.  We had a lot of videos that were linked to You Tube, so for a few days, we had no videos available on this website.  We did get through that and got most of our articles redone with new links from our Kingdom Quickies video warehouse so that people could enjoy the content that we had been putting up on YouTube.

Frankly, the YouTube platform was not for us and we were not for them, as we had some warnings about our content. 

  • Did we push the envelope?   YES.
  • Was our content controversial?  YES
  • Did our content make people uncomfortable?   YES!

In the 24 minute video below, I go through all of the things that we did experience with YouTube and why we did what we did.  Take a moment to view this video and get the whole picture.

Kingdom Quickies Special

What happened with Kingdom Quickies and YouTube

Now that you have viewed the video, you can see that we have been following orders from the Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, and if you do not believe that, that is fine with me.  Every single video – including the salacious ones – were PERSONALLY approved by the Lord Jesus Christ, and the content was put there to reach those people who are bound and trapped in the devil’s prisons, and he has MANY prisons.  Fetishes, Porn, Debt, money – the devil wants you bound but he binds you in a way that will make you want to be bound and not FREE in the Lord Jesus Christ.


In the 24 minute below, we talk about what we are going to do next, and we are going to talk about the cost of being a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and donations, so check that out here:

Kingdom Quickies Special

What's Next for Kingdom Quickies after YouTube?

Throughout the videos, I mentioned a lot of things.  Below, I have provided links to the things I have mentioned.  Take some time and click on the links to see exactly what I was talking about.  From that point, you can then evaluate if what I was talking about is true or not, and then go to Jesus DIRECTLY and confirm with HIM whatyou have heard or have seen.