Lukewarm Christianity

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Lukewarm Christianity:

Your  church that YOU attend is walking with the devil  and this is turning you into a Lukewarm Christian who is destined for hell & the Lake of Fire

Those are pretty strong words, is that not true?  How is it that the 'church' is walking with the devil?  Isn't the church supposed to be with the Lord Jesus Christ?

  • Yes, the church is supposed to be about Jesus and the Lord of Hosts, isn't that correct?
  • What happened to the church that your  parents went to when you were TAUGHT the things of God?
  • How did we get to this point where the church is  worldly and DEMONIC?
  • What are we going to do to get the spiritual edification we need to be with Jesus?

The church has become corrupted because of the Bible Colleges who are teaching people - men and women -  to be pastors who are not even Born Again and they are walking out of those colleges with  Doctorate  of Divinity degrees who then start churches and their 'Ministry' by becoming  pastors because this is a growth BUSINESS.

That's right - a Business.

The people in the pews are the marks/suckers (also known as giving units) and Jesus and the Gospel is a commodity that these pastors 'buy' and 'sell'.  If the commodity is applied correctly, then the pastor will get the 'giving units' to give money - lots of money - so the pastor will fulfill his goals.  You can see pastors do this when they give you a snippet of something interesting they got from 'God' that they put on DVDs and sell that knowledge to the public  for $19.99 or $24.95  (plus shipping and handling).  Other pastors downright threaten their congregations and tell them that they will be CURSED by God if they don't hand over their 10% of their salaries for tithes; others tell  their congregants that God will bless them 10, 100, 1000 fold for their tithes, as a seed faith offering.

  • What about the Gospel?
  • What about not buying or selling the Gospel, as Jesus commands us?
  • What about Jesus?
  • What about the souls of those whom the pastor is preaching to?
  • Isn't the pastor supposed to be concerned that people get to Jesus so they may be saved?

Guess what, Christian?  You are important as long as the money you give does not stop.  These pastors could care less about YOUR spiritual growth  and they hope you make it.  In other words, church is a place of larceny, and you  are getting rooked, pimped, and hornswaggled.    Church has become a den of thieves instead of a house of prayer.

All of this is causing you to become a Lukewarm Christian, and what is worse than that is that many of you reading this article RIGHT NOW are Lukewarm and you don't even know it.

  It is important to point this out because the churches are NOT pointing people to Jesus as they should.  Many people are falling for the 'entertainment' that is known as 'church' today, where you can see your favourite choir conductor twerking in your face while the music is playing.

What is even more incredulous is that people faithfully go to church to be  disempowered, castrated spiritually, fed spiritual candy every Wednesday and Sunday as they are led AWAY from the Lord Jesus Christ.  In effect, the devil has taken over the church, and we will show how  this is being done in the articles following this one.  This is the clarion call for all 'Christians' to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ NOW while you can, as the cost of salvation will go up exponentially in the coming years.

In this study, we will:

  •  point out how a person becomes Lukewarm  with Christ; 
  • point out all of the traps that have been laid for the people who are Lukewarm, and then
  • point out  how YOU can  get right with Jesus so you are NOT lukewarm anymore

In this study, we are kicking church butt and naming names, but this is not to just point out what these pastors are doing; it is to also shake you up,  Christian, and point you to the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY so YOU can get a handle  on YOUR salvation for YOU.  Since these pastors don't care about you or your salvation, YOU have to do it for YOURSELF and not depend on these boobs in the pulpit.

In the fixes, we will show you what is suggested  for you to do so you can know the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself.  Yes, this process is going to require YOUR participation, Christian.  Jesus is the one who is going to judge you when you die, so why NOT talk to Him directly NOW so He can help you make it into the Kingdom of God?

In all of the articles that you will see, especially in the Christian Church Hall of Shame articles,  we are going to challenge the reader to verify what we have posted as true with the Lord Jesus Christ directly.  Every article will have this added to the end, so even if you are skimming the articles, you can ask Jesus YOURSELF if what has been posted is true.  It is highly suggested that you use this time to ask Jesus  to help you while He is still available.

Now, many of you are sitting there saying - 'I am already saved, so what are these idiots talking about?'.

Are you SURE about that? 

  • Are you relying on what your Pastor said? 
  • Are you SURE you are even saved?   (check out this site's admin's testimony  here.  He was deceived for many years.)
  • Did you verify your salvation with Jesus?
  • Does Jesus even know who you are PERSONALLY? 
  • Have you asked Him to be the Lord of your life, cutting a covenant with Him?

We would suggest that you ask again to be SURE of your salvation, because we know that many of you that are in these Denominational Churches THINK you are saved when you are really NOT.  Just because you walked up to an altar somewhere and prayed a prayer, that does NOT mean you are saved.  We will talk about the delusional teachings of Once Saved, Always Saved and how many who think they are saved are really NOT.

So, Christian, humor us and ask Jesus directly if you are saved or not RIGHT NOW.

Go ahead...  We'll wait for you.

 Many of you will be VERY surprised at the answer that you get.

As you can plainly see, there are a LOT of voices and a LOT of deception down here, so how are you going to know for SURE that you know you are following the right path?  How do you even know what we have covered this month is even true unless you have an authority that you can use to verify what you have read?

The Lord Jesus Christ is that authority, and it is a good practice to start to verify everything that you think is Christian.  Jesus WILL answer you and He will guide you if you let Him.  Start off small asking questions of things you know like:

"Is Christmas a holiday that you approve of, Jesus?"

"What do you think about  Ash Wednesday, Jesus?"

"What do you think of my halloween costume, Jesus?"

"If I give money to my church, what kind of blessing can I expect, Jesus?"

"Jesus, why am I always Broke?"

Take your pick of the questions  above or just make up some of yourself, and ask!

This is the first step, Christian, and then listen for Jesus to respond to you.  Heed what He tells you, and then strike up a conversation with Him and  get to know Him.  The good news is that you  CAN talk to the Lord  Jesus Christ directly without your pastor (who cannot take away your sins anyway).  Start with that, and then move forward.

As an exercise, ask Jesus the following:

"Jesus, Do I need to be filled with the Holy Ghost to Make it into the Kingdom of God?"

For some of you, the answer is going to be a shock, but that is good!! As we always say on this site, do NOT take our word for anything.  Check what you see and hear with the Lord Jesus Christ and verify with HIM to see if what has been posted is true.

  • If you want instructions on how to call out the the Lord Jesus Christ, click here.
  • If you want to know what you are getting into when you become a Disciple of Christ, click here.
  • If you want to give your life to The Lord Jesus Christ, making a covenant with Him, click here,

Lukewarm Christianity

The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to be a Lukewarm Christian

Lukewarm Christianity

Did you know that over 95% of professing Christians end up in hell?

Lukewarm Christianity

The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to become a Lukewarm Christian

Lukewarm Christianity

Everyone is a 'Christian', right?

Lukewarm Christianity:

What is a 'Lukewarm Christian'?

You hear this term bandied about all of the time.  So exactly what IS a 'Lukewarm Christian'?  We take an in-depth look at what a Lukewarm Chrstian is and how the Lord Jesus Christ PROMISES to 'spew ' these people out of His mouth.  This means that if you are a Lukewarm Christian, the Lord  Jesus Christ WILL cut you off at some point IF you do not get with the program.

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a Lukewarm Christian if Christ is NOT your head

Lukewarm Christianity

You did NOT get the Holy Ghost when you confessed Christ

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you are NOT following Jesus

Lukewarm Christianity

if you do NOT resist the devil, You are a lukewarm Christian

Lukewarm Christianity:

Characteristics of a Lukewarm Christian

In this section, we show you what  the characteristics of a  Lukewarm Christian are.  In short, a Lukewarm Christian is any Christian that does NOT follow Jesus, talk to Jesus, or is not filled with the Holy Ghost.  As you go through these characteristics, if any ONE of these  fit you, then YOU are a Lukewarm Christian and you need help to get out of that state so you will be able to be used by  the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lukewarm Christianity

if you confessed Christ but do not follow Him, You are a lukewarm Christian

Lukewarm Christianity

You SAY you are saved, but are you really?

Lukewarm Christianity

Carnal Christians? Not NO, but HELL NO

Lukewarm Christianity:

How did you become a lukewarm Christian?

You are a lukewarm Christian because you go to church and you follow your PASTOR, NOT Jesus.    Many of you think that by going to church you are a 'Christian', but you are mistaken, and being a 'churchgoer' will get you killed and sent to hell, as you will NOT be prepared to go into the Kingdom of god.  We explore all of this as we show you that church is a damnable place, and you need Jesus to guide you and show you what He wants for you.

Lukewarm Christianity

What makes a person a Lukewarm Christian?

Lukewarm Christianity

Just got Saved? Look to Jesus to get your answers and NOT other Christians or a pastor

Lukewarm Christianity:

Christian vs. Disciple:  Which one should you be?

In this section, we identify  the fruit of the churches and    examine the fruit  against what the Lord Jesus Christ expects of His churches.  The churches are woefully deficient, and  Jesus is going to destroy the churches that do not measure up.

Lukewarm Christianity

Are you a 'Christian' or are you a 'Disciple'?

Lukewarm Christianity

Are you a churchgoer or are you a Christian?

Lukewarm Christianity:

Your Church has taught you how to be and stay Lukewarm so you are of no use to the Lord Jesus Christ

The church you are going to RIGHT NOW has taught you how to be a lazy, lethargic and Lukewarm Christian.  In further articles, we will show you exactly HOW they do this, but this article will show you what they do to keep you in THEIR audience, and not in the audience of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The goal of church is to disempower you to the point where you are bound to THEM and turn away from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you think your church will get you into the Kingdom of God

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if your believe your pastor who does NOT preach Christ

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if your church you attend is out of order

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if the pastor tells you that 'the Holy Ghost is not for today'

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you think that your confession alone will get you into the Kingdom of God

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you think you can never lose your salvation

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you think you can sin and still go to Heaven

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you think you have eternal security

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you are following Church doctrine

Lukewarm Christianity

You are a lukewarm Christian if you ascribe to the Once Saved Always Saved doctrine

There are MANY methods the devil uses to keep people as Lukewarm Christians, and here are some of those methods

In the box below, we outlined the means that the devil is using to keep Christians Lukewarm.  You have to understand that the Lukewarm Church is there to keep as many people as Lukewarm "Christians" as it can.

So why hasn't Jesus just destroyed this farce that people call "Church"?

It is because Jesus is waiting for the people to get with HIM to get out of this "church world", which is designed to keep the churchgoer lukewarm.  We have outline a few of the things that are blatantly obvious to those who are looking that church is strange and church is NOT leading many people to Jesus.  The church is making and keeping people Lukewarm so that the Lord Jesus Christ will spew (or, better stated, vomit) these people out of His mouth, as scripture tells us:

Revelation 3:15-16 - I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

The devil knows this about Jesus, so he has concocted doctrines and procedures in churches to make sure that people are Lukewarm so that he will get the souls that he wants.  This section will open your eyes to the tactics the devil is using and it will also show you how you can get out of the traps that the devil has set for people in the church so they can walk with Jesus as Jeses intended.