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We have put all of your favourite monthly content sections below.  Some of the sections will have new content, and the picture will have a notation on it telling you that there is something new to look at.     We will post  updates as they become available.

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Quick Links to our Posts on Porn, Fetishes, sodomites and Sodomite Behaviours

In this section, we have posted our take on the things that are defiling people today and we are exposing the sodomite spirit and the dirt the devil is putting on people through porn and masturbation.  

WARNING: This section is graphic in its language and its content.

Quick Links to our Posts on Popular  Holidays and Celebrations

In this section, we have posted our take on the holidays that people are celebrating, and many people are celebrating the holidays THINKING it is of Christ when it is not.  We will post updates as they become available.

Quick Links to our Jesus and the Holy Ghost Content Section with updates

In this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that are all about Jesus and nothing but Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  Use this section to find out more about who Jesus is and how you can interact with Him.  Get to know Jesus, as Jesus is the one who is going to let you into His Kingdom.

Quick Links to Church doctrines and other lies churches are telling people to damn them 

In this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that we have of church doctrines and practices that are currently damning people and are not mincing any wors when it comes to dealing with this subject.  Many churches out there are run by the devil, so are we surprised that the people going to church are going to be sodomites?  If what we have presented is YOU, get with the Lord Jesus Christ  DIRECTLY and get right with Him while you still can.

Quick Links on Prayer and how to take advantage of  Prayers the devil HATES

In this section, we are going to show you how you can learn to pray to keep the devil at bay, and how you can get your recompense for the devil bothering you.  The recompense, when you go through the Lord's legal system, will be awarded to you if you know how to file complaints or petitions, which are initriated through prayer.  You will also learn about prayers and the different types of prayer that you can use to keep the devil away from you.  If the prayers are automatic or event driven, you have an arsenal of prayers available to you at all times.  You will also learn how to Pray ALWAYS, as we are commanded to do in Ephesians 6.

Quick Links on how to use the Lord's legal system to kick the devil's behind

In this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that are all about the Lord's Legal system and the components that YOU can use to combat the devil.  The devil is using this legal system to LEGALLY infuse demonic spirits in people, and the people are unaware of the legalities involved with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts and the Holy Ghost.  They have no idea of how the Lord process prayers, or what prayers really do.  You have to understand that Jesus is a JUDGE, so everything He does has legal precedence.  This section will introduce you to the legalities of being a Disciple or a follower of Christ and how you can use the Lord's legal system to kick the devil in his nibbly-bits and make him leave you alone.

Quick Links on Your armour and how to effectively use your armour and prayers to kick the devil's behind

In this section, we have put all of the articles and posts that will show you how to use your armour.  Your armour is not something that you put on and clank around in, as most people do.  These same people who may be following a church or denopminational doctrine have NO IDEA that the armour of God is ONLY for Disciples and followers of Christ.  If you are NOT a Disciple or a follower of Christ, your armour DOES NOT WORK and you are not protected from ANYTHING.  Learn about the special armour that Jesus MAY give to you and learn how to use your armour to keep the devil at bay using the Lord's legal system as you get your recompense from the devil for him bothering you.  This is a VERY important section that you will want to sit with Jesus and discuss at length.

As always, take NOTHING that you have seen here on this site as the truth.  It is YOUR responsibility to study and check out everything that you see and hear, and you have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ who will help you if you would just ask Him. 

Take this upon yourself, Christian, as YOU need to get YOUR Bible, YOUR concordance, YOUR dictionary, YOUR pens/pencils,YOUR notepad and then YOU need to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to help YOU so YOU can make it into His Kingdom, since it will be YOU standing alone in front of Jesus when YOU are being judged. 

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure YOU are in the faith and that YOU have completed YOUR sanctification during the sanctification process and YOU have gotten YOUR forgiveness and YOU have repented of all of YOUR sins before YOU are judged by Jesus. 

Scripture tells us that hell will enlarge itself to accommodate all of the people who will be sent there because they refuse to seek out Jesus, as you can see in scripture here:

Isaiah 5:14 - Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

Take this as a warning, Christian, as the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT desperate for people, as there were only 8 people who got on the ark before the flood, and only 2 people from the Hebrews from Egypt made it into the Promised Land.  Be wise, and stay IN Jesus so you are not lost.