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 Holy Ghost articles

The Holy Ghost

Ananias and Sapphira didn't know the Holy Ghost was there

Clear your home of defiling elements so the Holy Ghost can commune with you

From the acts of the apostles to today: What happened to the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Heaven

If the Holy Ghost is not for today, why does Jesus send Him to new Disciples or followers of Christ?

If you are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost...

... forget about any rapture

... you are a LUKEWARM Christian

... you CANNOT go to heaven

... you will NEVER see the Kingdom of God

If you did NOT got through a wilderness experience with the Holy Ghost, you are NOT saved

If your pastor tells you...

... 'The Holy Spirit is NOT for today', get out of that Church NOW

... that you got the Holy Ghost when you got saved, he is in error

It will be Jesus who recalls the Holy Ghost during the Rapture

Nobody makes it into the Kingdom of God if they are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost

You need to be filled with the Holy Ghost to make it in

The Holy Ghost ...

... cleans you up in your wilderness experience with Him

... does answer prayer when necessary

... does NOT contend with people

... does NOT do parlour tricks

... does reward obedience

... dwells within you when you are filled

... guides and Counsels all True followers of Christ

... indwells you forever when you are filled

... is a gentleman

... is a part of the Triune Godhead

... is a PERSON, and NOT a conciousness

... is a vital component of Salvation

... is a vital component of sanctification

... is an excellent teacher

... is GOD

... is grieved and offended by churches today

... is HOLY

... is NOT a 'she'

... is offended by the Christmas Spirit

... is our Comforter

... is sent by Jesus to new followers of Christ ONLY

... is the earnest or guarantee of you being saved

... is the POWER of the Lord of Hosts

... is the Spirit in the Kingdom of God

... is the Spirit of the Lord in the Old Testament

... is withdrawn from the world during the rapture

... MAY have you do special assignments for Him 

... nurtures all true followers of Christ

... will ALWAYS point to Jesus

... will guide you in all that you do

... will Illuminate scripture

... will intercede on your behalf when needed

... will NOT force you to do anything

... will take all filled people with Him when He withdraws

...will withdraw if offended

Messing with the Holy Ghost can get you killed

The seal of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the Holy Ghost

Today's churches grieve the Holy Ghost

What is a Comforter & why is it important to the followers of Christ?

What is the Holy Ghost like?

What is the purpose of the Holy Ghost?

What really grieves the Holy Ghost?

What the Holy Ghost expects of people

What the Holy Ghost wants for people

Why does Jesus bother sending the Holy Ghost if He is NOT for today?

Why the devil does NOT want you to be filled with the Holy Ghost

Why the devil hates the Holy Ghost

Why the Holy Ghost IS for today

Why you need the Holy Spirit today

Why your wilderness experience with the Holy Ghost is Important

You are NOT automatically filled when you confessed Christ

You are NOT saved if you are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost

As always, take NOTHING that you have seen here on this site as the truth.  It is YOUR responsibility to study and check out everything that you see and hear, and you have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ who will help you if you would just ask Him. 

Take this upon yourself, Christian, as YOU need to get YOUR Bible, YOUR concordance, YOUR dictionary, YOUR pens/pencils,YOUR notepad and then YOU need to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to help YOU so YOU can make it into His Kingdom, since it will be YOU standing alone in front of Jesus when YOU are being judged. 

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure YOU are in the faith and that YOU have completed YOUR sanctification during the sanctification process and YOU have gotten YOUR forgiveness and YOU have repented of all of YOUR sins before YOU are judged by Jesus. 

Scripture tells us that hell will enlarge itself to accommodate all of the people who will be sent there because they refuse to seek out Jesus, as you can see in scripture here:

Isaiah 5:14 - Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

Take this as a warning, Christian, as the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT desperate for people, as there were only 8 people who got on the ark before the flood, and only 2 people from the Hebrews from Egypt made it into the Promised Land.  Be wise, and stay IN Jesus so you are not lost.