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There is no such thing as...

In this section, we are going to look at some of the things that 'they' say are true.  You will see that many of the things that 'they' say are NOT true, and many of them do not make any sense at all. 

... A Carnal Christian

There is no such thing as a carnal Christian because real Christians are NOT carnal!!    If the person is carnal, then they are NOT a Christian.

... A Female Pastor or Bishop

According to the Bible, a woman is not allowed to be a pastor or a bishop, as this usurps the authority of the man.  As pastors, if they were real, they would already know this...

... A Christian who is a sinner

You are either a Christian or you are a sinner.  You  cannot be both.

... A Homosexual Christian

According to the Bible, a  man (or a woman) who lies with another man (or a woman) is an abomination, not a Christian.  They are in error and will reap the benefits of that error.

... Christian Yoga

Yoga is the worship of Hindu gods (who are really demons).  No Christian should worship another god, as this is idolatry.

... A


There is nowhere in the Bible where there is any mention of  co-pastor. The office of a pastor is held individually.

... Homosexual Marriage

If you are a homosexual, you are in rebellion to Christ.  If you 'marry', this is NOT recognized by the Lord Jesus Christ and it is  still  an abomination to the Lord.

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