No Holy Ghost no Heaven

No Holy Ghost,

No Heaven

Christian, the Lord Jesus Christ has given all Christians a directive to get filled with the Holy Spirit.  So, let’s take a look at why the Lord is doing this.

The Church is overrun by Sodomites, Lesbians,

Female Pastors and People not authorized to be pastors

As you already know, the church as we know it is defiled.  People are going to church and they are getting doctrines taught to them that have nothing to do with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or anything remotely close to any teaching that will help the people listening grow spiritually in the Lord.  What we are seeing is a show every Sunday, with people being fed spiritual candy and not the real milk they need as babes in Christ or the meat of the Word as mature Christians.

We have people who are not even saved leading churches now, calling themselves a ‘pastor’ or a ‘co-pastor’, which doesn’t even exist.  Many women are going to get their divinity certificate thinking that ‘qualifies’ then to be a pastor so they can run a church.   Do they not know that they need to be CALLED by the Lord Jesus Christ personally to lead a church?  All of this has become a business, where people make money saying a lot of nothing and calling that ‘holy’. 

We haven’t even talked about the sodomites that are openly doing their dirt in front of the whole congregation, having the ‘First Gentleman’ honoured in the church, who is ‘married ‘to the pastor, who is a MAN!!

Everyone sits there, saying nothing, and millions are being lost daily.

Right now, the people are more interested in the band playing than the gospel or any teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ and how they should be walking in Him.    This is a shame, Christian, as this looks more like a nightclub than a church!!  We should be learning and growing, Christian, so we will be mature enough for the Lord to be able to use us as He sees fit.

What are the people learning? 

Are they casting out demons? 

Are they healing the sick?

Are they walking in the power of The Lord Jesus Christ?

Sadly, Christian, this is not the case.  There is doctrinal bickering, and there is one-upmanship going on, trying to see who can outdo the other.  Many people are going to hell daily who have gone to church, but do NOT know the Lord Jesus Christ for real.

In many churches, there is the ‘sinner’s prayer’ that many say to give their lives to the Lord.  As soon as everyone goes home, the person is right back where they were before they got ‘saved’ and they are sinning and fornicating and doing all sorts of things that the world does, and they call themselves a ‘Christian’.  If Jesus Christ walked up to them in the street today, they would have no clue as to who He was.

That is how bad it has gotten, Christian.

The Lord Jesus Christ

is putting His foot down

As you know, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and when He is sent, He teaches and guides Christians who embody Him in ALL truth.  The problem is this – many churches are saying that you do not need the Holy Spirit, grieving the Holy Spirit terribly.

Jesus has had enough.

So, now Jesus is telling all Christians to get filled with the Holy Spirit.  If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit, you will NOT make it into Heaven.

Think about this for a minute.

Jesus is sending the Holy Spirit to those who ask for Him, Christian.  Can’t you see that this is the first step to bring the Body of Christ together?  All of everyone’s prayers are now coming to fruition, Christian.  Can’t you see that the Lord will gather those in the air that have HIS Spirit?  This is what all of the ‘rapture’ talk is about.  Here is the funny thing – those who want to get out of here in a Rapture DON’T HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Talk about being Left Behind.

So, Christian, as you read this, this is the latest directive from the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is calling on all Christians to get filled with the Holy Spirit.  Go to Jesus and ask Him to fill you as soon as you can.  The Holy Spirit will guide you and teach you, Christian, and all you need to do is to be obedient and learn from Him.

How hard is that?

We can also tell you that many denominations are going to balk at this, Christian.  If your church does not believe in the Holy Spirit, get out of there as fast as you can.  Get with the Lord Jesus Christ directly and get Him to send you the Holy Spirit.  Be persistent, Christian, and keep asking and keep pressing until the Lord Jesus Christ sends Him to you.

Get away from the churches that are NOT teaching the Holy Spirit  or obedience to The Lord Jesus Christ, Christian.  You are getting spiritual candy that is making you sick and emaciated spiritually, and sick and emaciated Christians are no match for the devil, who will cave in your skull and laugh while he is doing it.  Learn how to fight the devil and make him pay for his mischief and treachery.

This website has many books on how to fight the devil, so take some time to download the books and run everything you read by the Lord Jesus Christ and see if what was written is true or not.  Let The Lord Jesus Christ guide you and show you what He wants you to do.

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