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Not NO, but HELL NO

You have seen this in the news - whenever you hear someone start yelling "OH HELL NO!!" you know there is trouble.  In this section, we have got some of the best "OH HELL NO" moments of people who say they are Christians,  These people are doing everything that is opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ thinking that it is OK.

  • Did they at least ASK Jesus if what they are doing is OK?
  • Did they take the time to at least think about what they are doing?

These "OH HELL NO!" moments are sometimes funny, but the people who are doing these things are serious.   We are going to call out these things loudly and clearly so people will know that these things they are doing is NOT of Christ and they need to stop.

Christian Swinging?

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

Here we have a case of people doing what they want to do and they append the name of Jesus to it thinking that is is OK.

It is NOT OK.

The swinging lifestyle is a lifestyle where people are swapping partners to have sex with as many people as they can.  As a swinger, getting sex is their god, so if getting sex is their god, how can Jesus be anywhere near or around any of that?  This is why this is not NO, but HELL NO, as Jesus is nowhere around a swinging lifestyle.,  The trick the devil is using is to get people to think that Christian Swinging is different from regular or normal swinging when it is not.  Swinging is a Hedonistic lifestyle, and Jesus is NOWHERE near that.  You CANNOT be a Christian and a swinger because this is an oxymoron and Jesus would NOT sanction anyone who is a swinger.  In fact, if a "Christian" is a swinger, Jesus is going to turn them over to their desires and they cannot be saved.

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Christian Swinging

Not NO, but HELL NO:

you are a lukewarm Christian if think that 'Christian swinging' is OK

Christian Witches??

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

Now this is a sign that people who think they are "Christian witches" have lost their mind.

You CANNOT be a witch and a Christian at the same time.  This is an oxymoron, and anyone who is appending the word "Christian" to something that the Bible is very clear that the Lord hates is fooling themselves.  Witchcraft is the power ofth edevil, so how can this be something that is "Christian"?  That's like saying you have a cat that barks (and if you do, you need to get rid of that thing right away).

This just goes to show you how the devil is driving people insane, and it also shows how ignorant people are of the Lord Jesus Christ.  If these people knew Jesus, they would NEVER be calling themselves a "Christian Witch".  This is the fault of the denominational churches because they do NOT teach Christ, but some other doctrine, and the bible tells us that if we teach anything other than Christ we are cursed.

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Christian witches

Not NO, but HELL NO:

You CANNOT be a follower of Christ if you declare yourself to be a Witch

Christian Yoga??

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

Now here is the quintessential "HELL NO" moment - we have eastern mysticism in the form of exercise called yoga, and then we have these silly people who wnt to append the name of Christ to an eastern religion.  Where is their filter? Don't these people know that you cannot mix Yoga and Christianity?

Obviously, these people do NOT know this.

Many of these "Christian Yoga" practitioners are doing this for the money, because they certainly do NOT know the Lord Jesus Christ.  What makes it even worse is thatthere are churches that are supporting this, further proving that the churches are being run by the devil and the Lord Jesus Christ is NOWHERE near any of these churches.  People are ignorantly following these practices, listening to the "other gospel" of the "Christian" yoga practitioner, and these people have no idea that they are being lead down the broad road to hell by practiciing "Christian Yoga".

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Christian Yoga

Not NO, but HELL NO:

You are a Lukewarm Christian if you Practice Christian Yoga

Christian Porn??

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

Now what knucklehead thought that they could mix porn and Christianity?  This is why this post get a not NO, but HELL NO!!

You have porn, and you have Christianity, and these two are diametrically opposed to each other.  As you can see, Porn has NO redeeming value at all, and to try to link Porn, which is a spiritual weapon of the devil, with the Lord Jesus CHrist is not only silly, but it is confusion, and we already know that confusion comes from the devil.

For those of you who are falling for this, there is Porn, and there is Christianity.  The two CANNOT mix, so don't even try to make it mix.  Christians may WATCH porn, but Porn is NOT of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Christian Porn

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Christian Porn?  Are you Kidding me?

Christian Feminists??

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

First of all, there is NO SUCH THING a s a "Christian" Feminist.


It is because feminists HATE Patriarchy, and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts and the Holy Ghost are ALL PATRIARCHS.  So tell me - how can you be a 'Christian", who is under Patriarchal rule, and be a feminist, which is under Matriarchal rule?

Any woman (or man, for that matter) that tells you that they are a feminist and a Christian is not only lying to themselves, but they are making a fool out of themselves by saying such a thing.   There is NO SUCH THING as a 'Christian" Feminist.  You are a "Christian", or you are a Feminist.  The two CANNOT mix.

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Christian Feminists

Not NO, but HELL NO:

You CANNOT be a follower of Christ if you are a Feminist

Carnal Christians??

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

Here you have another example of people adding the workd "Christian" to something that is diametrically opposite of what a 'Christian" is.  

We are talking about 'Carnal Christians", and as you know, a Christian is NOT carnal; the yare of Jesus Christ, and they are Followers or Disciples of Christ.  

So what is a "Carnal Christian" anyway?

A "Carnal Christian" is defined as a person who says that they believe in Jesus, but they are the biggest hoes and playas out there.  So How can a person say they are "Christian" and they love Jesus when they are out there being a hoe?

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Carnal Christians

Men wearing fingernail polish??

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

In some cases, people do things that you just have to say something about.  In this case, we are looking at men who are wearing fingernal polish.

Fingernail polish?

Like a woman?

Not no, but HELL NO!!

The devil is making his move to rule, and the devil can only rule over sodomites and matriarchal spirits.  It is obvious that the men who are wearing fingernail polish are sodomites because they are definitely under the dominion of the devil if a man is wearing fingernail polish!!

Not NO, but HELL NO:

Men wearing Fingernail Polish

"First Gentlemen" in the Church?

Not NO, but HELL NO!!

These days, we are seeing that there are a lot of homosexual "Pastors" that have put up their lovers in an exaulted position in the churches thatthey are pastoring.  Just like their heterosexual counterparts who exault their wives as the "first Lady" of the church, these men are exaulting their "husbands" as "First Gentlemen".

Not no, but HELL NO!!

What is even more frightening is that the people in that church just sit there and accept this as NORMAL.  Don't these people know that what the "pastor" is doing is an abomination to the Lord?  Why are these people just SITTING THERE accepting this rebellion and not standing against it?

All of this is the master plan of the devil to get people to accept sodomites in the pulpits, and that shows that the people are sodomites just like their "Pastor" is,  and these people will be damned with their pastor when they are judged, as NO sodomite - pastor or otherwise - will EVER make it into the Kingdom of God.

Not NO, but HELL NO:

First Gentlemen in the Church

There are MANY things that people label as "Christian" That are NOT Christian at all - not even a little bit

We have taken a look at some of the things that people call 'Christian" that we are saying not NO, but HELL NO!! to.   Somebody has to stand up against the devil and his foolishness, and we are calling out the foolishness and telling the devil to go somewhere and try again.  As soon as we have another 'HELL NO!" moment, we will update this page with more follishness of the devil, calling out things that are NOT so that people are ignorantly following.