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This section has things that you can do right now, Christian, to clean yourself up and to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ so you can be prepared for what is coming.  It is suggested that you pray over the item you want to work on first, and then let Jesus guide you on what He wants you to do.  You may need to intensify your prayers to get rid of a defiling element.  This section is provided so you can start the process of cleaning yourself up under the auspices of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praying Always

As  Disciples of Christ, we have been commanded to pray always.  Really?  Some of us have things we need to do, right?  Well, Christian, there IS a way that you cn pray always, and this book series shows you how.  You can pray over yourself, or any  persons, or even a country using this technique.  As always,  run this by the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST and get his input before you do anything.

Overcoming Fear

and Intimidation

Fear.  Intimidation.  Being afraid.  This describes 99% of all Christians today.  Did you know that the fearful will be cast into Hell and never make it into the  Heaven?  Yes, Christian, you have to learn how to overcome your fear.  This book series deals with this and shows you step by step how you can  conquer fear and be bold as a Lion  under the auspices of the Lord Jesus Christ.



In this section, we show you how you can use  Recompensatory prayer to MAKE the devil give back what he has stolen from you.  We go through what this is, how you can add this to your prayer library, and how to use this when the devil is acting a fool.  Stop sitting there and just 'taking it' from the devil.  MAKE HIM STOP bothering you and your family.

Swears, Vows,

Pledges,  & Allegiances

Many of you are unaware of how many times daily that you say  things like 'I swear to God I will...'.  Do you really KNOW what you are saying?  Do you have any idea of the ramifications that your words have with  The Lord Jesus Christ?  How many of you 'Christians' out there have damned yourself to Hell because you swore 'to God' about something and NEVER followed through?  This book series will show you what you are doing, and afterwards, you will say a lot less.

Cleanse thyself, Christian

As a Christian, it is your responsibility to be holy, as the Lord is Holy.  He commands us to do this, is this not true? But how do you  keep yourself holy in a hellhole run by the devil?  This book series will show you how you can keep you mind clear even with all of this garbage thrown at you daily by the devil.  You can wash with the water of the Word to keep you and your spirit clear of the defiling elements that the devil bathes you in.

Breaking Bonds

and Ties

The devil has people bound  with all sorts of bonds and ties.  This book shows you how you can pray over yourself to break the bonds, ties, soul ties,  and any other thing that will bind you to the devil.  Using some of the techniques you have leared, you can be praying over yourself all day breaking bonds and making yourself free in Christ.



Strongholds.  All of us have them, and they inhibit our ability to grow in Christ.  In this section,  prayers are provided and instruction included to help you overcome the strongholds that we have within us.  This will be intense work, Chrisian, as these citadels that the devil built inside of us  identified, destroyed, and washed away so we can be free in Christ.

Get your Repentance While you still can

What repentance does is to remove that sin from US through our confession of the act of sin, and the propitiation of the Lord Jesus Christ covers that confession so we are deemed righteous in the eyes of the Lord of Hosts.  It is a PERFECT way to deal with any transgressions that man will ever have against the Lord of Hosts.  Get more information in this book and repent of all  sins while you can.

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