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How the Lord

Processes Prayers

In this article, we have been given permission to write about how prayers are answered.    It is a fascinating look at what the Lord of Hosts does to talk to, interact with, and help HIS Children.  Some of the terms and procedures will not make sense right now, but as you go on in this study, you will see how your prayers are entered into the Lord's Legal System, and you will be able to see first-hand how the  Lord  receives prayers, decides what He wants to do with the prayers, and how the prayers are carried out.  You will also see many things about prayers you did not know! 


This is an unprecedented glimpse at how the Lord processes prayers, and you should thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His kindness and his willingness to show you how He does what He does.  We also need to thank the Lord of Hosts for His willingness to show us how He adjudicates and judges our prayers when He gets them.  As always, Don't take our word for anything.  read this article, and then go to the Lord Jesus Christ yourself and start a conversation  on what you have read.

What happens to your prayer

when you pray

When you pray, your prayer comes to the Lord in a variety of ways.  If the person praying is one that is of Christ, and a child of the living God, their prayers come to the Lord as a sweet smelling savor.  If it is NOT one of the Lord's children praying, the prayer is a stench, and the Lord rejects that prayer straightaway.  This is one way that the Lord knows who is His and who is not.   He will also know if you need assistance, or if you are having issues from the smell of your prayers.

Another way the Lord will know the person making the prayer is His is that the Lord knows your name and He will also know your voice.  When you lift up your voice to pray to Him, He hears every word if you are His.  He may have an angel write down everything you say into a petition, and then He processes the petition.

The Lord of Hosts also knows what the Holy Ghost is working on or what Jesus is working on simultaneously, and they know as well.  You may be talking to the Lord about something that the Holy Ghost may chime in on.  They are so well synchronized they do not miss a beat.

Some of the people whom they are dealing with may be assigned to one of the Godhead, and that person's cries or prayers will get priority over others, depending on the situation.  The lag time between a prioritized prayer is so minuscule, it seems instantaneous to us.  Have you ever prayed and even before you finish the prayer the answer is given?  That is the speed and efficiency that the Godhead works under, so whenever you are praying, you know that the prayer is already answered before you even finish!!

Once the prayer gets to the Lord, and He accepts the prayer, the prayer is prioritized.  It will be prioritized as :

  1. A request
  2. A pleading
  3. A complaint
  4. A petition

Later in this article, we will describe how prayers are processed as they are prioritized.

How the Lord Processes Prayers

What is a Request?

How the Lord Processes Prayers

What is a Complaint?

How the Lord Processes Prayers

What is a Pleading?

How the Lord Processes Prayers

What is a Petition?

So who picks up the prayer?

The Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost will get a prayer and decide amongst themselves who will answer that prayer.  It will all depend on who was dealing with the person, as the person making the prayer could be dealing with ANY one of the Godhead.  You will see, if you haven't already, that the Lord Jesus Christ will answer your prayers for a while, and then the Holy Ghost will answer your prayers for a while.  If you are worthy, the Lord of Hosts will answer your prayers for a while.  You will always see that you will not be dealing with one person of the Godhead always;  you may be dealing with the Holy Ghost mostly, especially if it is something you are learning that He is teaching you.

The Lord of Hosts, Jesus' Father

Any one of the Godhead will teach you, and it all depends on which one wants to.  In many cases, the Lord of Hosts will take time to spend time with His children.  He will teach, exhort, correct, reproof, and punish His children as He sees fit.  There may be times when you pray the Lord of Hosts will answer your prayer personally, and He will set some time aside to just talk to YOU personally.  Many times, if you are doing something that He needs to correct, He will personally correct you.  Yes, the Lord of the Universe does care enough about YOU to correct your personally.  Make it a practice to always thank the Lord for correcting you because He really did not have to do that.  

Most of the time, the Lord of Hosts is judging, as He hands down lots of decrees and oversees the adjudication processes.  When people are summoned for a hearing, the Lord of Hosts is the judge.  The hearing requests are handled by Him, as He is the judge and He will make a final determination as to how the request is handled.  In the chambers with the Lord of Hosts during a hearing will be the person asking for the hearing, the Lord of Hosts as the Judge, Jesus, who is the advocate, the Holy Ghost, who will remind you of protocol if you 'forget', and the devil, satan.  After the arguments in the hearing, the Lord will issue a decree which an angel will carry out and fulfill.

The Lord of Hosts may cull out people whom He will deal with directly to do something for Him personally.   This website is the result of the Lord of Hosts  talking to the admin of this website directly, as the Lord of Hosts had asked Him to start this website and to post the content that you see on this website.  The Lord of Hosts not only  told the admin what He wanted on the site, but How the website would look, the tone of th articles of the website (which can be a bit harsh at times) and provided the time and money for the website to be launched.  The Lord of Hosts wanted a website where the content was free of charge to anyone who wanted to download  the content that was NOT coloured by denominational doctrines.

After the Lord of Hosts provided what was needed, much of the content is managed and approved by the Godhead.  Sometimes it is the Holy Ghost, sonetimes it is Jesus, depending on the content and the time.  The Holy Ghost points out things that grieve Him to be posted, and Jesus asks us to post things that  pertain to what he is doing.

The Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ will take time to talk with you if He so chooses.  It will also depend on the prayer that you are making, and He will set aside time for you so He can deal with you as He sees fit.  The Lord Jesus Christ is an EXCELLENT teacher, and He will sit and talk with you about anything.  He also is the Commander in Chief of the Army of the Heavenly Host, so if He is planning on sending people to places to minister or to get the people of the Body of Christ out of a jam, He is right there.  Jesus will, on occasion, come and see you personally if He so chooses.  A few weeks ago, Jesus was numbering and evaluating the Disciples He has, and He appeared in His glory in their prayer closets or rooms of each of His Disciples.  He was so bright you could not see Him, and He let those Disciples know that they were in His presence.

Most of the time, Jesus is fulfilling petitions for people who are asking for the Holy Ghost, and will send the Holy Ghost to those whom He deems worthy of being filled with the Holy Ghost.  Jesus is also working on His battle plans, and He is working to refine or make those who are available to Him into the soldier He wants them to be so they can be sent to where Jesus wants them to go.  Jesus will also deal directly with the new recruits, and those are the ones that have just been born again after the Holy Ghost takes them out into the wilderness.  He will make sure that the newbie know that what He says goes.  This is done to get rid of the disrespectful nature that people in the world have towards Jesus.  He will then test those who want to be used as soldiers.  The other things Jesus does is mete out punishment for those who have sinned and that punishment is commensurate with the sin that the people commit.  For guys, it is anger a lot of the time, and Jesus has to get in people's faces to get that anger off of them.  You will NOT see any recruit backtalk to the Lord Jesus Christ, as He will grind you into powder if He has to.  Jesus knows that this is a remnant of the world on the person, and He deals with that straight up.

Jesus is also judging all of the people who have died that day, and through His judgment, MOST are sent to hell.  The Lord Jesus Christ does not want to send people to hell, but He does for a variety of reasons.  You can see scenarios of judgment by Jesus in our article here.   The Lord Jesus Christ did provide an overview of what He will judge a person on based on what He provided us in that article we just linked to.  Sadly, over 90% of the people that Jesus judges He sends to hell, and this is why we believe that the Lord wanted us to post the article on what He expects from us.

The rest of the time, you will see Jesus talking - yes, talking - to His Disciples, helping them if the devil is trying to destroy them, and being there for them when they are in a jam.  Jesus is no joke, and He will stand with you if you stand for Him.  Many Disciples are being pummeled by the devil, but they are all standing against the devil, and Jesus is right there with them.  Jesus will also work on His Martyrs, as He is the Commander of the Martyr Corps.  He spends time to remake each martyr into what He wants them to be and spends a lot of time with them as He arranges the training in the weapons and the tactics that they will use.  The Holy Ghost is the one that usually does the weapons training, but Jesus will send the Holy Ghost to train them in whatever weapons He wants them to know, and those weapons are carnal as well as spiritual.

The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost will also answer prayers, as He will do so depending on the prayer.  If you are, for example, being taught something, and you ask the Holy Ghost to confirm something or ask for more information, your prayer is a pleading.  The prayer is then handled by the Holy Ghost when He sees fit.  The Holy Ghost is very attentive, and He will almost instantaneously answer any question that you may have.  Now, if there is an emergency that needs the Holy Ghost's attention, then He will tend to that person immediately, as it is a priority.  This is usually if the person who is under the tutelage of the Holy Ghost who may be harmed because they are innocently doing something that they should not do, He will make their safety a priority and deal with that first.  The Holy Ghost is an EXCELLENT teacher as well, and you will spend a lot of time with the Holy Ghost, as it is His job to teach you and prepare you for what Jesus or the Lord of Hosts wants you to do.

The Holy Ghost, when He is first sent to a person, He will tell them straight up - He is NOT going to contend with them, and He will give them orders which they will follow.  If a person does not want to follow the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is NOT going to contend with that person.  The Holy Ghost will leave the person and give that person back to Jesus, who is NOT going to be very happy.  You do NOT want to see or be around an angry God.

The Holy Ghost will then take you into the wilderness where you will be for a time as you are being taught.  Yes, the Holy Ghost CAN handle those in the wilderness at the same time He is answering petitions.  For those of you who are in or were in the military, your drill Sargent or Drill Instructor has NOTHING on the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is as tough as nails, and He has to be to get the world out of you.  After you are through your wilderness experience, He is very easy to talk to, and He is VERY FIRM when He wants to be.    When you do ask Him directly for something, He is going to see if you are obedient and if you are, He will bend over backwards to make sure you not only get what you need, but He will allow you to get things that He feels you would enjoy.  There will be times when you just want to talk about something, the Holy Ghost is there.  Your petitions can be pleadings, as you are discussing things with Him.  He is always there, and He is good at guiding you where He wants you.

As you talk with the Holy Ghost, you should always be brutally Honest with Him.  many times, He already knows what you will need before you ask Him.  He is happy to work with any person who is obedient, and He NEVER leaves you.  If you have an urgent request, He will take it and fulfill it Himself, as He is God like Jesus and the Lord of Hosts.  One last thing you need to know about the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost will actually pray for you and ask for you to be added to details that only certain people are worthy enough to be on.  If the Holy Ghost feels you are worthy, He will ask to be your commanding Officer so you can continue to do special details or go on special missions of His choosing.  It is usually up the the Lord of Hosts or Jesus to approve of that, but He does do this if you are worthy.

How the Lord Processes Prayers

Oneness pentacostal Deception: The Godhead is NOT one spirit

How the Lord Processes Prayers

The Holy Ghost is the Spirit in the Kingdom of God

How the Lord Processes Prayers

The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Lord in the Old Testament

How is a request processed?

If your prayer is a request, then the Lord will categorize your prayer as urgent, important, as needed, or can wait.  If the request is urgent, as if you need someone to help you if you are being held by knife point or being shot at, then the Lord will take the request, and answer it.  After the answer has been determined, then the request is given to an angel who will fulfill the request.  In the case of you being held by knife point, the request is given to your guardian angel and he moves down to deal with the threat.  In this case, the threat may be a demonic spirit, and that angel goes down and contends with the spirit so you can be freed.  Once the request has been fulfilled, the Lord will tell you that He has answered your prayer.

All other requests are made into petitions and they are answered by whomever wishes to answer the prayer.  In the case of requests, it is usually the person praying asking for something, and the Lord will determine if He will answer it right away or not.  the Lord will then prioritize the petitions and He will answer them in the order of important to can wait.  If the request is not important, He will process the more important ones first, and then He will get to the least important.  Once the petition has been answered the petition is given to an angel who will go and fulfill the petition. 

If the petition is for resources, those resources may be dispatched in many ways.  If it is for money, you will get your money in ways as the Lord sees fit.  You may get an anonymous box in the mail with all that you need in it, and that is because the Lord has asked one of His children to send you money or to send you the things you need.  Many of the resource petitions are handled in this manner, as the Lord does use His people to help others who are in need.  This is why the Lord says He loves a cheerful giver, and He does.  He can count on you to have what is needed and you send it to where he tells you right away, no questions asked.  this is how you can be a blessing to others, which will go on your ledger so when you are judged, Jesus can see that you were obedient to His Father, which would please Him greatly.

How the Lord Processes Prayers

How the Lord Processes Requests

How is a pleading processed?

A pleading would be you talking to the Lord about a specific issue.  For example, you want to know how to repent correctly, so you ask your questions and give a scenario so you may be able to understand the answer.  A pleading is usually a prayer that you make that is more like a conversation.  Once the prayer is accepted, an angel writes out all of the prayer so it is in the form of a petition.  The Lord then reads it, and then He answers that petition as He sees fit. 

Usually, if you ask a question about a specific issue, He will not give you a one or two word answer, He will explain to you the pertinent points about what you are asking about.  He will tell you what He wants, how He wants it, and what He is expecting.  The Lord will then send you the answer so you will be able to understand it and receive it.  Many people have a journal that they write in, and the Lord communicates to them in that manner.  Some people will start to speak in tongues, and then the interpretation of the tongues will be the answer that is being sought. 

Sometimes the answer is sent via a messenger, an angel, and an angel may appear in front of you to give you the message the Lord wants you to have.  Sometimes you will get the message through another person who was just thinking of you and decides to call you on the phone, as the Lord has guided them to do.  The answer to your pleading all depends on How the Lords wants to answer it.  In most case, He may just talk to you directly or have you journal the answer so you can go back to it when you are on your own study time.  He may have you look up scripture to give you the answer you need.  It really all depends on how the Lord wants to deal with you that day.

How the Lord Processes Prayers

How the Lord Processes Pleadings

How is a petition processed?

When a prayer comes in that is made into a petition, your prayer is just that - a petition, where you may ask for things, ask to give things, make yourself available for the Lord to use you for something, or to let the Lord know you did what He asked you to do.  When the Lord decides what He wants to do with the petition, that petition is completed when He sends an angel to fulfill the petition.  That angel will go to where he is told to do the job that the Lord wants him to do.  This is when you see situation where a lost ring is returned, or a lost child is guided back to their parents.  When you see things all of a sudden appear, or what was lost is all of a sudden found, you will know that your prayer is answered.

Some petitions are for things that are not lost, but for guidance; for answers; for direction; for supplication; for reproof; for correction; for acknowledgement that the person whose prayer has been answered.  The petitions that the Lord gets from His children that just say 'Thank You' are some of the most cherished petitions that the Lord gets.  The Lord of Hosts says that He will ALWAYS have time for His children, and He means exactly that.

Some petitions will be for confirmation for a situation, like if the devil decides to go and attack a household, a petition may be given to the Lord where He has to look up the household before He does something.  In this particular case, for example, the devil is trying to attack a household.  The prayer goes up for the Lord to please keep this fool devil away from me (that is paraphrased, as the petitioner would NEVER ask in that manner). 

the Lord would get the petition, then ask for one of the Books of Households that has the name of that household in it (there are now multiple books of households that the Lord controls, as the head of those households have given the Lord full governance over their household and finances).  The Lord will them Look up the Household in the book.  If He finds that household in the book, then He sends an immediate decree to the devil to stop and back away.  that decree is given to the devil, and the devil does exactly what the Lord tells him to do.  It is then when you see the attack break off from the household and the household is free of the devil's attack.

The Lord has many books that He consults, so it will all depend on what the petition is that He is working on.  This is why it is always good to give governance of yourself fully to the Lord Jesus Christ, as your name will be in the Book of Life as well as other books that are appropriate for you.

How the Lord Processes Prayers

How the Lord Processes petitions, Decrees and Recompenses

How is a complaint processed?

If the prayer is a complaint, which means that you are asking for a recompense for the devil bothering you, then that complaint is evaluated and the Lord decides what He wants to do with it.  He can approve the complaint for a hearing, or He may judge it right there if the complaint is valid and the devil is caught with his hands in the cookie jar.  If a hearing is scheduled, you will them be summoned to be in front of the Lord of Hosts to argue for your recompense. 

There is always a  Decree at the end of a complaint, and the Lord may Decree that the devil has to leave you alone for a season, or the devil has to pay a recompense for what he has stolen and return what he has taken.  that Decree is then written out, and an angel will go and enforce that decree that has been handed down.

Just so you know - the devil  produces complaints all the time about everyone he can.  The devil is accusing the Disciples of Christ all day and night long about any little slip or stumble.  The Lord of Hosts does hear the devil's complaints, and will dismiss 99% of them.  The 1% of the complaints that the devil produces that He does act on will be   egregious  complaints that He will judge and  administer the  penalties for the complaint. 

If, for example, you shot and killed someone, there would be a decree sent against you.  You would also be guilty of murder, and the penalty for that murder would be death.  Now, what would happen is that the decree would be handed down against you, but if you confess and repent, Jesus would  be your advocate so you are not damned.  You would still pay the penalty, which would vary because of the circumstances, but you would be absolved of that shooting through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, if you did not have the Lord Jesus Christ as your advocate, you would be damned because you would face the full penalties for your actions, which would be eternal seperation.  The Lord of Hosts sometimes will wait before He hands down the decree to give a person time to repent so He can save you from a burning hell.  it is always up the Him to decide,  as He knows the circumstances.  He may delay the  enforcement of a decree because there is intercessory prayer for that person, and that intercessory prayer  gives the person who the decree is for time to repent.

Now you know why the devil is called 'the accuser'.  Also realize that the devil still has access to the Kingdom of God and He does have an audience with the Lord of Hosts.  Once Michael throws satan down to the earth (which has not happened yet), then and only then will satan's access to Heaven be revoked.

How the Lord Processes Prayers

How the Lord Processes Complaints and Recompenses

There is your quick look at the Godhead

and how they operate as one

We went through this narrative to show you that when you pray, you may get any one of the Godhead to answer your prayer.  If you are in a desperate situation, and you cry out 'Jesus, please help me!', Jesus will hear, but the Holy Ghost may go and save you.  Sometimes it will be the other way around, as you are dealing with the Holy Ghost, and you are walking on water, for example, and you take your eye off Jesus, Jesus Himself may step in and save you.  The Godhead works as one entity, but it is amazing to see how they work in unison.  they do not miss a beat.

Thank you, Lord for showing us

what you do with our prayers

Lord, on behalf of all of the people who are reading this article, we want to give you a very big THANK YOU from all of us who are reading this article for showing us how you process our prayers.  We know that you did not have to do this, but you did it anyway.  When the admin of this website asked you if he could post this article, he was not sure if you would let him.  We are more than estatic that you allowed him to post this process so we can better understand you.   This article will hopefully get people to understand that you are a PERSONAL God who wants to continue to have a PERSONAL relationship with us, as Disciples of Christ.

We cannot Thank You Enough.

Now you know how

your prayers are processed, Christian

Now that the prayer processing has been explained, it is up to YOU to check out and confirm all that we have posted here.  As we always say - Do not take our word for anything.  Take what you have gotten here and ask the Lord Jesus Christ yourself to see if this is true.  Ask good questions of the Lord Jesus Christ so you can get the full understanding of what is being presented.  Confirm what you are reading and use this time to get closer to Jesus and start to talk with Him and let Him teach you so you will know.