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These seminars are produced by the same people who brought you the Kingdom Quickies videos that you can see on Brighteon, Rumble (search for kingdom quickies) and Bitchute.  These videos are very short - usually 5-7 minutes - and they get to the point about a lot of topics that we would have gotten from the Bible.

We have had a lot of pretty vociferous comments against what we have posted (as this is expected), but we have also had a lot of very positive comments from people because we are NOT "churchy" in our interpretation or our delivery.  The narrator of the videos is from New York City, so what has been said is usually what the person meant.  We do not spend a lot of time trying to be pious, and we do mix a bit of colloqualisms in with what we are talking about.

It is our intention to point out the obvious that the churches will NOT talk about, and we have a LOT of things that the churches will not talk about.  In some of the videos that have been produced,  we have surmised that most of the denominational and Catholic churches are prisons, as they do NOT teach Christ and they encourage people to walk away from His Holy Ghost.

We also see a LOT of people arguing "points", and this is most distressing.  There is constant arguing and bickering about things that are basic that people who profess to be "Christian" should know about but they don't.  These videos have brought this conflict and confusion to the surface, and we plan to do something about the confusion.

The Churches have done a TERRIBLE job of perfecting the saints

The churches today are doing a terrible job of perfecting the saints; in fact, many churches are places where entertainment is the focus and Jesus Christ is a distant memory.  Yet, these churches flourish.


It is because the churches are run by the devil, and the devil is NOT going to show you anything that will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. 

So, we went back to the Bible, and we formulated these seminars to be taught by a teacher and NOT a pastor.  Now, according to the Bible, teachers are a part of the perfecting of the Body of Christ, as you can see here:

Ephesians 4:11-13 - And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

So, what is the solution to this problem?

The solution is to have seminars - teaching sessions - from Holy Spirit-filled teachers who will not mince words and who will show people what the devil is doing to destroy people so they can change and get with the lord Jesus Christ - our power source - to stand against that fool devil and save as many who will be saved.

These seminars are FREE of church influences - we tell it like it is

In these seminars, we are free from the shackles of being a 501(c)3 church, as those churches are limited - by the government - on what they can say.  In a seminar, you can learn all that you need to know with practical applications unimpeded, and that is why we are offering these seminars.

We don't believe in "church speak", so we use plainness of speech, as the bible tells us:

2 Corinthians 3:12 -Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech:

You don't have to believe anything that is presented in these seminars, but you are REQUIRED to check out everything that has been presented with the Lord Jesus Christ before you believe anything.  We stress talking to Jesus DIRECTLY in these seminars, and this is how Jesus can guide and help those who need the help.

No "church".

No religion.

Just straight talk from Holy Spirit-filled Teachers who will tell it like it is.

We don't waste time arguing points - Ground rules for the seminars

Before we start our seminars, we have a few ground rules that we will adhere to for the seminar and the venue.  We have a lot of information to cover and not a lot of time, so this is what we will NOT do:

  • Argue "points" about the Bible - there are many in the Body of Christ that want to argue their "points" and this is NOT the place for that.  We are teachers, not pastors, and it will be up to YOU to take what we have presented and VERIFY the information with the Lord Jesus Christ personally.  We are NOT theologians and this is NOT a church.  You are paying good money to get information and it would be a disservice to YOU if we spent the time arguing over useless things that have no real bearing.

  • False Teacher/Teaching Accusations - When we decided to put on these seminars, we already know that there is a vociferous few out there who will call or label the teacher as a false teacher.  The issue is that people do that all of the time, but the NEVER follow through. 

OK, so let's say the teacher is a false teacher.  What are you going to do about it?  

In most cases, the Christian does NOTHING, and the person who is called a false teacher is never challenged in the courts of the Universe where Jesus is a judge.  In this seminar, if you think the teacher is a false teacher, we have a method that you can use immediately to air your grievance(s) against the teacher.  You SHOULD challenge that teacher's information, and you will learn how to do this by going to the Lord Jesus Christ with your grievances.  You are shown this in the seminar. 

Our seminars are for learning. We don't care how well you think you know your Bible; what is important is that you use your knowledge to your advantage because the devil is destroying everything and that Biblical knowledge is NECESSARY to stop the devil's rampage.

These are the seminars we are offering this year

Below, we have listed the seminars that we are offering this year (seminar topics are subject to change).  Click on the one(s) you like for for information about the seminar, as we give a detailed synopsis of what the seminar will consist of or to take a look at the syllabus of the seminars.

The seminars will be held in meeting places around the country in the United States for now, and the seminars seats are limited.  These seminars are interactive, and that means the audience participates in the seminar as there are demonstrations that will highlight the concepts that the seminar is trying to convey.

To get more information (or to sign up for a seminar), you can get what you need from the buttons below which will take you to a webpage that gives you detailed information on what we will cover.

Christian Basics I

This seminar lays the foundation of what it is to be a Christian and how that Christian will interact with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the Lord of Hosts, explain how the Bible is put together and why th Bible is important, and then we get into Salvation and Judgment, as we explain plainly what all of this is and why it is important for people to be prepared.  This is a full day seminar (8 hours). This seminar has limited seats of 30 people, and lunch is included.

Christian Basics II

This seminar go into more detail about what it takes to be a Christian, and we spend more time looking at the LEGAL aspects of being a Christian. It is recommended you take the Christian Basics I before this seminar, as we will be building on what you learned in that seminar.  This is a full day seminar (8 hours). This seminar has limited seats of 30 people, and lunch is included.

Christian Basics III

This seminar go into more detail about what it takes to be a Christian, and we spend time talking about the prisons, traps and snares a Christian will face. We tackle taboo subjects like oral sex, anal sex, fetishes and porn. It is recommended you take the Christian Basics II before this seminar, as we will be building on what you learned in that seminar. This is a full day seminar (8 hours). This seminar has limited seats of 30 people, and lunch is included.

Fight Back!!

This seminar go shows you how you can fight back against the devil and stop him from making your life a living hell.  We explain how you can fight, introduce you to the venue where you will fight, and give you instruction on the instruments you will use to fight the devil and keep him off of you.  We use real world examples to illustrate the techniques that you can use to stand against the devil and help those that need help.  This is a half-day seminar (4.5 hours), and the seats are limited to 50 people.

Prayer/Armour Basics

This seminar lays the foundation of how to pray and how to use your Armour that the Lord Jesus Christ provides for His people.  We show you the different types of prayers that are available to you to use, and the properties of those prayer so you can work on making prayers that are effective that fit you and your circumstances.  We then show you how you use the Armour of God that would be issued to you by the Lord Jesus Christ personally.  This is a full day seminar (8 hours). This seminar has limited seats of 30 people, and lunch is included.

Advanced Prayer/Armour Basics

This seminar shows practical applications to how you can pray effectively and how you can use your armour to protect you from the devil's fiery darts. We also show you how to use your prayers to stand against the devil.  It is recommended that you take the Prayer/Armour Basics seminar first, as we will be building on what was taught there. This is a full day seminar (8 hours). This seminar has limited seats of 30 people, and lunch is included.

Your Rights in Christ

This seminar will show you what rights you have in Christ and how you can use those rights to stand against the devil and MAKE him stop what he is doing through prayer.  We explain what those rights are and we show you how you can use the Courts of the Universe where Jesus is a judge, the Lord of Hosts is a judge, and the Holy Ghost is a judge and how to get YOUR standing in that court so you can bring legal actions against the devil. This is a full day seminar (8 hours). This seminar has limited seats of 30 people, and lunch is included.

Here is our current

seminar schedule

Click on the button below to see where we are going to be and what seminars we will be producing.  This is a dynamic listing, so be aware that the dates and venues may change, depending on the number of people who register.

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The venues where the seminars will be held will depend on the number of people who pre-register.

Pre-registration does NOT require any money to be paid.

When we have enough people to fill a venue, we will announce the venue's location.  You can then accept our invitation to attend or not.  Know that we will do our best to get you into a seminar near you that you can attend.