Seminar - Christian Basics II

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The Christian Basics II Seminar

In this narrative, we will describe what we will be doing in the seminar.

This seminar is a continuation of the Christian Basics Seminar, as there was a lot of material that we did not get to in the first seminar.  It is highly recommended that you take the Christian Basics seminar BEFORE you sign up for this seminar, as we will be building on what was presented in the Christian Basics seminar.  In this seminar, we go in depth about the things we didn't cover in the Basics Seminar and introduce a few new things to those who want to continue living for the Lord Jesus Christ as a disciple or a follower of Christ.  So, here are the topics we will explore in this seminar:

  • The Lord Jesus Christ - this is a refresher of the Lord Jesus Christ, who he is, what He did, what He does now,  and show His authority He has over those whom are disciple or followers of Christ. We stress how important the Lord Jesus Christ is to our salvation and why we follow Him and none other. Jesus is also the doorkeeper of the Kingdom of God, so it would be wise to find out about the guy who is going to let you into the Kingdom of God.  We give a demonstration of this so people can understand.

  • The Lord of Hosts - We spend more time talking about The Lord of Hosts, His authority, what He does, and why many people try to bypass Jesus to talk to Him directly when He has given His son, Jesus, all power and authority over humankind.

  • The Holy Ghost - we spend more time on the Holy Ghost, who He is, what his role in the Universe is and why He is the most misunderstood person in the Godhead.  We show that the Holy Ghost is a person because He has feelings, He can be offended, and He speaks when it is necessary.  We show how much power the Holy Ghost has in the story of Ananias and Sapphira, and why most of the "miracles" you see today in a lot of Charismatic churches are manifestations of demonic power and NOT the Holy Ghost.

  • The Godhead and how they are one - we dispel any notions that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are manifestations of the same spirit as they are 3 distinct person with three distinct personalities.  we demonstrate how 3 persons CAN be one if you interpret what is being said correctly.

  • Understanding the Bible - in this section of the seminar, we explain what the bible is and what it is used for.  We explain that the bible is the anchor that Christians use to validate what has been taught, said or done.  We explain that the Bible is purposefully presented as a jigsaw puzzle and it requires a person studying to ask for the Holy Ghost to reveal what is prevalent in their study.  Many people make the mistake of reading the bible "cover to cover" and they do NOT understand what they have been reading.  Since many people read the bible for themselves, they draw the wrong conclusions from scripture if they read the Bible without the Holy Ghost.  We give two examples where people have misinterpreted the Bible and show a 3rd instance where the interpretation is not accurate.

    • Promises of God in the Bible - We spend a little time showing you that NONE of the promises in the Bible are blanket promises.  EVERY promise made is conditional, and we will show how the Once Saved, Always Saved crowd will grab and hold onto the promises but they are conveniently leaving out the conditions of the promises.

    • Confusion in the Body of Christ - Part of the reason why there is such confusion in the Body of Christ is that when people read their Bibles, they draw the wrong conclusions and then they run with what THEY think the Bible says.  In other words, the Holy Ghost is essential for ANY Bible study, as He will reveal the Bible to those He is working with.  We will give a few instances where misinterpretations can cause problems because the person(s) reading the Bible did NOT consult the Holy Ghost when studying.

  • The devil, the adversary - We also take time to explore who the devil was, who the devil is now, and why the devil exists.  We will show that at one time, the devil and the Lord of Hosts were VERY close, and when Lucifer sinned, how things changed.

    • Why being a disciple/follower of Christ is important - we take the time to let you know that if Jesus accepts you as a disciple or a follower of Christ, you are part of an EXCLUSIVE club of people that the Lord will deal with who are different and seperate from the people of the world.  We show you in a demonstration how those who are disciples/followers of Christ are in the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ and how the Lord does what He can to keep a person in His dominion.  Those who leave Jesus' dominion CAN lose their salvation if Jesus lets them go and decides He doesn't want them back.  Churches today are doing a disservice because they are NOT teaching people who they are in Christ.

    • Why churches forbid talking to Jesus directly - here in the seminar, we tackle a real problem in the Body of Christ, and that problem is that VERY FEW people in the Body of Christ will talk to Jesus directly.  We will show this is religious indoctrination and why this is the case in over 95% of the churces around the world.  We will also have exercises with the participants to break them of this habit of "just reading your bible" without the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost.

    • Authorization - we reiterate how the Lord Jesus Christ authorizes everything that the disciples or followers of Christ do, and why Jesus' authorization is important for the human.  Many Christians believe that they can tread on scorpions and nothing deadly will hurt them, but the churches forgot to tell the people that this is true ONLY when Jesus authorizes this to be true for the person who is His disciple or follower.  We go into some detail about this.

    • Dominions - this is a refresher on why there are two dominions down here on earth, and most people are in a dominion that will damn them.  So what is a dominion?  Think if a dominion as a rulership, where there is a titular head or King.  Most Christians have NO IDEA that they are in the domimion of the devil - as a sodomite - and that it takes a legal action by the Lord Jesus Christ to get people from the dominion of the devil to His dominion as a disciple or a follower of Christ.  We spend a lot of time showing people that you are NOT going to make it into the Kingdom of God if you are under the devil's dominion.

    • The courts of the Universe - we explore the courts and the courtrooms of the universe, where many battles are fought, and how the devil uses this court to try and damn those who have cases in this court. Any decrees handed down and all judgments are final, and this is where the real action is regarding a varity of things the Lord Jesus Christ does.

      • The Godhead are Judges - at this point, we show how the Godhead are judges, and as judges, they too do things lawfully, and they have the added burden of being fair in their judgments.  This is the reason why the Lord of Hosts Himself sends a strong delusion to those who He wants to damn, and we will show examples of this.  This also introduces to the seminar participant that EVERYTHING that Jesus did has a legal basis to it, and we explore those legal questions.

      • Why Biblical Citations are important - in this part of the seminar, we take some time to show you why biblical citations are used from the Bible.  The churches have made a mess of things because they cherry-pick scriptures to say what they want to say, but what does the Lord Jesus Christ say?  When you are praying and bringing up dispute or asking for legal actions, Jesus is going to look for scriptural justification for what you want, and He is going to adjudicate your petition or complaint based on the scripture you have provided.  Understand that everything has a LEGAL basis, and we will show that with scripture.

      • Standing - as with any courtroom, you have to be presentable and worthy to stand in front of the Judge to argue your case.   We show you what standing is and why it is important for you to have standing to argue your case against the devil or for someone as intercession.  We also show how the Lord Jesus Christ, in the office of our advocate, can get you standing in front of the court as a disciple/follower of Christ.

      • Decrees - we show you what a decree is, how it is used, and who can issue decrees.  Decrees are used to enforce a judicial action, and we show how the Lord uses decrees to stop the devil what he is doing and how the devil uses decrees to damn people to send them to hell with him.
      • Judicial Instruments - Here, we go over a list of judicial instruments that can be used to fight or stand against the devil.  We also explain in a little more detail what these instruments do and why they are there in the first place.  We spend an hour showing these judicial instruments and encourage the seminar participant to become more familiar with them.

      • Disciples/followers of Christ have rights - Most Christian don't realize who they are in Christ, as those who are disciples/followers of Christ ONLY have rights that Jesus will defend for them if the devil oversteps his bounds (and he ALWAYS oversteps his bounds).  We are going to touch on a few of the rights that disciple/follower of Christ have that are NOT being taught in today's church world.

      • The devil files legal actions against you all the time - We explain in detail how the devil will file legal actions against people whom he has influenced to sin, and how most people are ignorant of this tactic the devil uses to damn them.  We show how many people - Christian or non-Christian - have legal actions filed against them that CAN be fought and removed only if the people are disciples/followers of Christ who counter the legal actions the devil has filed.

      • "Catching a case" - we explain how many people are "catching a case" and they are ignorant of the legal actions the devil is putting on them.  We show how the devil is a legalist, and the devil does all he can to damn people legally, and most people are unaware or ignorant of this scheme.  At Judgment, if these legal actions are not countered, the Lord Jesus Christ is going to rule for the devil and those who never stood against the devil will be led off to be with the devil for eternity.

    • Salvation - we spend a LOT of time SHOWING you what salvation is and how it works.  We also show you that salvation is a LEGAL process, and once you see the legal process, you can easily spot the false or counterfeit salvations that the churches are teaching people.  Calvinism and Dispensationalism are easily debunked because when you look at these doctrines through the legal lens of the Courts of the Universe, you can see that most of those doctrines were made up and churches decided to follow the doctrines instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our main goal is to get people BACK to following Jesus, but we are NOT going to force anyone to do so.  We are providing another perspective that will take some study by YOU working with the Lord Jesus Christ to make sure your salvation is valid and that Jesus knows you.  One of the things that Jesus hates are people who claim to "know" Him but do not, and we will show you why.

      • Jesus sends the Holy Ghost - we show scripturally where Jesus states He sends the Holy Ghost, and He will only send the Holy Ghost to those whom He has accepted as disciples or followers of Christ.  This is a hard concept for the Once Saved, Always Saved crowd to accept, but you have to understand that Jesus does NOT give the Holy Ghost to everyone like He is some sort of bauble or trinket.  The Holy Ghost is God, and the Holy Ghost has a specific task to perfrom regarding salvation, and He will NOT go to stinky, unsaved, filthy humans on His own, as the churches are teaching.

      • The earnest of salvation - we explain why being filled with the Holy Ghost is essential for your salvation, and why many denominational churches turn their backs upon the Holy Ghost.  We show you that the Holy Ghost will clean you up and get rid of the stink and nasty of the world and prepare you for service to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We show you why the Holy Ghost is called "the comforter" and "the nurturer". 

      • You cannot make it into the Kingdom of God without the Holy Ghost - we will show why you need to be filled with the Holy Ghost as a disciple or follower of Christ to be eligible for the kingdom of God.  We show how people who were unclean - not filled with the Holy Ghost - were kicked out of the Kingdom of God and why Jesus will screen and turn away all of those who are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost.  Also, the Holy Ghost signs off on every person who is in the process of being "saved" in the salvation process, and NOBODY gets in without that signoff.

      • Can you lose your salvation?  The short answer is YES, you can, and we have a laundry list of ways people lose their salvation all of the time.  We show the LEGAL ramifications of turning away from your salvation and where this happens most of the time during the walk of a disciple or a follower of Christ.  Churches tell you that you CANNOT lose your salvation, and will argue with you about walking away from your salvation and having your salvation taken away by the Lord Jesus CHrist, which CAN happen.  We wil lfocus on the 5 most common ways you can lose your salvation.

        • Disobedient to Jesus and/or the Holy Ghost - believe it or not, Jesus may accept a person as a disciple or a follower of Christ, but the person is hard-headed and gives the Holy Ghost a hard time.  The Holy Ghost will leave if offended, and the Jesus will have to straighten out the person.  Some people will just not listen and they continue to give the zHoly Ghost a hard time, then Jesus walks away from that person, and they are damned.

        • Walking away from your salvation - in many cases, people start the process and they give up because the process is "too hard".  Jesus is there with the Holy Ghost to help people on the path of salvation endure to the end, but if a person decides they want the world more than Jesus, Jesus alks away from them as they walk away from Jesus.

        • Breaking your covenant with Jesus - many people start out with Jesus. but they turn away to do things in the world, making Jesus an afterthought.  Many break their covenant with Jesus unwittingly because they listened to a pastor who declared them "saved" and in the Kingdom of God.

        • Knocking on the door of your heart - for others, Jesus will reach out to them and try to get them to come follow Him.  Many people turn Jesus away, as they are "too busy", and after a while, Jesus stops knocking at the door of their heart and walks away, and that person is damned.

        • Not resolving old vows, swears, oaths and curses - many people are going to get hung up at judgment because they did something that they did NOT get Resolution for such as getting married and divirced and remarried without resolving an old vow, breaking a covenant, not getting old swears and oaths that you brok resolved, and not getting curses you put on people lifted.  All of these are things that can keep you out of the Kingdom of God, and we will discuss these in detail so people can get with the Lord Jesus Christ TODAY and get those issues taken care of.

        • Counterfeit Salvation - yes, in this seminar we are going to touch on false or counterfeit salvation and we will be talking about Easy Believism and Once Saved, Always Saved.  We will show how and why these doctrines are counterfeit and why they are sending MILLIONS to hell daily. (NOTE: if you want to hear what we have to say about this, then come to the seminar.  If your intention is to argue that these doctrines are valid, stay home.  We do not have the time in this seminar to argue over this.  If you think the teacher is wrong about these doctrines, you can always file a complaint against the teacher and bring your grievance to the Lord Jesus Christ for Him to decide.)

      • Church Order - the Lord of Hosts will look at churches and decide if they are in order or not.  If the church is out of order, then the Lord of Hosts will give that church to the devil and take His hand off of that church.  This is why a good 80% of the churches out there are run by the devil, and it is because the churches are out of order.

        • Women Pastors - In the Bible, a woman does not and cannot fulfill the qualifications of being a Bishop or a pastor, yet we see many churches with female pastors.  Some churches have lesbian pastors, and that lesbian pastor has the wrong spirit.  We show you biblically why a woman cannot be a pastor, but she CAN preach, teach and be an evangelist.

        • Homosexual/Lesbian Pastors - the seminaries are churning out pastors like these to get the money, but the qualifications of a pastor is he has to be married with a wife and children in subjection.  As you can already see, a homosexual does not meet that qualification, and a lesbian will argue that she does because she has a wife.  The botton line is that a pastor, or a bishop, is called by Jesus, not the seminary, and these pastors have the wrong spirit in them.  Jesus will NOT sanction this nor will the Holy Ghost anoint a church that has a pastor with the wrong spirit.

      • Single person Order - Here, we show why being in order is important for single people as well as married people, and we explain this is the time when the devil picks off the people that he wants to make his slaves because most people are ignorant of the traps and snares that the devil sets up to bind and enslave young people. 

        • Single Male Order - we explain what a single man has to do to stay in order with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We also offer a prayer that parents can pray now that will activate in the future to protect their sons as they go out into the world to make thair way.  These young men are vulnerable beause they have no means of protecting themselves from the devil's prisons and traps, and we identify what those are.
        • Single Female Order - we explain what the order is and how a woman sohuld NEVER be without her covering.  We are not talking about the bum down the street, but the spiritual covering that the Lord Jesus Christ provided for all women.  We go back to the Book of Genesis to show you where this comes from and why we still have this order today.

      • Household/marriage Order - we spend some time explaining why being in order is important, and why this is not taught in the churches.  We SHOW you why if you are in order, the Lord of Hosts hand rests upon you, your family and your household, effectively boxing out the devil so he cannot destroy the household.  We also show how the devil can infiltrate a household, and what the head of the household has to do to keep everything in order. We talk about how to be in order if you are married or unmarried.

        • Numbering a household/marriage - The Lord of Hosts will number a household/marriage to see if it is viable.  So what is "numbering"?  What the Lord does is He assigns a value to the things going on in a marriage/household and if that number exceeds the threshold the Lord wants, He continues to keep His hand on the marriage/household to protect it.  If the number is less than or equal to the threshold number, the Lord of Hosts lets the devil have the marriage/household, as it out of order most of the time.  This is a quick and easy way to tell how that household is doing, and the Lord of Hosts, at His discretion, may contact the head of the household to let him know his household or marriage is lacking.

          • Rebalancing - if you are married and let's say your husband has an affair, you can rebalance your household by staying in your role and asking Jesus or the Holy Ghost to step in when the spouse left so the household and family are still in order.  Since many households are dealing with divorce these days, we show how the remaining parts of the household can be balanced and the Lord Jesus christ will honour that.

          • Single-parent households - we touch on how a single-parent household can be in order so that the children in that houdehold are not prey for the devil.  Once that household is in order, the Lord of Hosts has His hand on that household and the children are protected.

      • Protecting your Household and Marriages - we spend a lot of time showing that a head of the household's responsibility to protect their household is job number one, and we  show in detail how the devil uses tactics to break up and destroy a household.  We show how the protection of the marriage/household is Handled by the Lord of Hosts, who will number the household/marriage and then give that household/marriage to the devil if that household/marriage is lacking.

        • Household attacks - we are going to give four scenarios where the devil is going against the household to collapse it and then enslave everyone in the home.  We will demonstrate how the devil does this so people will understand.

          • The Financial Attack - in this case, we give a scenario where the devil causes the resources of a household to stop (via loss of work or a financial bubble) and how the head of the household has to work with his wife to keep the household running.
          • The external attack - this is an attack by the devil when he picks someone who is ignorant of his devices, like a young girl or a young man - and the devil infiltrates the household using that ignorant person to collapse the household so the devil can make new slaves.

          • The internal attack - also known as a "trojan horse" attack, teenagers will bring into the household things they have learned, obtained or want to try. (Be careful of what your teen is listening to).  We show how the devil will use this teen to collapse the household.

          • The Spiritual Attack - a threat that is precipitated within the household.  We use the example of a young girl who is a witch who is invited into the house, and she uses oral sex to get the power she needs.  This young girl disrupts the household and defiles the household, and will invite in the devil into the household so he can collapse the household.

      • The Book of Households - we explain what the Book of Households is and what it is used for.  We show you that as a disciple or a follower of Christ, your household/marriage is eligible to be put in the Book of Households, which protects the household resources from the devil who will steal the resources to implode the household.  We give you details on how a head of the household can have peace of mind that there is protection against the devil and his schemes.

      • We are in a war zone - most people are unaware of the war that is going on around people these days, and they are oblivious to the dangers the devil poses for them and their families.  We show that those who are unprotected by the Lord Jesus Christ are vulnerable to being attacked by the devil, and how hoes and sodomites are generated.  We give you graphic examples of how the devil will get a young girl and turn her into a hoe, and young boys into sodomites, usually with born, fetishes and masturbation.  We are not mincing words and we will talk about things that most churches will not.

        • Christian have to learn how to fight - this part of the seminar is one where we spend a LOT of time showing how the current church person will NEVER fight or stand against the devil because of the "training" they got from their churches to "be nice".  The devil can come upon these people and seriously hurt them and they will sit there and do nothing.  We show how this is what 95% of the "Christians" do today, and they will not stand against anything the devil does.

        • Christians Growing a Backbone - We show you how you can stop being afraid and start to stand against the devil as the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to.  We show you that the battleground that disciples/followers of Christ have the advantage is the Courts of the Universe, and we show how those disciples/followers get "standing" in the Courts to be able to file cases against the devil.

        • The 7 prerequisites that need to be fulfilled BEFORE you fight the devil - We touch on the 7 prerequisites that a person will need to have fulfilled before they fight the devil.  We will just mention the prerequisites and give  a short synopsis why these prerequisites are necessary.  You can read the prerequisites for yourself here.

        • Fighting techniques - We spend some time showing you a disciple/follower of Christ can stand and fight back against the devil - and win - using judicial instruments and asking our Lord and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, to adjudicate our disputes with the devil.  This is where you can file petitions against the devil and if you win your case, decrees are handed down to get the devil to stop what he is doing.

        • Practical Application of standing against the devil - we will look at the current news stories of the day and show you how you can fight the devil from your home as an intercessor, as a person filing complaints against the devil to get recompenses, to pulling down strongholds by using warfare prayers that are simple and easy to do.  The homework from this part of the seminar would be to find things to stand against with the blessing and help of the Lord Jesus Christ to get you prepared for battle.

      • Judgment - we spend a lot of time SHOWING you how judgment works and why most people who profess to be "Christian" will NOT make it into the Kingdom of God.  Notice that we SHOW YOU what a possible outcome of judgment can be, and if you are prepared, your judgment will go a lot smoother.  We go into how every word you have uttered and every action you have performed is judged by Jesus.  Again, your churches don't care if you make it into the Kingdom of God or not; they are only interested in the "giving units" in that church.  This is why we stress that YOUR salvation is YOUR responsibility, and that is because it will be ONLY YOU standing in front of Jesus when you are judged.

      • To make it into the Kingdom of God, you must be prepared - we end the seminar by showing WHY people are turned away at the Judgment seat of the Lord Jesus Christ, and why many people are discarded and never make it into the kingdom of God.  We admonish those in attendance to sit down and ask Jesus to give an assessment of them NOW before they die, so Jesus and the Holy Ghost can work on getting rid of the iniquities that Jesus hates.

      That is a LOT to cover in 8 hours!!

      Indeed it is!

      Again, the purpose of this seminar is to not brow beat you with a Bible telling you "you have to believe what we tell you"; 


      We are providing information that is in your Bible that your churches will NOT tell you.  It will be up to you, after the seminar, to do your homework and look up everything that we have presented.  It will up to YOU to verify what was presented, and get with the Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask the questions.

      We felt that if a person wanted to call us false teachers, they should know the CORRECT procedure to file their grievances.  This is why we teach this in the seminar, and we encourage those who disagree with us to write down where they think we are wrong and present their case to the judge - The Lord Jesus Christ - and then let HIM decide what is right and what is not.  That way, there is no (or less) confusion.  Many church doctrines FORBID people to talk to Jesus at all which makes no sense.  If Jesus is the doorkeeper of the Kingdom of God, don't you think it is wise to at least talk to the man and get to know Him??

      We have a strict rule that we are NOT going to argue "points" in the seminar because we don't have time to waste.  Each of those topics described above will be for 45 minutes or less, and we allow 1.5 hours for lunch.  Every hour, people get a 15-minute break to stretch their legs, have a smoke or go to the bathroom.

      These seminars are participatory, and that means that the audience will participate in the demonstrations that we put on.  We have a lot of demonstrations, as we feel that if you can SEE what is going on, you will retain the information better. 

      We have abridged what we have presented because there is just too much information to be crammed into an 8-hour seminar.  There are many levels that we did not and cannot go into regarding salvation and what Jesus does.  When you have a chance, ask Jesus how prayers are processed, and you will see that that Jesus does is fascinating, if not downright amazing.

      This is why this is a BASIC seminar, and we could hold multiple seminars with multiple levels of teaching on any particular subject.  Our job, as defined by the Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, is to get people to THINK and then start asking questions based on what people have learned.  Jesus will take it from there and show those who are interested what He REALLY wants for His disciples and followers.

      For your information

      Below, we have a short video that talks about this seminar.  It does not have the detail that we have just presented in the narriative, but you will get the gist of what this seminar is about and some of the background that goes along with it.

      Also, there is a link to a webpage of the seminar points with citations that will give you more insight into what this seminar will cover.  You can review all of this before you attend the seminar if you choose to do so.

      Thank your for your participation and we will see you at the seminar!


      Christian Basics II Seminar

      If you want to attend the Christian Basics II seminar, this is the process:

      To attend the seminar, here is the process we will follow:

      • We will gather the name,  e-mail address, city and state of all of the people who are interested in attending the seminar.  There is a form below that you can fill out.  One name and one e-mail per entry, please.  If you re bringing a family or a group, the person signing up will be the lead/head person whom we will contact.

      • Once we have enough people wanting to attend in a particular state or area, we will arrange for a venue to meet that is in the neighbourhood (usually a hotel).

        • We will then send out an invitation blast to the e-mails of those who want to attend.  The cost of the seminar is $175/per person if you pay with personal check, money order/USPS Money order  or cashier's check.  It is NOT recommended that you send cash through the mail.  However, you MAY "wire" the monies to us if you have access to Western Union. We are not taking any "walk-in" payments for the seminar.  Lunch is included in the seminar price.

        • If you are bringing your spouse, the cost drops to $300/couple. For groups who want to attend, we will talk to you privately about the cost, as we cannot gauge how many people are in the group.

        • If your group has over 50 people in it, we will consider giving a private seminar to your group or company for a reduced price.  You will need to contact us for details.

          • If you are active military that wants to attend, let us know and we will have a special military rate set for you.  Let us know in the form below.  You will need to show your Military ID to get into the seminar.

          • You will then be assigned a seminar in your area.  The seminar classes will be between 25-30 people, as we want the seminars to be intimate.  For many of you, being in a lecture hall with 250 people is a lot like being at university again, and it impedes the ability to be interactive and participatory.

          • You will then be sent an invitation by us.  It will be at this time when you can send in your payment to our office.

          • Once your payment has been registered, you will get a confirmation which will have the venue, the amount your paid, the date and the time of the seminar.

          • When you get to the venue, you show your confirmation and then you will be ushered to your seat in the venue.

          • The seminar days will normally be Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We will have special dates scheduled later if traffic warrants it. 

          We would like everyone at the venue at 7:30am so we can start the seminar promptly at 8:00am.  From 7:30-7:45, we will go over the ground rules of the seminar and the venue so everything is orderly. We are not going to bore you in this seminar, and know that you get to get up and stretch after 45 minutes for each topic.

          Lunch will be served at noon and end at 1:30pm.  The luncheon will differ from venue to venue.  We will have servers, so if you want to tip them and/or the seminar assistants, feel free to do so (you are NOT obligated to tip anyone), as tips would help them immensely.  At the end of the seminar, we will collect the tips and present them to the servers and the seminar assistants, as this is hard work putting on a seminar.

          Know that we will do our best to stay on schedule and get you out by 5:00pm.

          After the seminar is over, if anyone wants to give their lives to Jesus, we will help you with your petition/prayer asking Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour.  Also, if you found out that you believed in counterfeit salvation, then we will pray with you to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ for real so you can be on your journey with Him.

          Why are we NOT accepting credit cards?

          These days, we have to be careful with what people send us for payment.  For most people, credit cards are a convenience, and they use their cards all the time.  For us, processing credit card transactions are a hassle and the expense is more than our budgets will bear, and we don't want to pass on any added expenses to you, the customer.

          Also, we want to have physical records that show what we have received and deposited for the semiars.  We have to be cognizant of cyber crime, and it is hard to use a credit card to steal money from an organization that doesn't take credit cards.  We are also going to be audited regularly, so having good records is important.

          If something comes up and you cannot make it to your assigned seminar...

          ... we will reschedule you and put you in another seminar at no additional cost to you if you give us 5 days notice.  If there are no other seminars that you can be put into in a year's time, we will refund your money.  Note that we will try and reschedule you first.  If you don't show on the date you have been confirmed, there are no refunds.

          We hold seminars all across the country, and we are usually in one state for a month or so before we go to the next state.  That schedule is then repeated for the next year.

          For example - we may be in Indiana in February, but we are in North Carolina in March.  We will do our best to get everyone scheduled while we are in that state.  The seminars will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we should be able to get everyone in without too much difficulty.

          We provide all of this information so you will know what you are getting from us, and we have this 3-step process just in case something happens.  We can always reschedule a seminar if something catastropic happens.

          Christian Basics II Seminar

          pre-registration form

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