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Prayer and Armour Basics Seminar

In this narrative, we will describe what we will be doing in the seminar.

One of the most important things that any Christian should know how to do is to pray, and in this seminar, we are going to break down what prayer is, what prayer does, and the types of prayer that you can use for situations that you run up against.   Once we establish prayer and what to do with those prayers, we will show you in this seminar how to apply using those prayers using the Armour of God, which is armour that the Lord Jesus Christ personalizes for each and every disciple and follower of Christ.

This seminar is made up of two parts.  The first part, in the morning session, will be Prayers, and we will investigate the following:

  • Authority - we introduce the Lord Jesus Christ and show His authority He has over those whom are disciple or followers of Christ.  We also show the authority of the Lord of Hosts, Jesus' father, and the Holy Ghost, who is also a part of the triune Godhead.  Each has His role and each will help guide and nurture those whom are disciples or followers of Christ.  We also introduce the devil, and show that the devil has a lesser authority than the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, and how this affect mankind, who has no authority.

  • Authorization - we show how the Lord Jesus Christ authorizes everything that the disciples or followers of Christ do, and why Jesus' authorization is important for the human.  Many Christians believe that they can tread on scorpions and nothing deadly will hurt them, but the churches forgot to tell the people that this is true ONLY when Jesus authorizes this to be true for the person who is His disciple or follower.  We go into some detail about this.

  • Prayers - we take a close look at prayers in general, and we look at why the Lord Jesus Christ has given us prayers as a way of communicating with Him.  Prayers are very powerful tools, and you will learn that there are many different types of prayer that you can use and they all have differeing purposes.

  • Prayer properties - in this section of the seminar, we show you that there are many properties of prayers that the Lord Jesus Christ will allow for the disciple or follower of Christ to use.  We have identified 20 main properties, but for the sake of time, we are going to deal with 10, and they are:

    • Prayers can be triggered/activated by an event or your armour - you can build your prayers so that your prayers can be triggered/activated by an event or by your armour that detects an event.  We give examples of this, and we show you that you do NOT have to bow your head to pray as the churches have shown you.

    • Prayers can generate and activate other prayers - this is a very powerful property of prayers and if you structure your prayers correctly, you can generate new prayers to do different things from one prayer.  This property is useful when you file complaintd against the devil, and you give the devil a certain timeframe to stop doing what he is doing and he ignores you.  A prayer like this will cause havoc in the kingdom of darkness, since the devil cannot stop prayers.  The devil will stop quick, fast and in a hurry when he is faced with prayers with this property.
    • Prayers continue until they are fulfilled - when you pray and ask for assistance, guidance, etc, you will see that the prayer does not stop until the Lord declares that prayer fulfilled.  The devil cannot stop a prayer when a prayer i made, and this is why.

    • Prayer duration can be determined by an event - a prayer can be terminated after it is activated if there is an event that the prayer has been told to look for.  Again, these types of prayers are warfare type prayers, as you are applying pressure to the devil through your prayers with the contingency of an event being detected - i.e. making the devil stop what he is doing.  We take a look at prayers lie this so you can incorporate these types of prayers in your quiver of prayers.

    • Prayers can be time driven - prayers will respond to time parameters that are given them and they will fulfill those parameters while they are activated.  You can also set your prayers to run at a specific time if that is what you need them to do.  A favourite of ours is washing by the water of the word, which is a prayer that you can activate at a specific time to was you clean of all of the dirt and muck of the world.

    • Prayers can run concurrently - it is a fallacy that the churches teach that your prayers are linear, and that means that your prayer have to end before you start a new prayer.  We will show you have you can have a prayer that spawns multiple other prayers and all of them will run at the same time.

    • Prayers can carry and control other prayers - this is a concept that mant in the church world cannot fathom, but there are many oth there who can use this type of prayer to bludgeon the devil and keep blodgeoning the devil with complaints and recompenses that he cannot stop.  This is a good warfare prayer that we will touch on and give ideas on how people can use prayers like these to keep that fool devil off of them.

    • Prayers can be recurring - this is another great warfare prayer that you can use when the devil vexes you and you file complaints against him asking for good recompenses, you can make those complaint continue until the devil stiops what he is doing OR you can add a time parameter OR you can add an unrelated event that you want stopped that the devil is orchestrating.  We will show you how you can build your prayers to keep prayer on your behalf until you are satisfied.

    • Prayers are addressable - you can always address your prayers to a specific person in the Godhead if you so choose.  It is our recommendation that you do address your prayers, but if you don't care who picks up your prayer request, then you can address the prayer to "God" and one of the Godhead who is free will pick that prayer up and answer it.

    • You may mix prayer types - When you pray, you have the flexibility to mix the prayer types you are using to get a prayer out to be looked at by the Godhead.  The Lord Jesus CHrist gives YOU the ability to be inventive to use the prayer types (which we will talk about later in the seminar) that you need to accomplish a prayer goal.

    • Prayers are used to declare prayers - in this case, if you have a long prayer with a lot of biblical citations in them, you can DECLARE the prayer using prayer naming it somthing that you will remember OR you can then give that prayer to your armour to activate as you see fit.  For most people, they will not remember all of the prayers they declare, but your armour DOES remember, and this is a good way to build prayers that keep the devil off of you using your armour.

  • Prayer types - as you can see, prayers are very powerful tools that any disciple or follower of Christ can use for a variety of things.  With the Lord Jesus Christ's help, you have an infinite number of choices regarding prayer, and this is why you need to spend time with Jesus so He can help you and prepare you for any fights with the devil.  Unlike what the churches teach you, prayers are changable and they are flexible, and in the seminar we are going to focus on the following prayer types:

    • Targeted Prayers - these are prayers that focus on a specific target or event.  These are the prayers that most of us have learned from church, and we will give some examples of how these prayers are being used today, and we will contract weak prayers against good strong prayers.

    • Intercessory Prayer - we take a look at what intercessory prayer is and what prayers like this are used for.  We point out that many of the people who are going through the salvation process right now with Jesus are doing so because others, whom the my know or not know, interceded for them when they were out in the world acting crazy.  We will show you how the Lord looks at the intercessory prayers to decide if He is going to accept a person as a disciple or a follower of Christ - or not.

    • Recompensatory Prayer - here, we show you that as a part of some of the Judicial instruments that are used to go after the devil, recompensatory prayer is used as a means to bludgeon the devil (at times) when you are fighting him.  In thise judicial instruments that you may use against the devil, you are allowed to ask for a recompense for your troubles, and you may have a laundry list of things that you may request.  It will be up to the judge to determine if the recompenses are valid or not, and if they are valid, the judge will hand down a decree whici will force the person who loses the case to give as a recompense to the victor.

    • Event-Driven Prayer - these are prayers that are activated or precipitated by an event.  In this discussion, we will concentrate on the devil stealing from people and how there are prayers that can be activated when the devil does this (the stealing is an event).  We will also discuss how the devil uses these types of legal actions to bind and damn people, and how you can counter the devil with event-driven prayers.  Once the event is over and there is a resolution to the event, it wil be then and only then when the prayer stops.

    • Time Driven Prayer - these are prayers that are activated and deactivated within a specific time period.  As an example, if your co-worker has a foul mouth and cusses all day long, you can set up and activate prayer that intercede for this person and file complaints against the devil evrey time a cuss word leaves their mouth.  As a time driven prayer, these prayres would only be active between 8am when you get to work and 5pm when you get off work.  Your churches don't tell you that you CAN do a lot with your prayers, and we change that in this seminar.

    • Automatic Prayer - these are prayers that are set up to automatically activate if a specific event or action occurs, and this is a prayer that you can use with your armour.  We explain how this works with the armour, and later in the seminar, we will demonstrate how you can set up automatic prayers to keep you safe and to go after the devil when he decides to vex you and act a fool.

    • Declarative Prayer - these prayers are a means of taking a very long prayer with many biblical citations in that prayer and making that prayer portable and compct so you can use that prayer at any time.  When you declare a prayer, you can give that prayer a name so when you need that prayer, you can reference that prayer by name and activate the prayer.  We explain how all of this works, and how declared prayers are received and understood by the Lord Jesus Christ when He receives these prayers.

    • Recurring Prayers - this is a prayer that will repeat itself automatically until an event satisfies the prayer.  For example, if you are filing complaints against the devil, if you structure the complaint as a recurring prayer, can can file any number of complaints every second of the day until the devil stops what he is doing.  Recurring prayers are good for warfare, and if you see the devil doing something against you or others, a recurring prayer with a strong recompense will cause the fool devil to stop what he is doing fast, quick and in a hurry.  We spend a little time showing you how this works and how you can incorprate this type of prayer into your prayer life.

    • Armour Calibration Prayers - these are the prayers that you will use to calibrate your armour, and we will get into armour calibration in the 2nd half of this seminar.  Armour calibration prayers allow you to change how you are defending yourself against the devil's intrusions, as the devil will always change his tactics when he is attacking someone.  With armour calibration prayers, you can match the devil's tactics step by step and then use some of the judicial instruments that you have learned about to make the devil stop bothering you.

it will be at this point where the seminar audience will be asked to formulate a prayer based on something that they may see using the prayer types that have been introduced.  This is designed to get the people to start to think about prayer differently, and to get people to know that they have more than one arrow in their quiver when dealing with the devil.  We will spend about 20-30 minutes on this and then break for lunch, which is a part of the seminar.

After lunch, during the second part of the seminar, we are going to concentrate on finding out about your armour and how to use it.

  • Armour components - we show you the armour components as shown in Ephesians 6 in a real live demonstration using updated body armour that many in our military and police use.  You can then understand what those components are what what their purposes are.

    • Helmet of salvation
    • Belt of Truth
    • Feet Shod with the Gospel of Peace
    • Sword of the spirit
    • Breastplate of righteousness
    • Shield of Faith

  • The armour of God is an elegant weapon - we show that the armour of God is an elegant weapon that Jesus provides for his disciples and followers of Christ.  Jesus doesn't do things on the cheap; what Jesus provides is far beyond our wildest imagination.  Although people see the armour as something the romans wore, even today's representation is primitive compared to what the Armour of God is really like.  We go into what the armour of God is and what it is made of; we show that your whole armour is a weapon and not just the sword.

  • Jesus provides the Armour - in this section of the seminar, we show you how and why the Armour of God is not something that is generic; the armour is very specific, and Jesus builds that armour so that the armour will fit YOU and then He delivers that armour to you for you to wear.  As disciples or followers of Christ, every one who Jesus is the head of gets their own customized armour.

  • We compare the armour of God with Iron Man - yes, we have a little fun in this part of the seminar, as we show how Iron Man is actually a clumsy facsimile of what the armour of God is like.  We show the similarities that the Iron Man suit has with the Armour of God, and we explain that the armour of God is more than a clumsy suit that you clank around in.

  • You have to learn how to use your armour - like any weapons system, there is a manual that explains what the components of that weapons system are and how to use those components.  In most weapons systems, you learn how to disassemble, clean and reassemble your weapon so it is ready for use when you need it.  It takes time for you to learn how to use your armour, as the whole armour is a weapons system designed by Jesus Himself that is both beautiful and efficient at the same time.  We spend a little time going over the capabilities of the Armour of God that are NPT shared by anyone except Jesus, and Jesus will help you understand what your armour can do.

  • Your armour can pray on your behalf - this is why it is important to know how your armour works, and we spend a little time showing you how your armour can pray on your behalf.  We go through the process of how Jesus will authorize everything that you do in your armour that He has provided you.  Your armour can receive and activate prayers that have been declared (we learned about declared prayers earlier in the seminar) and how those prayers can be activated by your armour.

  • How armour authorization works - in this section of the seminar, we go into detail how your armour works, especially if you are using your armour to pray on your behalf.  We show what Jesus does when your armour sends a request to Jesus that you have asked of your armour.  Jesus will approve - or deny - that request, and we go through how all of this works.

  • Armour Declaration exercises - at this point, the seminar audience will be shown how to declare a prayer to calibrate their armour, and this is designed to get people to think about their armour as a complete weapon.  We will spend about 20-30 minutes on this, and we will have the audience set up their armour to activate prayers that have been declared and "approved" by the Lord Jesus Christ for their armour.

Now, as a caveat, a lot of what we are going to show and reveal is revelation about the Armour of God, and we are going to let you know that the Lord Jesus Christ has complete control over what you do with your armour.  There are some things that you may want to do in your armour, but Jesus will have to authorize your armour to do those tasks.

It is at this point in the seminar where we will provide some practical applications where you can build and declare prayers and then give those prayers to your armour to activate as practice prayers.  We explain that you have to sit with the Lord Jesus Christ to VERIFY everything that we have presented in this seminar.  We also explain that you need to put in the time to learn how to construct prayer that fit YOUR circumstances.  We also explain that learning how to use your armour is something that will require time and effort to do effectively.  The Lord Jesus Christ is always available for questions and it is prudent to ask Him if you need any help if you have problems. 

We encourage you to sit and ask questions of Jesus of what we have presented.  We had to abridge what we presented because of time constraints, but the website shows there are at least 20 properties of prayers, and you can feel free to go to the  "Prayers" menu (by clicking here) to see all of the information we have (and that information is free, including the videos).

We have also taken the time to show you how you can use your prayers as weapons on the website with our videos, and we cannot cover all of this material in an 8-hour seminar.  Much of what we present will need to be studied by YOU and you can always ask Jesus questions if there are things that you don't understand.

This is why this is a BASIC seminar, and we could hold multiple seminars with multiple levels of teaching on any particular subject.  Our job, as defined by the Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY, is to get people to THINK and then start asking questions based on what people have learned.  Jesus will take it from there and show those who are interested what He REALLY wants for His disciples and followers.

That is a LOT to cover in 8 hours!!

Indeed it is!

Again, the purpose of this seminar is to not brow beat you with a Bible telling you "you have to believe what we tell you"; 


We are providing information that is in your Bible that your churches will NOT tell you.  It will be up to you, after the seminar, to do your homework and look up everything that we have presented.  It will up to YOU to verify what was presented, and get with the Lord Jesus Christ directly and ask the questions.

Many church doctrines FORBID people to talk to Jesus at all which makes no sense.  If Jesus is the doorkeeper of the Kingdom of God, don't you think it is wise to at least talk to the man and get to know Him??

This seminar is more of a training seminar than anything else.  That means there wll not be as many demonstrations and there will be a lot of book learning.  When we are talking about weapons, then you have to learn how to use those weapon systems.  For those of you who may be in Government service or the military, you already know that weapans system training requires book study, as there is ALWAYS a book on how to use that weapons system.

This seminar is designed to introduce you to the higher things in the Lord, and it is easy to see that what you have been presented with is NOT EVER going to be presented in church.  This is an example of what the Lord Jesus Christ meant when He tells us to go HIGHER with Him.  With that being said, this seminar is a BASIC seminar in how to use prayer and your armour. 

Once you have completed this seminar, you will need to sit with the Lord Jesus Christ and learn how to use your weapons systems.  Many of you who are Christian don't have the Armour of God yet because Jesus hasn't sent you YOUR armour that is specifically outfitted for you.

It is going to take some time and some study on YOUR part to learn how to use prayer and your armour before you are ready to go out and fight the devil.  NEVER go out and think you can overcome the devil under your own power or authority; you have none.   Only the Lord Jesus Christ has the authority and power which He will give you to use against the devil, but you have to know how to pray and use your Armour first.

It is recommended that you set aside a couple of hours in a day to sit with the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost and LISTEN to what they tell you.  Now that you have a basis to build upon, you can customize your armour to work as you see fit, and if the Lord Jesus Christ agrees, then that is what you use.

For your information

Below, we have a short video that talks about this seminar.  It does not have the detail that we have just presented in the narriative, but you will get the gist of what this seminar is about and some of the background that goes along with it.

Also, there is a link to a PDF of the seminar points with citations that will give you more insight into what this seminar will cover.  You can review all of this before you attend the seminar if you choose to do so.

Thank your for your participation and we will see you at the seminar!


Prayer/Armour Basics Seminar

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