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Fight Back!

Seminar Syllabus

Here is more information and scriptural citations of what we will discuss in this seminar

Below, we have taken the time to look up the scriptural citations that will support what we are presenting in the seminar.  We have also provided links to Kingdom Quickies videos that will also support the topics that we are presenting.  This is done so you can look up for yourself what we are presenting and make up your own mind about the topics.

We start off with showing the video describing the seminar, and then we go into the specific topics to show the basis of what we are presenting.


Fight Back! Seminar

The Lord Jesus Christ

This is continuation of our discussion of the Lord Jesus Christ, who he is, what He did, what He does now,  and show His authority He has over those whom are disciple or followers of Christ. We stress how important the Lord Jesus Christ is to our salvation and why we follow Him and none other. Jesus is also the doorkeeper of the Kingdom of God, so it would be wise to find out about the guy who is going to let you into the Kingdom of God.  We give a demonstration of this so people can understand.

The word "Jesus" occurs 983 times in 942 verses in the KJV.

The phrase "son of God" occurs 889 times in 182 verses in the KJV,

The Phrase "lamb of God" occurs 64 times in 13 verses in the KJV

The word "doorkeeper" occurs 1 time in 1 verses in the KJV.

Biblical Citations:

Jesus Compassion

Jesus Death

Jesus Divinity

Jesus Humanity

Jesus Kingship

Jesus Miracles

Jesus Mission

Jesus Names Of

Jesus Obedience

Jesus Prayers Of

Jesus Prophecies About

Jesus Prophecies By

Miracles of Jesus

Names of Jesus

Prayers of Jesus

Prophecies about Jesus

Prophecies by Jesus

Video References:

Jesus/Ask Jesus/Talk to Jesus/Judgment

The Lord of Hosts

We spend more time talking about The Lord of Hosts, His authority, what He does, and why many people try to bypass Jesus to talk to Him directly when He has given His son, Jesus, all power and authority over humankind.

The phrase "Lord of Hosts" occurs 1,308 times in 273 verses in the KJV.

Video Refrerences:

The devil is controlled by the Lord of Hosts

The devil is used by the Lord to punish those who are disobedient 

The Lord of Hosts is a Judge

When does the Lord let the devil beat the fool out of you? 

You CAN ask for a Hearing with the Lord of Hosts and Jesus to combat the devil

The Holy Ghost

We spend more time on the Holy Ghost, who He is, what his role in the Universe is and why He is the most misunderstood person in the Godhead.  We show that the Holy Ghost is a person because He has feelings, He can be offended, and He speaks when it is necessary.  We show how much power the Holy Ghost has in the story of Ananias and Sapphira, and why most of the "miracles" you see today in a lot of Charismatic churches are manifestations of demonic power and NOT the Holy Ghost.

"Holy Ghost" occurs 183 times in 89 verses in the KJV.

"Holy Spirit" occurs 44 times in 21 verses in the KJV.

"Spirit of the Lord" occurs 818 times in 91 verses in the KJV.

Biblical Citations:

Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Boldness, Holy

Emblems of the Holy Spirit, The

Gift of the Holy Spirit, The

Holy Spirit, the Comforter, The

Holy Spirit, The, Is God

Holy Spirit, the Personality Of

Holy Spirit, the Teacher, The

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, The

Inspiration of the Holy Spirit, The

Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Offences against the Holy Spirit

Power of the Holy Spirit, The

Sealing of the Holy Spirit

Titles and Names of the Holy Spirit

Witness of the Holy Spirit

Concerning Redemption, The Work of the Holy Spirit

Video References:

The Holy Ghost

The Godhead and how they are one

We dispel any notions that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are manifestations of the same spirit as they are 3 distinct person with three distinct personalities.  we demonstrate how 3 persons CAN be one if you interpret what is being said correctly.

"godhead" occurs 3 times in 3 verses in the KJV.

Biblical Citations:

Acts 17:29

Romans 1:20

Colossians 2:9

Video References:

Oneness Pentacostal Deception: The Godhead is NOT one spirit 

The Holy Ghost is a part of the Triune Godhead 

The Legal process of being "saved": How the Godhead evaluates petitions

You CANNOT be a follower of Christ if you declare yourself to be a Oneness Pentacostal 

Understanding the Bible

In this section of the seminar, we explain what the bible is and what it is used for.  We explain that the bible is the anchor that Christians use to validate what has been taught, said or done.  We explain that the Bible is purposefully presented as a jigsaw puzzle and it requires a person studying to ask for the Holy Ghost to reveal what is prevalent in their study.  Many people make the mistake of reading the bible "cover to cover" and they do NOT understand what they have been reading.  Since many people read the bible for themselves, they draw the wrong conclusions from scripture if they read the Bible without the Holy Ghost.  We give two examples where people have misinterpreted the Bible and show a 3rd instance where the interpretation is not accurate.

Video References:

You are a sodomite if you read your bible ONLY and never talk to Jesus 

How are you going to learn from the Bible without the revelations from the Holy Ghost? 

You need to read your bible: ignorant words from those who HATE Jesus Christ 

You will NEVER understand the Bible on your own 

You need the Holy Ghost to study the Bible 

Why churches forbid talking to Jesus directly

Here in the seminar, we tackle a real problem in the Body of Christ, and that problem is that VERY FEW people in the Body of Christ will talk to Jesus directly.  We will show this is religious indoctrination and why this is the case in over 95% of the churches around the world.  We will also have exercises with the participants to break them of this habit of "just reading your bible" without the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost.

Video References:

Why we stress talking to Jesus Directly  

You are a sodomite if you never talk to Jesus directly 

How are you expecting to get into Jesus' Kingdom of you refuse to acknowledge him?  

How are you going to know Jesus personally if you refuse to talk to Him? 

How are you going to ask Jesus for help if you refuse to talk with Him?  

Confusion in the Body of Christ

Part of the reason why there is such confusion in the Body of Christ is that when people read their Bibles, they draw the wrong conclusions and then they run with what THEY think the Bible says.  In other words, the Holy Ghost is essential for ANY Bible study, as He will reveal the Bible to those He is working with.  We will give a few instances where misinterpretations can cause problems because the person(s) reading the Bible did NOT consult the Holy Ghost when studying.

Biblical Citations:

Confound, Confuse, Confusion

Video References:

Once Saved, Always Saved:  This doctrine is confusion   

    The devil, the adversary

    We also take time to explore who the devil was, who the devil is now, and why the devil exists.  We will show that at one time, the devil and the Lord of Hosts were VERY close, and when Lucifer sinned, how things changed.

    Biblical Citations:

    Isaiah 14:10 (and following verses)

    Ezekiel 28:1 (and following verses)

    Video References:

    If you are Out of Order, you are satan's prey 

    Satan the accuser brings legal cases against YOU

    Accuser of the Bretheren - how the devil accuses you all day every day

    For more videos on the devil:

    The devil

      Why being a disciple/follower of Christ is important

      we take the time to let you know that if Jesus accepts you as a disciple or a follower of Christ, you are part of an EXCLUSIVE club of people that the Lord will deal with who are different and seperate from the people of the world.  We show you in a demonstration how those who are disciples/followers of Christ are in the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ and how the Lord does what He can to keep a person in His dominion.  Those who leave Jesus' dominion CAN lose their salvation if Jesus lets them go and decides He doesn't want them back.  Churches today are doing a disservice because they are NOT teaching people who they are in Christ.

      Biblical Citations:


      Disciple  (more)

      Disciple  (even more)

      Video References:

      Can you now see why being a Disciple/Follower of Christ is important? 

      Jesus only gives armour to those who are followers of Christ or disciples of Christ 

      Jesus authorizes armour for all folloers/disciples of Christ  

      Prayers are authorized by Jesus PERSONALLY for Disciples/Followers of Christ ONLY 

      Jesus provides protection for His followers and Disciples only 

      Only Disciples and followers of Christ are eligible for the Kingdom of God  


      We show The Lord Jesus Christ's authority He has over those whom are disciple or followers of Christ.  We also show the authority of the Lord of Hosts, Jesus' father, and the Holy Ghost, who is also a part of the triune Godhead.  Each has His role and each will help guide and nurture those whom are disciples or followers of Christ.  We also introduce the devil, and show that the devil has a lesser authority than the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, and how this affect mankind, who has no authority.

      "authority" occurs 37 times in 34 verses in the KJV.

      Biblical Citations:


      Video References:

      Authority and Power

      Jesus allows use of His authority

      How Adam lost his authority

      If you think you can push the devil around because you are a "Christian", think again 


      We show how the Lord Jesus Christ authorizes everything that the disciples or followers of Christ do, and why Jesus' authorization is important for the human.  Many Christians believe that they can tread on scorpions and nothing deadly will hurt them, but the churches forgot to tell the people that this is true ONLY when Jesus authorizes this to be true for the person who is His disciple or follower.  We go into some detail about this.

      Biblical Citations:

      Act 19:14

      Act 19:15

      Act 19:16

      Luk 10:17

      Luk 10:19

      Video References:

      How Jesus authorizes your requests to your armour 

      Prayers do not work unless they are authorized by Jesus PERSONALLY  

      Jesus authorizes armour for all followers/disciples of Christ 

      Prayers are authorized by Jesus PERSONALLY for disciples/followers of Christ only  


      We explain that there are only two dominions down here on earth, and most people are in a dominion that will damn them.  So what is a dominion?  Think if a dominion as a rulership, where there is a titular head or King.  Most Christians have NO IDEA that they are in the domimion of the devil - as a sodomite - and that it takes a legal action by the Lord Jesus Christ to get people from the dominion of the devil to His dominion as a disciple or a follower of Christ.  We spend a lot of time showing people that you are NOT going to make it into the Kingdom of God if you are under the devil's dominion.

      "dominion" occurs 62 times in 55 verses in the KJV.

      Biblical Citations:

      Dominion (Have ... Over)

      Video References:


      The courts of the Universe

      For most Christians, they have NEVER heard of this before and their churches will NOT tell them about the arena where the real action is.  You see, Jesus is a judge;  The Lord of Hosts is a Judge; the Holy Ghost is a judge, and in the courts of the Universe, these beings judge things all the time.  This is also where the devil files his legal actions against each and every one of us when there is sin, and if you NEVER contest the legal actions of the devil, Jesus has no choice but to rule for the devil at YOUR judgment.  We talk about how important it is for Christians to know their rights in the courts and know that they can ALWAYS contest what the devil is putting on them.  Unfortunately, we can clearly see that most Christians have NO IDEA that THEY are the ones who need to speak up and stand against the devil, and we will introduce a few legal instruments that can be used immediately for that purpose.

      Video References:

      Courts of the Universe

      The Godhead are Judges

      at this point, we show how the Godhead are judges, and as judges, they too do things lawfully, and they have the added burden of being fair in their judgments.  This is the reason why the Lord of Hosts Himself sends a strong delusion to those who He wants to damn, and we will show examples of this.  This also introduces to the seminar participant that EVERYTHING that Jesus did has a legal basis to it, and we explore those legal questions.

      Biblical Citations:


      Judge (Noun and Verb)

      Video References:

      Things that Jesus is going to look for when we are Judged  

      Why Biblical Citations are important

      In this part of the seminar, we take some time to show you why biblical citations are used from the Bible.  The churches have made a mess of things because they cherry-pick scriptures to say what they want to say, but what does the Lord Jesus Christ say?  When you are praying and bringing up dispute or asking for legal actions, Jesus is going to look for scriptural justification for what you want, and He is going the adjudicate your petition or complaint based on the scripture you have provided.  Understand that everything has a LEGAL basis, and we will show that with scripture.

            Standing in the Courts of the Universe


            As with any courtroom, you have to be presentable and worthy to stand in front of the Judge to argue your case.   We show you what standing is and why it is important for you to have standing to argue your case against the devil or for someone as intercession.  We also show how the Lord Jesus Christ, in the office of our advocate, can get you standing in front of the court as a disciple/follower of Christ.

              The devil files legal actions against you all the time

              We explain in detail how the devil will file legal actions against people whom he has influenced to sin, and how most people are ignorant of this tactic the devil uses to damn them.  We show how many people - Christian or non-Christian - have legal actions filed against them that CAN be fought and removed only if the people are disciples/followers of Christ who counter the legal actions the devil has filed.

              Biblical Citations:

              Accusation, False

              Accusation, Accuse

              Video References:

              Understanding Events and Resolutions  

              Why file complaints against the devil?  

              The devil files complaints against you all the time  

              If you don't resist the devil, he owns you at judgment  

              The Legal System of God:  Satan the accuser brings legal cases against YOU 

              Disciples/followers of Christ have rights

              Most Christian don't realize who they are in Christ, as those who are disciples/followers of Christ ONLY have rights that Jesus will defend for them if the devil oversteps his bounds (and he ALWAYS oversteps his bounds).  We are going to touch on a few of the rights that disciple/follower of Christ have that are NOT being taught in today's church world.

              • You always have free will - every being in the universe has free will to choose what they are going to do and whom they are going to follow or give their allegiance to.  We look at what "to follow means" and we show you how even the angels have free will to choose to be with the Lord of Hosts or to be with the devil.
              • The right to face or confront your accuser - the Courts of the Universe affords every human the right to face their accuser to resolve what they have been accused of, and the Judges will make the final decisions regarding these type of cases.
              • The Right to get disagreements resolved - the Judges will hear cases and arguments for and against any dispute that you my have with other Christians or the devil.  You do NOT have to sit there and take the abuse, as this is not what the Lord Jesus Christ wants, but many do because they have been taught by their churches to "be nice".

              • The Right to ask for Judicial Actions - every human has the right to ask for judicial actions, be it complaints, petitions or hearings.  The Judges will hear those requests for judical actions and based on citations from the Bible, the Judges will rule for or against a party, issuing decrees to enforce the ruling s that have been handed down.
              • The Right to interact with the Judges/Advocate - every human who is a disciple or a follower of Christ has the right to interact with the Judges when they bring a legal action before the Judges to be adjudicated.  Our advocate is the Lord Jesus CHrist, who also is a Judge, and we have the right to interact with Jesus and His Father the Holy Ghost to file legal actions as well as have legal actions adjudicated.
              • The Right to question - every disciple or follower of Christ has the right to question Jesus or any of the Judges regarding their decisions.  Some of the rulings will require some changes to a lifestyle, but most of the time it is about instruction and understanding.  We are not forced to just accept anything; you can always question the Judges to get understanding.


              • The Right of Refusal - every human has the right to refuse to do something that they do not want to do, and if there is refusal, all options available to the person are laid out so they can choose what they are to do.


              • The right to not be coerced/forced - with the Judges, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost or the Lord of Hosts, they NEVER force a person to do anything.  There is always a choice given as to what a person will or will not do.  The devil uses coercion because he doesn't care about you and he wants what he wants when he wants it.  The devil is a dirty dog.

              • If you are NOT a disciple or follower of Christ, NONE of these rights apply to you - this is the dirty little secret that most people are unaware of.  A person who is under the dominion of the devil has NO rights in the Courts of the Universe because they are OWNED by the devil.  Many think this is "unfair", but it is not.  If you are under the devil in his dominion, any grievance you have goes to the devil.  If you are under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ, any grievance you have goes to Jesus.  It really is that simple.

              Video References:

              Your Rights in Christ

                We are in a war zone

                Most people are unaware of the war that is going on around people these days, and they are oblivious to the dangers the devil poses for them and their families.  We show that those who are unprotected by the Lord Jesus Christ are vulnerable to being attacked by the devil, and how hoes and sodomites are generated.  We give you graphic examples of how the devil will get a young girl and turn her into a hoe, and young boys into sodomites, usually with born, fetishes and masturbation.  We are not mincing words and we will talk about things that most churches will not.

                Biblical Citations:

                Rev 11:7

                Rev 12:17

                Rev 13:7

                Rev 17:14

                Video References:

                All of us down here are in a WAR ZONE 

                The casualties of war: not knowing you are in a fight will bind you 

                  Christian have to learn how to fight

                  This part of the seminar is one where we spend a LOT of time showing how the current church person will NEVER fight or stand against the devil because of the "training" they got from their churches to "be nice".  The devil can come upon these people and seriously hurt them and they will sit there and do nothing.  We show how this is what 95% of the "Christians" do today, and they will not stand against anything the devil does.

                  Biblical Citations:

                  James 4:7

                  Ephesians 6:10

                  Ephesians 6:11

                  Ephesians 6:12

                  2 Samuel 22:35

                  Psalms 18:34

                  Psalms 144:1

                  Video References:

                  If you do not resist the devil, you are a Lukewarm Christian 

                  If you don't resist the devil, he owns you at judgment  

                  Why resisting the devil is important  

                  You have to resist the devil, no Jesus  

                    Christians Have to Grow a Backbone

                    We show you how you can stop being afraid and start to stand against the devil as the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to.  We show you that the battleground that disciples/followers of Christ have the advantage is the Courts of the Universe, and we show how those disciples/followers get "standing" in the Courts to be able to file cases against the devil.

                    Biblical Citations:

                    Fear, Fearful, Fearfulness


                    Video References:

                    The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to be afraid of the devil 

                    Why people who go to church are afraid of the devil 

                    You are a lukewarm Christian if you are afraid of the devil  

                    You are a sodomite if you are afraid of the devil 

                    Afraid?  Ask Jesus to lift that spirit of fear off of you 

                      The 7 prerequisites that need to be fulfilled BEFORE you fight the devil

                      We touch on the 7 prerequisites that a person will need to have fulfilled before they fight the devil.  We will just mention the prerequisites and give  a short synopsis why these prerequisites are necessary.  You can read the prerequisites for yourself here.

                        Fighting techniques

                        We spend some time showing you a disciple/follower of Christ can stand and fight back against the devil - and win - using judicial instruments and asking our Lord and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, to adjudicate our disputes with the devil.  This is where you can file petitions against the devil and if you win your case, decrees are handed down to get the devil to stop what he is doing.

                        Biblical Citations:


                        Video References:

                        Ask Jesus to prepare you so you can fight the devil  

                        How are you going to fight the devil with NO authority?  

                        Be in Order BEFORE you fight the devil  

                        This is why the persecuted churches will NOT fight when the devil flexes on them 

                        Why The current church World has no spine or fight in them  

                          Don't just sit there and take the devil's crap

                          We stress that every true Christian has the right and the authority through the Lord Jesus Christ to push back and push back hard against the devil.  These vaccine mandates would NOT work if people would not comply, but most Christians are ignorant of the ways they can fight back.  We will instroduce to you a few things you can do to stand against the devil and make him flee from you.

                            Biblical Citations:

                            Stand (Noun and Verb), Standing, Stood

                              Video References:

                              Christian wimps: you have to learn how to FIGHT  

                              Prepare for your fight with the devil  

                              Why people who go to church will NOT fight the devil  

                              You have to FIGHT, Christian   

                              The devil is flexing on Christian churches because they are ignorant of how to fight the devil  

                                Become a pain in the devil's behind

                                Most Christians are "nice", and the devil is using this to exploit people.  Christians have to learn how to be a pain in the behind of the devil, so that when he sees a disciple or a follower of Christ, he is going to walk circumspectly around those Christians because he knows that if he messes with the Christian, he will have to pay for that encounter.  We will show you how you can bug the devil to the point that he will leave you alone for a while on general principles.

                                  Biblical Citations:


                                    Video References:

                                    You fight the devil with your WORDS  

                                    Do not let the devil get away with ANYTHING  

                                    You can use your armour to help you deal with the crap the devil throws at you  

                                      Band together and learn how to pray warfare prayers

                                      We show you some warfare prayers that you and your friends can use to bludgeon the devil with and if, as a group, Christians band together and bombard the Courts of the Universe with legal actions, that fool devil is going to stop because the Lord of Hosts is going to make him stop.

                                      Video References:

                                      Spiritual warfare you can do at home: intercessory prayers   

                                      Spiritual warfare you can do at home: filing complaints daily against the devil 

                                      Spiritual warfare you can do at home: Get into the fight by asking Jesus what He wants you to do 

                                        Use Judicial Instruments to stand against the devil

                                        We spend a little time showing how Christians have the advantage in the fight if they would just go to the Lord Jesus Christ to learn how to use the weapons that Jesus will provide them.  The only way to defeat spiritual weapons is to have spiritual weapons of your own.  Shooting the devil with a pistol does NOTHING; however, shoot the devil with the right prayer authorized by Jesus, and the devil runs away in his high heels screaming.  We show some examples of this.

                                        Video References:

                                        Judicial Instruments

                                          Filing complaints

                                          In this section of the seminar, we take the time to show you how you can file a complaint with the Lord Jesus Christ to get a recompense - from the devil - to get him to stop what he is doing.  We will intorduce some new prayer techniques that will be helpful in your fight.

                                          Biblical Citations:

                                          Complainer, Complaint

                                          Charge (Nouns, Adjective and Verbs), Chargeable

                                          Accusation, Accuse

                                          Video References:

                                          Judicial Instruments: What is a complaint?  

                                          You have a legal right to file a complaint against the devil to get your recompense  

                                          Your Armour can File complaints and petitions on your behalf  

                                          The devil files complaints against you all the time  

                                          Enduring to the end: Use your complaints to help clear your way on the path of Salvation  

                                            Filing Petitions

                                            In this section of the seminar, we explain what petitions are what they do.  We show you how you can use petitions to ask for a judicial action which will result in the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost issuing Decrees against the devil, making him stop what he is doing.  We show you how to produce and file petitions and you can use this anytime the devil acts a fool.

                                            Biblical Citations:


                                            Petition (more)

                                            Video References:

                                            Judicial Instruments: What is a Petition?    

                                            You can file petitions on behalf of others with Jesus' Permission   

                                            You may ALWAYS petition the Lord for a recompense no matter what the devil has done  

                                            Processing Prayers: How Petitions are processed   

                                            The Legal process of being 'saved': Accepted Petitions   

                                                  Make the devil give up his slaves

                                                  The devil LOVES his slaves, and with the prayer techniques we will show you, you can force the devil to give up his slaves as a recompense for bothering people in the first place.  The devil is NOT going to stop until the Body of Christ makes him stop, and we can see that the churches are ineffective in showing the Body of Christ how to stop the devil.  The churches want us to "sit back and pray" while the Lord Jesus Christ commands us to "Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

                                                    Biblical Citations:


                                                    Video References:

                                                    The Sodomite Spirit Series: part 07 - Why the slaves of the Sodomite Spirit LIKE their enslavement  

                                                    The Sodomite Spirit: The devil is knitting a quilt of enslaved souls using the Sodomite Spirit  

                                                    The devil promises you the moon to be his slave  

                                                    The Sodomite Spirit: Masturbation makes you a slave to the devil and your flesh 

                                                    The Devil is after the DNA: DNA changes are the devil's means of enslavement  

                                                      Standing against Vaccine Mandates

                                                      We show how the church has FAILED to stand against the vaccine mandates, and we will discuss what could have been done if the church was alert and ready.  The Church right now is asleep, and they do NOT want to wake up to confront the devil.  Meanwhile, the devil is killing people by the hundreds of thousands by "forcing" people to get "vaccinated".  We spend some time to show what could have been done to abate this problem.

                                                        We could have been filing complaints against the ones who are putting the mandates in place -

                                                        these complaints would have been to the Lord Jesus Christ in the Courts of the Univerfse, which are not corrupt and Jesus is the Judge.  We show you how to do this in this seminar.

                                                          We could have been filing petitions against the mandates

                                                          These petitions are formal requests for judical actions, and if every Christian filed a petition asking for a recompense of stopping the mandates and the mask wearing, this would have stopped a long time ago.  This is what happens when you are ignorant of your rights and the tools you need to stand against the devil.

                                                            Where was the church?

                                                            In many cases, many churches went along with the mandates and they did NOT stand against the mandates.  Some churches went as far as to have "vaccine" drives for the congregation!  Now that you know that you could have stood against these draconian mandates, why are you still attending those churches that are HELPING the Beast system?

                                                              Practical Application of standing against the devil

                                                              We will look at the current news stories of the day and show you how you can fight the devil from your home as an intercessor, as a person filing complaints against the devil to get recompenses, to pulling down strongholds by using warfare prayers that are simple and easy to do.  The homework from this part of the seminar would be to find things to stand against with the blessing and help of the Lord Jesus Christ to get you prepared for battle.

                                                                The devil WILL retaliate

                                                                This is a given, and this is where your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ comes into play.  Jesus will authorize you to go after that fool devil and He will also help you with your armour so you will be protected against the retaliation.  That means that YOU have to talk to Jesus on a regular basis and ask the Holy Ghost to help you in your fight.

                                                                To make it into the Kingdom of God, you must be prepared

                                                                Most people who go to the denominational churches today are unprepared for entry into the Kingdom of God.  Let's look at it this way - if you wanted to run a 5K marathon, you don't just get up after having a meal of burger King and some soda and then go and run the marathon.  You take the time to TRAIN for the marathon, and that means your lifestyle and habits are going to change.  You eat real food; you drink water instead of soda; you get up early to hit the weight room so you are strong enough to endure the 5K run.  Getting into the Kingdom of God is no different, and you will be doing a lot of things differently when you are preparing for eternity.  We have the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost helping us along the way to keep that fool devil off of you so you can endure until the end.

                                                                "prepare" occurs 81 times in 78 verses in the KJV.

                                                                "prepared" occurs 101 times in 99 verses in the KJV.

                                                                Biblical Citations:

                                                                Preparation, Prepare, Prepared

                                                                Video References:

                                                                Ask Jesus to prepare you so you can fight the devil   

                                                                Prepare for your fight with the devil  

                                                                Just got Saved? Wait until Jesus prepares you before you start a ministry  

                                                                Just Got Saved? Wait until Jesus prepares you to go out to proclaim the gospel 

                                                                Once Saved, Always Saved: You are unprepared for the Kingdom of God  

                                                                Why are there Baby Christians on the Battlefield? 

                                                                As always, take NOTHING that you have seen here on this site as the truth.  It is YOUR responsibility to study and check out everything that you see and hear, and you have an advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ who will help you if you would just ask Him. 

                                                                Take this upon yourself, Christian, as YOU need to get YOUR Bible, YOUR concordance, YOUR dictionary, YOUR pens/pencils,YOUR notepad and then YOU need to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to help YOU so YOU can make it into His Kingdom, since it will be YOU standing alone in front of Jesus when YOU are being judged. 

                                                                It is YOUR responsibility to make sure YOU are in the faith and that YOU have completed YOUR sanctification during the sanctification process and YOU have gotten YOUR forgiveness and YOU have repented of all of YOUR sins before YOU are judged by Jesus. 

                                                                Scripture tells us that hell will enlarge itself to accommodate all of the people who will be sent there because they refuse to seek out Jesus, as you can see in scripture here:

                                                                Isaiah 5:14 - Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

                                                                Take this as a warning, Christian, as the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT desperate for people, as there were only 8 people who got on the ark before the flood, and only 2 people from the Hebrews from Egypt made it into the Promised Land.  Be wise, and stay IN Jesus so you are not lost.