Sodomite Behaviours

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Sodomite Behaviours: These are the devices that will complete your transformation into a sodomite

The devil has made sure that he has a quick and relatively easy way to turn people into sodomites.  You see, the devil can only rule over sodomites and matriarchal spirits, and that is because the devil is a matriarchal spirit and he is also the King of sodomites.  We already know from scripture that NO sodomite will EVER be able to get into the Kingdom of God, so what does the devil do?  He sets up an environment where people cannot help but be sodomites!!

Sodomite behaviours are behaviours that sodomites perform, and if youare performing a sodomite behaviour, know that you are giving your allegiance and support to the devil if you are doing any one of these behaviours.  In fact, Jesus will bypass you if you are acting like a sodomite, and that is because you have the nature of the devil and NOT the nature of Jesus Christ.


Some of the pictures and videos you will see will be graphic; these videos and pictures are necessary to show you the REAL deal, and not some watered-down whitewashed presentation that your churches are giving you, as they don't want to offend anyone.


We INTEND to offend EVERYONE with these presentations so you will go to Jesus and get HELP to get out of the trap that the devil lured you into through lust and watching porn.  This web page is NOT going to mince words, as many people are enslaved by the devil and they are giving up hope because they think that there is no way out.  Many people are just living with this behaviour, and they think that they will be able to shed this behaviour once they die.


What most people do NOT know is that if you have a fetish, you will NOT make it into the Kingdom of God, no matter if you are Once Saved, Always Saved or not.  The Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to allow sodomite behaviours into His Kingdom, so NOW is the time to get with Jesus and deal with this behaviour BEFORE you die so when you are Judged, you are NOT turned away because you have the wrong spirit.

Sodomite behaviours are everywhere,

and this is how the devil makes people into sodomites

Let's list the main sodomite behaviours so you will know them:

  • Oral Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Masturbation
  • Lust
  • Homosexuality
  • Lesbianism
  • Bestiality
  • Deviant sexual Behaviours
  • Fetishes
  • Fornication
  • Adultery

This is quite a list, isn't it?

The Deviant Sexual Behaviours will include things like spanking, bondage, whipping, pain, and things of that nature, as that list is VERY long.  There are people who are sexually aroused when a woman in heels walks on their penis, spiking their penis under foot.  I know that is gross, and that is nasty, but these are the deviant sexual behaviours that some people are suffering under.

Anyone performing these behaviours is a sodomite.


There are NO Disciples of Christ or followers of Christ that perform these behaviours, and if they do, the Lord Jesus Christ is quick to confront them about it.  Anyone performing these behaviours is infused with the sodomite spirit, which is the spirit of the devil.  Anyone who has a fetish that they are clandestinely servicing is a sodomite, and they will remain a sodomite until they are cleansed of this sodomite spirit and all of the demons in them are cast out.

Sodomite Behaviours:

The devil is making you a sodomite using sodomite behaviours

Sodomite Behaviours:

The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to try Sodomite Behaviours

Sodomite behaviours will manipulate your senses to turn you into a sodomite

Sodomite behaviours will allow the flesh to take control of you body and your senses are manipulated by the sodomite spirit if you are performingthese behaviours.  If you look closely, you will see that the sodomite behaviours will be NASTY, usually getting you to be doing things that would make a dog vomit.  You have people who are having anal sex and then having oral sex right afterwards, which is nasty.  In most cases, we are taking about a guy who is having sex with as woman (it may be a guy doing thisd to another guy though) where a guy has oral sex with his partner, and then puts his pee-pee into their behind for a while, and then has oral sex with his partner again.

Obviously, that man's pee-pee smells like doo-doo and may even have a little doo-doo residue on it, and that partner, man or woman, is stickingthat pee-pee with the doo-doo on it into their mouths, gulping down what ever is on that pee-pee they are slurping on.  I know that this description is pretty disgusting, but I have not found ANY sodomite behaviour that is clean and pristine.  They are usually debase and nasty.

Even the fetishes that people have are disgusting, and they too are not clean or pristine.  Many times, with a fetish, a person will ejaculate on an object or a body part, leaving spooge all over the place, and the recipient of that spooge sometimes licks it up and swallows it!!

All of this goes to show you how the sodomite spirit will manipulate the senses when people are performing sodomite behaviours.  To these people,

  • oral/anal/oral sex tastes good;
  • ejaculations on people's faces and in their mouths is desirable;
  • there is little or no pain when vigorous anal sex is performed for the recipient (man or woman);
  • any pain from the sodomite spirit is pleasure.

The sodomite spirit, since it does enhance the flesh, will control the disbursement of dopamine in a person, and that is how the sodomite spirit and the devil are able to make a person feel good.  The devil's advantage is the flesh, and it is in the flesh that most of these sodomite behaviours are performed.

Sodomite Behaviours:

This thing manipulates your senses to enhance sodomite behaviours

Sodomite behaviours will destroy a marriage

Sodomite behaviours destroy many marriages because you may have one spouse that wants to have sex using sodomite behaviours and the other does not.  In many cases, this revolves around oral and anal sex, and many times, a husband wants to have anal sex, but the wife does not, but she will do the oral sex because she know s her husband likes that even though she hates doing that as well.  Many a marriage has been destroyed because one of the soouses want to perform sodomite behaviours or want their spouse to perform sodomite behaviours and this causes a rift in the marriage that only the Lord Jesus Christ can fix.

The way to fix this is the get that sodomite spirit out of the husband and to get rid of all of the sodomite behaviours that the husband was performing, and it is going to take the Lord Jesus Christ to help that couple and seal that rift in the marriage with BOTH of them  praying and casting out demons to make that marriage work again.

As you can see, it takes the intervention of the LordJesus Christ Himself to help people that are enslaved by the sodomite spirit and get rid of the sodomite behaviours that they have.

Sodomite Behaviours:

This spirit uses sodomite behaviours to destroy Christian marriages

Sodomite behaviours have gone mainstream

These days, people are so used to performing sodomite behaviours that they learned from Porn they are incvorporating these behaviours in everyday life.  In the video shown below, we take a look at all of the everyday things that people do that are sodomite behaviours and that makes BOTH people involved sodomites.

We take a look at dating today, and we make note that if a person goes out on a date, after the date, these people are going to be having vaginal and oral sex after the date.  These actions closely mirror the scenarios you see in porns, as the girlfriend will stick her mouth on her boyfriend's pee-pee and get him nice and hard before he gose into her with vaginal or anal sex. 

  • Oral sex is a sodomite behaviour; 
  • Anal sex is a sodomite behaviour; 
  • Since these two people are NOT married, fornication is a sodomite behaviour.

Can you see where this is going?

No one - not even the older crowd - thinks anything of what is going on, but the Lord of Hosts sees this as wickedness, and at some point, He is going to destroy the cities or towns that have the most wickedness, just as the Lord of Hosts destroyed Nineveh after Jonah was sent there to warn them of their destruction.  In the case of Jonah, Nineveh repented before the Lord and they were spared, but their children were not, as they ignored the Lord of Hosts and told Him to go somewhere.

Sodomite Behaviours:

Porn and Sodomite Behaviours have gone mainstream

Sodomite Behaviours:

Sodomite Behaviours have gone mainstream

Sodomite Behaviours:

Why Sodomite Behaviours have made 95% of the people of the WORLD sodomites

Sodomite Behaviours:

There were heterosexuals who were sodomites in Sodom and Gomorrah

There are MANY sodomite behaviours that the devil employs, and here are the most efficient ones

In the box below, we have outlined the top sodomite behaviours that the devil uses to enslave the people he has just turned into sodomites.  there are a LOT more sodomite behaviours that are NOT listed here, as they can be a little disgusting.  There are sodomite behaviours that dovetail on the fetishes that people have, so you may have a person who has a poo fetish (where they eat and smear human waste all over themselves) who will not be aroused unless they are literally having sex in poo.  Yes, that is nasty and disgusting, but sodomite behaviours are disgusting by definition.