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Sodomite Behaviours:


In this section, we are going to talk about masturbation - what it is, how people learn how to masturbate, how the sodomite spirit uses masturbation for its purposes, and what masturbation ultimately does.  EVERYONE knows how to masturbate, but NOBODY can explain HOW they learned how to masturbate.  Masturbation feels good, and this is why the people who do masturbate continue in this behaviour.

We take a close look at all of the aspects of masturbation and explain why it is a considered a sodomite behaviour.  Take a look at our conclusions and see  what you think.  IN fact, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to confirm what we are saying about masturbation and why almost everyone does this. 

Some of the pictures and videos you will see will be graphic; these videos and pictures are necessary to show you the REAL deal, and not some watered-down whitewashed presentation that your churches are giving you, as they don't want to offend anyone.


We INTEND to offend EVERYONE with these presentations so you will go to Jesus and get HELP to get out of the trap that the devil lured you into through lust and watching porn.  This web page is NOT going to mince words, as many people are enslaved by the devil and they are giving up hope because they think that there is no way out.  Many people are just living with this fetish, and they think that they will be able to shed this fetish once they die.


What most people do NOT know is that if you have a fetish, you will NOT make it into the Kingdom of God, no matter if you are Once Saved, Always Saved or not.  The Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to allow fetishes into His Kingdom, so NOW is the time to get with Jesus and deal with this fetish BEFORE you die so when you are Judged, you are NOT turned away because you have the wrong spirit.


What is masturbation?

Before we go into what masturbation does, let's find out what masturbation is in the first place.  Masturbation is defined as:


  1. Excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse.

Masturbation is manipulation of the flesh, which is a defilement of your temple, that is NOT sanctioned by the Lord Jesus Christ, and masturbation is an abomination to the Lord Jesus Christ.

So what is an abomination?

Here is the dictionary definition of an abomination:


  1. anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred.
  2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation:He regarded lying with abomination.
  3. a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc.:

Masturbation is an act of a sodomite, as you will see in the videos below,  and being a sodomite makes you subjected to and under the dominion of the devil.  If you are under the dominion of the devil, you are a sodomite.  The devil will then be able to "inspire" you to be "the freak of the week" which will cause you to perform more and more debase things to "prove" how great a lover you are while you are being damned.

Let's be clear as to what a sodomite is, as you can see in the videos below:


What is a sodomite, anyway?


A sodomite is NOT just a person who is a homosexual or a lesbian

Now, most people think that a sodomite is a person who is a homosexual or a lesbian ONLY.  This is not true, as there are many hetereosexuals that are sodomites, mostly because of the sodomite behaviours that they perform.  Ultimatley, you can see that those who are sodomites are under the auspices and dominion of the devil, and those people are enslaved and imprisioned by the devil and used by the devil for his purposes.

Those who are sodomites also perform sodomite behaviours, which are and not limited to the following:

There are many sodomites behaviours that are initiated and governed by the Sodomite Spirit,  which is the spirit that the devil uses to turn people into sodomites.


The Sodomite Spirit: Masturbation is the controlling element of this spirit

How does one learn how to masturbate?

Most people learn how to masturbate when they come of age, and they have their "wet dream" for the first time.  

So what is a "wet dream"?

That is the time, for young boys, where their sexual orgams mature to the point where they ejaculate when they go to bed .  The feeling is incredible, and they wake up the next day with a puddle of semen in their bed and on their clothes.  Some young boys are freaked out by this, and they wonder what is going on.  They DO remember how good it felt when they had their wet dream and they want to replicate that feeling.

Since there is no manual or book on how to masturbate, this is the time when the devil steps in and guides the young person, showing them how to "rub" their penis a certain way to replicate that very good feeling.  For young girls, it may be some tight panties that rub the clitoris that brings on the very good feeling for her.

In the videos below, we go into more detail about how people learn how to masturbate, but know that once a person figures out how their body works, if they are hooked on masturbating, they are going to do it as often as they can.


The Sodomite Spirit: Masturbation is a component if this spirit


The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to masturbate


Masturbation makes you a slave

to the devil and your flesh

Porn is Like a Vampire;

The sodomite spirit uses porn to bind you and introduce you to masturbation to porn

In the videos that are posted, you will see that we depict Porn as a vampire and this is because porn has a lot of the qualities that a vampire may have, according to vampire folklore.  Here are some things to consider:

The Sodomite Spirit and Porn

  • Porn will stalk you
  • Porn will turn a person into a sodomite
  • Once a person is turned, they are given over to the devil
  • The devil will govern people who watch porn
  • The devil will infuse fetishes in a person
  • The person is enslaved by the sodomite spirit
  • The sodomite spirit will never stop seeking victims

Vampire folklore

  • A vampire will stalk their victim(s)
  • A vampire will turn the victim by biting the victim
  • A vampire will turn their victims over to a master vampire
  • The master vampire will govern all vampires he/she sired
  • The vampire will teach the victim how to be a vampire
  • The victim is enslaved by the vampire
  • The vampire will NEVER stop seeking victims

Can you see the similarities?

We believe that the vampire folklore was patterned after the real sodomite spirit, and since the devil HATES the Blood of Jesus, he is mocking Jesus by having a fiend drink blood to live.  The sodomite spirit is living off of the lifeforce of its victims, so in effect the sodomite spirit, using porn, is sucking the victims dry not using blood, but by sucking the energy of the victim who has been turned into a sodomite by porn.  If you ever wondered how the devil sustains himself, this is how.  The devil and his minions are  dead spirits, so they get their energy by siphoning off the energy of their slaves, and the devil has a LOT of slaves.  Once the devil is done with that slave, he throws them away and gets a new, fresh slave who is willing to give themselves to him.

Have you ever seen any shortages of porn stars?

These are the people who willingly give themselves to the devil (the devil pays them a LOT of money to do what they do in these porns) and they are pawns in the devil's game.  Notice how the devil will throw away the porn stars that he has used up and get new, fresh porn stars to take their place, and there is NO shortage of people willing to give themselves to him.

All of these people are slaves of the devil - porn stars, the people watching porn - and ALL of them are sodomites, as they are under the dominion of the devil.


Porn is like a vampire that enslaves for its master, the Sodomite Spirit

Porn will change a person into a sodomite in less than 10 minutes as you are hooked and addicted to Porn

Porn is a device that will change a person into a sodomite in less than 10 minutes, especially if a person has never seen porn before.  Porn will tittilate the flesh, and in men it will cause them to have an erection (cause their penis to become erect like they are going to have sex) and in women they will become juicy (women will be ready to have sex as their vaginal fluids will flow).

How is it that porn will do this to people who are not even having sex?

It is through the sodomite spirit that will enhance the flesh of the people watching porn.  Also, there is witchcraft involved, and the sodomite spirit fools the body into thinking that it will have sex as it pushes the spirit man aside and gives the flesh the power it needs to be preeminent in the person.  The flesh, as we know from our Bible scriptures, is weak and it is EVIL, so what better partners to enslave a person are there than the Sodomite spirit and the flesh?

It is through this spiritual manipulation that porn will turn a person into a sodomite in less than 10 minutes, and porn will open the door for the sodomite spirit to leglly infuse itself into a person.  The devil CANNOT just waltz in and take over a person; he has to have legal authority to do so.  ANY sin that a person commits is that legal authority, and when you watch porn, you see sodomite behaviours that will give the sodomite spirit the permission it needs by you agreeing with the  things you see.

How do you agree with the things shown in the porn?

You seal the deal when you start to masturbate to what you see, as masturbation is YOU giving a sacrifice to what you see, turning you away from the Lord Jesus Christ and to the things that you see in the porn.  When you ejaculate (men) or climax (women), then you have given your allegiance to porn and the sodomite spirit that controls it.

This is the main reason why you CANNOT stop watching porn when you first see it, and know that the sodomite spirit will compel you to continue to watch porn so that it can bind you with ties that are strengthened every time you watch porn. 

Behind each image in porn, there is a demon that has a tie - a hook with a binding object like a fishing line - that he will throw into your flesh and hook you to bind you to the image.  There are 24 - 36 images a second when you are watching a porn video, so you can see that if you watch 10 seconds of porn, you have 240 - 360 of these ties that these demons will hook into your flesh.

You do the math -

  • 1 second of porn is 24 - 36 ties;
  • 10 seconds of porn is 240 - 360 ties; 
  • 1 minute of porn is 1,440 - 2,160 ties;
  • 10 minutes of porn is 14,400 - 21,600 ties;
  • 30 minutes of porn is  43,200 - 64,800 ties;
  • 60 minutes (1 hour) of porn is 86,400 - 129,600 ties.

Remember - each tie is like a fishing line, and you can see the number of ties that are being thrown and hooked into a person as they watch porn.  Most people go on benders and watch porn for hours on end, and every second that a person watches porn, you can see the number of ties that are being hooked into the person.

The ties that are established grow and get stronger, and this is why porn is so addictive.  These ties will then becomes so strong that you CANNOT break free even if you wanted to.  You are then a slave - enslaved by the devil, and the devil will yoke on these ties whenever he feels like it and you are bound and a slave to the devil.


Porn infuses the Sodomite Spirit in people


How Porn takes down men


Your porn appetite will be insatiable


How Porn takes down women

What is a fetish, anyway?

A fetish is defined as follows:


  1. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or ashaving magical potency.
  2. any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
  3. any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.
  4. Something, such as an object or nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

In the videos that we have attached to this page, we describe a fetish as items 3 & 4 in the definition above.  However, take a look at items 1 & 2, and you can see why a fetish is something that the devil will be able to control.  So, as you can see just from the definition, this is something that th devil has control of and it will elicit a response from the flesh of any person who has been infused with a fetish by the devil.

Yes, Fetishes are assigned to people who are sodomites, as the devil rules over sodomites.

What is the point of this?

The devil does NOT want people worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, and the devil knows that humans will worship ANYTHING, so th devil has given you something to worship that HE controls.  This is the purpose of having fetishes, and when you have been enslaved by the devil as a sodomite, you are given a fetish by the devil so he can continue to enslave you.


The Sodomite Spirit will engender fetishes


You are a sodomite if you have a fetish

How do fetishes work?

As you already know, a fetish is assigned by the devil to those who have been turned into sodomites. A person can be turned in the following ways:

  • Through Porn (the #1 way to be turned into a sodomite), as porn will hook a person watching it and then porn will turn the persons into sodomites much like a vampire turns a person into a vampire;

  • Through Lust, as a person who is lusting after a person will act upon that lust, which opens the door for the sodomite spirit to infuse that person so they are a sodomite;

  • Through Fornication and/or Adultery, as the person is in sin, and sin will open the door for the sodomite spirit to infuse itself in a person;

  • Through sodomite behaviours like oral sex and anal sex, as this is sin, and sin opens the door for the sodomite spirit to infuse itself in the person who is giving OR receiving the oral/anal sex.

Once a person is turned into a sodomite, then they are brought to the devil who will then decide what kind of fetish he is going to put in them. Once the devil puts that fetish inside of a person, then that person is given Porn to feed that fetish until it is strong enough to be able to control the person who has been given the fetish.


Fetishes are a component of this spirit


How fetishes are used by this spirit

The devil decides what fetish you will have

The devil will then decide what fetish you will have.  Sometimes he is lazy, and he will give you a fetish he gives everyone, and the behind fetish is the fetish that he gave you to deal with.  Other times, the devil will want to make sure you are good and bound, so he may double up on the fetishes, and he may give you a behind fetish AND a heels fetish to make sure that the bonds and ties of that fetish are good and strong so you CANNOT escape.

Once the devil gives you that fetish (or fetishes), he will then plop you back in front of porn and then you will be watching a LOT of porn that will feed that fetish.  In this case, you will be watching a LOT of porn when you will see many people being sexed in the doggy position, and that means the woman is on her knees with her behind up and ready to be penetrated.

When you see women with a big behind, that behind is now the new face, and there are many men who are mesmerized by a big behind.  These days, the devil is trying to make the behind the #1 fetish, so you can thank the likes of Kim Kardashian and Niki Minaj for making the behind a "new" object of affection.

By climaxing or ejaculating, you have just heaped on more ties that are being used to bind you so you will want to find another porn where you will see a woman’s behind in the air as she is being boned by some guy.  It is not an accident when you see a woman on her knees on a bed or a table somewhere with her behind in the air. The devil knows that this will cause many of his slaves to be titillated and they will start to masturbate when they see this.

You will then turn into a connoisseur of porn that has women with a big donkey behind visible when they are being boned by some guy.  Many of you will then emulate that behaviour by having your wives or girlfriends when you are having sex with them.  Many of you, especially if you are hooking up, will only hook up with women who have nice big, juicy behind.  You will not care if the woman looks like a horse or not; you are only interested in having sex with women whose behind meet your standards as to what a nice behind is.


The insidious methods the devil uses to bind people


How the Sodomite Spirit Enslaves using porn

Porn is used to feed the fetish the devil just gave the person who has been turned into a sodomite

In this case, porn has a double purpose:

  • Porn is used to turn a person into a sodomite by getting them to watch porn and emulate the sodomite behaviours that they see on the porn;

  • Porn is also used to feed the fetish that the person got from the devil, as they will be fed porn that is germain to their fetish;

  • Porn will also bind that person to the fetish that the devil assigned to them so that they are enslaved by the devil through the sodomite spirit.

Porn is a very important part of this equation because it is the means to strengthen the ties that porn will have on a person, and that person may be male or female.  Can you now see why porn is EVERYWHERE?  Nobody can escape porn because porn, like the sodomite spirit itself, is blanketing the earth, and everyone on earth is exposed to and defiled by porn and the sodomite spirit.

So you now know that every person down here on hearth is defiled by these spirits, and you have to be cleaned up by the Lord Jesus CHrist before you can even approach Him to get into His Kingdom.  Without the cleasing done by the Holy Ghost, you CANNOT get into the Kingdom of God, and this is where the Once Saved, Always Saved crowd is in serious error. 

There is NO WAY that the Lord Jesus Christ will allow ANYONE to get into His Kingdom if they are full of Fetishes or the Sodomite spirit, and if you are Once Saved, Always Saved, you are NEVER cleaned up, as that doctrine tells you that on a confession you have eternal security and you cannot lose it.  You are:

  • Nasty, and not cleaned up;
  • full of the sodomite spirit;
  • full of demons invited in by the sodomite spirit;
  • and have fetishes, which is a gift from the devil for being a sodomite.

Who are you going to believe now?


What is the relationship between porn and fetishes?


The devil is making you a sodomite by getting you to feed a fetish


This is the purpose of Porn

People worship their fetish

through masturbation

Once a person has been turned into a sodomite and their fetish is able to control them, the people will worship through that fetish by masturbating whenever possible.

What do I mean by this?

As a means of worship, a person with a fetish will masturbate to show their worship for the object or body part that the devil has put in them.  Usually, a person with a fetish will go to porn to feed that fetish and they will masturbate to complete the worship of that fetish item.  When the person climaxes (women) or ejaculates (Men), that is the sacrifice that is given to the fetish by the person infused with the fetish.

What this does is it turns the allegiance of the person masturbating to the object (which in turn is given to the god of that object, who is ultimately the devil) and it turns people away from the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is the devil's master stroke of genius to get people to worship HIM and NOT the Lord Jesus Christ.  By using a little witchcraft as well, the devil will have you masturbating and giving homage to HIM through the object he has put in you to adore sexually.


Masturbating to objects or pictures will embody this spirit in a person

Masturbation is idolatry:

Ejaculation is the offering that the devil wants from men 

This is the "offering" that the devil wants from the porn viewer, and the masturbator will do this same behaviour.  By ejaculating, this is the "offering" of worship of that person's body or body part that either estabishes a person being an idolator, as that "offering" establishes or strengthens the tie TO the devil and that changes the allegiance of that person to the devil.   The devil is now their god, and that woman whom the man is ejaculating on or in is being used by the devil to bind the man.  

People who are masturbating are not only bound, but imprisoned, as the act of masturbation opens the door for the devil to infuse the sodomite spirit in those people and the devil will double-down and make sure those masturbators are good slaves by strengthening the bonds and ties to the devil through porn, fetishes and masturbation, as they will never be satisfied and will always look for another opportunity to masturbate.


Ejaculation is the offering the devil wants from people who fornicate


What is the sacrifice or offering that the devil is looking for?

The sodomite spirit allows demons into you to make sure you are bound and stay that way

The sodomite spirit will invite in demons that are looking for a body to live in, and this is how the demons are working for the devil.  You see, the demons have a tacit agreement and a relationship with the devil that allows them to have a body to live in and in return, the devil will ask them to keep you bound by having you masturbate all the time  so you will remain a sodomite and bound to the fetish.


The sodomite spirit invites demons into the those who are enslaved


The Sodomite Spirit: Demons & demonic Possession is a component if this spirit


The Sodomite Spirit: The relationship demons have with the sodomite spirit


The symbiotic relationship of the Sodomite spirit and demons


The Sodomite Spirit: Demons are invited in by the sodomite spirit


The Sodomite Spirit: Demons live in people who embody the sodomite spirit

There are many "Christians" that masturbate

There are many people who profess to be a "Christian" that are sodomites because they masturbate.  Now, the churches are NOT going to approach or broach this subject; this is the reason why we are posting this information in this manner.  Many "Christians" are going to go to HELL over this, so let's take some time to state the obvious.

If you are a "Christian" and you are masturbating, you are in grave danger of losing your salvation.  If you are masturbating, remember that you are an idolator, as you are in love with yourself and you are selfishly using your body for things that the Lord did NOT design your body to do.  Remember scripture:

1 Corinthians 3:17 - If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

Your body is the temple of the Lord if you profess to be a "Christian", and the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to be very happy when He sees you defiling your temple.  Many of you are doing this in ignorance, and you will need to repent of your deeds.

1 Corinthians 6:13 - Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.

The above scripture is very clear that your body is for the Lord, and although this scripture specifically talks about fornication, defiling your body by fornicating - with yourself - is something that the Lord frowns upon.

Many of you that profess to be "Christian" are getting caught up with the world, and you are following the world, thinking that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing.  Know that all of your deeds are goingto be tried by fire, and if you are defiling your body as the world does, the Lord Jesus Christ is not going to be very happy with you, as we can see in scripture here:

Romans 8:5-8 - For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.  So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

Masturbation is a NASTY practice that is from the piut of hell, and yet we see over 95% of the people in the world having a problem with masturbation.  You CAN beat this thing, but it is going to take the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to work with you to break the ties the devil has on you so you can be free. 


The Sodomite Spirit: Masturbation will turn Christians who watch porn over to the devil


What the Lord Jesus Christ will say to you at Judgment if you masturbate

You can stop masturbating and get yourself free of the devil's clutches

In this narrative, we will now switch and focus on getting you free of the practice of masturbation and your enslavement to the devil.  Getting free will take some time, as you have a LOT of bonds and ties on you that the devil will keep heaping on you to the point where you cannot move.  You will NOT be able to get free under your own power, and you will need the Lord Jesus Christ to help you get free and stay free of this scourge that is binding and enslaving people.  To get free, you will need to do the following:

  • You will need to get with and talk with the Lord Jesus Christ directly.  Many churches tell you that you don’t need to talk to Jesus and to just read your bible.  This is why 92% of the world today, including many in the churches, are sodomites today and are bound.  Jesus is the ONLY way to get free of the practice of masturbation, as those bonds and ties are VERY strong.

  • Once you ignore the churches and get with Jesus YOURSELF and talk to Him directly, He will then give you instructions that you must follow.  Jesus will then decide if He is going to take you on as a Disciple or a follower of Christ.  If He does decide to take you on as a Disciple or a follower of Christ, Jesus is going to send the Holy Ghost to you, and you will then be cleaned up by the Holy Ghost so you will be suitable for Jesus.

  • You will spend some time in the wilderness with the Holy Ghost and He will get you to repent and get you cleaned up.  This is going to take some time, and the Holy Ghost will require you to be obedient to Him.

  • Once you are cleaned up enough by the Holy Ghost, He will put you on the path to salvation, and then you will be working to get rid of all of the defiling elements within you.  That means that YOU will be casting out the demons that the sodomite spirit put in you and YOU will be getting your repentance for the things you did.  Jesus and the Holy Ghost will then cut the ties to the devil and then you will be free of the devil’s tyranny.

Again, this process is going to take some time, and it will be months before you get free of the sodomite spirit and curse of masturbation that the devil has given to you.

You will have to decide if you want to be free or not, and if you do want to be free, you will need to get with the Lord Jesus Christ NOW to start the process.  To start the process, all you will need to do is to ask Jesus to get you free.  You can also say that that dude on the website told you to come and see Him to get you free of the sodomite spirit and the fetishes that the devil put on you , and then Jesus will take it from there.  We will go through the steps in detail so you will know what to expect.


I am a Christian and I don't do that anymore - Masturbation

Jesus has armour that will help you battle the Sodomite Spirit so you can overcome this behaviour if you would just ask Him for it

That's right - you can now effectively battle the Sodomite spirit with new armour that Jesus will give you at no cost to you so you can walk with Him and the Holy Ghost to get rid of those urgings and yokes that the devil has put upon you.  You will need to go to Jesus DIRECTLY - not though a pastor, or a church, or through a prophet or a prophetess - and Jesus will send you the armour that you need so you can be FREE of this bondage that the devil has put upon you.

So what do you have to do?

All you need to do is ask, and you can use this prayer here:

"Jesus, I hear that you have armour that will help get rid of my heels fetish.  Please let me know what I need to do to get this armour so I can be normal again."

That's all you need to do.  Jesus will contact you and talk with you about what He wants for you, and you will need to do EXACTLY as Jesus tells you.


Jesus has armour that He will give you to block the sodomite spirit

   If you are offended by the graphics used OR if you are 'turned on' by what you see on this page, you need to get with Jesus TODAY because you are inflicted by the Sodomite Spirit and you need to get rid of that fetish/spirit NOW.

You should NOT be moved by ANYTHING that you see on this page.  If you are "turned on" by what you see and/or you are starting to masturbate, you are STILL a sodomite and you need to get rid of this TODAY so you can make it into the Kingdom of God.

You see, the devil imbeds demons in YOU, Christian, and they stay dormant until you die, and they are in you when you get judged.  Know that those demons in you are NOT going to make it into the Kingdom of God, and if YOU have these demons in you, YOU will not make it into the Kingdom of God either.

These images on this page were purposely picked to illict a response from those demons in you so you can get with Jesus DIRECTLY to get rid of these demonic elements within YOU.  We have done you a HUGE favour by getting these demons to get agitated so YOU will know that you need to get with Jesus TODAY to ask Jesus for the help you need to get rid of the defiling elements within you.

Your prayer will be as follows:

"Jesus, I didn't know I had these defiling elements within me.  Please help me get rid of these demons and the sodomite spirit that I did NOT know I had."

and that's it.  WAIT for Jesus to respond to you, as He will know if you are sincere or not.  When Jesus does answer you, you can then talk to Him and get His instructions and you will need to follow those instructions to the letter.


Ask Jesus to point out the defiling elements in you that He wants you to fix


Ask Jesus to point out where you are out of order so you can fix it


Ask Jesus to help you break bonds and ties that are binding you

You CANNOT get free of the sodomite spirit or the masturbation without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ

You have taken the time to find out about the sodomite spirit and the foot fetish that are binding you, and now you can be free and stop performing sodomite behaviours so you CAN make it into the Kingdom of God. Know that you will NEVER get into the Kingdom of God if you have the sodomite spirit, as the sodomite spirit is from the devil.

You have to get rid of the sodomite spirit and all of the bonds and ties that the devil has put on you, and only the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the Lord of Hosts have the power to be able to break the bonds and the ties of these spirits the devil has put on you.

Take some time to day and get with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and ask Him to help you break the ties the devil has put on you and to cast out the demons that the sodomite spirit has put on you. It will take you some time to do this, so NOW is the time to get with Jesus and get yourself cleaned up of all of these spirits the devil has put in you to bind you and control you.

TODAY would be the time to get with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and save YOURSELF and not listen to that drivel that your church is telling you.

Talk with Jesus. Be honest with him about what sodomite behaviours you perform and ask Him to help you get rid of these things. Many people who profess to be Christian have NO IDEA of the traps and tricks the devil has set for humanity, and they do NOTHING and are damned when they are being judged. There are BILLIONS of people in hell TODAY because they NEVER reached out to Jesus to get this sodomite spirit off of them or to get the fetishes removed from them.

Don't be one of them.

Get with Jesus today and do an assessment of your salvation and start work on the things that Jesus is telling you to get taken care of.

Your salvation is YOUR responsibility, Christian, and know you will NEVER make it into the kingdom of God if you have the sodomite spirit on you when you are judged.

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