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The Sodomite Spirit: 

What it does, how it works and how it enslaves you

On this page, we are going to highlight the Sodomite Spirit Series, which is a series of 25 videos that gives you information on how to deal with the Sodomite Spirit.  Most people thnk that the Sodomite spirit is for people who are homosexual or lesbian; that is not the case.  We are going to show you how many heterosexual people are sodomites, including people in YOUR church and people that you know.  Hetereosexuals can be sodomites!!

This series takes a total of about 6 hours to go through.  Each part is broken up into a 10-12 minute video and that will be enough to get you started on what the sodomite spirit is all about.  It is recommended that you go through this and consult the Lord Jesus Christ on every part you see.  Many things you see you will not be aware of.

We do post how you can beat this spirit, as it is an insidious spirit and one of the most pernicious and evil spirits there are around.  Many people are ignorant of this spirit, and it is one spirit that you CANNOT get away from.

As always, take what you have seen and learned and run it by the Lord Jesus Christ to confirm.  Do NOT take what you see as the gospel and NEVER believe what you see until you have confirmed it with the Lord Jesus Christ.


We will warn you that what we are presenting is going against the doctrinal teachings of many denominations.  Many are going to excoriate this site because we are not following their doctrine.  Many times, the people who are going to say we are teaching ' a false gospel' would be the ones that say that they have read the bible from cover to cover multiple times and will claim to be the 'authority' on the bible because they did that.

So, If you think we are full of it, that's fine.  That is expected. 

All we are asking for you to do is to read the content, then  go directly to the Lord Jesus Christ and confirm with HIM what we have been posting.   Confirm with HIM that the things that have been posted are true.   Confirm with HIM that the conclusions are correct.

After you do that, ask Jesus directly what YOU should do, and ask Him to lay out His plan for YOU.  We do not care what you  think about us, Christian, nor do we care what you say about us.  In the grander scheme of  things, it does not matter.  What matters is that we are presenting the gospel  UNFILTERED and not coloured by church doctrine.  What we are presenting affects YOUR salvation, and if you want to gamble with YOUR salvation, that is on you.  You can blow us off if you want to, but like those people who got killed in Texas at a church, you never know when your time will be up.  Hopefully, those people were on the road to salvation, working to get their sin off of their ledger and not just believing that they were saved.

As we always say, and we will repeat here - don't take our word for anything.  ALWAYS confirm what you read and/or hear with the Lord Jesus Christ and do what He tells you to do.

The Sodomite Spirit:

What is the Sodomite Spirit?


In this video, we take a look at what the sodomite spirit is, as this is the spirit of the devil.  The sodomite spirit is all around us, and it defiles everything that it touches.  This spirit is not happy just making people into homosexuals and lesbians; it's goal is to turn everyone into a sodomite so they can be controlled by the devil himself.

Now that you have been properly introduced to the Sodomite Spirit, you can see that the sodomite spirit does not care if a person is homosexual or not; all it is interested in is getting a person enslaved, and it does use porn, lust, and stealth to enslave all of mankind.

Can you now see why it is so important to be cleaned up by the Holy Ghost before you are judged?  The sodomite spirit is disgusting and nasty, and the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to accept you until you are cleaned up by the Holy Ghost.  This is why we always rail on the Once Saved, Always Saved doctrine, as this is demonic.  Can you imagine what the Lord Jesus Christ would be saying to a person that is unprepared, unclean, and full of demons?  The Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to let ANY of these things into His Kingdom.

You need to be cleaned up by the Holy Ghost and this sodomite spirit needs to be removed from you before you can make it into the Kingdom of God.  Many people are being lulled to sleep by the churches they go to because the churches will NOT talk about the sodomite spirit and what it does.  Many people are under the impression that they only have to make a confession of faith that Jesus will save them and then they have nothing more to do.  These are the people that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to turn away and they will be cast into hell with crying and gnashing of teeth because they are NOT prepared nor are they cleaned up.  

The churches today are telling people that they don't need the Holy Ghost; this is error. Every Follower or Disciple of Christ NEEDS the Holy Ghost to get cleaned up and filled so that Jesus will accept them and they have a greater chance of making it into the Kingdom of God.

The purpose of these videos is to get you to understand what you are dealing with and to let you know that you CANNOT get free of this spirit without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the Lord of Hosts, who is Jesus' Father.  This is the reason why 95% of all of the people being judged these days are going to HELL, as the churches are NOT telling the people about the sodomite spirit and many people are VERY surprised when they get Judged and they do NOT MAKE IT.   

  • How many professing Christians are in hell TODAY because they turned their back on the Holy Ghost because their church told them that 'the Holy Ghost is NOT for today'?
  • How many professing Christians are in hell TODAY because they were NOT filled with the Holy Ghost?
  • How many professing Christians are in Hell TODAY because they had that stinking sodomite spirit in them when they were judged?
  • How many professing Christians are in hell TODAY because they NEVER asked Jesus to help them get rid of this sodomite spirit?

Below, we have posted a 25-part series on the Sodomite spirit.  We go into detail about what this spirit does, what it looks like, smells like, what it does, and how it operates.  It will take you working with the Lord Jesus Christ AND the Holy Ghost to get rid of this thing so you are sanctified unto the Lord Jesus Christ so you can get into the Kingdom of God.

Take the time to learn about this thing, as it is what is going to damn BILLIONS of people and send them to hell.  Ask Jesus if YOU have this spirit, and if you do, then ask Jesus what you have to do to get rid of it.  THIS  SPIRIT WILL SEND YOU TO HELL IF YOU DO NOT GET RID OF IT.  We are on a rescue mission, and these videos will be the first step in getting you the help you need so you are not LOST to the devil.

The Sodomite Spirit Series:

Take heed and get with Jesus TODAY

to get rid of this spirit before it is too late

In this video series, we touch on all bases of whar the sodomite spirit does.  This spirit will defile and damn heterosexuals as well as homosexuals and lesbians.  Many of you out there are sodomites because you are having oral and anal sex in your marriage beds and you are unwittingly being filled by the sodomite spirit while the Lord Jesus Christ is turning away from those who imbibe in sodomite behaviour.  You have been warned, Christian, and now you have some proof of what the Lord Jesus Christ is telling His people.

After watching this series, if you don't understand ANY portion of it, stop the video and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to help you with your understanding.  DO go and ask questions of the Lord Jesus Christ directly, as this is your only means of being able to get rid of this spirit.  Remember - NO Sodomite will get into the Kingdom of God, as ALL sodomites - heterosexual AND Homosexual - are destined for the Lake of Fire.

You do NOT have to be one of them.

You can download the videos in this series for your own edification and study!

You can now download this video series for your own study if yu wish to do so,  If you have Firefox, right click on any part of the video and then "Save Video as".

If you have Chrome, click on the 3 dots in the right hand corner of the video and then click on "Download".

The Sodomite Spirit Part 1:  

What the Sodomite Spirit Does

The Sodomite Spirit Part 3:

How the Sodomite Spirit Enslaves using porn

The Sodomite Spirit Part 5:

The enslavement process

The Sodomite Spirit Part 7:

Why the slaves of the Sodomite Spirit LIKE their enslavement

The Sodomite Spirit Part 9:

Why 92% of the WORLD is enslaved by the sodomite spirit

The Sodomite Spirit Part 11:

The Devil's Assassin corps are sodomites

The Sodomite Spirit Part 13:

The sodomite Spirit is in the church

The Sodomite Spirit Part 15:

This spirit invites demons into the those who are enslaved

The Sodomite Spirit Part 17:

The witchcraft of the sodomite spirit

The Sodomite Spirit Part 19:

This spirit influences the world's societies

The Sodomite Spirit Part 21:

With this spirit, sex is Everywhere

The Sodomite Spirit Part 23:

This spirit is hindered by intercession

The Sodomite Spirit Part 2:

Components of the Sodomite Spirit

The Sodomite Spirit Part 4:

Heterosexuals can be sodomites too

The Sodomite Spirit Part 6:

How fetishes are used by this spirit

The Sodomite Spirit Part 8:

Enslavement by this spirit will damn you

The Sodomite Spirit Part 10:

Suppressing the porn and sodomite spirit does NOT work

The Sodomite Spirit Part 12:

Many people are sodomites and they don't even know it

The Sodomite Spirit Part 14:

The devil's Assassins come from the church

The Sodomite Spirit Part 16:

The symbiotic relationship of the Sodomite spirit and demons

The Sodomite Spirit Part 18:

This spirit defiles everything it touches

The Sodomite Spirit Part 20:

This spirit induces lust in people to ensnare them like porn does

The Sodomite Spirit Part 22:

This spirit hangs out at Universities to ensnare students

The Sodomite Spirit Part 24:

Combatting the Sodomite Spirit

The Sodomite Spirit Part 25:

Conclusion - how to get rid of this spirit

The Sodomite Spirit Series:

This is one of the most important things you will ever need to overcome so you will be able to get into the Kingdom of God

If you need to, review this series and closely study what we have presented.  You will realize pretty quickly that your church has NOT been completely truthful with you about the absolute danger that you are in.  You can clearly see that the 'Confession of Faith' of the Once Saved, Always Saved doctrine will keep you bound instead of making you free in Jesus.

These will be a LOT of supplemental videos that talk about the Sodomite Videos, and you should watch them and sit and discuss with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY what you need to do for you.  Work with the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him what you need to do to get rid of this thing. 

Getting rid of ther Sodomite spirit is NOT going to be easy, Christian, because it is like a cancer, as it has many tentacles that stretch throughout the people that it enslaves.  Also, know that the sodomite spirit will stalk you and try to re-engage you if you are able to get rid of that thing.  This spirit will yoke you to the devil via fetishes, lust and disinformation from the church, and it will bind you, and it will NEVER let you go.  You WILL go to hell if you do NOT get rid of this thing before you are judged.