Spiritual Vocabulary

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Spiritual Vocabulary

On this page, we have highlighted some words that mean more than what you think.  We have coined these words as a 'Spiritual Vocabulary', and these words have special meanings.  What we did was go through the dictionary and look up ALL of the words that are assocoated with the word we were looking up and then put together what the real meaning of the word was.

You will be VERY surprised at what we found.

As always, Don't believe a thing we have posted.  Take what we have posted and sit with the Lord Jesus Christ and confirm with Him what we are saying.  There may be even more thngs assocoated with some words than what we have posted.  Know that all of this is an attempte to better understand the Bible WITH the Lord Jesus Christ and theHoly Ghost as a reference whom you can ask things of and get a better understanding.