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Spitting in the Face of Jesus

This section explores the things that   Christians do that  disrespect our Lord Jesus Christ.  Many of the things explored denigrade the sacrifice that the Lord Jesus Christ made for US.    You, Christian, hark a huge loogie and spit in the face of our Lord when you do the things we  will show you.  STOP, Christian, and repent!!

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Note:  Some of the graphics will be disgusting,  This is done on purpose so you will see what Jesus sees when you disrespect Him and spit in His face.

The multidimentional Oral Sex Demon

This is a teaching by Pastor Gary Price of  Omega Ministries  on oral sex and what it is doing to corrupt people and society as people practice this unnatural sexual activity  (www.omegaministries.org) and spit  in Jesus' face when they do it.

Celebration of Halloween

As Christians, we really should know better.  You already know that Halloween is a celebration of demons and devils, so why on earth would a Christian participate?  During this time, we should be FIGHTING the devil, not dancing with him!!  You spit in Jesus' face when you dress up for halloween, Christian.

Defiling the Marriage Bed

As Christians, we really should know better.  Did you now that if you do the works of a sodomite, that you actually become a sodomite?  We disrespect the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that hurts Him the most - by doing what sodomites do in a bed that He provided for us!  We spit in his face every time we do these things, and we need to repent.

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