Stop Going to Church

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Stop Going to Church

This does sound strange, doesn't it?  Why would the Lord Jesus Christ tell  people to stop going to church?  It is because the church has been taken over by Jezebel and people who are leading the church who have not been authorized to.  Homosexuals, lesbians and women have taken over, and the Lord Jesus Christ is going to destroy it. 

The Church is being overrun by Sodomites, Lesbians,

Female Pastors and People not authorized to be pastors

As you already know, the church as we know it is defiled.  People are going to church and they are getting doctrines taught to them that have nothing to do with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or anything remotely close to any teaching that will help the people listening grow spiritually in the Lord.  What we are seeing is a show every Sunday, with people being fed spiritual candy and not the real milk they need as babes in Christ or the meat of the Word as mature Christians.

We have people who are not even saved leading churches now, calling themselves a 'prophetess', ‘pastor’ or a ‘co-pastor’, which doesn’t even exist.  Many women are going to get their divinity certificate thinking that ‘qualifies’ then to be a 'pastor' so they can run a church.   Do they not know that they need to be CALLED by the Lord Jesus Christ personally to lead a church?  All of this has become a business, where people make money saying a lot of nothing and calling that ‘holy’. 

Everyone sits there, saying nothing, and millions are being lost daily.

Stop Going to Church

Agents of the devil: Your Female Pastor is an agent of the devil

Stop Going to Church

Agents of the devil: Your Homosexual Pastor is an agent of the devil

Stop Going to Church

Agents of the devil: Your lesbian Pastor is an agent of the devil

There is no such thing

as a "First Man" or a "First Gentleman"

in the Church

Take a good look at the pictures above, Christian.  What Christian who loves The Lord Jesus Christ will tolerate THIS??  What in the world is wrong with people when they have openly  embraced Sodomites as their spiritual leaders?  Incredulously, we are seeing open Sodomites 'pastoring' a church. 

Open Sodomites.

They are bringing their filth into the church, parading that filth in front of all of the people there, honouring their 'partners' as 'First Gentlemen' or the 'First Man'.

This should make any real Christian PUKE.

  What Christian would be anywhere near a Sodomite, much less be led by one?  What does that say about the people in that church if they are NOT speaking out against this trash and filth?  That tells me that the people in that church are lost and they need to be saved.  They are faking it, and they are NOT Chistians.  These people are LOST, and they need to find Jesus fast, quick and in a hurry.  If they died today, these people would go straight to hell as 'Christians'.


They are NOT obeying the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ as they are NOT speaking up against this, or getting out of these churches as fast as they can.

If you think that the Lord of Hosts or the Lord Jesus Christ will tolerate a Sodomite - any sodomite - in his house of prayer, you are sadly mistaken.  The Lord of Hosts destroyed Sodom and Gommorah as a sign and a lesson to those who are practicing sodomy!!  Think, Christian - do you really think that the Lord has sanctioned any of this?

Stop Going to Church

If your church has a First Gentleman, that church is CURSED

The Church has become

an Entertainment Center

Right now, the people are more interested in the band playing than the gospel or any teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ and how they should be walking in Him.    This is a shame, Christian, as this looks more like a nightclub than a church!!  We should be learning and growing, Christian, so we will be mature enough for the Lord to be able to use us as He sees fit.

What are the people learning? 

Are they casting out demons? 

Are they healing the sick?

Are they walking in the power of The Lord Jesus Christ?

Sadly, Christian, this is not the case.  There is doctrinal bickering, and there is one-upmanship going on, trying to see who can outdo the other.  Many people are going to hell daily who have gone to church, but do NOT know the Lord Jesus Christ for real.

In many churches, there is the ‘sinner’s prayer’ that many say to give their lives to the Lord.  As soon as everyone goes home, the person is right back where they were before they got ‘saved’ and they are sinning and fornicating and doing all sorts of things that the world does, and they call themselves a ‘Christian’.  If Jesus Christ walked up to them in the street today, they would have no clue as to who He was.

That is how bad it has gotten, Christian.

Stop Going to Church

Why are you arguing amongst yourselves? Ask Jesus to settle the dispute

Stop Going to Church

Easy believism: You are not saved until Jesus accepts you

Stop Going to Church

Why are you arguing over Once Saved Always Saved? Jesus can solve that dispute in 5 minutes or less

Stop Going to Church

If you did NOT got through a wilderness experience with the Holy Ghost, you are NOT saved

Stop going to Church, Christian, as the Lord Jesus Christ is going to destroy all churches that He has not ordained

The Lord Jesus Christ has decreed that He wants all true Disciples of Christ to stop going to Church and to come unto Him.  It seems that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to destroy the churches and raise up a new church that is in order and that has the Power of the Holy Ghost.

The Lord Jesus Christ is raising the standard, Christian, and He is calling all Christians unto Him.


It is because the current church is full of homosexuals, women pastors, and rebellion, and He is going to destroy every single one of the churches He finds like that.  This is a clarion call for all true saints to come to Him so He can give you new assignments.

Heed these words, Christian.

  • The Lord Jesus Christ is gathering his people from the churches that are in rebellion RIGHT NOW.  He is giving the clarion call to get them to come out of the church and seek Him.

  • The Lord Jesus Christ is mandating that all of His people receive the Holy Ghost.  If a person does not have the Holy Ghost, they will NOT make it into Heaven.  This is done so that when He gathers all of His people, they will have the same Spirit as He does – the Holy Ghost.  Can’t you see that this is a gathering of the saints?

  • Once all of the saints and those who wish to follow Jesus are out of the churches in rebellion, the Lord Jesus Christ is going to destroy them all, and scatter the remaining congregation(s) to the wind.

  • All of those saints who have the Holy Ghost will be led to churches with PROPER church authority, where they will be fed and nurtured.

  • All of the people who were in church that did not get separated from the church will be at risk from the devil, who will kill many of them just to make a point (and just because he can).  As they did not know Jesus, and they did not have the Holy Ghost, guess what is going to happen to those people?

I would strongly suggest you get with the Lord Jesus Christ and have Him send you the Holy Ghost who will guide you to the church He wants you to go to.  Get out of these churches with no power, Christian.  It is a place of death and destruction and many people will die in their sins – in church – and be sent to hell.

Christian, the churches with the homosexuals, unauthorized people running the churches, all self-appointed prophets, bishops and apostles and woman pastors are going to be destroyed, so you will need to get with the Lord Jesus Christ NOW so He can give you your new marching orders.  You will still be responsible for your marriage and households being in order, as that has not changed.  If you are not filled with the Holy Ghost, you will need  to find out how to get filled.

This is not anything to play with Christian, and the Lord will make the clarion call before He destroys everything.  Don’t miss the call and be destroyed with the church system – get with the Lord Jesus Christ and find out what you are supposed to do.

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