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Transgenderism and Androgyny

The devil is trying to convince YOU that your gender is not important

In this section, we are going to take a good look at transgenderism and Androgyny and why the devil is pushing this as a part of his agenda.  So let's define what androgyny is and why it is important to the devil.

So what is "androgyny"?

  1. having the characteristics or nature of both male and female
  2. neither specifically feminine nor masculine
  3. suitable to or for either sex
  4. having traditional male and female roles obscured or reversed

So what's the point?

Androgyny produces people who are Androgynous, and these people are born either a male or a female and they turn away from what the Lord Jesus Christ set them as when they were born.  These people who turn away from what the Lord Jesus Christ made them are Out of Order and anyone who is Out of Order is a SODOMITE and an abomination to the Lord.

So what is an abomination?

Here is the dictionary definition of an abomination:


  1. anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred.
  2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation:He regarded lying with abomination.
  3. a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc.:

The devil is showcasing this person who is lost and will be damned if they died today. 

How the devil is making you a sodomite

The devil is making you a sodomite by making you think gender is irrelevant

How the devil is making you a sodomite

The Sodomite Spirit: Why does the Lord call sodomites 'an abomination'?

How the devil is making you a sodomite

What is an 'abomination'?

Meet Vogue model Andreja Pejic

Above, I found a YouTube clip of Andreja Pejic who is a vogue model.  When you look at this clip, you see what looks like a pretty good looking model and woman.  There are some of you right now that are pretty attracted to this person, and many of you want to marry her and whisk her away into the sunset.


Andreja is actually Andrej, who is a  GUY.

Yes, that fine woman whom you just drooled over has a pee-pee.  Andreja is an example of a person who is Androgynous, as HE dresses, acts, and lives as a woman.

How the devil is making you a sodomite

Why are people abandoning gender roles these days?

What is going on here?

What the Firetruck?

This is an example of the devil convincing that man to be a woman, and as you can see, that person is a Vogue model.  You would NEVER know that Andreja was a guy if it wasn't pointed out.

How the devil is making you a sodomite

Listen up: you need Jesus' help to let you know if that fine babe you met is really a woman

Androgynous people are sodomites because they house demons that the sodomite spirit has invited in

When a person is out of order by trying to pick their own gender and not follow what the creator - the Lord Jesus CHrist - has made them, those people are out of order and they are turned overto the devil.  The devil knows this, and this is why he is convincing people to abandon their gender.  Once these peole do this, the are then perfect houses for the demons that are romaingaround down here on earth.

THIS is the real reason wh the devil is convincing people that gender is irrelevant - it is so they can be hosts for the demons that are down here on earth, and they can also perform sodomite behaviours to allow the demons to feel through their hosts, since they are disembodied spirits.

In other words - the devil is inviting his boys to be in the people who are his slaves, and that makes them sodomites.

If this is you, and you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ made a mistake, at least talk to Jesus and voice your concerns, because you are NEVER going to make it into the Kingdom of God without Him.

How the devil is making you a sodomite

The Sodomite Spirit: Demons are invited in by the sodomite spirit

How the devil is making you a sodomite

The Sodomite Spirit Series: part 15 - The sodomite spirit invites demons into the those who are enslaved

How the devil is making you a sodomite

The Sodomite Spirit Series: part 16 - The symbiotic relationship of the Sodomite spirit and demons

Look at how hard the devil is trying to get YOU to accept his monstrosity as NORMAL

Below, we have posted a few YouTube videos that are out there showcasing Andreja as a "good model", as the fashion world is promoting androgynous people as "NORMAL".  In the clip below, you will see a guy who mistakes Andrej for a woman and quickly realizes his mistake:

In the next clip, look at how the devil is promoting this guy as the "next best thing to sliced bread" as Andrej has been put on a press junket showcasing his "uniqueness" to the world:

In this next clip, you will see how Andrej "completed" his transition and how he is very proud of what he has done and is very grateful to the devil for making him a poster child for androgyny:

You can now see front and center how YouTube is being used by the devil to promote the "life" of Andrej, who is NOT a stupid person.  He can speak at least 2 languages (Serbian and English), possibly more, and this modelling "Career" has added to his bank account and launched this guy - as a woman - as a dimepiece of the devil, whom many straight men and women are embracing as the standard of "beauty".

This is what the devil wants you to accept so you will be a part of his sodomite colony that he is building

You are getting a glimpse of what the devil wants for people as he is blurring the line between men and women, telling you that you can choose what gender you want to be.  What the devil is NOT telling you is that by turning away from what Jesus made you, you are in rebellion and those in rebellion are NOT going to last very long going against the Lord Jesus Christ.

In fact, the devil will make those who agree with him into rebels - like Satan is a rebel - and the Lord Jesus Christ will crush any and all rebellion that comes against Him.  Think about this, Christian - you agree with this monstrosity and the Lord Jesus Christ is going to dispose of you as he is going to dispose of this man who is walking around as a woman as that is a lie and that man is living a lie.

Personally, we could care less about what the devil is doing in this man's life as it is really none of our business.  All we can do is present the Gospel to people like this and then they get to choose whih way they want to go.

Jesus tells us in scripture to "choose life", and life is with Jesus.  However, people are free to NOT choose life and they wil suffer the consequences of their choices.

How the devil is making you a sodomite

The Sodomite Spirit: The behind is the 'new' object of affection

Many people who profess to be Christian are egging this man who is impersonating a woman on to "continue" what he is doing

Let's be honest - many of you out there think that this man is pretty "hot" as a woman, and many of you cannot stop looking at anything to do with this man.  If you look in some of the comments on the YouTube videos, you see people shouting down those who really are Christians that are trying to show that this behaviour is NOT normal.  You also have many people who profess to be "Christians" that are saying that what this guy is doing is OK with them.

Why is that?

It is because many of those "Christians" that agree with this behaviour have family members or people whom they love who are homosexual, lesbian, transgender, Pansexual or Gender Fluid in their families and they cannot fathom that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to send their family members to hell because of their proclivities.  So, these "Christians" jump on the bandwagon, not realizing that by agreeing with the Androgynous agenda of the devil, they are turning AWAY from the Lord Jesus Christ and they are becoming sodomite themselves because of their allegiance to the devil through this agenda.

How the devil is making you a sodomite

You CANNOT be a follower of Christ if you declare yourself to be Transgender

Make NO mistake:

If you accept the devil's agenda of androgyny by worshipping what he puts in front of you who looks like this in their normal state...

... but looks like this when the devil is done with them ...

... and you agree with the devil, thinking that this is "NORMAL" ...

... this is where you will end up.

Is this what you REALLY want?

Understand that androgyny and supporting the Transgender agenda - even as a "Christian" - will send you to hell, no doubt.  You do not have to go to hell; you can ask Jesus to help you if you would just reach out to Jesus and ask Him DIRECTLY to save you from the burning hell that has your name on it.  That is what the devil has in store for you.

You do NOT have to go to hell - reach out to Jesus and ask Him to help you STOP this madness.  Jesus has seen it all, so nothing is going to move Him.  He will help you and clean you up if you would just ask Him to help you.

Your prayer will be as follows:

"Jesus, a little help please.  Please save me from a burning hell."

and that's it.  WAIT for Jesus to respond to you, as He will know if you are sincere or not.  When Jesus does answer you, you can then talk to Him and get His instructions and you will need to follow those instructions to the letter.

Remember - 

NO Sodomite gets into the Kingdom of God.


Don't believe a word you see posted here.

Go to the Lord Jesus Christ Directly and ask Him if what we have posted here is true or not.  Ask Jesus directly using this prayer:

"Jesus, is what these people posted here true?"

Wait for Jesus to answer you (you will know it is Him when He does) and then start a conversation with Jesus about what YOU are doing.  Get to know Him and ask Him to point out all of the things that He does not like NOW and work with Jesus on YOUR salvation so you can make it into the Kingdom of God.

We have taken the time to isolate and expose the devil's plans to make you a sodomite so you can be FREE of this fool and get into the Kingdom of God for YOU.  YOU must make the determination if what you see is true or not.  We are providing you with the things you will need to talk to Jesus directly so you can change what you are doing NOW - BEFORE you are judged - so you can make it into the Kingdom of God.

How the devil is making you a sodomite

What the Lord Jesus Christ will say to you at Judgment if you are a Transgender

YOUR salvation is YOUR responsibility, so take what you have seen and heard today and CONFIRM if what you see posted is true or not.  YOU are the one who will be standing in front of Jesus when you are judged - ALONE - and you will answer for all of the things you did in your mortal body.  YOU will have to answer why you decided to be a sodomite in your actions and deeds and then you will be judged by Jesus for your decision.

You already know that NO sodomite makes it into the Kingdom of God, so why not BE SURE you are NOT a Sodomite by getting with Jesus TODAY and asking Him if you are a sodomite or not?

What Jesus says goes, so be SURE you are OK with Jesus.  You have a chance now to get right with Jesus, because Jesus does have the power to accept you into His Kingdom or send you away to where the devil is.

The choice is yours.

There are components to being transgender, and here are some of the offshoots shown below

In the box below, we have outlined some of the offshoots of being Transgender.  We have taken the time to show you some of the more prevalent components of Transgenderism, and you will find it very interesting to see how being transgender is more than what most people think.