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From the admin - 

You Tube has been removing our videos that they deem as "Hate Speech"

Last month, we have posted a LOT of controversial content that not everyone was happy about.  In those videos, we also posted a LOT of graphic images that a lot of people objected to about Porn, Fetishes, sodomite behaviours and the like.  For many of our videos, we had to age restrict them on You Tube, and we were OK with that.


In most of the cases, You Tube has been fair with giving warnings and letting us know if we have crossed the line with some of our content.  Again, we were OK with that, because some of the content we have presented WAS a bit raw, but it is necessary sometimes to show the rawness of the content to get people to understand that the devil is a NASTY creature, and anyone who is following the devil - if you think you are or not - is going to be nasty.


We purposefully showed things about Fetishes and Porn that angered a lot of people because we dared to show what the devil was REALLY doing.  None of the content we showed was overtly graphic, but it was graphic enough to get people to wince a bit when they saw the things the devil is doing.  All of what we have shown was done to get people who are in those traps the devil set to the Lord Jesus Christ so they can get the help they need.


I am very happy to tell you that there were some people who were trapped in fetishes and sodomite behaviours that are now being helped by the Lord Jesus Christ because of what we have portrayed.  There are people today who are now not sodomites anymore because they dared to go to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to get the porn and the fetishes off of them so they can be free.


Many people are just 'putting up with' being trapped in a fetish or with porn, and through Jesus, you CAN be free.  It takes some time, a lot of prayers, and walking with Jesus and the Holy Ghost TOGETHER to break the bonds and ties that the devil has put on people to truly be free.


So what does this have to do with YouTube?


You Tube has been good with the warnings to us to 'tone it down' and we were not upset with YouTube about that at all.  In some cases, we deserved the warnings and we changed our content.  What we have a problem with is their liberal "Hate Speech" policy.


We have had two videos removed for hate speech on YouTube, and both of these videos were concerning Sodomites in general, homosexuals in particular.  Below, we have posted on here the two videos that have been removed.  Take a moment or two to see what the videos actually said.

Kingdom Quickies #621

You Cannot be a follower of Christ if you are a Homosexual

In the first video, which was titled You CANNOT be a follower of Christ if you are a Homosexual, we acknowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ will NOT accept ANY sodomite into His Kingdom.  Anyone who is a Homosexual will NOT be allowed into the Kingdom of God, no matter if they say they are a Christian or not.  We also know that NO sodomite or Lesbian will be allowed into the Kingdom of God because the Lord Jesus Christ will NOT allow it.


Notice in this video, we invite those who are homosexual to get with Jesus DIRECTLY to work out the situation so Jesus can get that Homosexual spirit off of the people so they CAN get into the Kingdom of God.  Those who say that they are 'gay' and a 'Christian' are fooling themselves thinking that they can get into the Kingdom of God as a homosexual.  


You tube saw this, and removed the video.  All right, we said, that was kinda harsh, so let's just move on.  However, we got the SAME violation when we posted the video below.

Kingdom Quickies #1532

What is a Sodomite, Anyway?

Now, in this video, which is titled What is a Sodomite, anyway?, we are making the correlation that those who are homosexual with the Homosexual spirit and those who are heterosexual with the Sodomite spirit and the Fetishes has a commonality - they are under the dominion of the devil. 

With that being shown in the video, we are asking - what is the difference? 

There is NO difference between a homosexual and a heterosexual performing sodomite behaviours - they are BOTH on their way to the Lake of Fire because the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to accept a Homosexual with the Homosexual Spirit OR a heterosexual with the Sodomite Spirit which is doing the same thing - making BOTH parties into Sodomites so they CANNOT get into the Kingdom of God.


It seems that when you use the word "sodomite", YouTube automatically associates that word with a homosexual, triggering a "Hate Speech" violation when we were NOT singling out homosexuals at all.  We were making the point that if you are under the dominion and auspices of the devil, you are a sodomite.


Again, YouTube removed the video.   It was at this point we decided that YouTube was NOT a good place for our content, and we are sure that there are many people who are applauding that fact, as we were making many people quite uncomfortable by uncovering Porn and Fetishes.  Let's be frank - many people LIKE their Porn and they LIKE their fetishes and they LIKE masturbating 4-12 times a day. 

Frankly, we were NOT talking to those people at all.  We were targeting the people who were SICK of masturbating 12 times a day, SICK of always being yoked by their fetishes, and were SICK of dealing with the devil's crap and were losing hope because they saw no way out of their dilemma.  This is when we realized that fetishes and sodomite behaviours were a prison that the devil has constructed to put his slaves, using masturbation, fetishes and porn to 'soothe' the slaves so they would not want to be freed from their enslavement and be damned at judgment.


We already knew that this is the devil's master plan to rule the world, and we took great pains to explain that the devil KNOWS that the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT going to accept Sodomites into His kingdom, and the devil can only rule over sodomites, so this is a win-win for the devil.  We also saw how the devil was using Homosexuals and Lesbians as a shield, putting the "Homos" out there for the people to vent against, and all the while turning those people who hate "homos" into sodomites LIKE the "Homos' so they are damned  at judgment as a SODOMITE.


The devil is a DIRTY dog.


As we were laying the foundation to get people to understand that sodomites are NOT just people who are homosexual, but ANYONE - homosexual or heterosexual - that is under the rule of the devil is NOT going to make it into the Kingdom of God, You Tube hits us with another "Hate Speech" violation.


Was it just YouTube being difficult or was it the devil USING YouTube to shut us up so people would not be privy to the plans of the devil?  We will leave that up to you to decide, but we do encourage you to go the Jesus DIRECTLY and ask Him what He thinks.

So, the decision has been made to not to post on YouTube any longer.  What we are going to do is to convert our videos so they are available by topic on this website.  We have over 800 videos on YouTube, so this will be a time consuming event.  Many of the links to videos will stop working as we are converting the videos, and it is our fervent hope that this will be a minor inconvenience.  We will also build a new index so you can get to the content or video(s) you need if you are looking for something specific.  That new index will be available in January, 2020.  In the meantime, the index provided will remain so you can look up what you need on this site.

We are going to leave up the old videos that have been made public on YouTube and convert them LAST.   All of the new content will be accessible from this website, and every day, we will post the new videos we were going to post on YouTube here on this website.  Again, it will take us until the  end of the year to completely convert all over our videos from YouTube to this website and platform.

With the new video conversion, you will have the ability to download the video(s) for your own edification.  Per our instructions from the Lord Jesus Christ, we are NOT buying or selling the Gospel by charging $19.95 to get videos on a particular subject; we are freely offering the videos so you can view the videos and discuss the videos with the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECTLY and then see what He says.

Our videos are designed to get you to ask the questions of Jesus and get the answers you need for YOU.  If you disagree with the videos (or how they have been presented), get with Jesus directly and talk with Him about what you see or what you have heard.  Get used to talking to Jesus directly about things and get  straight answers from Jesus directly that will most likely be diametrically opposite of what your pastor says or what your church says.  As we say in the videos, don't believe a word we are saying.  Go to Jesus and ask Him directly if what you have heard is true or not.

This decision to not be bothered with YouTube anymore will take a lot of time and effort to fully complete, but it is worth it to be able to speak about things that may be uncomfortable to people but important in an uninhibited fashion.  Many people are going to go to hell if they don't get this freely offered information we are offering and go to Jesus to discuss with Him what they should do if they are afflicted by the things we are talking about.

See how this situation was resolved

We did get a resolution with Youtube, and you can see that resolution by clicking on the button below.